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Best Hair Growth Products in 2021 – Review Top Hair Vitamins

Anyone wanting to change their appearance can easily do so, starting with their hair. Countless hair growth supplements, both natural and synthetic, are available on the market today. Some products work well, while others are nothing more than useless bottles of modern-day snake oil. Quality hair growth products have medical science backing them, and sham ones make bold claims which cannot be substantiated.

Regardless of your needs, the hair growth supplement market offers you plenty of options. Since there are so many, and so many are garbage, we decide to create this guide for you. We have looked over countless hair growth formulas, determining these are the best hair growth formulas available in 2021.

Top Hair Growth Formulas in 2021


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Valotin offers a wide range of hair care products. They sell more than just supplies for helping hair grow. The full range of supplies for taking care of hair range from shampoos and conditioners to oils and hair growth serums. Products by Valotin are meant to be used together for maximum hair growth results.

They are moderately priced, starting at around $50 upwards of $70 for each product. Priced accordingly, their ingredients match the price like many other companies seen on the list. They are standard compared to other hair growth companies as far as ingredients and price go.

Ingredients in Valotin include Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Biotin, Zinc, PABA, L-Tyrosine, Horsetail Extract, Saw Palmetto, Plant Sterols, and more. Valotin is fully transparent about the ingredients they use, where they are sourced, and how much they use in each product.


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Made up strictly of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, herbs in Folexin hair treatment products help keep your scalp healthy. Reviews indicate the product restores the natural shine and fullness to thinning hair. It accomplishes this by encouraging your hair’s natural growth at a biological level. After a month or so of taking the product, just a couple of capsules a day, you should start seeing your hair gain its natural radiance once again.

Ingredients in Folexin include those found in many others on the list, including L-Tyrosine and horsetail extract. The only thing we are wary of in Folexin is the proprietary hair blend, but we decided to look that over because of the positive reviews the hair growth product received. Anyone looking to restore their hair to a healthy level should give Folexin a try.


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Procerin is another supplement all-natural, with ingredients compacted in an easy-to-take tablet. Specifically designed with men in mind, the hair growth pills take 3-4 weeks to produce noticeable results. Male pattern baldness is one of the leading causes of hair loss in men, and likely why the decision to make a product is directed at it. They not only have pills you can take but also have shampoos, conditioners, and scalp products to help grow back hair.

Ingredients in Procerin include those found in other products with some unique ones as well. There is a 94% success rate for men who use the hair growth complex, according to test results provided at We appreciate the company for that reason and their three-month refund policy, which has no questions asked.


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Made of a multitude of hair growth support ingredients, Revifol works by supporting the roots of your hair. Healthy follicles lead to healthy hair, and therefore the healthier they are, the better your hair will look, feel, and grow. Makers of Revifol claim you can regrow hair even in bald spots. We typically keep companies claiming they cure baldness off the list but decided to allow Revifol because of their positive reviews. Men who take Revifol make bold claims yet have the images to prove them, so we cannot deny them.

Due to the effectiveness of the hair regrowth formula, the products tend to be a bit more expensive than others on the list. But results speak for themselves, so we decided to highly recommend this product for men with severe hair loss. Read the testimonials for yourself if you have any doubts about the authenticity of the men who use Revifol.

Divine Locks

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Unique among the hair treatment options we have on the list, Divine Locks promises to promote positive hair growth by targeting the Dermal Papillae. The Dermal Papillae is a part of the hair follicles necessary for hair growth. By stimulating this region of the follicle, Divine Locks claims your hair will naturally start growing back in spots where it has fallen out. If you have not lost hair yet, the purpose of taking the product is to stop loss from occurring or at the very least thicken the hair you have.

Ingredients in Divine Locks include Biotin, Selenium, Astaxanthin, MSM, and Hyaluronic Acid. These ingredients combined are the reason the product works so well. They first detoxify the hair, follicles, and scalp – then add moisture and stimulate their function. After taking the capsules for 3-4 weeks, just two a day, Divine Locks promises noticeable results or your money back.


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Using only natural ingredients found in nature, Restolin offers those in need a safe way to promote new hair growth. Formulated by an individual claiming to be a hair specialist, he used the hair growth supplement on himself and those he knew before releasing it to the market. William Anderson, founder and owner of Restolin, has shared his product with thousands of people worldwide with excellent results.

Ingredients in Restolin include some found in other hair growth products, and some found unique to it alone. Pine Bark, Essiac Tea Complex, and Lycopene are those ingredients not common to hair growth formulas. On the other hand, we have Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta Glucan, and Quercetin, all of which can be found in several different products on the list. Regardless, ingredients in Restolin rid the hair of harmful antioxidants then improve the health of your scalp to induce better hair growth.

Nutrafol Men

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Specifically for men, Nutrafol Men is, as it sounds, a hair growth formula for men only. Men who use the supplement will notice thicker hair, healthier, with a brighter shine than before. The supplement works by healing your hair on all levels, starting at the roots. Not only will it help make your hair healthier, but it will also help you with the hormones needed for hair growth. And all of this happens without any adverse side effects.

Ingredients in Nutrafol include those found in other medical-grade hair growth supplements and are also for your health in general. The supplement has won several contests in the past, precisely one given by Esquire Grooming in 2019.


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This widely available hair growth product can be found at several outlets, like CVS and Wal-Mart. Retailers across the country sell it because of its effectiveness and proven track record with its users. Profollica is one of the most widely used hair support formulas around, readily available online and off. It does not promote the restoration of baldness or grow hair back but promotes its ability to help thicken the hair you already have. It can also help stop your hair from falling out. Although it cannot help you regrow lost hair, it can help promote more hair growth in the follicles you already have that are active.

Ingredients in Profollica include Manganese, Ginkgo Biloba, Water, Glycerin, Iodine, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B12, Common Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Extracts, and more. The success rate of Profollica is relatively high at nearly 90%.


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Within a few months, any man can enjoy a full head of hair according to the people who bring us Viviscal. Even though we do not typically allow companies that promise to cure balding, we placed Viviscal on the list because of their sturdy reputation. As one of the most looked at companies on here, we are faithful when they tell us they can help just about any man regain confidence because he will have a thicker head of hair within 12 weeks. Clinical trials have relatively high numbers depending on what aspect of hair growth you are talking about. As high as 92% of all men who use the product for a few months report having a thicker, fuller, more vibrant head of hair.

Ingredients in Viviscal are unique according to the makers and not completely transparent. Even though transparency is something we speak about criteria for making the list, we cannot deny actual customer reviews and scientifically backed studies proving the company’s success.

Nutrafol Women

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Think of this like Nutrafol Men or Hims, but for a woman. AKA Nutrafol Hers, the supplement is nearly identical to Hims, except it is tailored to a woman. Without going into too much detail, the main difference is the amount of care put into the product by dermatologists. The reason is that women have more sensitive skin than men do, or at least that is what we are taught in the media. In any case, women who use Nutrafol Women report thicker heads of hair within a few months. Hair that grows is reportedly healthier, stronger, and more vibrant.

Ingredients in Nutrafol are standard, with additional collagens and peptides specifically added to treat a lady’s hair. It also helps with general bodily health, the place Nutrafol’s makers believe hair health starts. We agree with Nutrafol that the healthier you are, the healthier your body will be in general.


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Here is one of the few hair growth supplements formulated for both sexes. Men and women can benefit from using Nutrafol treatment solution’s health and wellness product. Not just for hair, the nutrient-rich complex is focused on improving your overall health in general. They promote their product by resting on the fact that the healthier you are, the healthier your hair will be. Although they have products for both men and women, they have different products tailored to either. According to the creators of Nutrafol, you will feel healthier, and in time your hair will reflect your health.

Ingredients in Nutrafol include different collagens, hair growth complexes with tocotrienol, and ashwagandha, among others. Each ingredient works in synergy with the others to promote healthy hair growth by improving your overall health.

Har Voske

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The main benefit of using Har Voske is it works to help hair grow regardless of the stage it is in. Known as Nutraceutical, the formula supports nearly all hair types and pushes it to grow along its entire life cycle, from start to finish. The powerful hair growth supplement rejuvenates hair by using specific ingredients; it also helps protect hair. Regardless of your goal with your hair, the Norwegian-developed supplement is ideal for just about any purpose.

Ingredients in Har Voske are unique to it alone. First and foremost, there are marine nutrients, proteins to be specific, that work to bring hair back to life. It makes for one hair healthy cocktail when mixed with the other vitamins and minerals in the supplement. Of course, we were hesitant to place it on the list because the makers claim it is a solution for balding, but with the two-month money-back guarantee, we figured it was safe to try the European hair growth supplement.


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Hims is one of the hair growth support supplements we like on the list because it has strong support from the FDA. This is the same company that brings you Hims male enhancement pills. They do an excellent job with most of their products for the most part, and customer reviews are nearly all positive. Good customer reviews, backed by FDA support, and excellent customer service make Hims one of our favorite companies to purchase from. Men who use Hims can buy combo packs for their hair support shampoos and gummies that contain hair health vitamins.

The ingredients in Hims are Minoxidil or Rogaine. The ingredient is one of the only FDA supported hair growth drugs on the market to date. We highly suggest anyone suffering from Male Pattern Baldness and is serious about treatment give Hims a try.


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The same company who brought you Hims also brings you Hers. The difference here is the products are more tailored to women. Essentially this means there is more to the product than there is for the men. According to Hers, their female hair growth support system is professional salon strength. Some products support hair treated with color or bleach since women tend to dye their hair more often.

Ingredients in Hers are the same Hims, with Minoxidil being the main ingredient. There are several products for treatment, and like Hims, there are combo packs for women attempting to grow back their hair or stop it from falling out.

Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins

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Considered the cream of the crop, Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula is the best for taking care of hair. We appreciate Hair La Vie because they do not promote healing baldness, instead focus on the treatment of existing hair. Instead of promising to be a miracle cure of some type, the popular hair growth treatment system rejuvenates hair. It will strengthen hair, keep follicles healthy, and generally make hair look better.

Ingredients include all types of all-natural ingredients. Vitamin E, Reishi Mushroom, Hydrolyzed Collagen, and more all make for the most potent hair support formula on the list. If you seek an actual hair support nutrient, look no further, Hair La Vie is the way to go and priced modestly.

Hair Revital X

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Brought to you from Zenith Labs, the only purpose of Hair Revital X is to stimulate the production of DHT. If you did not know, that is the hormone specific to hair growth. By taking Revital X, your body will naturally start to put more needed energy into growing hairs, producing hair cells, and supporting follicles already alive. There are two main products made by the company that work in conjunction together. The first is applied directly to the scalp and hair, and the other is a supplement you take to help hair grow from the inside out.

The main ingredients in Hair Revital X are nutrients and minerals designed to stimulate hair growth by promoting DHT production. By taking the supplement daily, you should see results within just a few months. Designed for both sexes, it is one of the mid-price range products on the list.


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This is one of the self-promoted all-natural hair support formulas on the list. By targeting hair at the roots, Folital will strengthen hair follicles for healthier growth. It is another capsule-focused supplement designed to work on hair by giving your body the nutrients it needs to grow healthy hair. There are almost 30 minerals and nutrients in Folital that will help your hair stay strong and healthy.

Ingredients include extracts of plants, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Think of it as a superfood, multi-supplement that nourishes hair with premium all-natural substances. The only thing we are skeptical of is the promise that Folital will more than strengthen hair, but it will also stop hair loss in its tracks.

Essential Elements Hair Hero

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Like Hair La Vie in many ways but cheaper, Essential Elements Hair Hero is considered one of the best hair growth treatments on the market. Full of everything your hair needs to grow, stay healthy, and strong, this supplement is full of ingredients also found in other supplements on the list. There are only a few unique ones that are not disclosed which supposedly are the secret.

Ingredients include saw palmetto, collagen, biotin, and horsetail. It is one of the best products on the market and priced considerably modestly. You get one month supply when you decide to take the Essential Hair Hero growth supplement.

Kintsugi KeraNew

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Kintsugi KraNew – the supplement offers your hair the nutrients it needs to stay young and healthy. To benefit from the product, you must take it daily and are reported to see results within a few weeks of treatment. Proteins in the supplement strengthen your hair, also giving it a shiny, vibrant look and feel. Your scalp and hair both benefit from taking the product and will look younger within a short period of time after you begin treatment.

Make no mistake, you get what you pay for. Kintsugi KeraNew costs more than almost every other product we listed. But results speak for themselves, so we decided to add it because of the rate of positive reviews offered by Kitsugi.

Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze

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Recently on the market, Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze gives your hair the exact nutrients it needs to look fuller, healthier, and younger. Consider this the only nutrient treatment you need when using the product. Your hair is promised to gain fullness, volume, and shine, looking years younger. The supplement also reduces the number of split ends your hair will have. Ingredients are varied and unique to the hair growth product.

Ingredients in Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze include Marine Extracts, Premium Polymers, and Therapeutic Protein Compounds. By improving the health of your scalp, including the follicles, your hair will gain fullness and shine like you have never seen.


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Like plenty of other supplements on the list, Foligray is more directed to work from the inside out. The hair nutrients in the complex include ingredients like folic acid, biotin, and copper, all of which are known to directly affect the health of your hair. Foligray’s main effect is directly related to the pigmentation of your hair. By giving your hair the right number of vitamins, minerals, and needed nutrients, the supplement works on improving your hair from the root up.

One way Foligray works is by limiting the negative effects hydrogen peroxide has on your hair. By lowering the levels of the chemical in your hair, your hair will increase catalase production and look younger.

Hair La Vie

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Offering a full spectrum of hair care products, Hair La Vie is considered the best of the best. The company offers everything from shampoos, and conditioners, to scalp treatment serums, and powders. Anyone taking Hair La Vie products daily or using them for a consistent amount of time is guaranteed to see growth and health for their hair.

The products are mostly directed towards women looking to improve their hair. Some of the benefits of using Hair La Vie products include more hair, thicker hair, more youthful-looking hair, and hair that is generally healthier. There are many different supplements to choose from with Hair La Vie. The primary includes collagen builders, vitamins for hair, and rejuvenating blends. Ingredients in Hair La Vie are strictly all-natural.

Hair La Vie Renewing Growth Treatment

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Yet one more product from the popular Hair La Vie lineup, the Renewing Growth Treatment formula had to be added to our list. Designed for all hair types, this specific product is designed to give hair a fuller look and feel. It does so by adding nutrients to the scalp and hair known to add volume and hydration. Not only will the Renewing Growth Treatment formula help strengthen hair and add volume, but it will also make it less likely to tangle.

Ingredients in the formula include Ecklonia Cava, Capauxein G2, Capixyl, Aquacat, and Procataline. Together these are said to be some of the most beneficial ingredients to hair.

Hair La Vie Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins

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Considered one of the best hair growth companies, Hair La Vie brings you another formula here. This time it is the Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins. Consisting of only natural ingredients, the blend is perfect for anyone attempting to strengthen their hair and increase its overall health. As stated, the ingredients in the formula are 100% all-natural.

Ingredients include saw palmetto extract, organic kelp, and bamboo as well as other ingredients. To benefit from Hair La Vie, simply take two capsules a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. The blend promises to revitalize hair regardless of if the damage is natural or caused by chemicals.

How This Guide for Best Hair Growth Formulas Was Created

Clinically Tested

One requirement for making the list was legitimacy. Brands without proof of clinical trials (not on animals) potentially found a spot on our list. Brands without any evidence of scientific testing were immediately removed.


In direct correlation with the above requirement, companies must show transparent information about ingredients, doses, testing, facilities used, etc. We judge companies who hide things to be untrustworthy, for the most part. Even so, we did allow a few companies on the list with secret formulas. But, these companies still had to show test results, proof that their products worked, and evidence they did not have any adverse side effects.

Balding Reversal Claims

We pretty much stay away from companies promising a miracle cure to baldness. As far as we know, there is only one drug (minoxidil) that the FDA approves to treat male pattern baldness.

Cost Vs. Value

Brands on the list must price accordingly. If the price tag for the said product was fair compared to the results it produced, we allowed it on the list.


Evidence must be conclusive to the effectiveness of the product. Evidence must come from actual test results in a scientific laboratory.


For the most part, the ingredients on our list are all-natural. Regardless, all of them are safe for human use according to clinical trials. Companies that disclosed ingredients, including amounts, were moved up the list.


Any companies that exemplify quality, disclose ingredients and show excellent customer service was allowed on the list.

Refund Policy

Only a few companies were allowed on the list that did not offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Side Effects

Naturally, any brand that caused adverse side effects was immediately removed from the list. Companies on the list prove through scientific research that their products produce no negative side-effects whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Hair Growth Formula Questions

Q: How many hair follicles are there?

A: Roughly 100,000.

Q: Does everyone lose hair?

A: Yes, between 100-150 each day.

Q: Is it true your mother’s side determines baldness?

A: No, this is a myth. Baldness comes from either side of your family.

Q: What do I do if I suddenly start losing hair?

A: The best thing to do if your hair suddenly begins falling out is to contact a doctor immediately. Of course, preventative treatment is always best. Dermatologists are the best doctors to speak with.

Q: Does hair die?

A: Hair follicles can die; this is what leads to baldness.

Q: Does stress affect hair?

A: Stress has been directly linked to baldness, grey hair, and thinning of the hair.

Q: Does hair treatment lead to a loss?

A: There has been no direct link between hair treatment to hair loss.

Q: How do I regain hair after baldness?

A: Hereditary issues are the primary reason baldness occurs.

Q: Why is my hair thinning?

A: Typically, due to stress and hereditary issues. Although underlying disease or medical treatment like chemo also causes hair loss from time to time. Poor diet may also be responsible for your hair thinning.

Q: How fast does hair grow?

A: Between 0.5 and 1.7cm per month, or about 0.2 inches.

Q: How do hair supplements work?

A: Giving your body the right nutrients needs to support healthy hair growth through proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. They also help reduce inflammation that can stop your hair follicles from producing hair.

Q: Do hair supplements work?

A: Yes, some hair supplements can promote hair growth or help reduce the effects of hair thinning. Not all are created equal; however, the hair supplements on this list are considered the best, and you should pick one here to be safe.

Guide to 2021 Hair Growth Supplements Conclusion

Baldness, thinning hair, and hair loss is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. We suggest if you are experiencing any problems with hair loss, see a dermatologist and pick one of the products from this list to start hair treatment immediately.

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Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high quality products.


Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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