Best Hearing Aids That Work – Compare the Best Hearing Aid Devices

Communication is at the core of our survival and healthy living. Hearing is essential for maintaining relationships and connections with friends and family, fully participating in team and community activities, and experiencing life events. Hearing makes it possible to engage, listen, laugh, and relish the gifts of nature that enhance the quality of life. But many unfortunate individuals get affected by hearing loss.

Hearing loss can hinder the ability to experience many of life’s cherished moments, like hearing a loved one’s voice or laughter, participating in meaningful conversations with family and friends, hearing the sounds of nature, or listening to favorite shows or sports on TV. One cannot afford to miss the ability to process natural sound. This is where hearing aids come into the picture. Hearing aids can help bridge the communication gap created by hearing loss.

The market is flooded with many hearing aid brands that boast all the features that make your life easier. A hearing aid thus becomes an essential tool for individuals suffering from hearing loss. The issue arises when an individual decides to take the initiative to search the internet for a perfect hearing aid.

The best hearing aids are always hidden amongst the mediocre ones. To help you adopt the best hearing aid, our editorial team has worked extensively to list down the hearing aid manufacturers ideal for you. If you are one of the existing hearing aid users, this guide will enable you to assess your current hearing aid.

Looking At The Best Hearing Aid Technologies of 2022

Hearing loss is not a new condition. People have had profound hearing loss for centuries. The first hearing aid was designed based on Alexander Graham Bell’s 1876 invention of the telephone, which included technology that could control sounds’ loudness, frequency, and distortion.

The first electric hearing aid was invented in 1898 by Miller Reese Hutchison. His design used an electric current to amplify weak signals. In 1913, the world was introduced to the first commercially manufactured hearing aids.

However, these devices were cumbersome and not very portable. The idea of miniaturization and a staunch need for treating profound hearing loss was ushered in with other technological advances followed by WWII; this was crucial to the advancement of hearing aids. The hearing aid industry began to evolve at a steady clip from this time.

The 1980s saw the creation of high-speed processors and microcomputers. The 1990s saw the appearance of the first all-digital hearing aid. And the 2010s brought the idea of Bluetooth-enabled devices into the mix.

With every new model of hearing aids and constant feedback from hearing aid wearers, many new features get added to the existing product lineup. Thus we have listed the following hearing aid manufacturers that stand out from the mediocre hearing aid manufacturer:

MD Hearing Aid Opt for MD Hearing Aid If you want to find affordable hearing aids. MD Hearing Aid is a popular and well-rated hearing aid designed to provide a medical-grade hearing for 90% less. The company offers three FDA-registered hearing aids: AIR, VOLT, and CORE. This aid comes with a provision for a 45-day trial.
Eargo Eargo is one of the premium brands. Eargo aims to deliver a sleek design and cutting-edge technology. Suitable for all degrees of loss of hearing. Eargo comes in the following variants: Eargo Max, Eargo Neo HiFI, Eargo 5, and Eargo 6. Eargo costs are on the higher side, being a premium brand.
Amerihear1 These hearing aids come in only one variant but with different color options. These were designed to be affordable and aimed at individuals who prefer more economical options. AmeriHear1 has a lightweight design best for daily use & slim in-canal design.
SoundWise Aria SoundWise Aria products are digital hearing aids that are invisible. They are aimed at users who are not comfortable with bulky behind the ear models and are apprehensive about visible hearing devices. They use powerful CIA technology.
HearAssist Pro The HearAssist Pro is packed with European technology that a New Jersey-based company has designed. It has cordless Bluetooth connectivity, advanced portable charging, and fast USB connectivity. You can also avail 60-day money-back guarantee.
Lexie Hearing Aid Lexie Hearing was developed by HearX Group, a global company with a mission of providing affordable access to hearing care. It comes with a mobile app termed ‘Lexie Hearing App.’ This app offers many advanced features and functionalities.
HearingAid Max HearingAid Max Can only be exclusively purchased via the website. This is the cheapest hearing device of all at $79. It has a lightweight design and comes in a skin color variant to blend with the ear.
iHear Pro iHear Pro is one of the smallest hearing devices apart from Signia. iHear Pro is an ideal brand for individuals looking for affordability without compromising technological features. They are slim and comfortable to the ear.
Signia Signia is the world’s leading hearing aid brand with the best variety of hearing aids packed with features and a mobile app. Signia Silk X, Signia Motion X Charge &Go X, Signia Active Pro, and Signia Styletto are part of their top-tier product portfolio. They are ideal if you are looking for long-term relief from hearing loss.
Tvidler Tvidler is not a hearing aid device. This is an ear wax removal tool. These are better than using cotton swabs as they pose a harm to the ears. Using Tvidler will help you prevent wax build-up.
Widex Widex is the oldest company in the domain of hearing devices. Headquartered in Denmark, they deliver hearing aids worldwide and have a strong distribution network. They possess a trademarked ‘Puresound’ technology that pioneered technological innovations in hearing health care.
Otofonix Elite Hearing Amplifier Otofonix primarily specializes in amplifier technology. Their product range includes Elite (an affordable range of hearing devices), SONA (smart hearing device), HELIX (rechargeable batteries), and GROOVE (all-in-one functionality).
Horizon by Hear Horizon’s brand of hearing devices is inspired by Apple AirPods’ design. They are aimed at a younger crowd who prefer a modern touch to their hearing devices. All horizon models come bundled with the HORIZON app on the smartphone.

MD Hearing Aid

Product Overview
Company or Brand MD Hearing Aid
Type of Aid Behind the ear
Battery Type Lithium Polymer Rechargeable batteries
Warranty 90-day
Price It starts at $299.98

MD Hearing Aid is a Midwest company that has provided affordable hearing to more than 500,000 Americans for over a decade. Their hearing aids are high-quality, FDA-registered medical devices programmed to the highest standards. Based on several positive reviews, an MD Hearing Aid is one of the most affordable hearing aids.

What makes MD Hearing Aids worth trying is that they deliver every type of hearing aid at your doorstep. MD Hearing Aid products are tested by their in-house audiologists and hearing professionals. Everything is assembled and comes with a provision for the 45-day trial.

MD Hearing Aid also offers a free online hearing test lasting 8 minutes. This hearing test is designed by audiologists, ENT doctors, hearing aid specialists, and sound engineers for maximum accuracy. You get instant results from the hearing test without traveling to a test center.

Before opting for a hearing aid online, it is best to test the degree of hearing loss. This will help determine the degree of loss, whether it is: mild to moderate hearing loss, moderately severe hearing loss, or a severe hearing loss.

MD Hearing Aid comes in the following three categories:

AIR: This model is a virtually invisible design with advanced digital technology, delivering a higher sound quality. Thanks to its advanced digital technology, AIR hearing aids will help you hear clearly and comfortably in various settings — watching television, at a dinner party, or church.

VOLT: VOLT is a long-lasting rechargeable hearing aid with state-of-the-art audio quality and noise management — all in one discreet, reliable package. The VOLT’s dual microphones allow you to focus on the sounds you want to hear, not the background noise.

CORE: CORE hearing aid changes and adapts to your hearing. Through the MDHearing App for smartphones and tablets, create unique personal profiles in the privacy of your own home, instantly personalizing your hearing aids so conversations and sounds stay crisp, sharp, and clear — year after year.

Thus, if you want to find affordable hearing aids online, you can consider MD Hearing Aid.


Product Overview
Company or Brand Eargo
Type of Aid In the ear
Battery Type Rechargeable batteries
Warranty 45-day
Price $2650

Founded in 2010, Eargo is a medical device company headquartered in San Jose, California. Eargo makes direct-to-consumer hearing aids, allowing customers to access help for their hearing loss from their homes. Eargo hearing aids were designed by Florent Michel, M.D., an ear, nose, and throat surgeon whose flexible, soft, and self-adjusting hearing aid designs were inspired by fly fishing feathers.

Eargo hearing aids cost a bit on the higher side because they focus on adopting the latest cutting-edge technology to make new hearing aids as sleek and invisible as possible. If you are looking for a hearing evaluation, then Eargo has a hearing screening section. Using this section, one can connect with the desired hearing health professional to get detailed insight into their hearing loss. This evaluation helps you choose the appropriate hearing aids without a hassle.

While most hearing aids aim for packing features only, Eargo is one of the premium hearing aid providers that aims to deliver a sleek design. So whether you are suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss or a profound hearing loss, Eargo is the right hearing aid.

Hearing devices are changing faster and providing new features with every new iteration. Thus purchasing hearing aids shouldn’t often depend on the price factor alone. The best in hearing aid technology is sure to cost a little high but is a better investment in the long run. Eargo hearing aids range from $1450 to $2950.

Following is a snapshot of the Eargo Hearing Aids product portfolio:

Eargo Max: This is the most economical of Eargo’s other hearing aids. Despite this, Eargo Max is better than many hearing aids. It has fiber ear tips and is entirely inside the canal (CIC) hearing aid, providing better comfort than other in-the-ear hearing aids. This comes with a 1-year warranty and requires contact wired charging.

Eargo Neo HiFI: Comes with tetrapalm ear tips, which deliver an even better comfort factor for your ear canal. Eargo Neo HiFI is also entirely in the canal type of hearing aid models and nearly invisible. Its batteries are rechargeable, making it one of the best rechargeable hearing aids. It is bundled with improved hearing aid technology and an Eargo Mobile App. You can fine-tune these hearing aids for better speech recognition and choose from four sound profiles using this app. This hearing aid is suited for individuals affected by moderate hearing loss to moderately severe hearing loss.

Eargo 5: Eargo 5 is their first model with the best innovative technology. It has petal ear tips which are even softer on the ear canal. You won’t feel irked by its presence, even for prolonged hours of usage. Eargo 5 are also rechargeable hearing aids. This model is ideal for people with mild to severe hearing loss. Eargo 5 also comes with the Eargo Mobile App.

Eargo 6: This is the latest in the ear hearing aids offered by Eargo. It comes bundled with the Eargo App with a more personalized setting and rechargeable hearing aid resound options. It comes with the advanced noise reduction option, which can be manually operated via the app. Eargo 6 also has a mask mode feature to improve speech understanding when speaking with a person wearing a mask.

Thus of all the hearing aid companies, Eargo is the one that prioritizes technology overpricing. Thus if you are still using analog hearing aids and are on the lookout for digital hearing aids, then Eargo is ideal for you to check out.


Product Overview
Company or Brand AmeriHear
Type of Aid In the ear
Battery Type Rechargeable (Fast Charging)
Warranty 60-day
Price It starts at $248

AmeriHear is a hearing aid company that provides cheaper in-the-ear hearing aids. AmeriHear is an earpiece that assists in regulating the sounds in the ear. It works to make and process sound moderate for the ear. It can increase the pitch of low sounds or reduce that of very high-intensity background noise.

Despite being cheap hearing aids, AmeriHear hearing aid devices can provide crystal clear sound for a minimal price in comparison to the other hearing aid devices out there that are very expensive. Hearing aid prices range widely; hearing aids from AmeriHear are best for low-budget models. AmeriHear comes with a full 60-day return policy.

AmeriHear hearing aid models come fitted with a top-of-the-line hearing amplifier that provides the best listening experience. This is all thanks to its Advanced Microprocessor Technology; you can hear conversations fully, giving you more speech recognition.

It has a lightweight design best for daily use & slim in-canal design. AmeriHear claims that their in-the-ear hearing aids are better than behind-the-ear counterparts as their models provide up to 24 hours of uninterrupted usage.

AmeriHear uses similar hearing aid technology to the ones used in $5000 prescription online hearing aids. You thus get two hearing aids at a fair price delivering the same functionality as that of an expensive pair of hearing aids. AmeriHear also has the perfect mix of in-the-ear hearing aids, being small enough to be “hidden” in your ear (so people won’t know you’re wearing it) yet powerful enough to pick up sounds and enhance them in any environment.

SoundWise Aria

Product Overview
Company or Brand Soundwise
Type of Aid In the ear
Battery Type Rechargeable batteries
Warranty 1-year
Price $499

SoundWise Aria products are digital hearing aids that are invisible hearing aids that use powerful CIA technology. SoundWise Aria is thus a discreet hearing aid that is barely visible to others. Hearing aid wearers try to cover hearing aids as they don’t wish to let the people know about their hearing loss.

If you are apprehensive about those bulky behind-the-ear models, these are the best hearing aids. These in-the-ear hearing aids are backed by a hearing professional Dr. Kent Nunnaly who has extensively researched hearing loss and hearing aid benefits.

SoundWise Aria is best suited for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss, severe hearing loss, and profound hearing loss. These hearing aids help boost natural sound and enable you to listen to ambient noises optimum.

It also helps you turn up voices to hear what your friends and family are saying, even in the loudest places. The added benefit of wearing hearing aids from SoundWise Aria is no need for a hearing evaluation. This is because it is easy to fit and adjust. You will have them working in your ears about 2 minutes after the package arrives.

When you purchase hearing aids online, you must have come across ‘tinnitus.’ It is a loud ringing noise that occurs in our ears irrespective of hearing loss. SoundWise hearing aid models are effective at combating tinnitus as well. Thus as a package, you get clean hearing aids packed with technology that the FBI, CIA, and agencies worldwide use to transmit sound from tiny listening devices. All this at a special limited-time discounted price of $500.

HearAssist Pro

Product Overview
Company or Brand HearAssist Pro
Type of Aid Behind the ear
Battery Type Replaceable batteries
Warranty NA
Price It starts at $149

The HearAssist Pro is a new cutting-edge European technology that has been designed by a New Jersey-based company in the USA to help senior citizens gain more precise sounds. It is one of those hearing aid companies that wanted to help these seniors cut down on the heavy amount of money they spend on hearing assistance technologies. The Hear Assist Pro was built by utilizing high-fidelity audio programming that ensures that the sound you hear is crystal clear.

They also utilized the superior noise-canceling technology, which filters the sound you hear against noise. This works by intensifying sound through a three-section framework: The amplifier gets sound and converts it into a computerized signal built by the speaker.

The speaker delivers the intensified sound into the ear. Now you can hear conversations with ease, without the background noises discomforting you and hurting your ear.

Despite being behind-the-ear(BTE) hearing aids, it has a sleek and modern design. The Hear Assist Pro comes with cordless Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with advanced portable charging and fast USB connectivity. Many still prefer behind-the-ear (BTE) over other hearing aid styles.

You can charge the HearAssist battery with any USB port on your power bank, car, computer, etc. This makes it easy to charge it wherever you are because you can see USB ports anywhere these days. HearAssist Pro is giving you a 100% 60-day money-back return policy and offering you a 50% discount off the regular price.

Lexie Hearing Aid

Product Overview
Company or Brand Lexie
Type of Aid Telecoil functionality
Battery Type Replaceable batteries
Warranty 45-day
Price $799

Launched in 2020, Lexie Hearing was developed by the HearX Group, a global company with a mission of providing affordable access to hearing care using smart digital health solutions that anyone can use anywhere. Lexie Hearing Aid models are behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids that give you the best of both worlds: affordability and ear comfort.

Lexie Hearing Aid also consists of a mobile app termed ‘Lexie Hearing App.’ The Lexie Hearing app offers many advanced features and functionalities in an intuitive and easy-to-use format, ensuring that all Lexie users reap the hearing aid’s full benefits, including operating hearing aids remotely.

Lexie also operates a unique rewards program. Users earn rewards points for meeting their wear and activity goals, which can be personalized for each individual. The wearing goals help new users wear their devices regularly and calibrate the ideal device volume level. In contrast, the activity goals help Lexie users learn more about their devices and the Lexie app.

If one completes their goals, they’re rewarded with discounts on their monthly subscription or in-app purchases. Lexie has created an incentive for both wear compliance and full utilization of its devices and app with its rewards program.

The Lexie Lumen is an FDA-registered hearing aid that provides many sought-after features at an affordable price. The Lumen features dual microphones that offer directional hearing and digital noise management, automatically adjusting in noisy environments to focus on speech and minimize background sounds. The device also has six different hearing environments, so users can optimize their devices to pick up the correct sounds depending on the environment.

HearingAid Max

Product Overview
Company or Brand HearingAid
Type of Aid Behind the ear
Battery Type NA
Warranty Not mentioned
Price It starts at $79

HearingAid Max is a superpower hearing aid designed with determination to give those with profound hearing loss what they need most. It is a simple yet effective hearing aid device with a lightweight. It blends with the wearer’s skin color to render the best possible invisibility. This is one of the best hearing aids as it is the most affordable one.

With a meager price of only $79, it is the cheapest one on the list. Of the many hearing aids available online, HearingAid Max is the least pricey.

This is a behind-the-ear hearing aid and has a robust build quality. It features volume-controlled amplification. HearingAid Max is designed to replicate and deliver a high-powered hearing aid at a fraction of the exorbitant costs of other online hearing aids.

You can only buy these hearing aids online as it is exclusively available on the website. This is suited for people with mild to severe hearing loss. HearingAid Max also has a 24-hour helpline that assists you in case of any query related to the device. This brand makes purchasing hearing aids a walk in the park due to its less and to the point options of hearing aids.

iHear Pro

Product Overview
Company or Brand iHear Pro
Type of Aid In the ear
Battery Type Replaceable batteries
Warranty 100% satisfaction guarantee
Price It starts at $99

iHear Pro is one of the smallest and most powerful hearing aids. It ensures easy access to sound, no matter where it comes from. iHear Pro has a comfortable and discreet design, allowing natural rehabilitation for those with the following degrees of hearing loss: mild to moderate hearing loss and mild to severe and profound hearing loss.

This is the best hearing aid for a mix of affordability and functionalities. It is one of the cheapest hearing aid brands that provide a robust in-the-ear canal hearing aid. You won’t need a hearing health professional to prescribe this or an online hearing test. It’s easy to use and adjustable to fit your ears. You can enjoy hearing without interference from noise or wind and being bothered by whistles or buzzes.

The first thing you expect from your hearing aids is that they should be comfortable—lightweight, slim, and with a discrete design. You won’t feel like you’re wearing hearing devices. Its ergonomic shape allows it to be easily placed within your ears without being visible to those around you. With iHear Pro, you will never experience pain, soreness, bleeding, or rash. Despite being an in-the-ear hearing aid.


Product Overview
Company or Brand Signia
Type of Aid In the ear
Battery Type Rechargeable with charging case
Warranty 2-years
Price It starts at $3000

Signia is the world’s leading hearing aid brand. Signia is one of the top three hearing aid brands globally. WS Audiology owns and operates it, managing brands including Widex, A&M, and audibene. Signia hearing aids were initially sold under the brand Siemens. It was purchased by Sivantos in 2015 and merged into WS Audiology in 2019.

Siemens was another pioneer in digital hearing aids and the first to develop wireless ear-to-ear connectivity. They are known for the best hearing aids in the market that offer the latest technological innovations that blend with the trending earphones’ look and feel.

Signia excels at delivering the type of hearing aid that not only lasts for a long term but survives many iterations of technological advancements in the industry. The Signia product line includes many models, likely something for everyone.

Signia serves all levels of hearing loss, from mild to moderate hearing loss and severe hearing loss. They come in all forms, including in-the-ear (ITE), entirely in the canal (CIC), receiving-in-canal (RIC), and behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid. Signia can help first-time customers, and seasoned hearing aid users find a solution to fit their needs. Signia has the best hearing aids technology on the market.

Signia has the following products under its gamut:

Signia Silk X: This is one of the tiniest hearing aids. Silk X gives its wearer the confidence of knowing that no one will be able to notice you are wearing them. All models sit discreetly inside your ear. Silk X is fitted with highly adaptable soft-silicone ‘Click Sleeves’ that simply click onto the hearing aids to ensure comfort and secure fit in your ear. The sleeves come in 4 different sizes suitable for most ear anatomies and hearing needs, so there is no wait as with other in-the-ear devices.

Signia Motion X Charge &Go X: These hearing aids feature revolutionary sensor technology that recognizes when you’re moving, ensuring that you experience everything going on around you as you go about your day. This is the best hearing aid for people who are always on the move and don’t wish to compromise their lifestyle. This hearing aid is powered by a lithium-ion battery that provides up to 61 hours of use per charge. It is bundled with state-of-the-art Bluetooth streaming that lets you listen to phone calls, music, TV, etc.

Signia Active Pro: Signia Active is ready to wear like any set of earbuds and sits comfortably with sleeves to match every ear. It fits like any earbuds with sleeves without any hassles or harm to the ear canal. The package comes with a pocket-sized charging case that provides up to 26 hours of use per charge. Signia Active Pro also has an AI assistant that enables the wearer to tune the hearing aid on the go. Adjustments can be made in situations with challenging acoustics via an app that will effortlessly help with noise cancellation.

Signia Styletto: This is the magnum opus of Signia’s product portfolio. The pocket-sized portable charging case that comes with the Styletto is the world’s first hearing aid charger with Qi wireless technology, enabling you to simply place the charger on a charging pad instead of plugging it into the mains. This is also the world’s first hearing aid with acoustic-motion sensors that adjust to your ambient sounds.



Tvidler isn’t a hearing aid. It is a tool that is an excellent alternative to cotton swabs. Cotton swabs tend to push ear wax further into the ear. Tvidler is an ear wax removal tool. Tvidler ear cleaner removes your ear wax build-up through its innovative spiral design.

Tvidler gathers ear wax from deep in your canal, safely in the hardest to reach places. It also gathers dry ear wax that can be hard to get, leaving your ears relieved and comfortable.

Tvidler ear wax removal kit is reusable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting. Tvidler ear wax removal kit comes in a travel pack with six extra spiral heads. You can easily clean, reuse and share Tvidler. The pack also includes a travel case that makes it easy to take. These are better than using cotton swabs as they pose a harm to the ears. Using Tvidler proactively will help you prevent the wax build-up and allow for a better hearing experience. The Tvidler Ear Wax remover is priced at $29.95.


Product Overview
Company or Brand Widex
Type of Aid In the ear & behind the ear
Battery Type Rechargeable/Replaceable
Warranty 3-years
Price It starts at $1875

Widex is one of the oldest and best hearing aids companies. It was formed way back in 1956 and is headquartered in Denmark. This makes them the oldest and the best hearing aid company globally. Their facility has been powered by wind and solar energy since 2010.

The revolutionary Widex Moment series of hearing aids changes the game to deliver the purest, natural sound. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly. And when these two ‘out of sync’ signals mix, you get an artificial sound.

Widex has thus pioneered a technology that syncs the signal providing the most natural sound to the ear canal. They call this trademarked technological innovation ‘Puresound,’ which most hearing aids don’t possess.

Widex also gives the option of taking a 5-minute hearing test. This online hearing test will help you gauge the degree of hearing loss. Widex hearing aids help hear inadequacy like mild to moderate hearing loss, severe hearing loss, and profound hearing loss.

You can also book an appointment after taking the online hearing test. If you want the best hearing aids with a custom-built hearing aids experience, then Widex could be the right choice. Widex offers a range of in-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids.

Otofonix Elite Hearing Amplifier

Product Overview
Company or Brand Otofonix
Type of Aid Behind the air
Battery Type Replaceable batteries
Warranty One year warranty
Price $395

Otofonix is headquartered in Stafford, Texas. Otofonix uses world-class components from the United States and European markets, focusing on manufacturing high-quality, affordable hearing instruments.

Otofonix is primarily specialized in amplifier technology. Over the years of changing the technological landscape, Otofonix amped up its game and launched new hearing aids.

Otofonix also has a great variety of accessories for every type of hearing aid. You can also buy sound tubes, batteries, hearing aids cleaners, power kits, and chargers. They only have behind-the-ear aids, which help to combat mild to severe, mild to moderate, and other minor hearing loss types. Their product range includes Elite (an affordable range of hearing aids), SONA (smart hearing aid), HELIX (rechargeable batteries), and GROOVE (all in one functionality).

Horizon by Hear

Product Overview
Company or Brand Hear
Type of Aid In the Canal
Battery Type Rechargeable batteries
Warranty 45-day
Price $395

Bluetooth headphones and earbuds are part of the latest technological trends thanks to Apple’s popular AirPods. The same technologies that power these earbuds are also making their way to hearing aids to upgrade the devices that open up the world to those with hearing loss.

A brand Hear, one of the largest retailers of such medical devices, has applied those technologies to its latest hearing aids, the ‘horizon,’ specially designed for younger users that may have reservations about wearing hearing aids that everyone can see.

Horizon hearing aids is a stylish and sleek set of hearing aids manufactured in tandem with the Styletto series by Signia. The electronics are hidden behind your ear, while the earbuds are connected by a nearly transparent cable that seemingly disappears.

It utilizes a unique speech-enhancing algorithm that, along with speech recognition, provides the ability to control sound quality and focus on the desired sound. Then there is a ‘Relax Mode’ that allows you to cancel all the unwanted noise and immerse yourself in nature’s soundscape.

All horizon models can be conveniently and discreetly controlled with the HORIZON app on the smartphone. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth interface or accessories such as StreamLine TV & Mic, these hearing aids transform into real multimedia all-rounders – for streaming TV programs, music, and audiobooks.

You can even answer phone calls directly in your ear via the HORIZON and enjoy them in the best stereo sound quality. All rechargeable HORIZON models are equipped with the most powerful lithium-ion batteries that have ever been built into hearing aids. You can get up to 21 hours of excellent hearing overnight in the charging box without constantly handling tiny batteries and battery re-purchase costs.

What Are The Different Types of Hearing Aids?

The type of hearing aid usually depends on the individual preference and sometimes the type of hearing loss. Also, the degree of hearing loss decides how many hearing aids are required. Sometimes two hearing aids aren’t necessary.

Many folks do not wish to display their hearing loss condition to avoid public scrutiny openly. At the same time, some others prioritize the price of a hearing aid over its looks. In the end, it is health that matters.

New hearing aids that help improve the hearing health of the wearer and combat hearing loss are the ideal fit for anyone. The types of hearing aids are In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aids, Behind-The-Ear aids, and In The Canal hearing aids.

Following are the different types of hearing aids in detail:

In-The-Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

In-The-Ear aids are worn in the ear canal. This type of hearing aid is usually custom-fit, based on an impression taken by a hearing care professional at the time of your hearing aid consultation. These styles are typically available in different skin tones to blend with the outer ear. Some ITE hearing aids fit deeply within the ear canal, while others are closer to the outer ear.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

Behind-The-Ear aids sit behind or on top of the outer ear. Its tubing is routed down into the ear via a custom-fit earmold or a dome style that doesn’t block the entire ear canal opening. Behind-The-Ear types are available in different colors to match hair or skin tone and flashier designs for personalized flair.

For either ITE or Behind-The-Ear, most devices come with standard button batteries that must be replaced anywhere from 3-20 days. However, rechargeable batteries are becoming more common. The seniors prefer Behind-The-Ear aids due to their ease of use and functionality.

In-The-Canal Hearing Aids

ITC hearing aids sit in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl, making them comfortable and easy to use. Because they’re slightly larger than IIC and CIC styles, they tend to have longer battery life and can fit a broader range of hearing losses, including mild to severe and mild to moderate.

Their size also allows them to host additional features such as directional microphones to understand better noisy environments and manual controls, like a volume wheel.

What Are The Different Types of Hearing Tests?

Hearing Tests are essential to decide whether or not you need hearing aids. A hearing test will also help determine the best hearing aid suited to your condition. Hearing loss is a daunting experience and needs to be handled with care.

Hearing care is essential to reduce the impact of the loss of hearing. Directly jumping to conclusions and buying new hearing aids won’t solve the issue. To reduce panic and ambiguity in the minds of the affected individuals, medical and hearing care experts have devised various hearing tests.

Speech Testing

Speech testing is often done to confirm results from a pure-tone test, which only tests for the ability to hear certain pitches or tones. The test begins with complete silence. Gradually background noise is added to the mix. This is done to compare the individual hearing capabilities in quieter and noisier environments.

An audiologist utters certain words to an individual being tested during speech testing. Instances of the softest speech that can be detected will be noted during the entire course of the test. When it’s time to repeat words, the patient will be asked to repeat back what’s said at a louder level. This helps determine whether the patient has profound hearing loss or a mild one.


Tympanometry is a hearing test used to detect problems in the middle ear. Before the test, the audiologist will take a thorough glance inside your ear to make sure nothing is blocking the eardrum.

The next step involves placing a device into your ear. This device changes the air pressure in your ear and makes the eardrum move back and forth. A machine records the results on graphs called tympanograms. Tympanometry is only one of several tests that contribute information concerning the status of the middle-ear transmission system.

Pure Tone Testing

Pure-tone testing is an air conduction test that helps determine the faintest tones a person can hear at varying pitches or frequencies. The hearing care expert starts by selecting various pitches, ranging from low to high, for a patient to listen to. The patient wears earphones so that data can be collected from each ear.

If earphones cannot be worn, for example, if the audiologist is conducting the pure-tone hearing test on a child who may refuse to wear them, sound can be played through speakers inside a sound booth. This specific type of pure-tone testing is called sound-field screening; it does not test each ear independently.

During the pure-tone test, the patient is asked to respond to the sounds by raising a hand, pressing a button, or saying ‘yes’ when a sound is heard. Only after the results of this test the type of hearing aid will be decided.

Bone Conduction

Most people hear in two ways: by air conduction (sound traveling through the air into the ear canal) and bone conduction (sound passing through the bones in the head). Both ways of hearing help us gather sound from the environment and send it onto the brain, where it is interpreted.

Problems with the outer or middle ear can restrict sound waves from getting to the inner ear through air conduction. Hearing through bone conduction can bypass these damaged, blocked, or missing ear parts and deliver sound vibrations directly to the inner ear.

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)

The ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) test can detect hearing loss. It checks your child’s brain’s response to sound. The test is mainly done on infants and children who may not be able to respond to behavioral hearing tests because of their age.

Unlike a hearing evaluation, which evaluates how well you hear the sound, an auditory brainstem response test (ABR) assesses how well the sounds travel along the auditory pathways to a particular brain part. For adults, the most common reason an ABR is recommended is to help eliminate the possibility of a disorder along the hearing nerve or in the brain itself.

Otoacoustic Emissions(OAEs)

OAE stands for otoacoustic emissions, the name for the sounds produced by the cochlea. These sounds can be used to test the function of the cochlea (precisely hair cell function) and other parts of the ear, including the auditory nerve.

Otoacoustic Emissions Hearing tests are usually performed on newborn babies to detect deafness. The test can also partially estimate hearing sensitivity and test for functional hearing loss. This type of hearing loss is also sometimes referred to as non-organic hearing loss. This is a condition where you have symptoms or behaviors of hearing loss, but there is nothing wrong with your hearing.

Acoustic Reflex Testing

Acoustic reflexes measure reflexes generated in eardrums in response to intense sound. The acoustics reflex testing can help differentiate middle-ear, cochlear, and other ear-nerve problems. In acoustic reflex testing, acoustic immittance measures assess the neural pathway surrounding the stapedial reflex, which occurs in response to a loud sound.

The poorer the response to the loud sound, the higher the degree of hearing loss. it is the best test to determine profound hearing loss.

Ranking Criteria – How Our Team Ranked The Best Hearing Aids

We have narrowed the extensive brands of hearing aids providers to a handful. This would undoubtedly make anyone curious as to how we reached this ranking. We always strive to give an unbiased and accurate picture to our readers.

Hearing care is a sensitive domain that needs a careful examination of crucial factors to lead affected individuals to the correct type of aid, whether in-the-ear aid, behind-the-ear aid or entirely in the canal aid.

Following are the factors that lead us to recommend a particular set of hearing aids:

Company Reputation and Standing

All manufacturers strive to amass faithful customers for their hearing aids. The first aspect that every consumer examines is the manufacturer’s reputation, and so do we. The best hearing aid provider is the one that has a strong reputation in the market in terms of fair pricing, excellent customer reviews, and so on.

But in a world where every company claims they have the best hearing aid, we must step in and evaluate them based on every criterion possible.


Online hearing aids usually come with a steep discount. This depends on the time of the year, and during the festive season, there are countless offers. But some online hearing aids have some deals and offers all year round.

We keep an eye on those brands as well and evaluate them favorably. It doesn’t mean we ignore the premium hearing aids. Expensive hearing aids need to be worth the asking price. Many online hearing aids are priced on the higher side but are packed with long-term benefits for the wearer. We balance pricing and value every step and only then conclude.

Medical Grade Hearing

Hearing loss is a severe condition that needs to be treated effectively. Especially if you are purchasing hearing aids online, the sound quality is as important as the look and feel of the hearing aids. Regardless of the type of hearing aid, it should at the very least deliver a clear and ambient sound without any buzzing.

Many companies even provide a hearing test on their website. This further shows that they care about the customers. Thus, we handpick only those brands that deliver on the cutting-edge technology they claim their products possess.


There are numerous hearing aids in the market of varying qualities, from the highest premium hearing aids to the lowest ones. The one aspect that determines the quality is the comfort of the hearing aids. Lower quality hearing aids have lower quality parts to get the best profit margins.

Any brand or a type of hearing aid that keeps comfort on the back seat loses points from our side. However, we understand that some compromises have to be made to get the product manufactured within the allocated budget. Thus we fairly evaluate all factors and keep the quality vis-a-vis the asking price as an essential factor in our ranking of hearing aids.

Advertised Benefits

Every type of hearing aid has a certain degree of benefit. The cost, quality, and technology offerings accompanying each brand are essential. Verifying the advantages that every manufacturer advertises is necessary.

The claims are usually correct, but some fraudulent companies add health benefits for the sake of bloating their website with positive content. But for people with profound hearing loss, every bit of information is crucial. Thus, the validity of the claimed health benefits is essential for evaluating these companies and bringing you only the best hearing aid brands.


The best hearing aid is the one that comes with different options of ear domes, a good case, and a fair bit of variety in color options. Most companies provide the flexibility of opting for custom-built hearing aids. In some cases, the customization option depends on the hearing aid type.

For example, a high-end and technically advanced type of aid will not have the option to be custom-built according to someone’s ear size. Though it is not the only basis for evaluating the ranking, having customization available in some way or shape, or form gives a company a slight edge in our list to suggest the best hearing aid.

Availability of Smart Features

Most hearing aid companies have adopted the modern approach for their product portfolio. Hearing care professionals have also become more stringent in evaluating hearing aids. With a strong presence of mobile apps in every domain these days, having a mobile app for hearing aids is nothing short of a boon.

Hearing aids bundled with mobile apps are an excellent bang for your buck. We, therefore, scrutinize hearing aids with keen eyes, and having a dedicated mobile app for hearing aids is a plus in our book.


The best hearing aid company will never hesitate to provide a warranty for their products. Individuals with profound hearing loss are on the lookout for a long-lasting solution. The best hearing aid brand will be the one that provides a longer tenure of warranty.

Such individuals would have already spent a hefty amount on a hearing test, medications for their profound hearing loss, etc. Thus, a better warranty becomes a huge deciding factor in purchasing. Warranty combined with a healthy tenure of return days is a match made in heaven for us as aggregators to recommend you the brand.

The Best Hearing Aid Technologies of 2022 Final Verdict

You are here to gauge whether or not to invest your money in hearing aids. The answer isn’t straightforward and can’t be answered in a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ form. We have compiled this guide to simplify your confusion and drive away your inhibitions.

After listing down all the leading hearing aids available in the market and weighing them against numerous factors, we have successfully narrowed down the best hearing aids for you to opt for. Another area of confusion occurs in the hearing aids that exist: behind the ear, in the ear, and entirely in the canal. Through our guide, we aim to eliminate this confusion as well.

Your decision to invest rests on many other factors, including the type of hearing loss, whether mild to severe, mild to moderate, etc. You also have to make sure that you wear hearing aids regularly to get the desired benefits before you invest. Every hearing health professional stresses that wearing hearing aids periodically helps reduce the impact of hearing loss. If left untreated, hearing loss poses a significant threat to the affected individual’s overall health. Also, if a person suffers from mild to severe loss and doesn’t opt for any treatment or hearing aids, it will undoubtedly lead to profound hearing loss.

If you are an existing user of an analog set of hearing aids and are on the lookout for new hearing aids, then this guide is imperative to you as well. Every iteration of hearing aids improves certain aspects of its previous products and aims to provide long-term relief to affected individuals.

We don’t recommend directly jumping to a conclusion and making haste to invest in a brand without a hearing test. For this very reason, we also provide you with a snapshot of various tests involved in determining all types of hearing inadequacies ranging from moderately severe hearing loss to the highest degree of loss.

Ultimately, the decision is personal, and we, as aggregators, believe in stating non-biased facts. Loss of hearing is a daunting reality of our world, and we believe in putting forth the best options to combat this ailment. With such an extensive amount of facts at your disposal, your leap of faith will surely be a positive step toward improving your ear health and ultimately leading to better well-being. Try a top hearing aid above today!

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