Best Moringa Tea: Review Top Moringa Tea Leaf Products to Buy

Moringa is quickly becoming one of the most popular herbal supplements thanks to its’ dense nutritional value and antioxidant benefits. Known as the miracle tree, Moringa can positively impact several areas of your health, all backed by clinical studies.

Moringa tea is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume Moringa. It’s convenient, delicious, and an existing way for those who like tea to reap the benefits of Moringa.

If you’re looking for the very best moringa tea supplements for 2021 and beyond, then look no further. Our research team has evaluated dozens of popular tea brands and has determined the five best moringa teas.

The Best Moringa Teas

  • Simple Life Nutrition Organic Moringa Tea
  • Miracle Tree Organic Moringa Tea
  • Kuli Kuli Energizing Moringa Tea
  • FGO Organic Moringa Tea
  • Republic Of Tea Organic Superherb Herbal Tea

Simple Life Nutrition Organic Moringa Tea


Our top choice for moringa tea comes from Simple Life Nutrition. This premium organic moringa tea is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other anti-inflammatory compounds to help support your overall wellness and health.

We chose Simple Life Nutrition because of the quality of the moringa leaves used, its affordable pricing, delicious flavor options, and its stellar reputation. Plus, it comes in a resealable bag to maintain and preserve freshness so you can maximize the benefits felt.

If you’re a tea drinker and want to try moringa tea, the Simple Life Nutrition’s organic moringa tea has to be your top choice.

Miracle Tree Organic Moringa Tea


Miracle Tree is one of the most well-known moringa tea companies and one of the most widely reviewed on Amazon. It’s one of the best sellers on Amazon for moringa tea.

The main advantage of Miracle Tree is that they have many flavors to select from. You should be able to find a flavor that fits your specific tastes. It’s also very affordable, although there have been some reports of inferior quality tea leaves from time to time.

Still, Miracle Tree is a great product and a solid alternative to Simple Life Nutrition’s moringa tea.

Kuli Kuli Energizing Moringa Tea


Kuli Kuli is perhaps one of the most well-known moringa brands and coincidentally is the largest in terms of revenue. Kuli Kuli’s moringa tea is one of their newer products but is quickly becoming one of their best-selling products.

The only real downside to Kuli Kuli’s moringa tea is that it is one of the most expensive brands of moringa tea. Just 15 moringa tea bags cost around $16, which is far more costly than any other brand on our list. Still, if you’re an existing customer of Kuli Kuli, then their moringa tea can be a nice add-on.

FGO Organic Moringa Tea


FGO sells another one of the most popular moringa teas on Amazon, with tens of thousands of reviews. It remains one of the most widely reviewed moringa teas on Amazon.

Each resealable bag is filled with 100 bags of moringa tea. However, they are unflavored. In addition, FGO has had some legal issues from California, although they do appear to have cleaned these issues up.

Overall, FGO is a solid moringa tea brand, although there are some red flags to worry about.

The Republic Of Tea Organic Superherb Herbal Tea


The Republic of Tea is another famous moringa tea brand primarily sold on Amazon. It is one of the more expensive brands on Amazon, but it has 300+ customer reviews, most of which are positive.

Unlike the other tea brands on our list, The Republic of Tea does not flavor their tea. Therefore, you’ll have to flavor it with lemon or honey if you don’t like the flavor of moringa tea.

Ranking Factors for the Best Moringa Teas

We reviewed well over 50 brands of moringa tea before we created our top rankings. We used several factors in our rankings as well. However, these were the top ranking factors:

Quality of Moringa Used

The single most important factor we looked at was the quality of the Moringa that was used. After all, higher-quality Moringa will contain more antioxidants and beneficial compounds and make for a better moringa tea.

Therefore, we researched where each brand of moringa tea sourced their product, whether it was USDA-organic, and how the moringa leaves were dried. Shade-dried Moringa will preserve nutrients found in the moringa leaves and lead to a better tasting, higher quality moringa tea.

Customer Reviews

After researching the quality of the Moringa used, our next most important factor was to evaluate customer reviews. After all, it’s essential to know what real customers were saying about the products they were using.

We researched what customers thought about the color, taste, and overall experience with each brand of moringa tea. We evaluated whether or not they felt like the tea had any health benefits or positive impact on their health or vice versa. We researched reviews on websites like Amazon, BBB, and each brand’s site to determine which brand would likely be able to provide you with the best product and best experience.

Pricing & Money Back Guarantee

Moringa teas can vary in price wildly, ranging from $6 for a one-month supply to over $30. While we did emphasize premium quality moringa products, we still wanted products that ran in the $8 to $15 price range for a one-month supply.

We eliminated products that were significantly out of this range because we felt products might be too inferior if they were priced lower or price gouging if they were too high.

In addition, we looked for products that had at least a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is typical in the industry and should be considered standard.

Manufacturing Process

Finally, we wanted to evaluate the manufacturing process used while making the moringa tea. We gave priority to products that were USDA-certified organic, raw, and vegan. We also made sure the products were made in an FDA-approved facility.

The shade drying process was also significant because it preserves nutrients and maintains the integrity of the moringa leaves. This is why we eliminated any product that used sun-dried Moringa because essential nutrients are destroyed.

Science-Backed Benefits of Moringa Tea

Moringa is loaded with health benefits, and new health benefits continue to be discovered every year. There are dozens of studies backing the health benefits of Moringa, and new applications will likely continue to be found. Some of the most proven benefits to taking Moringa include:

Moringa has powerful anti-inflammatory properties

Moringa contains over 20 anti-inflammatory compounds that have been proven to reduce inflammation – especially chronic inflammation. A small study found that women drinking two cups of Moringa a day had a remarkable improvement in several health markers, including raised antioxidant levels in the bloodstream.

Moringa’s anti-inflammatory benefits are why it is often seen as a more beneficial natural solution for arthritis versus traditional products like glucosamine and chondroitin. Several studies have found that Moringa can significantly reduce the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis and similar chronic inflammatory issues.

Moringa can help control blood glucose levels

Diabetes is so prevalent in the United States that one in six adults is said to have diabetes. If unchecked, diabetes can lead to significant health issues like heart disease. It significantly increases the risk for death as well.

In one study, women drinking two cups of moringa a day could reduce their blood sugar spike after eating by 13.5%. Other studies have found moringa supplements can reduce the spike in blood glucose levels by up to 20%. Both studies noted an overall decrease in blood sugar levels after a few weeks of use.

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Heart disease is arguably the #1 health issue facing western countries, and it kills tens of thousands annually. Thankfully, Moringa has shown in various studies that it can reduce hypertension and cholesterol.

According to numerous studies, Moringa reduces blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels in just weeks of use. It also appears to improve “good” cholesterol levels, which helps eliminate the bad cholesterol that can clog your blood vessels and ultimately lead to a heart attack.

Improved immunity

Moringa contains 46 antioxidant compounds, including essential immunity-boosting ingredients like vitamin C and vitamin E. These antioxidants work to destroy pathogens that can cause you to become sick or impair your immune system’s ability to fight off sickness.

Moringa Tea Safety & Dosage

Moringa tea is generally well tolerated by most individuals. Compared to other forms of Moringa, it is the least likely to cause issues. With that said, some individuals feel nausea or stomach discomfort when taking Moringa, so it is still possible to experience these effects while taking the product.

In general, you should not experience any adverse side effects while drinking moringa tea. If you do experience any side effects for some reason, you should discontinue use and consult your doctor to see if it was the moringa tea or another problem you may have been unaware of.

As for dosage, there is no recommended dosage for moringa tea. You can drink as many cups per day as you can tolerate, but it is in your best interest to start drinking one cup per day, seeing how you feel, then scaling to a more significant number of cups per day.

Moringa Tea FAQs

Q: What is Moringa?

A: Moringa is a plant that is native to areas in Southeast Asia, as well as Africa. The tree can grow up to 30 feet in height and is very drought resistant, which is why it can grow in so many different areas. This is why organizations like the UN believe Moringa may help combat global malnutrition.

Moringa is most well known for its nutrient density. It contains over 24 vitamins and minerals, 46 antioxidants, and almost 100 total nutrients. It is also a complete source of protein, which is why Moringa is considered one of the best plant sources of protein.

Q: Who should take Moringa?

A: Moringa is said to have a large number of clinical applications and potential uses. It possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties and several antioxidants, which means those with arthritis or a weakened immune system may find Moringa beneficial.

It also helps increase milk supply, so nursing mothers may find Moringa especially useful. Those with cardiovascular issues or diabetes may also find Moringa especially useful.

Q: Is Moringa safe?

A: Moringa has a GRAS status with the FDA, which means it is generally considered recognized as safe. Although moringa powder and capsules have caused minor stomach issues and nausea, it is typically tolerated well.

Moringa tea generally is tolerated better than other forms of Moringa and is less likely to cause any digestive issues. If you experience some symptoms, though, you should discontinue use, although unlikely.

Q: What are the advantages of moringa tea?

A: Moringa tea allows you to get all of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds found in Moringa, but not necessarily the other nutrients. The main advantage is that it is less likely to cause digestive issues or other side effects.

Moringa tea is often flavored as well, which takes away the bitterness of Moringa and enables you to reap the benefits in a tastier way than moringa smoothies.

Q: How much should moringa tea cost?

A: Most moringa teas cost anywhere from $8 to $15 for a one-month supply. Some brands do cost less, although once you get too far below the $8 price range, chances are you’re purchasing an inferior quality product.

Stick to a moringa tea brand that fits within the $8 to $15 range, and chances are you are buying a quality moringa tea.

Q: Is there any scientific evidence for Moringa?

A: Moringa has been the subject of dozens of peer-reviewed, double-blind clinical studies over the last twenty years. Research has proven that Moringa has potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant benefits.

Moringa also has been clinically proven to support healthy blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

New research suggests Moringa may benefit men and women suffering from sexual function, anxiety and stress relief, and improving brain health. Some research is targeting Moringa for anti-cancer benefits as well.

Q: Where can I buy moringa tea?

A: Moringa tea is readily available online on dozens of retailers. If you’d like to buy our #1 rated moringa tea – Simple Life Nutrition Organic Moringa Tea, then you can do so by clicking this link and ordering today.

The Best Moringa Teas Recap

Moringa is an incredibly versatile supplement with dozens of proven benefits. Although it is primarily used for anti-inflammatory purposes, moringa tea can help improve your health in many ways.

If you’re in the market for moringa tea, then any of our top moringa tea brands are a great choice – although Simple Life Nutrition moringa tea is our best choice.

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