Best Organic CBD Oil Products to Try

When it comes to getting started with CBD products, it can get challenging to decide which products to try. When you begin your quest for a reliable product, you’ll see many CBD brands, if not all of them, promote their products as ‘the best CBD on the market.’ Nonetheless, they significantly differ in quality due to numerous factors, including whether it’s organic.

Even if you have decided to narrow your options to organic CBD products, you’ll encounter many options, some of which are USDA-certified and some are not. Many use only organic essential oils and other organic ingredients, some provide organic CBD extract, and few have them all.

Which ones to choose?

Before we head to the list of best organic CBD oil products to try, let’s see why you should choose them in the first place and what aspects to consider before buying one of these products.

Why Organic CBD Oil Products?

Many newcomers begin their search for a CBD product, believing that they will equally benefit from CBD regardless of the product they acquire. Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth, and sometimes they will not experience the intended results or even put their health at risk.

CBD is a natural, non-intoxicating hemp-derived ingredient that is safe to use daily, and millions of people globally do so. However, CBD extract with harmful elements like heavy metals, pesticides, or additives is detrimental to human health. That leads us to the first primary reason organic CBD oil products are a better choice.

  1. Organic CBD is Better for You and the Environment

Organic CBD means better quality and less harm to the environment. Organic hemp grows without pesticides in clean soil free from heavy metals and harmful toxins. Therefore, growing such hemp doesn’t pollute the land, and it doesn’t put your health at risk. CBD derived from organic hemp is less likely to feature any unwanted compounds.

Moreover, organic hemp grows under sustainable farming practices that reduce the environmental impact.

  1. Organic CBD is More Nutrient-Dense

The effects of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or similar substances go beyond adding unwanted ingredients to the soil but draining it from beneficial elements like natural nutrients. Thus, hemp grown in contaminated land will lack vitamins and nutrients, while organic hemp will be more potent with these wholesome ingredients. Moreover, there are fewer chances of pesticides and fertilizers altering the range of naturally occurring cannabinoids in organic hemp, leaving you with a wide range of natural cannabis ingredients.

  1. Organic Farming Supports Biodiversity

Herbicides and Pesticides can kill not only pests but nontarget organisms, causing loss of Biodiversity – essential for healthy ecosystems. Because Organic farming practices don’t use these toxic substances, they help maintain Biodiversity.

What is USDA Organic Certification?

Like there’s no guarantee of quality for traditional CBD without third-party lab test results, there’s no guarantee of a product being organic without USDA Organic Certification.

USDA-certified organic CBD products undergo a rigorous process to earn the USDA-certified organic stamp. The latter is the guarantee of high-quality organic, pure and safe CBD that doesn’t feature toxic or genetically modified (GMO) elements.

Are All Certified Organic CBD Products the Same?

Not all USDA-certified Organic CBD oil products are the same and feature only USDA-certified ingredients. USDA-certified organic CBD falls into four categories:

Only 100% organic and organic CBD products can earn USDA-certified organic stamps and feature on product labels.

Some brand may promote their CBD as organic and not have a USDA-certified seal. In this case, the label should provide information about which ingredient in the product is organic. Sometimes it may be a carrier oil and not the CBD extract itself.

Best Organic CBD Oil Products

Now that we have clarified why someone should choose organic CBD oil products , let’s see which ones are indeed the best. Below we have listed five organic CBD oil products we think are the top choice in 2022. Some of the aspects we used to evaluate these products include:

  • Brand Reputation – One of the primary factors determining your CBD’s quality is who makes it. We think brand reputation is crucial in choosing the best organic CBD.

  • U.S. grown Hemp – Hemp overseas grows without strict farming regulations, usually in contaminated land, and contains harmful ingredients. Besides, for hemp to acquire USDA certification, it must grow in the U.S.

  • USDA-Certification – Unsurprisingly, we have only looked at USDA-certified CBD oil products that have proof of quality.

  • Third-Party lab test results – This is an additional layer of safety, guaranteeing a CBD oil product is pure, potent, and safe.

  • Product Reviews – Finally, we looked at customers’ ratings to ensure that these products delivered expected and desired results.

#1 Joy Organics – USDA-Certified Organic CBD Tincture Collection

When we think of true leaders in the CBD industry, Joy Organics is always at the top of our heads. It’s a brand with an excellent reputation, high-quality products very well-known for its excellence in transparency and mission. The brand offers CBD consumers unparalleled educational material at every stage of their CBD journey. Most importantly, Joy Organics is one of the first brands to provide organic CBD oil products in their collection of Organic CBD tinctures.

Here you can choose between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD, five flavored and two unflavored CBD oil options with varying CBD potencies (15/30/45/75mg). These sublingual CBD drops are easy to use and offer quick results. All Joy tinctures have USDA Organic Certified seals. Here you can also shop for everyone in the family, including your four-legged friends; Joy Organics offers USDA-certified CBD tinctures for people and pets and has a range of full spectrum and broad spectrum options.

#2 R+R Medicinals – USDA-Certified Organic CBD Tincture

R+R Medicinals is another famous CBD brand we trust for two primary reasons – they provide USDA-certified CBD tincture and have a significant volume of positive customer reviews.

R+R Medicinals offers USDA-Certified Organic CBD tincture in fresh mint flavor – an excellent choice for those who don’t enjoy CBD oil’s natural, earthy taste. R+R Medicinals also offers THC-free and organic CBD tinctures for pets.

#3 Cornbread Whole Flower USDA Organic CBD Oil

When searching for full-spectrum organic CBD oil, Cornbread USDA-certified CBD oil is among the best choices you can make, especially if you enjoy CBD oil’s natural floral, earthy taste.

The brand markets its organic CBD oil as the best for nighttime, and many customer reviews also support this claim. Cornbread USDA organic CBD oil contains full-spectrum hemp extract with 1mg THC. It comes with a convenient dropper, and you can use it sublingually. Each drop contains 25mg of organic CBD.

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