Best Payday Loans Online In 2022 – List Of Top Payday Lenders For The Best Installment Loans And Loans For Bad Credit With Best Interest Rates | No Credit Check Loan Guaranteed Approval

Once in a while, people need extra cash. Sometimes, money shortage occurs while placing orders at stores or on the internet. Other times, you need extra money for car repair costs, or to solve an emergency that popped up. You may even require some extra cash for the Doctor’s visit and some urgent medical expenses.

Running out of cash ruins the shopping experience – and causes a bad day. You placed some orders that need quick delivery – only to discover you don’t have enough money for your order.

Generally speaking, running out of cash causes other problems. At times, you need a few extra bucks to cover up what you’ve ordered. And visiting a payday loan store may be difficult or not feasible. That’s where online payday loans come to the rescue.

Whichever the case, you need some extra bucks urgently – and finding online payday loans that deliver money quickly saves you a lot of stress. However, if you apply for these online payday loans from the wrong lender, you may have more to worry about than just repaying the money.

Some lenders take days to process the requests. Others require a lot of paperwork in the application process. Since you need some emergency cash urgently, this delay will cost you a lot of time. And some other damages too.

Resolving this cash shortage issue fast is very important. In addition, It helps you get to your feet quickly. Therefore, we summed up the best four online payday loans that give you a very instant cashout in a few hours. These loans give you a great experience – and resolve your problem quickly.

List Of The Best Personal Loan Lenders For The Best Online Payday Loans

Here are the top 4 online payday loans you can get from trusted payday lenders.

  1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Online Payday Loans
  2. BadCreditLoans – Easy Approval Bad Credit Loans Up To $10,000
  3. CashUSA – Top Rated For Easy And Fast Cash Advance For Bad Credit Score
  4. PersonalLoans – Multiple Payday Lenders For Personal Loans

#1. MoneyMutual.com – Overall Best Online Payday Loans


MoneyMutual makes the top as our No. 1 pick for online payday loans. There’s a high chance that MoneyMutual will satisfy your needs. We ranked it first for several reasons.

Firstly, when searching for online payday loans, you do not want to waste a lot of time waiting for your loan request to be processed. MoneyMutual is one of the fastest payday loan services, and you can get some loans in as little as 24 hours. As a result, this record speed makes it the top choice of many customers.

Next, MoneyMutual got you covered in emergencies. They have a fantastic reputation for helping people with emergency cash. Whether it is extra money to cover medical bills or car repair costs, MoneyMutual makes loans easily accessible, so you get running in as little time as possible. Moreover, MoneyMutual prides itself on delivering emergency cash fast – and it’s not hard to see why it ranks high in the list of most consumers.

Thirdly, MoneyMutual also has one of the quickest loan verification processes. All you need to do is fill a simple online form – this takes about 5 minutes to complete, provide any other documents, and get your loan approved by the lender in their extensive lender network in as fast as 24 hours.

MoneyMutual provides short-term loans up to $5,000 for individuals and households from a marketplace of lenders. Also, they have one of the largest customer bases, with over 2 million customers.


Safe and Secure Lending Processes: MoneyMutual prides itself on its top-grade security features – like AES256 bit encryption which makes lending money super secure. They have a TrustedSite integration that scans the website regularly, removes security risks, and protects it from any attacks. Furthermore, no one would want to enter their info on an unsecured site, and MoneyMutual understands this better than anyone else. MoneyMutual has water-tight security around its platform. More importantly, the website uses industry-leading encryption that protects all your data.

Simplicity and Convenience: When it comes to simplicity, MoneyMutual took this a step further with their onboarding process. All you need to do is fill out a simple form – which takes 5 mins at most – and get your loan in as fast as 24 hours. MoneyMutual is one of the fastest online payday loans you can get – if not the fastest. In addition, there are no long queues. And in a few steps, you can secure a payday loan.

Quick Response Times: If there’s anything that matters most in getting online payday loans, it is how fast one gets them. Because of the situations that lead one to look for such loans – such as emergencies, paying car repair costs, or shopping for groceries – you need them urgently. MoneyMutual understands you need money fast – and they do everything within their power to deliver you extra cash in as little as 24 hours. As MoneyMutual is a marketplace that connects you with lenders, they quickly review your form. And get lenders who propose lending terms and guide you on the next step.

No Fees or Hidden Charges: The MoneyMutual Marketplace is entirely free to use in sourcing online payday loans. They do not charge a dime, and you do not pay for any hidden charges whatsoever.

Flexibility: MoneyMutual allows you to negotiate your terms for online payday loans. Being a marketplace that connects lenders to people sourcing for online payday loans, you can arrange your loan on your terms. In addition, MoneyMutual assists you in locating lenders who will work with the info you submitted. When your loan request goes live, the lender submits requests. Then, you can go through the offers and choose the one that works for you.

Very Transparent Process: MoneyMutual is very committed to transparent operations. Their employees and partners keep you informed at every stage. You’ll also get to know when your loan request gets approved. If you cannot find a lender with reasonable terms, they will tell you the next thing to do.


  • Loans up to $5,000
  • Very flexible in sourcing online payday loans
  • Rapid response time – you receive loans in your account in as little as 24 hours
  • Industry-leading encryption keeps your data safe
  • The platform is free to use
  • Their customer service is ready to help you at any point


  • Lack of options for repaying loans – you are tied down to the terms offered by the lender
  • No control over interest rates as this varies from lender to lender
  • MoneyMutual does not evaluate offers from potential lenders

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans.com – Easy Approval Bad Credit Loans Up To $10,000


For those looking for bigger online payday loans, BadCreditLoans offer a more extensive package of up to $10,000. If you need emergency funds to foot some expenses like weddings costs, medical fees, or covering car repair costs, BadCreditLoans may be the right platform to get a lender who’ll help you fix this right away.

BadCreditLoans is very similar to MoneyMutual in several areas. Firstly, they are not lenders – like MoneyMutual – but merely a marketplace that connects you to dedicated lenders with an outstanding reputation. Secondly, they do not have fixed interest rates because they only connect you with verified individuals and businesses that give people online payday loans.

Also, this lending platform has an onboarding process that is almost as fast as that of MoneyMutual. You just have to fill a short form and get your loan within 24 – 48 hours. Moreover, they also take the security and privacy of their users very seriously. Their site has secure encryption that conceals all your data from prying eyes on the web.


Quick Response Time: As a marketplace for online payday loans, BadCreditLoans understands how important getting loans fast from reputable lenders is. They are dedicated and continue improving customers’ experience. As a result, most loan requests are cleared the next day – with an average wait time between 24 – 48 hours.

Free to Use: BadCreditLoans is free to use – there are no hidden charges. They do not charge anything on any loan you receive through their lending network. Instead, they get compensated by the lender. The money generated runs the website.

Privacy and Security: No one understands the importance of a private and secure connection more than these top 4 marketplaces we’ve picked for you – where you get online payday loans. And like the rest, BadCreditLoans takes security very seriously. The website has industry-leading encryption, and the website is scanned regularly for threats. BadCreditLoans offers a secure marketplace to obtain quick paydays loans as fast as possible.

Expert Advice: As BadCreditLoans is just a marketplace connecting lenders with people looking for loans, they do not control lending terms. However, they do a great job of vetting and verifying lenders. These extra hints are beneficial when you need a loan. This way, you have a quick overview of the lender and how they related with the previous individuals who needed loans.

Quick Onboarding Time: Once in a while, you may seek loans to resolve an emergency. BadCreditLoans have noticed this. They reduced the time to request extra cash and get it in your account. Therefore, they are just three quick steps from onboarding to receiving cash in your account the next day. Significantly, reducing the time required to sign up for financial support is a very significant move.


  • BadCreditLoans is a simple and easy-to-use platform where basically anybody can get loans
  • You have a more comprehensive range of loans from $500 to $10,000
  • The website takes security to an extra level with advanced encryptions that protect your data from any attacks
  • Lenders are verified, and you can get more info about a lender who wishes to work with you
  • An extensive network of lenders makes getting loans super easy.


  • There is no control over lending terms and agreements like most other marketplaces
  • You must agree with the lender’s terms if you want a loan. If you do not, you may have to search for another lender or start the process all over
  • BadCreditLoans is not the quickest option for online payday loans

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans.com

#3. CashUSA.com – Top Rated For Easy And Fast Cash Advance For Bad Credit Score


Well known for very short-term loans of up to $1000, CashUSA is one place you have to check if you need a small loan. They have a very rapid loan request approval time. Their form is super simple and takes just a few mins to fill up. Formerly offering loans of up to $1000, CashUSA stepped up its game recently. As a result, you can request and get up to $10,000 right away, provided you meet a few requirements.

CashUSA is a good option for people looking for short-term loans with bad credit scores and medium-term loans. This marketplace takes all users’ privacy very seriously. Advanced encryption keeps your data safe from prying eyes. Furthermore, CashUSA has a broad network of vendors all over the US. Generally, you’ll get offers from lenders with a few hours – sometimes, a few minutes. This way, there are more chances of getting the perfect payday lender with favorable terms.

You can get loans lasting up to 3 years on CashUSA – sometimes, even more.


Fast Response Speed: CashUSA is very efficient in disbursing small loans for short-term projects. With an average response time of 24 hours, CashUSA is the go-to for small-value loans. They have an extended network of trusted and verified lenders. And in some cases, you may get loans approved in a few minutes.

Privacy and Security: CashUSA is among the few marketplaces for online payday loans, which raised the bar regarding security. They ensure that their website is safe, secure, and private. The easy-to-fill form has advanced encryption technology, protecting the information you enter and securing it. Also, CashUSA does not sell your data – instead, it gets lenders willing to support you.

More Available Funds for Loans: Previously, CashUSA was a marketplace for online payday loans where you could get a small amount of up to $1,000 very quickly. However, in response to customers’ needs, they stepped up the game by adding lending options of up to $10,000. Therefore, you can get more significant amounts fast – and requests get approved within a business day.

Two-Way Communication: Unlike some online payday loans that offer one-way communication, CashUSA allows you to communicate with their customer service agents. If your loan request cannot find a lender, they inform you of this. They also offer advice on how best you can get a lender. This help is similar to what you get on MoneyMutual and BadCreditLoans. One major perk of using CashUSA is that you get transferred to another lending website if you cannot find a lender as soon as possible.

Convenient Loan Repayment: You provide an account to deposit the funds before receiving a loan. Also, when repaying it, those funds are automatically deducted from the account. You don’t have to stress yourself looking for how to repay the loans. CashUSA also helps lenders have great relationships with people sourcing for loans. If you cannot maintain the loan amount in the account by chance, you must contact your lender and request an extension. If they agree, you will repay the loan gradually. This extension covers you till you’ve fully repaid the loan.


  • Beneficial for short term and medium-term loans
  • A broader network of lenders
  • You don’t need to stress yourself withdrawing the loan
  • The website is very secure, and your information is kept private
  • It’s 100% free to use CashUSA – there are no charges for using the service


  • CashUSA is not the actual lender, but an intermediary
  • You get fewer options of how you want your loan disbursed

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA.com

#4. PersonalLoans.com


Among all online payday loans, PersonalLoans is in a world of its own. Apart from being one of the top 4 websites with extensive lenders, they offer incredible loan amounts.

What makes PersonalLoans super attractive? You can get up to a whopping $35,000 for large-sized projects. Need pretty much money for a car repair? Or some bucks to open a store downtown? PersonalLoans give you the flexibility with money – so you have enough to cover emergency spending and get your money.

If you’re looking to open a capital-intensive business, you need to look in the way of PersonalLoans. Loans also get approved fast – some in as little as a business day. The onboarding process is simple like the others. However, if you do not need so much cash, you may go with any of the other options above.

PersonalLoans also prides itself as one of the most secure platforms where you can access online payday loans quickly. It tries to cater to people who have cash-intensive projects.


Larger Online Payday Loans Than Other Options: If you’re seeking online payday loans for a pretty big project, you should consider PersonalLoans. PersonalLoans is very happy to offer you loans that’ll wipe your problems away. They offer up to $35,000. Compared to other online payday loans, this is like an iceberg.

Quick Response from Lenders: Requesting a loan is one thing; getting it is another. PersonalLoans understands that you need these loans in urgent situations – therefore, they make the loans as easily accessible as ever. Once you fill out the form, your details go to their lending partners, who take up the job from there. You get several lending requests in about an hour. It is your job to choose which one works for you with many options.

Fewer Delays and More Time to Yourself: There’s nothing more irritating than having to fill out thousands of forms when looking for a loan. Depending on your situation, you may not have time to spare. PersonalLoans understands this. Therefore, you are required to fill a basic form. PersonalLoans are ever improving their service. Their processes are optimized to save time – from onboarding to receiving the loan in your account. Applying for a loan is now as straightforward as ever.

Top-grade Security: Top online payday loans place a lot of emphasis on security and privacy. No one would like to have their data exposed – and Personal loans are taking customer privacy very seriously. From top-notch security upgrades to routine website checks, they do everything within their power to promote a safe marketplace for lenders and people looking for loans.


  • Their simple form makes requesting loans super easy
  • A secure platform keeps your data private
  • You get up to $35,000 with this platform
  • PersonalLoans has a much more extensive lender network than its counterparts which helps it offer more significant loan values
  • You can promptly get loans for emergencies


  • Like most other lending networks, you must agree to the terms provided by the lenders
  • The $35,000 option may require additional procedures because this is not what most people are looking for with online payday loans

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PersonalLoans.com

How We Made This List Of Bad Credit Payday Loans

People have many concerns about which online payday loans deliver fast – without charges. Other considerations include response time, customer service, processes involved in getting the loans, and customer satisfaction.

As a result, we took the most popular choices for about half a million people and reviewed areas like customer service, customer satisfaction, experience, fees (and hidden charges), and services offered.

We examined various top lenders in the Online Payday Loans category. And with the factors listed above in mind, we checked each of the popular options to see if they are worthy of being on this list.

What We Looked For

Next, we narrowed the list by looking at how these companies perform in each category.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Our topmost focus was customer reviews; we checked how customers felt about the top 4 online payday loans. We went through every customer review and online rating. These top 4 picks had high ratings on Better Business Bureau and TrustPilot.
  • Experience: Next on our list is their experience in handling customers. Experience is essential when choosing companies that offer the best online payday loans. We checked how these companies fared in the past and dealt with crises (and customer complaints).

We found that older companies who have survived for longer years – and went through thick and thin – were generally more reliable. They also had more outstanding approval ratings.

  • Management: This is another thing we reviewed when making this list of top 4 online payday loans. We went through the profiles of managers and found that the leading marketplaces have CEOs with super impressive profiles. You cannot overlook this factor when determining the best in an industry which handles money and loans.

Also, we checked out the companies history and significant stakeholders – the best had more influential stakeholders. And a more extensive lender network.

  • Services Offered: While some reviews tend to overlook this, we checked each companies services. This list has companies that offer a wide range of options for those shopping for online payday loans. In addition, we checked customer experience – what customers go through when applying for loans and how they felt during this journey. This list has the top 4 marketplaces that offer additional services you may find helpful apart from making online payday loans very easy to get.
  • Fees: This is significant in choosing the best online payday loans you can get. We checked interest rates on the money against others and made sure that these companies gave you the best of both worlds – a low-interest rate and low charges – or even zero charges.

Also, we ensured there were no hidden charges by checking previous customer reviews. The last thing you’d want is to take a loan only to discover that there’s a ton of hidden fees underneath.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Online Payday Loans

When looking for online payday loans, Marketplaces that offer security and privacy are always on top of the list. You should also check other areas such as response time, availability of funds, lender network, and security. You may want to keep these in mind as you evaluate options to determine the best for you.

  • MarketPlace Security

You would not want to give your information in a marketplace that is not secure. That’s why security is the first thing you should consider. Check the platform for any signs of suspicious activity. A poorly designed website is an indication that something fishy is going on here – as most scammers don’t have the resources to create a great website. More importantly, the best websites to get real online payday loans do not charge a dime. Avoid any website that tells you to pay anything to get a loan.

  • Privacy

Here’s another thing you should check when looking for online payday loans. A private website has an HTTPS signature instead of an HTTP. This signature ensures that only the website admins can use any information you enter. Websites with HTTP are not necessarily dangerous – because hackers can intercept and steal any data you enter in such websites and use it for malicious purposes.

  • Website Reputation

Always check website reviews on external websites like Better Business Review and Clutch. Read the reviews given by customers. You should also check reviews on the website. Seeing grammatical errors in the customer reviews is another sign of suspicious activity. Avoid websites with few reviews and those with relatively high obscurity. Browse about the lending service and check what other people say about the company.

  • Hidden Fees

All the online payday loans in this list are 100% free to use and do not have any hidden fees. Avoid any websites asking you to pay a processing fee or registration fee. Most times, they are scam websites – and the last thing you’d want to do is give scammers your credit card information.

  • Lender Network and Lending Agreement

You should check their lender network and see if they verify lenders. Well, established marketplaces do this periodically to boost trust and credibility. Always make sure you read and fully understand the lending terms. Also, never rush to sign any terms the lender puts before you. The good thing about online payday loans is that no one forces you to accept any agreement.

If you don’t like the lending terms, just reject them and choose the one that works for you. Most times, there are more than 2 lending offers. Always go for the best and most reasonable terms. As a result, you’ll avoid stress when the time to repay it comes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Payday Loans Online

Q1. Are online payday loans legal?

Yes. Online payday loans are legal and approved by relevant authorities. They are like regular bank loans, only that you get them from non-Bank sources. There are even Government-verified lenders in most lender networks. These online payday loans come in handy for resolving emergencies. As a result, they are 100% legal, and you will not get fined in any way for using them.

Q2. How safe are online payday loans?

Online payday loans are 100% safe – provided you get a loan from a verified marketplace. We strongly recommend you select one of our top 4 picks. MoneyMutual is our overall pick and has the fastest loan processing time.

For those looking for larger loans of more than $5,000, CashUSA or BadCreditLoans are great options. For even larger online payday loans, PersonalLoans is the right option, and they offer up to $35,000 in loans.

Q3. How to get online payday loans?

Getting an online payday loan is very simple. It involves 3 steps.

Firstly, you go to the online payday loans marketplace website and select your loan amount. Next, you fill a basic form. This simple form takes less than 5 minutes.

Lenders in the marketplace’s network receive your loan request. Those interested in working with you submit an offer based on your provided info.

Finally, the lender will contact you and give you their lending terms. If this goes well with you, you sign the agreement and get the funds deposited in your account within a few hours. This process takes a business day at most.

Q4. Which online payday loan is the best?

This online payday loan you choose depends on your preferences. If you’re looking for a speedy loan for relatively small cash, MoneyMutual is the best. They offer loans up to $5,000, which covers most basic needs. For loans north of $10,000, you should go with PersonalLoans which offers up to $35,000 within 24 – 48 hours.

It all depends on what you want. Check the reviews above and compare each option. Our reviews help determine which option works best for you.

Q5. How do online payday loans work?

Payday loans are short repayment loans that you generally pay back as soon as your next paycheck comes around. As a result, they have high-interest rates, and the amount of loan you can receive depends on your personal salary. After you complete the application process, which is usually very simple, you can receive the funds in your account within 24 hours.

This type of loan is specially designed for borrowers who require quick cash to sort out emergency bills. Therefore, online payday loan lenders dont offer too much money. If you require a larger loan amount, you should consider other options like your family members or close friends.

Q6. What is the major disadvantage of online payday loans?

For the most part, online payday loans are great for borrowers. This is because they come in clutch when you need them most, especially in emergency situations where banks and other standard lenders will turn their backs on you. However, with their convenience, online payday loans have a glaring disadvantage. They have high-interest rates ranging from 5% to 35%!

Most lenders take advantage of your bad credit history and the fact that you cannot easily access loans anywhere else.

Payday Loans For Bad Credit: Conclusion

We’ve looked at the top 4 picks that offer quick online payday loans. These secure options provide the extra needed cash you can use to save emergencies.

If you need to clear some car repair costs or fund your small business, these loans come in handy. They have helped many people get out of critical situations and continue providing solutions for many.

Make sure you understand the lending terms, as this helps you repay on time and give you a significant lending score. An excellent lending score means more and more lenders will be willing to help you out – if you need a loan next time.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.