CHARGE by Change That Up Review (7-Day Energy Boost Challenge)

Most people are addicted to stimulants like coffee and tea to keep their energy up. However, most of these quick power fixes only offer a temporary solution. In addition, most stimulants and energy drinks are addictive and can cause jitters after you stop taking them. Other low-energy solutions include meditation, a healthy diet, and exercising. Still, most people find themselves in the endless cycle of procrastination and guilt. The 7-Day Energy Boost Challenge is a program that claims to help you reclaim your vigor and vitality. According to the creator, the energy drink has aided thousands of Americans to regain their energy, focus, and stamina. It is advertised as the best all-natural drink to help you start your day feeling refreshed and full of vigor. CHARGE energy drink creators claim that experts refer to it as “2022’s Next Big Thing.”

What is CHARGE Energy Formula?

Kyle Bonnstetter is a health researcher with over twenty years of experience in health and wellness. He is the creator of the CHARGE energy formula, which can supposedly support the energy requirements of an adult. In 2021, Kyle aided over two million Americans to enhance their health using his research, strategies, and supplements.

Each human body has three vital energy channels to help you stay focused and full of vigor throughout the day. However, most energy drinks and stimulants only address one flow of energy which explains why you still feel tired after taking gallons of coffee. CHARGE is a revolutionary drink promising to allow all the three-energy channels to flow in your system. The result is an endless well of energy that improves your cognitive and physical health. In addition, CHARGE promises not to interfere with your sleep cycle. Instead, it stimulates your system to follow the circadian rhythm, promoting better sleep.

CHARGE is a blend of ten super ingredients that are natural and scientifically proven to augment energy, focus, and better brain health. Kyle notes that it takes less than a minute for you to experience the energizing effects of the power drink. CHARGE is ideal for any American adult from busy mums, elderly folks, and people under hectic schedules looking to keep their oomph in optimal ranges. CHARGE has a tasty “Kool-Aid” flavor that can refresh you and keep you in great moods for extended periods.

How Does CHARGE Energy Drink Work?

According to Kyle Bonnstetter, CHARGE comprises ten nutrients that address the root cause of poor energy levels and inadequate focus. If the three energy channels remain blocked, it becomes challenging to maintain optimal energy levels.

Blocked Energy – Channel 1 (Less Neurotransmitters)

The human adult brain has more than 100 billion cells that “communicate with each other.” Through the brain’s cellular communication, your brain ensures optimal functioning of the digestive system, respiratory processes, and other metabolic functions in the body. However, excessive stress slowly destroys the neurotransmitters, thus delaying biological and chemical processes in the body. Without adequate amounts of dopamine, your motivational levels stay low regardless of how many cups of coffee you take. In addition, other neurotransmitters like low acetylcholine levels reduce the energy levels making it almost impossible to stay focused even on simple tasks. Therefore, maintaining healthy neurotransmitter levels is the first step towards having optimal energy levels throughout the day. CHARGE contains four superfoods that improve neurotransmitters’ levels, enabling you to enjoy peak performance, energy, and focus ranges.

Blocked Energy – Channel 2 (Low Mitochondrion Levels)

According to Harvard Medical School, chronic stress causes the mitochondria organelles to die out rapidly. Typically, aging folks have fewer energy levels due to low mitochondrial levels. CHARGE comprises ingredients that supercharge mitochondrial health, thus giving you peak energy levels regardless of age.

Blocked Energy Channel 3 (Nervous Health)

The nervous system is crucial in communicating. Neurotransmitters play a vital role in releasing stress hormones and fight-or-flight responses. CHARGE contains a pair of ingredients that balance the nervous system and enhance overall energy levels.

CHARGE Benefits and Features

  • It supports healthy neurotransmitters balance hence boosting cognitive health.
  • It keeps your energy levels in optimal ranges
  • It improves blood circulation in your system
  • It fights against chronic fatigue, procrastination, and lack of motivation
  • It is 100% natural comprising of zero binders, fillers, and toxic chemicals

CHARGE Ingredients

Huperzine – It is a common medicinal ingredient dating to 2000 years ago. Huperzine relieves stress and supports brain health. It also balances the moods and can aid in enhancing sleep.

Acetyl-L-Tyrosine – It supports healthy neurotransmitter balance and can alleviate stress. In addition, it ensures a healthy balance between epinephrine and dopamine, thus keeping you in great moods and motivated throughout the day.

L-Theanine – It is common in green tea leaves. It provides users with sustainable energy with zero side effects. Further, L-Theanine supports better moods and relaxation.

American Ginseng protects the mitochondria against damage, hence keeping your energy levels optimal throughout the day. The American ginseng also fights against stress.

Other CHARGE ingredients include EAAs (Leucine, tryptophan, methionine, lysine, phenylalanine, Threonine, Isoleucine, Histidine, and Valine), L-arginine, Citrulline, malate, taurine, and Choline Bitartrate.

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How to Consume CHARGE energy Formula

Each CHARGE box comprises a week’s supply of energy powder and a washable bottle. The creator recommends you mix one pouch with a glass of water. CHARGE quickly dissolves in the water and does not clump.

CHARGE Pricing

CHARGE is currently available only via the official website. Kyle claims that after making payment, you will get your 7-day supply of CHARGE, complete with a high-quality glass bottle. In addition, you will not pay a shipping and handling fee regardless of the number of CHARGE pouches you purchase.

Bonuses include:

Top Foods for a Bright Brain eBook that consists of a list of superfoods that recharge the brain and can improve your overall health

3 Days Belly Bulge Cleanse is an eBook that primarily seeks to aid you in losing fat around the waist within three days. Kyle claims you can lose up to 5 lbs. within 72 hours with the information in this book.

Final Thoughts

CHARGE is an energy-boosting formula promising to fight against chronic fatigue and lack of motivation. CHARGE supposedly increases the neurotransmitters’ speed, and health increases your energy levels and boosts your focus with zero side effects. The manufacturer states it is all-natural and safe for adults of all ages. To learn more about Charge and how it works, visit the official website for more information.

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