Circutol Reviews – Advanced Supplement That Works or Scam?

Circutol is a supplement from Advanced Bionutritionals. It helps improve blood circulation through the human body – from head to toe. It even allows blood to reach the narrowest of capillaries that our bodies use to transport fuel and energy to every cell.

This supplement has plenty of health benefits. Improving blood circulation is a critical step towards a better life in general, not just better heart health.

Let’s have a look at Circutol and how it works.

Blood circulation is what keeps us going. Over time and due to many external factors, it is natural for your body’s circulation system to become weakened or less efficient. That’s why you need a supplement that can compensate for this loss of efficiency.

That’s precisely where Circutol comes into play.

Circutol includes various ingredients formulated the right way that improves blood flow by different processes. More on that a little later.

What is Circutol?

Circutol is a natural medicine-based health supplement that aims to boost blood circulation and flow within the human body. The health benefits of better blood circulation are many.

Here are the common problems that Circutol fixes for you:

Low Energy Levels

Lower blood supply to the brain and the vital organs is the shortcut to lower energy levels. Getting tired is all too common once your blood circulation efficiency drops.

Memory Issues

Lower blood circulation means that the blood getting pumped to your brain is affected negatively. Thanks to gravity, we already have a lower than average supply to the brain – one of the most vital, if not the most critical organ in our body. This can quickly lead to memory problems such as memory loss.

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Better Skin

Skin discoloration and poor skin tone are both direct results of poor blood circulation. The better the blood circulation in your body, the more beautiful, oxygen-loaded, and plump your skin will be.

Hands and Feet Turning Cold

If your fingers and toes get cold, then it’s another clear sign of poor blood circulation. Blood is what keeps our bodies warm. Pumping blood to your chest area, stomach, and feet is easy for the heart, but the less efficient the heart is, the harder it gets to pump blood to external body parts, including appendages. Good blood circulation can help your hands and feet stay warm.

Running Out of Breath

Do you run out of breath and get tired very quickly? Even the slightest physical exertion taking a toll on your body? The culprit is, once more, less efficient blood circulation. Even though your muscles and bones are in good standing, poor blood pumping can lead to shorter breaths even on minimal exertion.

Circutol allows you to fix all these problems with your body.

How Does Circutol Work?

A herb called Chinese Salvia is at the heart of (no pun intended) better blood circulation with Circutol. It is a combination of six naturally occurring chemicals that boost blood circulation in the human body.

Chinese Salvia wasn’t a widely used herb even in ancient Chinese medicine. It’s only recently that scientists have unlocked the mystery of the herb and proven that it improves blood circulation like nothing else.

Chinese Salvia contains these minerals:

Magnesium tanshinoate B or MTB keeps the blood vessels relaxed and open. It allows blood to flow more freely without the heart having to overexert itself. MTB also blocks the oxidation of bad cholesterol.

Certain minerals in Chinese Salvia also reduce blood clots or platelet accumulation. This also has a positive impact on making the blood flow more easily. Platelet aggregates, although very useful, can hamper the flow of blood, especially in narrow capillaries.

Homocysteine and C-reactive proteins both put a lot of load on the cardiovascular system. Certain ingredients in Chinese Salvia are known to keep their levels in check.

A few components of Chinese Salvia also block angiotensin-converting enzymes or ACE inhibitors. These inhibitors hamper blood flow as well. Chinese Salvia, therefore, also opens up the arteries to maintain healthy blood pressure.

But that’s only part of the story. Circutol doesn’t just include a potent and effective formulation of Chinese Salvia. It has a few more ingredients, leading to better blood pressure and improved blood flow.

Circutol Ingredients

Circutol includes Chinese Salvia root, Cordyceps, Hawthorn berry, Reishi, L-Carnitine, and Nattokinase apart from natural vegetable cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, L-Leucine, stearic acid, and silicon dioxide.

Chinese Salvia is the core component of Circutol.

Apart from that, it also includes nattokinase. Nattokinase is an enzyme extracted from natto. It’s a soy-based food from Japan. Nattokinase is supported by studies that show that it can help thin the blood. Blood-thinning is crucial for better circulation. It also enables you to achieve better blood pressure. Nattokinase must be fermented and processed in a particular fashion to have any significant benefit on blood circulation. NSK-SD is one of the best sources of Nattokinase. NSK-SD is the second most crucial ingredient in Circutol after Chinese Salvia.

The Circutol formula also includes hawthorn berries which are also excellent remedies for better heart health. They relieve pressure on blood vessels and coronary arteries.

Reishi, a medicinal mushroom that boosts immunity, removes excess cholesterol, and lowers triglycerides from blood, is also a part of the Circutol formula.

Circutol also includes cordyceps that improve stamina and energy levels while keeping fatigue at bay. Cordyceps is one of the foods that Himalayan hikers eat to walk miles and carry heavy equipment.

Coupled with the secondary energy booster, L-carnitine, Circutol doubles up as a tremendous energy-boosting mechanism.


Who is Circutol For?

Circutol is an excellent health supplement for people who are affected by blood circulatory problems. However, given the current living standards, you can be assured that anybody today can use better blood circulation.

That’s why we recommend Circutol for anyone and everyone. The lack of risks and side effects makes it ideal for people of all age groups and regions. It’s not related to your diet at all, making it a versatile dietary supplement.

Circutol Pricing

Buying all the ingredients, shipping, and the processing or combination will run you $100-150 for a monthly dosage. A Circutol bottle costs $39.95.

You can buy Circutol on the official Advanced Bionutritionals website. Purchasing the three-bottle pack helps you save $4, and purchasing a 6-bottle pack enables you to save even more.


Company Contact Information

Advanced Bionutritionals manufactures Circutol. Dr. Steve Kroening is compensated for his work with formulating all the ingredients in the blend.

Contact information:

  • Toll-free: 800-791-3395
  • Email: feedback@advancedbionutritionals.com
  • Address: P.O. Box 8051, Norcross, GA 30091-8051

Circutol Conclusion

Circutol is the need of the hour for people of all ages and regions. A clogged artillery network, overburdened cardiovascular system, hard-to-reach capillaries, and so on – these are problems that make our blood circulation weak over time.

Consequently, we end up with a series of problems as we age.

Circutol includes ingredients that help us improve blood flow, cardiovascular load, heart capacity, and blood pressure. All in all, it’s a great supplement that enhances the quality of life.

Elevated energy levels can be felt within a month of using Circutol, though it differs from person to person. You will also start to see other health benefits such as a better skin tone, better mood, enhanced physical fitness, and so on within a couple of months or half a dozen weeks at the top.

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