Colima Sea Salt Reviews (Ava Jane’s Kitchen) Is It Worth Buying?

Have you been mesmerized by Himalayan Sea salt? Why wouldn’t you be when it has been shown to improve respiratory diseases, balance pH levels, and reduce signs of aging to say the least [1]. But, when it comes to taste though, there’s something out there allegedly surpasses the likes of Himalayan’s on all levels. As maintained by the Ava Jane’s Kitchen team, their take on salt not only elevates flavor, but has been proven to be clean, free from toxins, and ensures electrolytes intake. Want in on the details? This is where it is best fit to introduce “Colima Sea Salt”.

What is Colima Sea Salt?

Colima Sea Salt is 100% all-natural, unrefined, handmade, and hand-harvested sea salt brought to us by the team at Ava Jane’s Kitchen. According to the founder, John Cawrse, there is a high chance that the average salt purchase (i.e., sea salt, rock salts, or even lake salt) contains some level of microplastic. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, “microplastics” are small pieces of plastic (less than 5mm in diameter) that have been broken down from plastic that we’ve been throwing out (i.e., cosmetics, detergent, packaging, clothing etc.). Why is this an issue? Well, it turns out that they can potentially cause havoc in our liver, kidneys, and intestines over the course of time. These are deemed unlikely with Colima Sea Salt, as the team insists they connected with labs to ensure that testing of plastics have been carried out. Before venturing into the benefits of Colima Sea Salt, let’s further explore its features!

What features does Colima Sea Salt have?

Besides the fact that Colima Sea Salt has been tested clean by NutriData, we mentioned earlier that it has been unrefined. A natural question to ask oneself is whether unrefined is safe because it evidently isn’t pure. John goes on to explain that when sea salt is refined, it is stripped of its crucial minerals, leading to clashes between excess trace minerals. The final outcomes can range anywhere from bodily imbalances and deficiencies to say the least. Another unique feature belonging to Colima Sea Salt is its rich source of magnesium, while also being free from cadmium, arsenic, and mercury. Other features worth highlighting include its powerful flavor (compared to standard table salt), a pinch goes a long way rather than spoonfuls and a percentage of each bag goes straight into the Costa Verde scholarship fund.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How is Colima Sea Salt harvested?

Colima Sea Salt is harvested using rainwater that percolated down through an ancient dry salt lagoon, dissolving minerals along the way. Then, the team at Ava Jane’s Kitchen claim to have pumped the saline water to the surface to be evaporated in the hot sun.

How does Colima Sea Salt differ from the Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan sea salt comes from the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan, whereas Colima Sea Salt comes from rainwater. With Colima Sea Salt, individuals can anticipate moist and soft salt that easily grounds between our fingers. Don’t be deceived by its softness, as it still provides a satisfying crunch.

Why is Colima Sea Salt expensive in comparison to other brands?

In general, salt is a valuable commodity. The reason why Colima Sea Salt is expensive has to do with the fact that it comes from thousands of miles and has been naturally gathered by hand to ensure safety, quality and taste holds.

How should Colima Sea Salt be stored?

The team at Ava Jane’s Kitchen recommends the following for serving and storing salt:

  • Should be served fresh (9 to 14% moisture)
  • Should be stored in airtight container, preferably glass for storage
  • Pinch the salt hard to get the size preferred
  • Make sure not to dry out the salt

What kinds of tests are conducted on Colima Sea Salt?

Ava Jane’s Kitchen claims to have their salt regularly tested for minerals and toxins. Both the summary and raw data of lab analysis can be accessed on the official website. That said, the team affirms that Colima Sea Salt is free from cadmium, arsenic, lead or mercury.

Is Colima Sea Salt protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Colima Sea Salt has been protected by lifetime guarantee. If this take on salt does not please, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. For more information on how to get refunded, consider the following points of contact:

  • Phone: 1 (844) 282 5263
  • Email: info@avajaneskitchen.com.
  • Address: Ava Jane’s Kitchen, P.O. Box 297 Bend, OR, 97709

How much does Colima Sea Salt cost?

Colima Sea Salt comes in bags of 227g. That said, bulk purchases are more advantageous, as they provide savings opportunities. Specifically:

  • 1 bag of Colima Sea Salt: $0.01
  • 3 bags of Colima Sea Salt: $29.98
  • 7 bags of Colima Sea Salt: $59.95

Regarding shipping, individuals can either go USPS First Class International ($22.29) or USPS Priority Mail International ($41.62). Additionally, with every purchase, a free bonus has been included. Inside this guide, tips, and tricks on how to best use Colima Sea Salt have been laid out, without any compromise to its quality.

Meet Ava Jane’s Kitchen

Ava Jane’s Kitchen supposedly took form because of Ava’s grandmother who happens to have sparked the founders’ “love affair with all things edible.” Interestingly, their awareness on hand-harvested sea salt only stemmed a few years ago where they were introduced to local entrepreneurs called, “salineros” (salt-farmers). After successfully bringing their discovery from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to United States, the Ava Jane’s Kitchen’s purpose became clearer: “We would spend our days searching for even more hidden gastronomical treasures. And sharing the joy of the most unusually delicious, nutritious, and wholesome food Mother Earth has to offer.”

Final Verdict

Based on the analysis above, Ava Jane’s Kitchen provides a pure, safe, and clean source of salt extracted from percolated rainwater. Our editorial team was pleased by Colima Sea Salt because of its ability to enhance a dish, and the extensive effort that went into lab testing for consumers’ peace of mind. Who can forget the bonus guide that provides clear instructions on how to best serve and store Colima Sea Salt for long-term use. Most of all, it is rare for companies to shed light on the likes of microplastic, and how to overcome them, but this team went as far as sharing their processes inside and out, which are seldomly revealed to consumers. For these reasons, investing in Colima Sea Salt appears to be worthwhile. For more information on how Ava Jane’s Kitchen brings salt-derived from percolated water to your table, visit here>>>.

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