Conquering Cancer Review (Nathan Crane) Documentary & Event Details

Discover What Works as Cancer Treatments in 2021 by Attending “Conquering Cancer”

According to the National Cancer Institute [1], we’ve come a long way in the fight against cancer. Research has been ongoing for the past 250 years, through which several discoveries have been made, and milestones reached. Whether it be the relationship between inflammation and cancer or the first ever mastectomy for treating breast cancer, many of the illnesses that were once deemed incurable are no longer the case. As we near the end of 2021, some people may wonder, “well, what works to treat cancer in 2021?” To answer this question and many others, the team at Dr. Summits has gathered over 40 experts to reveal the latest breakthroughs – both conventional and natural. Without any further delay, here’s everything there is to know regarding the “Conquering Cancer” summit.

What is Conquering Cancer?

Conquering Cancer is a 9-day summit that aims to reveal cancer treatment options that work in 2021. What makes this summit different from others presented by Dr. Summits is that individuals will not only be introduced to natural treatments, but also conventional treatments. Hosted by award-winning author, inspirational speaker and 18-time award-winning documentary filmmaker, Nathan Crane, Conquering Cancer is deemed an embodiment of his mission: to empower individuals with essential information on defeating cancer, and to shed light on top treatments and true causes of cancer. Taking everything into account, let’s turn our attention to the substance of this summit and how things have been organized.

How has Conquering Cancer been structured?

Regarding the wisdom likely to be gained through this experience, over 40 experts will be taking the stand, ranging from cancer survivors to functional, holistic, and integrative medical doctors, health and longevity experts, and integrative vets. As for the summit itself, each of the nine days has been devised in such a way that allows a combination of experts to cover similar topics. The beauty that stems from attending Conquering Cancer, aside from expert opinion, is that each day builds upon the previous. Hence, it is vital that not a single day is missed! To put things into better context, below is a summary of the learning opportunities presented daily (for nine days):

Day 1: The Devastating Divide in Cancer Treatment & Its Harmful Effects

Five experts will be delving into the clear division found in cancer treatments and how it may impact one’s own treatment. Dr. Kevin Conners, D.PSc., FICT, FAARFM, will start off by unveiling what this division is and its damaging effects on cancer patients, the need for synergistic medicine over simply conventional, the role of the mindset, pinpointing the biggest traps that most people fall into in natural medicine and how the expert reversed cancer himself and attained closeness to his spirit like never before.

Up next, we have Dr. Christine Schaffner, N.D., who will be discussing the effect of COVID on cancer treatments and how to approach this matter. Specifically, she believes that integrative medicine is more important now than ever, and so, she feels the bridge between conventional and natural medicines needs building, fast. Aside from that, she will be going over effective lymphatic strategies, detoxification, biological medicine, and how to identify elements known to make people sick.

Following her, we have Dr. Suzanne Kim, M.D. from the Cancer Center for Healing, who happens to be a leading expert in Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) and other IV therapies. Given her area of expertise, that is exactly what she will be covering, namely, IPT and homeopathy for cancer. Another speaker on integrative medicine is Elaine Gibson, who will be unearthing the top six integrative solutions she followed to overcome stage 4 cancer, not once, but twice! And to end the day, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D., from the Cancer Center for Healing will be taking listeners on a journey encompassing the effects of LED healing beds.

Day 2: The Shocking Truth About True Causes for Cancer Found Right At Home

After a full day of going over differences in treatment methods, the second day appears to be filled with some of the biggest reveals. This day comprises the true causes for cancer, and preventative measures. To start off, Dr. Thomas Lodi, M.D., will cover the why’s and how’s of cancer, particularly in terms of spreading, why wearing a bra is deemed cancerous and the effect of intermittent fasting on cancer prevention.

There are several carcinogens and other toxins poised to induce cancer and Brian Vaszily wants to break them down for everyone. He believes that the cosmetics industry is forcing everyone to risk their health and he will be making his case as to why this holds true. Then, he will provide natural methods to cleansing one’s home of toxins. Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. will be making a reappearance on the second day of Conquering Cancer with her talk on the unique experience of Nanovated Hydrotherapy, i.e., a Japanese bath that delivers higher levels of oxygen for life and wellness.

From there, we have Jonathan Hunsaker, who will be going where most people rarely go: the supplements industry. Precisely, his goal is to show how supplements are actually made using oil, how to decipher between whole foods and synthetic supplements, how to determine quality of ingredients, how to make organic products affordable and what to look for in third party lab testings.

As a cancer patient, how would you feel if someone told you that you were unintentionally feeding into your cancer? Dr. Rashid Buttar will be that someone and he will explain how to put an end to it, while also revealing #1 proven cause for cancer that needs grasping, the power of advanced medicine and understanding the ins and outs of genetic determinism. Finally, Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, D.C., will share her journey on how she reversed cancer twice, and at the same time, keeping her anxiety in check.

Day 3: Latest Natural & Conventional Breakthroughs (Part 1)

Each day gets more and more interesting, and it looks like the topics discussed in the third and fourth days are of most relevance (not that the others aren’t!). What do we know about treatments? Dr. Nalini Chilkov, D.O.M. will be educating listeners on building a cancer fortress, i.e., 10 ways to build a body that is fully protected against cancer. This also entails eliminating two things from one’s wardrobe and the importance of having both health and disease experts on one’s healthcare team.

Moving on, we have Dr. Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, CIFM, who will address different defenses of cancer (which goes beyond our immune systems), why healthy skepticism is critical for a healing journey and five pillars that serve as the foundation for all chronic inflammatory diseases. Cancer diagnoses aren’t easy to swallow, but individuals need to put fear behind them somehow. To help with this, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D., will be explaining why it is important not to own the diagnosis, means of putting cancer in checkmate, how to turn something so devastating into a transformational experience and two case studies involving the reversal of cancer.

What is the meaning of ancient wisdom? Jason Prall will be answering this question by introducing indigenous secrets for a cancer-free life, what we can learn from people who live beyond 80 years of age, the role of our circadian rhythm on long-term health, and the significance of connecting to our very earth, community, and higher energy on longevity. Lastly, we have Dr. Anita Morales and her talk on bioenergetic healing devices for pain, lymphatic drainage, and healing.

Day 4: Latest Natural & Conventional Breakthroughs (Part 2)

Picking up from where things were left off the previous day, Dr. Kelly Turner, Ph.D will be covering on means of healing cancer unconventionally. In addition, she will introduce cases deemed incurable by science, yet rose to the occasion only to prove the opposite, how stage 4 kidney and skin cancers are curable beyond conventional medicine and 10 key healing factors for reversing chronic illnesses.

From there, we have Dr. Sunil Pai, M.D., who has chosen to discuss about the implications of inflammation on cancer and living with it, 10 major steps that involve correcting diet, and lifestyle choices to drastically reduce its presence and the association between the ketogenic diet and cancer. Misty Williams believes that deep restorative sleep is crucial, and individuals need to know whether they are in fact getting it. So, her talk will be all about sleep – the science, strategies, taking control over sleep patterns for healing, timing mechanisms for maximum sleep and hormones that need to be in check.

Following suit, we have Dr. Keesha Ewers, Ph.D, ARNP-FNPC, AAP, IFMC, yet another expert to have reversed not only cancer, but also her autoimmune disease. She has planned for this day a talk on why genetics does not define one’s destiny, how to overcome emotional trauma and sexual abuse, the need to heal from childhood trauma and personality P’s that lead to cancer and how to eliminate them entirely. To wrap things up, we have Molly Fini, DNM, someone who has long been passionate about the connection between the mind and body. On this particular day, she will be introducing biomeridian testing for infection and imbalances.

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Day 5: What to Eat to Beat Cancer

Can we really eat our way to beating cancer? It turns out we can, and four experts have joined forces to make their respective cases. First up, Dr. Joel Furhman will be revealing a diet that has been backed by science for increasing the odds of reversing cancer. In so doing, listeners will come to learn of the effect of animal products, how much protein is needed and why losing weight sometimes feels nearly impossible.

On the other hand, Ocean Robbins will be providing a breakdown on organic versus conventional food and which of the two is superior, the science behind omegas are why they are likely out of balance within our bodies, proven foods with anti-cancer properties, and inflammatory and cancer-causing foods that need to be discarded immediately.

Cyrus Khambatta, Ph.D has chosen to make his case regarding the correlations between diabetes and cancer, how treating causes of cancer implies reversing diabetes and vice versa, and the top seven foods to reverse chronic inflammation and restore natural insulin uptake. Finally, John Santoyo will be diving more into the technicalities of polarity, including SEP, and Electro Hydraulic Pressure Pulse (EPP) device for reversing cancer cell polarity.

Day 6: Fasting, Detox, EMFs, Autoimmunity & Cleansing

Mainstream media has made it a thing to discuss at least one of these strategies, but this time, we’ll be hearing the viewpoints of experts. For instance, Dr. Daniel Pompa, D.C., will take everyone on a journey that entails the positive effects of fasting on cancer, the different forms out there that lead to cellular regeneration, lengths of fasting and what benefits they promote, and water fasting for healing. Then there’s Jonathan Otto on the effects of inflammation, parasites, and heavy metals on autoimmunity. Specifically, he will be sharing key underlying conditions that often lead to cancer, and steps to detoxifying the body of harmful toxins.

Lloyd Burrell will be answering a question that has been literally burning a hole in our heads: do cell phones, WiFi and 5G cause cancer? For argument purposes, he will be covering the scientific evidence surrounding EMF types and cancer, facts from fiction around 5G, the role of the blood brain barrier in all this, and how best to protect oneself from EMF exposure. To finalize the day, Dr. Martin Bales, DC will be sharing a different perspective into parasites by introducing three healing techniques, i.e., Firefly, F-SCAN and PEMF.

Day 7: Using Mind-Body Connection to Say Good Riddance to Cancer

The notion of establishing a mind-body connection has always been emphasized by society, but it isn’t always so clear as to what the process entails. Starting the seventh day off is Dr. Sue Morter, D.C., who will be introducing energy medicine, how it defines cancer, neuronal reasons why energy might not be flowing as it should, an energetic cause that leads to cancer and how to heal it, energetic emotional tools for overcoming stress, and healing tools that need to be practiced daily for maximum wellness. Bringing us another perspective on everything energy is Carol Tuttle, who believes that it is important to make cancer an ally and not an enemy. During her segment, she will teach everyone practical techniques to detox their energy for healing, and the dangers that stem from making a diagnosis one’s identity.

Next up, we have someone who wants everyone to connect with their spirits. The lo and behold Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., wants everyone to bring more grace into their life, especially those who have been diagnosed with cancer. In addition, he will be expounding on the power of diet for healing, and the beauty that stems from overcoming the fear of death. Finally, from the Cancer Center for Healing and Center for New Medicine, we have Liliana Partida, CN, who wants to showcase the significance of healing emotional traumas with EVOX technology.

Day 8: Avoiding & Fighting Pet Cancers

So much coverage is found on human diagnoses that our furry friends rarely get acknowledged, that is in mainstream media. For the first time ever, three veterinarians will be sharing their insight into pet cancers. The first of the three is Dr. Marlene Siegel, who is trusted to explain why cancer is most common in cats and dogs, how she switched from being a traditional vet to an integrative one, top three diseases that cats and dogs face today and their causes, the number one shift in our relationships with our furry friends, and healthy diets and essential nutrients that need emphasis among others.

Dr. Trinah Hazah will be bringing in yet another factor into the puzzle of pets and cancer, and that is cannabis. In particular, she will be introducing case studies on integrative medicine for healing pet diagnoses, the relationship between cancer and cannabis, how Chinese herbal support exists for pets and the extent to which dosing matters, the significance of CBD and THC and why THC isn’t really as scary as it is made out to be, and natural healing processes for dogs and cats.

To sum up the day, Dr. Gary Richter will be sharing his journey on how he chose holistic and integrative vet care over conventional care, improvements that he’s seen first-hand in pets, issues that arise from commercial dog food, causes of cancer that pet owners need to be aware of, and means of reversing cancer altogether.

Day 9: The Survivors’ Journeys to Conquering Cancer

Nothing truly compares to connecting with people who’ve gone through it, as the mental, emotional, and physical changes can only be truly understood by cancer patients. TJ Hills reversed stage 3 breast cancer using nutritional intervention and genetic testing and wants to share the process with listeners. She did undergo surgery and chemotherapy as well and believes she can provide insight into both approaches. Other topics that will be covered include the role of estrogen in cancer, why genetic testing is critical, and why it is important to identify whether women have sub-optimal estrogen metabolism function.

Up next, Elisa Gorman’s breast cancer journey is sure to be eye-opening, as she places emphasis on getting a food allergy panel done to find the best diet. Why? Even though she was eating healthy, she soon realized that she was feeding her way into cancer. Now, she claims to eat in a way that supports her body, and not so much what society has been instilling in us all. Other areas include the importance of sleep, getting blood work done on time, and how to build a successful integrative team.

Then, we have Steve Wallis, who only discovered integrative medicine after his surgery. He had a tumor grow excessively and eventually, he turned down chemotherapy for detoxing and IPT. More on his journey will be revealed on this very day. Finally, we have Danielle Palmer, a SCENAR practitioner (one of two in the U.S. to be precise) who will be expounding on the benefits of SCENAR therapy for pain and physical harmonization.

How much does it cost to listen in on Conquering Cancer?

Conquering Cancer can be accessed for free, along with four bonus eBooks, including:

  • 15 Delicious Dessert Recipes for Avoiding & Fighting Cancer
  • The Autoimmune Cancer Connection by Dr. Keesha Ewers
  • The Anti-Cancer Diet by Nathan Crane, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Nathan Goodyear, and Dr. Thomas Lodi
  • Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause by Dr. Kevin Conners

However, for only $197, listeners can upgrade their package to the Empowerment Package, which includes 100% unlimited, digital access to everything that has been discussed throughout the course of the nine days. This includes all recorded interviews, written transcripts, and access to bonuses worth over $750. Along with the four eBooks introduced above, individuals will also have digital copies of:

  • Cancer, the Untold Truth by Dr. Rashid Buttar
  • Global Cancer Symposium 1.0 package filled with full-length video interviews with experts from the 2020 cancer summit
  • Beyond Fasting by Dr. Daniel Pompa
  • The Ultimate Cancer-Proof Home Checklist
  • Leaky Gut by Dr. Peter Osborne
  • Feel Fabulous Trio by Elaine Gibson
  • Long Term EMF Protection by Lloyd Burrell
  • Freedom to Forgive by Dr. Keesha
  • Magnetic Field Therapy for Pain by Dr. Pawluk
  • Cancer Hypnotic Audio

Lastly, this upgraded package has also been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Should individuals feel dissatisfied by the quality of the digital access and/or feel that the bonuses do not provide maximum comfort, customer service can be reached to get fully refunded. To get the process started, either a quick email at support@drsummits.com or a phone call to +1 (619) 374 9931 should suffice.


Final Verdict

Ultimately, the team at Dr. Summits has successfully organized a thorough and educational summit surrounding everything there is to know about cancer treatments in 2021. The key difference compared to last year’s summit is the emphasis placed on conventional and natural treatments, and their similarities and differences. This time around, pet owners also have a seat at the table, thanks to not one, but three veterinarians’ experiences in helping cats and dogs overcome the fight against cancer. How can anyone neglect the increase in survival stories, which provides a comprehensive outlook on unique strategies?

Our editorial team is excited for Conquering Cancer because it is such an inclusive summit that introduces anyone and everyone who has either been touched by cancer, helped with the healing processes, or merely supported one’s journey. The highlight is the access granted to those who pay a measly $197 for not just this year’s contents, but also everything offered last year. If this isn’t a complete and updated education on everything cancer-related, we truly don’t know what is. There simply aren’t any words to describe this wholesome experience. All we can really say is join today and see if the topics discussed do in fact speak to the soul before further investing. To embark on this journey of discoveries and cancer-related milestones, visit Conquering Cancer by clicking here>>>.

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