Cropkingseeds.com Review 2022 – Highly Trusted Seed Bank Company

Growing your own marijuana was never been so easy; however, since the eCommerce market has changed the concept of everything trading of marijuana and cannabis is also made possible. There are bunch of seed banks that claims to provide seeds; however, not every name you found on internet is reliable. Out of the long list of seeds banks, Crop King Seeds is a popular name that is name for its high quality seeds, quick and and reliable shipment methods.

What is Crop King Seeds?

Crop King Seeds is a medical marijuana seed company that is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. It is a seed bank company that is popular for introducing variety of cannabis seeds, Sativa, hybrids, Indica, and CBD plants with high THC content. They are not only known for providing good quality products but are also great at providing cutting edge packaging with highly reasonable and competitive rates.

Being the pioneers to introduce marijuana commercially, this is the reason why Crop King Seeds does not compromise on the quality they provide. They are the first to promote testing CBN and CBD for marijuana strains to bring and deliver the best quality marijuana seeds that provide superior genetics. They have been continually improving its seed bank; and has gained quite a reputation their product quality, furtive and toll-free shipping.

Is Crop King Seeds Safe?

Crop King is a trustworthy brand that has earned so much praise for their quality. Whether you prefer to buy online or visit the Crop King outlet you get to enjoy the high quality products.

Ordering from Crop King Seeds is completely safe. The reason why people trust Crop King Seeds is that they don’t compromise on the quality; their experts are highly responsible they test and inspect the seeds for their quality before shipping them to the customers.

It is a massive seed bank that contains wide variety of cannabis seeds, THC strains, new age hybrid strains, beginner strains, and many more. Crop King Seeds ensure to deliver the best quality various strains of cannabis and marijuana seeds that provide superior genetics. If you are concerned about the side effects, then as per FDA you may experience drowsiness, mood swings, and gastrointestinal distress due to the high THC content; however, there is no harmful or adverse side effects noted.

Do All the Cannabis Seeds Germinate Successfully?

Ensuring safe delivery and successful germination is not an easy claim to make and that is where Crop King Seeds offers customer satisfaction by providing guaranteed solution to their customers. If the customers follow the process as guided by their representatives, Crop King Seeds guarantee a minimum of 80% successful germination rate. However, seeds are from the nature earth and the success rate may vary depending upon the customer’s experience and the germination conditions; many customers have achieved 100% success as well.

Each strain is tested regularly and is guaranteed for germination; however, if your cannabis seeds do not germinate successfully you can contact the Crop King Seeds’ representatives. The team then confirms the whole process is being followed correctly and either processes your refund or sends you new seeds. Customers must know that the guarantee is for germination only and it has nothing to do with planting or growing medium.

Product Quality of Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds understand their success truly depends on the quality of their products and the services they offer to their customers and this is why their seed bank is filled with high-quality strains. At Crop King Seeds, the seeds are hand picked, tested and get approved by the experts before sending them out for delivering orders. Crop King Seeds is no doubt a name of high quality cannabis seed, marijuana seed, and some other new strains not only among its customers but also among the cannabis growers.

Due to the auto-flowering strains, the germination rate is top tier helping the customers to yield successful results even if they don’t own the right growing methods. The whole process is guaranteed by the experts to ensure that the customers receive high quality seeds.

Reputation of Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds has earned quite a reputation among its customers for providing highest standard of seeds that guarantees 100% germination considering all the steps followed as suggested. Though they were not perfect in their beginning and have found complaints for sending out wrong variety of seeds; but currently the overwhelming positive response of their customers has overshadowed those issues.

Crop King Seeds is fully determined to provide its customers a premium grade seeds and germination experience by perfecting the whole process. If you want to know about Crop King the best approach is to read the customer reviews verifying the quality of seeds they received and the support provided by the crop King’s team at every step.

Strain Selection of Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds offer a various type of seeds to their customers along with their feminized and atomized varieties, high CBD and CBD only strains of seeds which are highly beneficial for patients who need the seeds to grow their own medicinal cannabis plants. The growth experts at Crop King Seeds keep introducing new strains after conducting thorough tests and research.

Compared to other seed banks, the seed selection is well-curated at Crop King Seeds. Their seed and strain selection process is worth mentioning; that helps the beginners in cultivation. Crop King Seeds has a wide range of seeds that includes feminized, auto-flower feminized, regular, dwarf auto-flower feminized, and medical CBD along with a few mix-and-match packs. All the seeds are well processed and tested for their quality, so if you are looking you own cannabis plant Crop Seeds has the highest quality of strains you are looking for.

What are Crop King Seeds Payment Methods?

Crop King Seeds is based in Canada and has so many outlets located across the country; so if you are visiting a store you can pay in cash for your purchases. If you are a Canadian resident you can only pay through money order and E-transfer. However, the company accepts payment through Bitcoin, Moneygram, PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard; customers outside Canada, can also made payment through such mediums.

Crop King Shipping

Crop King Seeds deliver its seeds across the world. The seed bank has gained reputation worldwide for its high quality seeds that guarantees 80% germination. The cost of the product varies upon the product you purchase, the quantity you order and the region you want it to get delivered. The company ensures successful delivery of your order through stealth and quick shipping. Even in case of imposition of government strict policies, your order reships until it gets delivered.

In case you live in Canada, you can receive your order within the original Crop King Seeds packaging; however, for international order deliveries, the company uses stealth packaging means you receive your seeds sealed in random objects such as pens, flashlights, or birthday cards.

  • For express shipments, the delivery takes 2 to 7 days.
  • On orders above $200, the shipping cost gets waived.
  • For express, insured, and guaranteed delivery, Crop King Seeds charges $20-$40.

Read more about shipping on official site

Crop King Seeds Customer Service

If you live in Canada and looking for a customer support, then you can visit any of the two hundred different seed bank stores of Crop King Seeds to get advice directly from their representative. Their primary objective is to streamline the whole process and in order to make things smooth yet clear they remain in touch with the customers to adhere full support.

As per the Crop King customer reviews, their customer service is highly exceptional and goes the extra mile to facilitate their consumers. They not only assist their customers while selling their product but also take full responsibility to ship the purchased products safely and deliver the same quality as promised to deliver.

Features of Crop King Seeds

  • Crop King products are ideal for medicinal cannabis users as they have a high CBD content.
  • Compared to other seed banks that do not guarantee the germination; Crop King Seeds offer a germination rate up to 80% with after sales support from their representatives.
  • The seed bank of Crop King provides wide range of seeds to their clients including the feminized and auto-flowering seed varieties.
  • Crop Seed constantly works to improve the quality of its seeds by carefully selecting genetics and adapting new technical ways.
  • Crop King comprises of expert professionals who have served many years in the cannabis sector and have worked in the production of cannabis.
  • The seed bank offers convenience to its customers by introducing various payment methods so they can order online from anywhere in the world choosing the payment method suits them.
  • Crop King Seeds has a highly dedicated and responsive customer support who not only helps the customers in choosing the right product but are also great at offering after sales support and guidance till they achieve successful germination as guaranteed.

Crop King Seeds Pros and Cons


  • Crop King Seeds guarantee highest possible germination which other seed banks has failed to deliver. Their least percentage rate is 80% the other 20% depends upon the process and the mediums you follow.
  • The seed bank offers its customers variety of seed selection so that they can choose what they looking for; moreover, it also include the choice for feminized and auto-flowering seed versions as well.
  • The seeds of Crop King are high in CBD making them the best option for medicinal cannabis users.
  • Crop King Seeds believes in providing convenience to their users within the country and internationally; that’s why they offer multiple payment options so the customers can purchase using their preferred payment method.
  • Crop King Seeds consists of a team of experts and industry known professionals who have years of experience in the production of cannabis.
  • Crop King Seeds’ products can be purchased online from all over the world and by visiting the stores located at various locations of Canada.
  • Crop King Seeds solely believes on quality and in attempt to maintain and improve the quality they continually work and develop different methods to enhance the standard of seeds through careful genetic selection.
  • The customer support of Crop King Seeds is highly professional, responsive and cooperative.


  • The products and seeds of Crop King Seeds are a bit expensive compared to other seed banks; however, their products are up to the mark.

Final Verdict

Crop King is one of the oldest seed banks that is highly trusted and reputable among its customers for providing quality products and guaranteed shipping methods. The company is known worldwide and delivers their product across the globe supporting various payment methods to offer convenience to its customers. Crop King not only guarantees the quality of their seeds but also takes responsibility for the germination by offering you after sales support and guidance. This is the reason they receive overwhelmingly positive reviews from all over the world.

So far, there are no side effects or adverse health issues found, the experts at Crop King verified the seeds before shipping and make sure each strain of cannabis yield strong psychoactive properties and grow well as expected from them.

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