Cryptnation Profit Advisory Review – America’s Last Stand (Great Reset)

The team at Cryptnation Profit Advisory has launched a new marketing campaign featuring America’s Last Stand.

By subscribing to Cryptnation Profit Advisory, you get a bundle of reports, guides, and tools explaining decentralized finance, crypto investing, and how to get rich quick by investing in the right coins.

Is Cryptnation Profit Advisory worth the $49.95 per month subscription fee? Is America really facing its last stand? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Cryptnation Profit Advisory and America’s Last Stand today in our review.

What is Cryptnation Profit Advisory?

Cryptnation Profit Advisory is a subscription-based financial service focusing on cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi).

In exchange for $49.95 per month, subscribers get weekly investment recommendations, trading guides, DeFi news and analysis, and more.

As part of a 2022 promotional campaign, the makers of Cryptnation Profit Advisory have launched a video presentation titled “America’s Last Stand.” In that presentation, the team discusses how the world is undergoing a “great reset” that will transform the global economy.

When you subscribe to Cryptnation Profit Advisory today, you get a bundle of reports, videos, and guides explaining everything crucial about DeFi investing strategies, cryptocurrency trading topics, and other information.

Cryptnation is led by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone. The two crypto traders have published crypto books, trading guides, and podcasts online in recent years.

What Will You Learn in Cryptnation Profit Advisory?

Each week, Cryptnation Profit Advisory subscribers receive a new issue of the newsletter. You also receive a separate newsletter every quarter, including a professional institutional-grade research paper. You can discover cryptocurrency investment recommendations, trading ideas, market news and analysis, and other information from across the space.

You can also learn how to navigate America’s upcoming economic troubles, which is a situation Bryce and Aaron are calling “financial Armageddon” and “America’s last stand.”

After subscribing to Cryptnation Profit Advisory, you receive instant access to a package of guides, reports, and tools you can use to navigate the upcoming crisis – and even profit from it.


What is America’s Last Stand?

The creators of Cryptnation Profit Advisory believe we’re facing a situation they describe as “America’s last stand.” Because of rising social unrest, economic issues, and inflation, Bryce and Aaron believe America is nearing a historic collapse.

Here’s how the latest Cryptnation Profit Advisory video explains the situation:

“America’s Final Hour May Have Just Begun… A dangerous plot…Has put the American financial system – which includes the markets, banks, and anywhere you keep your money – on the brink of a NEW type of collapse…Which would trigger a total reset to the entire economy and American way of life as we know it.”

Some are calling it a “financial Armageddon.” And, according to Bryce and Aaron, none of this is an accident. It’s a nightmare happening before our eyes, and it’s being conducted by a “tiny elite” group of evil people:

“Of course, the tiny elite who rolled out this Great Reset will own everything. This Is One Reason Why They Want America and Its Economic Freedom to Collapse…Because it serves as the last source of resistance standing in the way of the Great Reset’s plan for full global centralization power…”

According to Bryce and Aaron, this tiny elite group is building an American future where normal people are forced to rent everything from the wealthy elites. Normal people will own nothing – and be happy about it.

However, as dire as the situation seems today, there is an escape: cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) will foil these plans and help set ordinary folks free again.

By taking action today, you can protect yourself “from the great reset’s engineered collapse,” according to Bryce and Aaron, and potentially become a millionaire over the next 12 months. All you need to do is subscribe to Cryptnation Profit Advisory today.

Take 5 Steps Today to Protect Yourself from Financial Armageddon

The point of the America’s last stand presentation is to teach viewers 5 steps. By taking these 5 steps today, you could become a millionaire over the coming months – or at least protect yourself from the upcoming financial collapse.

The Cryptnation Profit Advisory team recommends taking the following five steps to protect yourself – and potentially get rich quick – over the coming months:

Step #1) Save in Stablecoins as a Hedge Against Volatility: Stablecoins are digital tokens that track concrete assets or currencies. There are USD stablecoins, for example. The Cryptnation Profit Advisory team recommends using these stablecoins “like a bank” by buying them today. Use stablecoins to store your wealth. If banks collapse, your stablecoins will be safe. The team explains full details of this strategy in their bonus eBook included with all subscriptions, The Stablecoin Hedge.

Step #2) Take Advantage of High Return DeFi Lending to Beat Inflation: Inflation is high, and that means cash is losing its value every day. Even if you’re gaining 3% to 5% returns, you’re losing money to inflation every year. That’s why Bryce recommends a different strategy: using DeFi lending platforms to earn higher interest rates. Today’s top DeFi platforms pay higher interest rates to attract more lenders. By taking advantage of these interest rates, you could outpace inflation and protect your wealth. One major platform is offering 10.53% interest rates. You deposit your money, let your money work for you, and earn returns of 10.53%. DeFi lending profits have surged in recent months, and there’s never been a better time to invest. When you subscribe to Cryptnation Profit Advisory today, you get a bonus report called The DeFi Lending Loophole that explains how to earn guaranteed passive returns regardless of market movements.

Step #3) Secure your Digital Privacy by Transacting in Safe, New, Decentralized Digital Ecosystems: Next, Bryce and the Cryptnation Profit Advisory team recommend transacting in safe, transparent new digital ecosystems. Traditional platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox work fine on the surface, yet they’re restrictive and prone to censorship. Private companies are in control of your data. Data can leak. Databases can be hacked. All of these things are quickly becoming an issue. That’s why the team recommends investing in DeFi file storage solutions like Filecoin. DeFi file storage solutions bring decentralization to the digital storage space. Your subscription comes with a bonus guide explaining how the DeFi file storage space works.

Step #4: Take Advantage of the $398 Million Gaming Universe: Next, the Cryptnation team advises taking advantage of the breakthrough gaming industry and its $398 billion market. Gaming has surged in recent years for many reasons. Some of the most popular games allow players to earn real money – even when the government cuts off other sources of income. By investing in these ecosystems today, you could earn huge returns on investment as specific games take off. According to Cryptnation, the opportunities in gaming are like “if you bought Tesla at only 3% of its current price.” By subscribing today, you get a guide explaining which platforms to invest in and how the gaming industry works in the decentralized space.

Step #5: Buy NFTs to Profit from the Tokenization of Everything on Earth: Everything will become tokenized, leading to “massive quadrillion dollar economies,” according to the Cryptnation team. The metaverse is an umbrella term for a massive new virtual world where millions of people – or their avatars – interact with each other in real time. The metaverse will have its own economy, and interactions in the metaverse will influence interactions in the real world. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) help tie the real world to the metaverse. NFTs grant true ownership of digital assets. By buying the right NFTs today you can earn profits as the metaverse takes off. By subscribing today, you get a guide called Metaverse Millionaire that explains everything you need to know about investing in NFTs and the metaverse.

What’s Included with Cryptnation Profit Advisory?

As part of a 2022 promotion, all subscriptions to Cryptnation Profit Advisory come with a bundle of bonus guides and reports.

According to Bryce and Aaron, the package is valued at around $33,995. You get complete access to the package and all materials within the package for $49.95.

Here’s what you get when you subscribe to Cryptnation Profit Advisory today:

The Stablecoin Hedge: The Ultimate Digital Currency Safehaven: In this guide, Bryce explains how he is using stablecoins in his portfolio. He mentions three strategies for using stablecoins you won’t find anywhere else. He recommends using stablecoins as a savings tool and as a hedge. If conventional financial systems collapse, stablecoins could save the day.

The DeFi Lending Loophole: Guaranteed Passive Returns Whether the Market Goes Up or Down: DeFi lending platforms have surged in popularity. The top platforms pay interest rates of 10% and higher. Just deposit your digital tokens, let the platform lend the tokens to borrowers, and earn huge returns on investment regardless of market conditions. Conventional savings accounts pay nothing, and many people lose money to inflation even with traditional investments. Some are turning to DeFi lending platforms to protect their wealth, and this guide explains how it works.

Digital Privacy Profits: Secure Profits by Transacting in Safe, Transparent New Digital Ecosystems: In this bonus guide, the Cryptnation team explains how to take advantage of DeFi file storage solutions to safely store your data. Centralized solutions like cloud storage providers work fine today, but they’re restrictive and prone to censorship. The future lies in DeFi file storage solutions. In this video briefing, you can learn how these new digital ecosystems work, which platforms are worth checking out, and how you can secure your data.

Breakthrough “Play to Earn” $398 Billion Gaming Universe: In this video briefing, you can discover how to get a cut of the $398 billion gaming industry. Some of the best coins to earn are coins linked to video games, especially games that allow you to earn real money in a virtual space. NFTs and DeFi are transforming games. In this video briefing, you can discover how to take advantage of some of the hottest gaming opportunities before the rest of the market finds out. According to Cryptnation, these “play to earn” games will become increasingly important as “the centralized financial elite rob people of their earning power.”

Metaverse Millionaire: How to Profit from the Tokenization of Everything on Earth: As the world becomes tokenized, people are increasingly buying NFTs that confirm true digital ownership of certain assets. In Metaverse Millionaire, you can discover specific recommendations for buying the right NFTs today. According to the Cryptnation team, the information in this video briefing “could hold the keys to generational wealth.” You have the chance to invest in a new asset long before the world catches on. There are so many opportunities in the NFT space, and this guide introduces you to some of them.

State of Crypto Institutional-Grade Research Report: Each quarter, Cryptnation sends you an institutional-grade research report explaining current market conditions, investment opportunities, news, and analysis. The report contains everything Bryce and Aaron have heard and researched during the quarter. You get a complete rundown of digital assets Bryce and Aaron recommend buying today. Bryce even claims to use his “inside connections” to fuel these recommendations.

Cryptnation Weekly Market Movers Newsletter: Each week, you get a new issue of Cryptnation’s weekly newsletter called Market Movers. That newsletter features weekly investment recommendations, including specific entry and exit points that the Cryptnation team recommends aiming for. You also get technical and fundamental explanations to justify these recommendations. Each week, you receive a new issue of the newsletter with new investment recommendations, coin discussions, market news and analysis, and more. The newsletter is led by Bryce and Aaron, who used their cryptocurrency trading experience to recommend new opportunities to subscribers.

Access to Private Community: By subscribing to Cryptnation Profits Advisory today, you get access to the private Cryptnation community. In that community, you have direct access to Bryce and Aaron, and you can message them at any time. The community features daily activity, including reports, breaking market news, and discussion on the latest movements. The group currently has 10,800 crypto enthusiasts. According to Bryce, some members paid $2,000 to join the community.

The Set It and Forget It Wealth Building Portfolio: In this guide, you get a portfolio of all of Bryce’s recommended digital currency investments and DeFi tokens to buy. Bryce believes in the long-term power of these cryptocurrencies, and he is long on all of them. He believes this portfolio will build wealth in the next two to five years. According to Bryce, his portfolio has achieved gains of 1,883% and 7,900% on two crypto recommendations in recent months (with ZEN and ADA). As the great reset accelerates and the industry takes off, Bryce believes this portfolio will become even more valuable.

Hedge Fund Secrets (Optional $67 Add-On): For an extra $67, you get a bonus eBook called Hedge Fund Secrets. The eBook lists the strategies and psychology behind the best digital currency-focused hedge funds. Yes, some of the latest hedge funds are now focusing specifically on cryptocurrencies – and they’re generating large returns. In Hedge Fund Secrets, you can discover how these hedge funds invest in digital currency, altcoins, and DeFi trends. You’ll learn how they spot potential winners – and avoid losers. This eBook, like the Cryptnation Profit Advisory subscription itself, is covered by the 30 day moneyback guarantee.


How Much Money Can You Make?

The America’s last stand presentation is filled with dramatic earning claims from current Cryptnation subscribers. According to the official website, some subscribers have got rich quick by following Cryptnation’s investment recommendations.

Here are some of the earnings stories shared on the official website:

Cryptnation member Trent earned 800% returns on ETH and 1,000% returns on AAVE after subscribing to Cryptnation Profit Advisory

Another member, Shane, started to invest heavily in March 2020 and his entire portfolio is up over 900%; he has used the Cryptnation model portfolio and swing trades to earn these returns

Another member bought Rune at $0.38 and it now sits at over $4

Bryce claims to have alerted his inner circle to “historic profit opportunities” like Uniswap (for returns of 1,100%), Binance (for a return of 5,913%), and Cardano (for a return of 9,443%); all of these percentage gains come from after Bryce issued a trade alert

By taking advantage of the DeFi savings accounts on Cryptnation Profit Advisory, you can purportedly earn returns of 10% just by depositing money into an online lending platform

According to the official site, Bryce’s “13 recent predictions generated a peak return of 38,388%”

Overall, the Cryptnation website is filled with stories of investors making significant returns on investment by following the advice they received from Cryptnation.

Cryptnation Profit Advisory Pricing

Cryptnation Profit Advisory is priced at $49.95 per month. Your subscription renews automatically until you cancel.

Monthly Subscription to Cryptnation Profit Advisory: $49.95 Per Month

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You can also request a refund within 30 days.

Cryptnation Profit Advisory Refund Policy

All subscriptions are backed by a 30 day, 100% moneyback guarantee.

The team describes it as an unconditional refund policy. If you’re unsatisfied with your Cryptnation Profit Advisory subscription for any reason, then you are entitled to a complete refund within 30 days.

About Cryptnation

Cryptnation is a cryptocurrency brand created by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone. The two are well-known crypto traders and investment personalities who host a podcast called Crypto 101. They also published a book called Crypto Revolution, and they publish several guides on that brand.

With Cryptnation, Bryce and Aaron seek to expand their online presence with a subscription-based advisory service.

Cryptnation is a subsidiary brand of Boardwalk Flock, LLC. You can contact the Cryptnation team via the following:

  • Email: support@cryptorevolution.com

Final Word

Cryptnation Profit Advisory is a crypto-focused financial publication led by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone.

When you subscribe to Cryptnation Profit Advisory today, you get a bundle of bonus reports and guides explaining how to maximize the value of your crypto investments, potentially earn huge returns, and capitalize on trends before they become mainstream.

To learn more about Cryptnation Profit Advisory or to subscribe today, Click here to visit the official website >>>

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