Divine pH Reviews – Legit Supplement Ingredients That Work?

Divine pH is a daily supplement that helps consumers alkalize their body pH. The formula can be taken multiple times a day, depending on the tolerance of the user.

What is Divine pH?

Everyone suffers from stomach issues as they get older at some point. Like every other part of the body, the digestive system does not work in the same way. When the digestive system doesn’t work as effectively as it does, there are very few options. Some people use an antacid to help with intermittent issues, which others change their diet. However, the creators behind Divine pH believe that they have found their own miracle solution.

According to the creators, Divine pH is based on a Biblical secret, adding that it can correct problems in the user’s overall health. There are many claims made about this remedy, but the main reason consumers seem to gravitate towards this remedy is how it uses the Bible to guide the formula’s creation.

Pastor Andrew – the creator – says that the proof behind this formula can be found throughout the Bible in verses like John 5:1-9, Numbers 5:17, and Genesis 25:7-8. The online advertisement lists many other verses that can direct users to why their formula is important, describing it as rejuvenating and purifying water. Even scientists agree that this type of formula is rather effective in improving the health and longevity of the body. However, Pastor Andrew claims that this is the same water that helped people like Abraham to live almost two centuries.

Naturally, consumers want to know why they haven’t heard about this solution to their health problem ever before. The main reason that Pastor Andrew claims is that formula has been hidden is due to the restrictions of the Muslim government. He even claims that drinking all of the water is meant to be actually destructive to the body. The water that consumers find in their faucets at home may be linked to damaging effects caused by the FDA itself.

The creator invites consumers to check out this formula that can completely release them from their health issues, potentially saving thousands of dollars in healthcare costs every single year.

How Does Divine pH Work?

The entire formula is effective because it is linked to the Jordan River. While Pastor Andrew doesn’t go directly to the Jordan River, he states that someone who goes to his church could recreate the composition of this river.

By using this composition, consumers will find that they can rid themselves of highly acidic blood, reducing the risk of acidosis. This condition can cause the blood to pump harder, but it can trigger the kidneys and blood pressure to perform even stronger to make a difference. While the blood is directed away from the organs, the body doesn’t get the nourishment that it needs, causing the individual to age faster than it should. It also can lead to significant inflammation and other health problems.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, a Nobel Prize winner, stated that the only way to overcome this acidity is to alkalize the body. To rebalance the body, the Pastor said that using this particular liquid could help restore the alkaline nature of the body. The river itself has special minerals that help users to restore the balance, which the Pastor explains is like no other formula that he’s ever seen. Consumers can keep their bodies in an extremely alkaline state with the right composition, typically found in the river.

According to the official website, The alkaline balance in the Divine pH formula can make any water clean, regardless of its present state. This formula is meant to be added to the water that comes out of the tap at home, completely changing its effect on the body. The reason that the pastor seemingly has so much faith in this formula has to do with this cleaning effect, and the creator even claims that it can feel like a baptism for the user’s cells.

The main difference between this formula and the water in the Jordan River is that there are no pollutants to cloud the effects. Plus, users can get it in a single bottle to improve any drink to support their health.

Originally, the pastor was doubtful, but he saw every mineral involved in it, which included:

  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Calcium

Each mineral works to create an effect that can only be found in this particular blend. Consumers that have the ability to take the remedy will see the benefits of each one. Plus, users will need to start with three drops a day to make the difference.

Read on below to see what the minerals can do.


Plenty of research has been done on potassium (and every other mineral on this list) to show the powerful alkaline effect. This particular mineral reduces the risk of heart disease while simultaneously increasing bone mass. This extra strength can reduce the risk that consumers will deal with broken bones, a major risk among consumers as they age.


Magnesium is crucial for hundreds of processes, but the main reason it is found here is the progression it makes for individuals with fluctuations in blood sugar. It can even help to improve fasting glucose levels, as well as A1C levels.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate has the innate ability to increase stamina by over 100%. It can even trigger improvements in the kidneys, regardless of how damaged that they are.


Calcium is known for its effect on the bones, though it can also reduce high cholesterol levels as it reduces inflammation. More specifically, it can ease inflammation around the heart, liver, bones, joints, and lungs.

Purchasing Divine pH

Due to the exclusivity of the Divine pH formula, consumers can only purchase it from the official Divine pH website well as it’s still available. The company offers several packages, allowing users to purchase multiple bottles or a single bottle in their order. The formula options include:

  • One bottle for $69
  • Three bottles for $177
  • Six bottles for $294

These options are available with a 180-day return policy, which is supported by the company’s money-back guarantee. Plus, the packages ship with free shipping for customers.


Frequently Asked Questions About Divine pH

Will the current pandemic impact the orders that consumers place for Divine pH?

There’s a chance that the novel coronavirus could impact ships due to its the effing on the global supply chain. While it has been difficult for the creators of Divine pH to keep this product in stock, users that shop the website will still get their supply. All they have to do is click the “Buy Now” button to get their order.

Is Divine pH the same type of formula that consumers have already tried with other alkaline products?

No. This formula seems to be in its own category due to the chemical composition that the creators have seemingly discovered. The healing power of this liquid doesn’t require the same amount of consumption as an alkaline water bottle or other supplements. Instead, it is simply a few drops that need to be added to any beverage to start the healing process.

During this healing process, inflammation slowly subsides but lasts for a long time.

How long will users have to take Divine pH before they feel the results?

Most people may start seeing the benefits of Divine pH. However, some consumers can take several days before they truly feel refreshed.

By the time the user has gone several weeks with daily supplementation of Divine pH, they should have more energy, increased comfort, less pain, better sleep, and a well-managed mood. None of these effects come with any side effects because the body naturally needs this alkaline support.

What is the right amount of Divine pH to take each day?

The total dosage will depend on the person. Start with a baseline of three drops and a beverage once a day. From there, consumers can start to increase or decrease the total amount. Users can even take this dose multiple times a day.

How long will consumers be able to purchase Divine pH?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee. As long as the advertisement is still online, consumers have a chance to purchase the formula.

The customer service team can address any other questions by calling 1-855-433-7494.


Divine pH provides users with a way to improve the alkaline state of their body without having to go through crazy efforts or dangerous changes. It doesn’t require a single dietary change, and users are encouraged to increase the total amount gradually to improve their bodies even more. The formula is safe for anyone, and users can still have the coverage of a six-month return policy.

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