Easy Income Challenge from The Oxford Income Letter Review (Marc Lichtenfeld)

The Oxford Club has launched a new promotional campaign for The Oxford Income Letter featuring something called the “Easy Income Challenge.”

By subscribing to The Oxford Income Letter, you can discover a plan for collecting easy income every month. It’s called the Easy Income Challenge.

What is the Easy Income Challenge? What will you learn in the Easy Income Master Class? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the Easy Income Challenge and The Oxford Income Letter today in our review.

What is The Oxford Income Letter?

The Oxford Income Letter is a monthly financial newsletter published by The Oxford Club.

Each month, The Oxford Club’s Chief Income Strategist, Marc Lichtenfeld, discusses how to harness the power of dividends and take advantage of other income-producing strategies.

Marc uses his proprietary 10-11-12 System to inform his recommendations. He believes his 10-11-12 System is the best way to create an effective, longstanding portfolio that will help you prepare for retirement.

While other financial newsletter advocates get rich quick schemes and instant overnight returns, Marc takes a more practical approach with The Oxford Income Letter. Instead of gambling on meme stocks, Marc recommends investing in tried-and-true dividend-paying companies with a proven reputation for paying dividends on-time to investors.

As part of a new promotional campaign, Marc and The Oxford Income Letter team have launched something called the Easy Income Challenge. When you subscribe to The Oxford Income Letter, you get a suite of bonus reports, eBooks, and videos explaining how to build new income streams and earn “easy income.”

What’s Included with The Oxford Income Letter?

When you subscribe to The Oxford Income Letter, you get all of the following:

  • Monthly recommendations and insight from Marc Lichtenfeld through The Oxford Income Letter
  • Four videos including focused instruction from Marc Lichtenfeld, including on-demand video access so you can refer to his guidance at any time
  • Three specialized model portfolios including Marc’s top dividend recommendations; you can pick your favorite or invest in picks from all three
  • A free copy of Marc’s bestselling book on dividend investing, Get Rich with Dividends
  • Special investment reports and bonuses to help you on your Easy Income Challenge journey

Each month, you can discover new recommendations for building your income portfolio. When you buy stocks that pay dividends, you’re buying easy income. Certain stocks pay dividends of 2% to 5%, giving you easy returns on your investments every year. Marc is a big believer in dividend investing for long-term returns, and that’s why he’s advertising his recommendations through the Easy Income Challenge.


What is the Easy Income Challenge?

To promote The Oxford Income Letter, Marc and his team have created the Easy Income Challenge.

The Easy Income Challenge is a package of bonus products and reports bundled with all new subscriptions to The Oxford Income Letter. When you subscribe, you get a bundle of reports explaining how to get started in dividend investing – and how to get rich through dividend investing.

Here’s how Marc explains the Easy Income Challenge:

“The Easy Income Challenge isn’t just some investing course where you try to figure out everything on your own. You’ll receive a full year of dividend picks and instruction directly from Marc Lichtenfeld…guiding you along the way.”

Each month, subscribers receive a new dividend stock recommendation from Marc to help build their income portfolio. Subscribers can see why Marc recommends that stock, why he believes it’s a winner, and why he believes now is the time to buy that stock:

“Each month, you’ll get a dividend recommendation from Marc as he helps you build your income portfolio.”

Why Buy Dividend Stocks?

Marc is a big believer in dividend stocks. He believes dividend stocks are an easy and effective way to collect big income:

“Frankly, there’s no better way to get wealthy than investing in dividend-paying stocks.”

Here are some of the reasons Marc believes in the power of dividend stocks:

They’re ideal for brand new investors and experienced investors with multimillion dollar investment portfolios.

Dividends and the income they provide are responsible for 90% of US equity returns over the last century, according to a 2010 BlackRock study.

People who invest in the right dividend stocks could end up collecting rising income for the rest of their lives.

Dividend stocks pay bigger returns over a longer time period than non-dividend stocks. If you invested $1,000 into the S&P over a 50-year period, you would have turned it into $24,000, which is pretty good. But if you invested in dividend stocks, you would have made $115,000 from that same investment over that same time period. A $10,000 investment would have been worth $1.15 million.

Dividend stocks outperformed non-dividend stocks by 2,360% over a 50-year period

According to Marc, dividend stocks tend to have less risk and higher returns than non-dividend stocks. Plus, yields can increase over time, which means you could get paid more without putting in more money.

Dividend stocks can also hedge against inflation. For all of these reasons and more, Marc believes dividend stocks are the right choice for many investors. By subscribing to The Oxford Income Letter today, you can get monthly dividend stock recommendations.

The Oxford Income Letter Reviews: How Much Money Can You Make?

The Oxford Income Letter sales page is filled with testimonials from customers who have earned significant returns on investment by following Marc’s recommendations.


Here are some of the testimonials shared by Marc’s followers:

One man claims he’s making more than $54,000 per year with Marc’s dividend stock recommendations, earning a yield of 6.84% on his cash with gains on cash of 14.35%

Another man likes seeing money magically appear in his account throughout the month as companies pay regular dividends

Another reader likes seeing his dividend stocks generating consistent income in his retirement funds, claiming the stock picks are “generating more income from [his] retirement funds than [he] thought was possible”

Overall, Marc claims to have helped more than 300,000 people grow their dividend portfolios. However, he avoids the “get rich quick” and “overnight millionaire” claims seen with other financial newsletters published online today. Instead, Marc advocates a safe, steady, long-term approach to investing.

How Does the Easy Income Challenge Work?

The Easy Income Challenge is easy to join and follow: just subscribe to The Oxford Income Letter today, and you’re already participating in the Easy Income Challenge.

To participate in the “challenge,” just follow Marc’s monthly stock recommendations. Each month, Marc recommends one or more dividend-paying stocks to buy.

Plus, when you subscribe to the Easy Income Challenge today, you also get bonus reports explaining further details about Marc’s investment strategy and how it works, including additional stock recommendations.

Want to see which stocks Marc is buying right now? All subscribers receive access to Marc’s Instant Income Portfolio, which is packed with stocks that deliver maximum income right now. You can view the stocks previously recommended by Marc, then earn similar returns to Marc and his subscribers.

When is the Easy Income Challenge?

There’s no specific timeframe for the Easy Income Challenge. You can follow the lessons at your own pace.

After you subscribe to The Oxford Income Letter, you receive instant access to all bonus reports and a masterclass (including four training videos).

You can read these reports, watch the videos, and follow the challenge at your own pace. There are no tests, and there’s no need to wait for the next section. As long as you’re following the tools and subscribed to The Oxford Income Letter, you’re following the Easy Income Challenge.

Where is the Easy Income Challenge?

The Easy Income Challenge takes place entirely online. You can join from anywhere and watch the videos on demand, regardless of your location or schedule.

You get instant access to all of the sessions.

Who Should Join the Easy Income Challenge?

The Oxford Club recommends the Easy Income Challenge to anyone who:

  • Wants to create a simple, low-cost dividend portfolio
  • Wants more ways to make income in this economy
  • Wants to learn more about dividend investing to make the most of their savings and scale income over time
  • Is willing to put in around one hour of work per month; the stocks are easy to buy, but they do require a small amount of effort
  • Is ready to get started today

Who Should Not Join the Easy Income Challenge?

You should not join the Easy Income Challenge if you:

  • Don’t want to buy stocks yourself and would rather have someone else manage your entire portfolio
  • Already have too much money and don’t want to grow your income any further
  • Are looking for meme stocks or cryptocurrencies to gamble on; most of the best-known dividend stocks are reputable, long standing companies with a proven reputation
  • Already know everything about investing and finding the best dividend stocks

The Oxford Income Letter Pricing & Subscription Options

The Oxford Income Letter comes with two main subscription options, including:


Standard Subscription ($49 for Your First Year, then $79 Per Year Thereafter)

  • Includes digital-only subscription to The Oxford Income Letter
  • 365-day moneyback guarantee

Premium Subscription ($79 Per Year)

  • Includes digital and print subscriptions to The Oxford Income Letter
  • Includes all bonuses listed below, including bonus reports, access to model portfolios, and hardcover copy of Get Rich with Dividends
  • 365-day moneyback guarantee

There’s also a third subscription listed called the Deluxe Subscription ($129). That subscription costs more than the Premium Subscription and does not include the bonuses, so there’s no reason to buy it.

Bonuses Included with The Oxford Income Letter

When you subscribe to The Oxford Income Letter, you get a bundle of bonus reports explaining further details about the Easy Income Challenge and Marc’s dividend stock investment strategy.


Here’s what you get:

One Year Subscription to Marc Lichtenfeld Oxford Income Letter: Each month, Marc delivers the best dividend stock recommendations in the market, including stocks with big yields, fast growth, and ultimate safety.

The Easy Income Master Class: In these four videos, Marc explains his dividend stock investment strategy and how it works. You get four full videos of instructions on Marc’s strategy, including a complete breakdown of Marc’s investment system. It’s a masterclass on dividend stock investing.

Free Hard Copy of Get Rich with Dividends: Most of the materials bundled with The Oxford Income Letter are digital products, including eBooks and videos. However, you also receive a free hardcover copy of Get Rich with Dividends, which is Marc’s best selling investment book. The book explains how Marc aims to achieve double-digit returns using his 10-11-12 dividend system.

Bonus Report #1: Collect Easy Income Every Single Month: In this report, Marc reveals 12 of the best dividend paying stocks available today. These stocks will provide you with a dividend check every single month of the year.

Bonus Report #2: Three Dividend Stocks for a Lifetime of Easy Income: In this report, you can discover Marc’s favorite dividend stocks you can buy and hold forever. These dividend stocks can repeatedly pay you dividends over and over again.

Special Bonus Report: 101 Ways to Grow and Protect Your Retirement Savings: In this report, Marc mentions some of his favorite strategies for growing and protecting retirement savings using dividend stocks and other proven strategies.

Instant Access to Marc’s Model High Yield Portfolio: This is the first of three model portfolios setup by Marc. Marc’s Hield Yield Portfolio includes stocks that pay big, double-digit yields that could accelerate savings fast. Most dividend stocks pay dividends of 2% to 5%, but some dividend stocks pay much higher dividends. If you like the sound of larger dividend payments, then Marc’s model High Yield Portfolio could be the right choice.

Instant Access to Marc’s Instant Income Portfolio: Marc’s Instant Income Portfolio is filled with stocks that deliver maximum income right now. If you want to quickly earn returns on your investment, then these stocks may be the right choice for you.

Instant Access to Marc’s Compound Income Portfolio: Some stocks grow their dividends year after year and have a proven track record of raising dividends. By investing in these stocks today, you can watch your income compound over time, getting larger and larger returns on investment.

The Oxford Income Letter Refund Policy

The Oxford Income Letter is backed by a 365-day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 365 days for any reason.

If you’re unsatisfied with your subscription for any reason, or if you disliked the information included in The Oxford Income Letter, then you can request a complete refund with no questions asked. You can keep all bonus reports after you request a refund.

About The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a Baltimore, Maryland-based financial publishing company. Backed by 30 years of industry experience, The Oxford Club aims to empower investors with a series of free and paid subscription services.


The Oxford Club is led by a team of financial analysis experts, including Marc Lichtenfeld (Chief Income Strategist, Alexander Green (Chief Investment Strategist), and other experts.

The company’s best-known newsletters include Oxford Growth Investor, The Oxford Income Letter, and The Oxford Communiqué.

You can contact The Oxford Club via the following:

Final Word

The Oxford Income Letter is a financial newsletter published by The Oxford Club. Each month, Marc Lichtenfeld discusses new dividend-paying stocks.

Marc believes dividend-paying stocks are a great way for investors with all levels of experience to get rich. By buying dividend stocks today, you can earn “easy income” because these stocks pay you to hold them.

As part of a 2022 promotion, The Oxford Income Letter team has released the Easy Income Challenge. When you subscribe to the newsletter today, you can participate in the Easy Income Challenge: just follow the newsletter’s investment recommendations for a year, then earn easy income.

To learn more about The Oxford Income Letter and its new Easy Income Challenge, or to subscribe today, visit the official website! >>>

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