End Game Documentary Series Review (Revealed Films) 2022 Update

Revealed Films has announced a new documentary video series called End Game.

Scheduled to air on Tuesday, May 25, the nine-part documentary series will explain how to survive the upcoming financial collapse. According to Revealed Films, people who take action today could protect themselves and their families from the upcoming catastrophe.

What will you learn in End Game? Should you attend End Game? Find out everything you need to know about the unique upcoming webinar today.


What is the End Game Documentary Series?

End Game is a nine-part documentary series scheduled to begin airing online on May 25, 2021.

Anyone can attend the event for free. Just enter your name and email address into the online form at EndGameSeries.com, then receive a link to the event on May 25.

End Game consists of nine episodes. The first episode airs on Tuesday, May 25, and will remain online for 24 hours. As each new episode airs, viewers learn more about the upcoming financial collapse and how to survive it.

Revealed Films created end Game. The Revealed Films team interviewed a diverse range of experts to create the movie, including authors, financial analysts, real estate experts, money management advisors, and even a former Navy SEAL.

During End Game, you’ll hear from all of these experts, discovering their thoughts on surviving unexpected events. Some experts will tell you to buy gold and crypto. Other experts discuss the benefits of home education for your children.

Is There a Coming Financial Collapse?

According to the End Game sales page, we’re facing an impending financial collapse. Some believe we’ve printed too much money and created too much debt. Inevitably, the system ends in financial collapse.

To prepare for financial collapse, some people are buying gold or crypto. Others are investing in real estate. Some are spending all the cash they have, while others are hoarding cash. It’s tough to know what to do, and End Game aims to answer your questions.

During End Game, some of the world’s top experts will discuss how to manage your money, investments, safety, and health during the upcoming financial crisis. You’ll learn about prepping and survival. You’ll learn disaster-resistant assets to buy. You’ll discover recession-proof investment opportunities.

Reasons for an Upcoming Financial Collapse

According to the Revealed Films team, we’re facing an upcoming financial collapse. Some of the reasons we’re facing a financial collapse include:

  • Wall Street is riding the biggest bubble in history
  • The United States Dollar is losing its value as the Federal Reserve prints trillions of dollars which adds to America’s skyrocketing debt
  • The electrical grid is vulnerable
  • There are covert wars with China and Russia
  • America is facing risks from the radical right and radical left
  • Online opinions, access to information, and media are controlled by people with their own agenda
  • Public education is disintegrating
  • Civil liberties are disappearing
  • Constantly mutating viruses are keeping us locked down
  • Other reasons, including disappearing food sources, out-of-control violence, rampant corruption, and never-ending natural disasters

For all of these reasons, we’re facing a financial collapse, and your money, health, and rights are all at risk of crumbling, according to Revealed Films.

There is good news: by viewing End Game online, you can discover the solution to all of the problems listed above. Revealed Films wants to teach you how to protect you and your family from the unexpected.

What Will You Learn in the End Game?

End Game is a nine-episode series covering different topics about surviving unexpected situations, including the financial collapse Revealed Films believes is right around the corner.

The goal of the documentary series is to answer three questions regarding the upcoming collapse:

  • What’s next?
  • What should you be doing now?
  • How can you prepare yourself for the future?

The documentary series is catered towards people who distrust the government, the media, and anyone else telling them what to do. If you dislike the idea of public education, public healthcare, or public anything, then End Game could be the right choice for you.

Topics Covered During End Game

End Game is a nine-part documentary series covering various aspects of health and wellness, including your financial health, personal security, family education, and physical health, among other topics.

Here are some of the topics covered during the nine-episode series:

Prepping and Survival

How to secure shelter, food, water, fuel, heat, and power during unexpected situations like a financial collapse. Prepping and survival skills are always useful to learn, and End Game specifically prepares you for disaster and survival situations related to a potential upcoming financial crisis or economic disaster.

Money Management

The experts in End Game include money managers, financial analysts, investment advisors, and other experts. These experts discuss investing in crypto, gold, real estate, and other hard assets to protect yourself from a recession, a disaster, or a financial collapse. They also explain where you should not stash your cash to survive a financial collapse.


The Revealed Films team describes America’s education system as “crumbling and faulty.” In End Game, you’ll learn how to effectively homeschool your kids to avoid the pitfalls of public education.


Revealed Films also claims that greedy media are keeping the truth from people through censorship. During End Game, experts discuss how to access hard-to-get but crucial information. As social media networks take information online, and as major media outlets control other platforms, it can be difficult to get the information you need in a bias-free way. The experts in End Game explain how to avoid this issue and get the censorship-free information you need.


During End Game, experts discuss how to preserve your freedom on health decisions, allowing you to continue making critical healthcare decisions for you and your family instead of letting doctors, the government, or others decide for you.

Tips, Tricks, & Mistakes to Avoid

Prepping seems easy until most people try to do it on their own. In End Game, experts discuss the seven biggest mistakes preppers and survivalists make.

Overall, Revealed Films describes their event as “remarkable and courageous.” By attending the event, you can discover crucial insight into all of the areas above. Revealed Films claims to have conducted hundreds of hours of research to create the event. You can view the consolidated efforts of that research to discover how to protect yourself and your family from the upcoming financial collapse or whatever happens next.

End Game Attendees & Speakers

End Game has collected expert speakers from across the prepping, money management, education, and health worlds. Each episode features an interview with several of these speakers.

Here are some of the featured speakers and the topics they plan to discuss:


Money Experts

Revealed Films interviews stockbrokers, investment analysts, precious metals experts, and real estate investors who want to help you protect your money during the upcoming crisis.

Robert Kiyosaki

Best known for his “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” brand, Robert Kiyosaki appears on End Game to tell you whether you should keep your money in the stock market or withdraw it. Robert has been a huge advocate for crypto and precious metal investing in recent months. He appears to hold a significant amount of his wealth in crypto and precious metals. He recommends others do the same.

Adam Baratta

Adam Baratta is a money author and expert who discusses the advantages of buying gold and silver. Gold and silver have been desirable hard assets for millennia, and they could be the right store of your wealth today.

Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman is a real estate mentor who will tell you what to do with real estate, including your own home, during an upcoming financial crisis.

Jimmy Rex

Jimmy Rex is a single home professional who will tell you exactly what to do with your real estate during a potential crisis, including how to handle your own home.

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff is a stockbroker and financial commentator who believes holding cash will hurt investors over the coming years. He recommends investing in alternative assets as a haven.

Tom Woods

Economist Tom Woods builds off Peter Schiff’s discussion, explaining further how holding cash could hurt you.


Prepping & Survival Experts

A financial crisis can quickly lead to a disastrous situation. Preppers and survivalists prepare for the unexpected. In End Game, viewers hear from prepping and survival experts who can answer your questions about everything from herbal medicine to growing organic food to creating an effective power source.

Jane Christensen

Described as an herbalist and medicine woman, Jane Christensen walks you through all of the home remedies every family should have. Some people distrust modern medicine, choosing to rely on the natural world for remedies instead.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is an organic prepper who, in End Game, tells you how to secure water, food, and shelter for your family in all types of unexpected situations.

Josh Rhodes

Josh Rhodes explains how to secure fuel, heat, and power for your family in any situation, including creating power at your own home without the need for external power sources. Revealed Films describes Josh Rhodes as an electrical grid scholar and researcher.

Larry Yacht

Larry Yacht is a former Navy SEAL who explains the biggest mistakes beginners make when prepping and how to avoid them.

Toby Cowern

Toby Cowern is a prepping and survival expert who explains other tips, tricks, and strategies you can use to enhance your family’s chances of surviving the upcoming crisis.


Education & Home School

End Game is marketed towards people who distrust America’s public education system and dislike its direction. Some Americans choose to homeschool their children to avoid government indoctrination. In End Game, Revealed Films interviews several experts who specialize in homeschooling and family education.

Oak Norton

Oak Norton is an education activist who wants to reveal the truth behind America’s public education system, including shocking information that will encourage you to pull all your children out of school.

Kait Vernon Evans

Is homeschool the answer for your family? In her End Game interview, Kait Vernon Evans aims to answer that question, explaining the advantages of homeschooling to determine if it’s the best choice for your children.

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield is a fitness expert and father who explains how to make sure your kids are taken care of and prepared for the unexpected in his End Game interview. Educating children isn’t just about book learning. It’s also about teaching them survival and preparation strategies.


Other Experts

The Revealed Films team has interviewed other experts from across America. Experts specialize in different topics, ranging from brain health to child psychiatry.

Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik is a brain coach who wants to teach you how to make your brain recession-proof. Mindfulness strategies, supplements, and brain training techniques can protect your brain from the unexpected, making it easier for you to respond to unexpected situations.

Dr. Zach Bush

In his End Game interview, Dr. Zach Bush uses his expertise to recommend the best tips to keep your children mentally and physically healthy.

And More

Revealed Films interviews other world-renowned experts, including special guests and surprise interviews. The names above are the experts announced upfront.

End Game Pricing

End Game is free for anyone to view online.

Just enter your name and email address into the online form on the official website. You’ll receive a link to the first episode on May 25, with new episodes revealed every 24 hours thereafter.

You can also enter your phone number into the online form to receive text updates about End Game.

How is End Game Free? What’s the Catch?

End Game is a free documentary series. Revealed Films has previously released free documentary series online. The company releases a multi-part series, then advertises products and services to viewers of that series.

After the airing of Supplements Revealed, for example, the company advertised vitamin supplements to viewers. After airing Vaccines Revealed, the company sold products like the “Covid Gold Combo” and “Healing from Vaccines” to customers for over $480.

With End Game, you can expect similar advertisements before, during, and after the series airs. You might receive advertisements for disaster preparedness tools and materials, for example, or specific supplements to help protect you from the upcoming crisis.

About Revealed Films

End Game was made by Revealed Films, a film production company known for previous documentaries on healthcare. The company is led by Dr. Patrick Gentempo, the CEO of Revealed Films.


Revealed Films is a controversial film production company. The company has abysmal reviews online, including a 1.76 score and an ‘F’ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Many customers have complained about buying products from Revealed Films, only to be disappointed by the product, receive erroneous charges on their credit card, and encounter other issues.

Revealed Films has previously released documentary series like Supplements Revealed, Cancer Revealed, and Vaccines Revealed. Each documentary series is available for free online, and viewers can buy packages of products after the documentary series airs.

You can contact Revealed Films via the following email: support@revealedfilms.com.

End Game Documentary Series Final Word

End Game is a nine-part documentary series airing online through the official website. The documentary series explores the potential for an upcoming financial collapse and economic crisis and how you can protect your family during such a crisis.

You can watch the documentary for free online starting on May 25. One new episode will be revealed each day, and you’ll learn more about prepping, health care, money management, education, and other topics to help you stay safe during the crisis.

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