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Are you starting to see things differently? No, we aren’t referring to perspective but aspects pertaining to sharpness and clarity of vision? If yes, one team recently launched their take on an advanced vision supplement reckoned to naturally reverse the consequences of excess oxidative stress and free radical damage. Without any further delay, the following comprehensive review will sort out the specifics of ExactEyes Plus and whether it is advantageous enough to support consumers in the short to medium run.

What is ExactEyes Plus?

ExactEyes Plus by Activation Naturals is an eye and vision support formula intended to optimize the macula, retina, and optic nerves, all of which work together to transmit electrical impulses to the brain, consequently, translating them into sight. Deterioration in any one of these parties is what triggers blurry vision, eyestrain, and/or dry eyes. Luckily, the latter issues can be tended to by introducing the ExactEyes Plus formula, which comprises of 24 powerful antioxidants for a full-spectrum support. Considering everything, let’s take a glimpse into the ExactEyes Plus mechanism.

How does ExactEyes Plus work?

The makers, Activation Naturals conceptualized the ExactEyes Plus formula after discovering that diet type plays an imperative role on vision. Specifically, their research led them to believe that the Mediterranean and the Japanese Okinawan diets were helpful because they are high in omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. As it turns out, antioxidants are key to this solution because of their ability to grasp free radicals known to slowly drain essential elements within the eyes.

Ultimately, ExactEyes Plus has been formulated to distribute ingredients high in antioxidants throughout the body to not only increase our system’s protective layer against free radicals and oxidative stress, but to also repair existing damages. Here’s what the Activation Naturals team wants everyone to know:

“Our research team analyzed over 600 antioxidants. They were committed to finding which ones work, which ones don’t, and which ones actually lead to lasting results […] After months of study, we here at Activation Naturals discovered 24 specific antioxidants that can actually boost your eye health. And our formula combines them into one single pill.”

What’s inside ExactEyes Plus?

At the time of writing, the precise ingredient’s list has not been released. However, based on the references provided, we were able to gather that each serving may contain the following plants, herbs, vitamins and/or minerals:

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is an antioxidant essential for producing energy (i.e., by way of breaking down carbohydrates). A 2004 study that investigated the effect of long-term administration of ALA on retinal capillary cell death and development of retinopathy in diabetic rats reported positive results. Particularly, researchers noted that ALA supplementation is a suitable addition to help prevent vision loss in diabetic patients [1].

A more recent study that was conducted after discovering the antioxidant properties of ALA wanted to see whether it would ease symptoms linked to dry form age-related macular degeneration (AMD). A total of 100 dry AMD patients were recruited and equally assigned to either the treatment or control groups. In the end, ALA not only increased superoxide dismutase activity, but also improved scores on the Chinese-Version Low Vision Quality of Life. These findings permitted the researchers to conclude that ALA, “can be regarded as a promising agent for the treatment of AMD [2].”


Anthocyanins are yet another class of compounds with antioxidant effects called flavonoids. In a mouse-model study, researchers were interested to see whether anthocyanin-rich bilberry extract (ABE) influences the retina. To assess this, mice were pretreated with (ABE), and later, their retinas were viewed. In so doing, the findings supposedly revealed that ABE “has a protective effect on visual function,” adding that this was most prominent during retinal inflammation [3].

A 2021 acute randomized and controlled crossover trial with two different sources of polyphenols, anthocyanins from red-berries and cocoa was designed to assess their effects on visual acuity and cone-mediated dark adaptation. 37 healthy subjects were recruited and subjected to supplementation thrice a day with a 2-week washout period in between. Consequently, the researchers reported no significant differences [4]. Is this because of the specific source of anthocyanins and how might this knowledge influence ExactEyes Plus? We wouldn’t know since the supplement’s fact has not been provided.

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Beta-carotene is a reddish-orangish pigment derived from plants and fruits that later gets converted into the body as vitamin A. In fact, this compound is classified as part of the carotenoids group with over 700 others. One source pinpointed that beta-carotene might work by reducing oxidative stress introduced by light [5]. Furthermore, it was explained that though it might not enhance night vision, it may marginally sharpen one’s ability to see at night.

With respect to the influence that vitamin A may have on eye health, one source summarized existing studies only to find that the vitamin could possibly aid vision by maintaining a clear cornea and enhancing a protein in the eyes called rhodopsin. Matter-of-factly, the above source’s argument that individuals may see to some extent in the dark is a result of this protein [6].

Lutein & Zeaxanthin

Two of the most common carotenoids found inside ExactEyes Plus are lutein and zeaxanthin. One review made the case for lutein by shedding light on its anti-inflammatory properties. Remarkably, the latter is the exact reason why it has been linked to improved vision, while being potent enough to prevent AMD [7].

Besides fighting off inflammation, both lutein and zeaxanthin remain celebrated choices for their antioxidant effects. Precisely, research suggests that the duo might serve as a fortified defense against free radicals and oxidative stress, enhance sharpness of vision, improve visual contrast sensitivity, reduce glare impairment, and protect eye tissue from sunlight damage among others [8].

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin deemed essential for preventing coronary heart disease and inflammation, supporting immune function and eye health, and possibly lowering the risk of developing cancer [9]. Speaking of eye health, one piece referenced the Age-Related Eye Disease study that found that vitamin E coupled with similar nutrients helped people with moderate AMD. Furthermore, the supposed combination led to a decrease in the worsening of one’s early-stage AMD condition by 25%. Other studies that involve the likes of vitamin E, lutein and zeaxanthin have been projected to decrease the risk of cataracts. Undoubtedly, more research is needed on the direct impact of vitamin E on vision since it is usually only found as an adjunct [10].

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Who is ExactEyes Plus suitable for?

ExactEyes Plus is suitable for everybody, men and women, wanting to support and maintain “crystal clear vision.” It is equivalently useful for people who occasionally struggle to see or are forced to squint over fine print.

Is ExactEyes Plus safe?

As per the Activation Naturals team, all their products represent 100% natural ingredients that have been carefully selected for their purity and bioavailability. More importantly, each bottle is said to have been manufactured in a state-of-the-art U.S. facility that abides by FDA guidelines. Unfortunately, it is too soon to tell whether the formula houses any concerning allergens. Likewise, the Activation Naturals team urges people with a chronic illness to consult a physician before adding anything new to their regimen.

What is the best way to take ExactEyes Plus?

The recommended serving size is two ExactEyes Plus capsules daily. There are no limitations as to when one should ingest them.

How long will it take to receive ExactEyes Plus?

On average, three to five business days are needed for U.S. locations and up to 14 business days for Canadian locations.

Is ExactEyes Plus protected by a refund policy?

Yes, ExactEyes Plus has been protected by a 90-day money-back guarantee. This means that individuals get three months from the time the supplement has been ordered to decide whether it is a good match. Should ExactEyes Plus fail to improve vision, customer service must be contacted in one of the following ways:

How much does ExactEyes Plus cost?

Each ExactlyEyes Plus bottle includes 60 capsules ample for one month’s use. Since the body needs time to adjust to the ingredients, the Activation Naturals team recommends everyone to try it for at most six months. Here is the pricing that reflects value for bulk purchases:

  • 1 ExactEyes Plus bottle: $49 + S&H
  • 3 ExactEyes Plus bottles: $39 + free S&H
  • 6 ExactEyes Plus bottles: $33 + free S&H

Meet Activation Naturals

Activation Naturals is a novice health and wellness brand established to support individuals and their respective families in health-related endeavors. Their mission is to create the best natural supplements using only 100% natural ingredients, while introducing technology that guarantees maximum bioavailability. In all honesty, ExactEyes Plus appears to be their first-ever solution created by the Editorial Director and Head of Research at Activation Naturals, Doug Morris. According to the claims made, this isn’t a new industry for Doug, as he’s spent over 30 years within the realms of natural health.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, there’s no questioning that the approach taken by Doug Morris and Activation Naturals is solid for eye and vision health. When taken as directed, the provided antioxidants have the ability to fortify one’s entire body, which is beneficial all around. Unfortunately, our editorial team must refrain from insisting effectiveness or arguing that the supplement is valuable because neither Doug Morris nor any other member from the Activation Naturals team made the supplement’s fact available. Without knowing the exact ingredients and their respective concentrations, we cannot arrive at any outright conclusion, however, there is no denying the powerful and compelling story behind the ExactEyes Plus supplement by Activation Naturals. In the meantime, we encourage anyone to seek clarity on ExactEyes Plus from their team before placing an order if there are any unanswered questions remaining.

To get started, visit the official Activation Naturals website for ExactEyes Plus here>>>.

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