Hydroviv Reviews – Legit Water Filter Products That Work?

Hydroviv is a water purification brand that improves the quality of water in showers, sinks, and refrigerator lines. The company uses a special filtration system that eliminates contaminants that exist in water that can cause illness and damage to the skin.

What is Hydroviv?

Everyone deserves to use clean water, but different issues like old piping, a poor water supply, and the presence of contaminants in city water can prevent it. Consumers tend to work with what they have, though they will invest in pitchers and even faucet heads to clean the water. Unfortunately, these devices are made to work for everyone when the experience of each customer is rather unique. Hydroviv offers a unique opportunity that was brought on by disaster. However, they’ve made it possible for anyone to get the clean water they should have access to.

All of the water filters offered by Hydroviv help users to optimize their water without much work. The installation of almost every product available from this brand takes only a few moments to install, and they’ve even won awards for their performance already. The brand originally was launched on the market because of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

With the difficulties of citizens in this area, Hydroviv came to the realization that the typical filters for consumers would not succeed because the high lead levels would surpass their abilities. Hydroviv was founded, creating lead removal filters that could work at an impressive capacity to clean the water. The company was able to donate many filters to the area, and they continue to work with other programs in the Flint area. To date, they have not required any payment from locals to support their need for clean water.

Currently, the company works to offer their filters throughout the market still, working with the needs of their customers. Every system allows them to gather data about water quality from databases all over the country, bringing the information back to their Washington, DC facility with the cartridge used. The experts on staff protect the health of their customer’s water, and new cartridges are sent out for free whenever water changes need to occur. Their entire team is built of scientists, and this data ensures that customers are always able to get a filtration system that works for their specific needs.

Currently, the Hydroviv brand offers:

  • Under Sink filters ($179.99)
  • Shower filters ($84.99)
  • Refrigerator Line filters ($179.99)

Each one helps to improve the natural water supply that users get, whether the supply comes from their city or their own private sources. Nothing extra has to be installed, and users can simply turn on their faucet for the healthiest and cleanest water possible. All of the systems only take about 15 minutes or less to install, and they all come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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About Under Sink Filters

The Under Sink filters are meant to work with any sink, and they are just installed under the countertop to the current faucet. The screw-on connections pose no threat to the user’s current plumbing, and they are even compatible with garbage disposals.

About Shower Filters

The Shower filters are designed to screw directly onto the pipe that extends to the wall for the showerhead, filtering the water immediately before it comes out of the showerhead. Users can fit this device to any showerhead, and they will only have to replace the cartridge every 6-9 months.

About Refrigerator Line Filters

The Refrigerator Line filters are meant to help users get clean water when they get water or make ice with the built-in mechanisms of their device. The device connects to both plastic and braided stainless steel water lines in the fridge, and they only require ¼-inch compression connections.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hydroviv

What kind of contaminants can the Hydroviv filters eliminate?

The majority of the filtration comes from the customization that consumers get from their order. The filters are specific to the user’s area. Generally, they can reduce substances like mercury, arsenic, chromium 6, chlorine, pesticides, lead, and many other substances.

How difficult is the installation of the filters?

Not difficult at all. Every connection uses screw-on connections that are easy to apply. Users won’t have to break out their power drill or make any other changes to their existing plumbing beyond this addition.

How is the filter customized for the user?

The scientists employed by the company learn about the water quality of the customer’s region to determine the current contaminants that they face, based on the shipping address. The filter is then created from the need to eliminate those contaminants. Individuals that currently have a well (rather than sourcing from a city water supply) will use the USGS groundwater database to learn what needs to be filtered out.

Will the use of the Hydroviv filters eliminate contaminants with reverse osmosis?

No. There are a few different types of filtrations that go into the system, eliminating toxic chemicals. Reverse osmosis can be used for filtration in the home, but it is best if this task is taken on by a professional.

Are the Hydroviv filters NSF Certified?

Yes. These filters are certified to both Standard 42 and Standard 53. Consumers can see the data sheet for the filter that they receive by reaching out to the customer service team.

Why doesn’t Hydroviv tell customers the percentage of the contaminants that they can eliminate?

These types of blanket lists can mislead consumers, and they are often used to do no more than market products without much clarification. The filters made by Hydroviv are catered to the user’s specific location to ensure that users can get the pure water that they need.

Are installation services available with Hydroviv?

Not directly through the company. The system is rather easy for anyone to set up. However, websites like Taskrabbit can help individuals that need a little help with installation if necessary. The whole process should only take about 5 minutes.

Are Hydroviv filters appropriate for apartments and other rented homes?

Yes. The connections are completely safe for apartments and homes alike, and there’s no need to drill any holes that may be a problem to landlords or to the main structure of plumbing. Anyone that finds that the filter doesn’t attach to their faucet, they can send it back for a full refund.

What kind of maintenance do users have to do to keep up with the Hydroviv filters?

Not much. The cartridge can be cleaned up with dish soap whenever it is swapped out. The user should also clean up their faucet at times to make sure that the aerator doesn’t further contaminate the freshly purified water.

How long will the Hydroviv cartridges last?

Typically, all of the filters last about 6 months each, though it will vary with the amount of use that it gets. Users can learn more about these replacements by watching the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fylmbW1-KH0

How will users know that it is time to make a change in their cartridge?

The company simplifies this process by sending an email to the user directly. Replacements can be ordered on an as-needed basis or as part of automatic shipments.

The customer service team is available via phone call (800-676-9312) or email (hello@hydroviv.com).


Hydroviv provides consumers with plenty of filtration options, but they also make a huge effort to help people in the Flint area to regain access to clean water. The filter is catered to each user, and consumers will have the ability to improve their body with simply better drinking water and better water for their skin. Plus, since the filter is based on the local contaminants in the water, users can have a purification process that actually works.

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