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Have you recently come across a video presentation in which a potential firestorm is said to be underway? Experts have been hinting at a stock market bubble for some time now without mentioning when it might burst. Well, as per this detailed video presentation, not only is the U.S. Dollar at risk of becoming devalued, but the supposed bubble is also at the edge of bursting. Surprisingly, some good news has been shared, and it has to do with surging gold prices.

The ex-CIA advisor is none other than Jim Rickards, and he believes that things are about to change. Isn’t it true that pandemics have come and gone for as long as time could tell? So how is this time any different? Well, the expert explained that “every risk has intensified, even accelerated. And every one of these forces exists at the same time […] This time, what you’re about to witness is many times more serious.” How serious? Let’s say Jim believes that this time around, we’ll be faced with “Greater Depression,” forcing us to live with the consequences for at least three decades before full recovery.

To make his argument, Jim introduced a notion called “the velocity of money,” which allegedly shows how often a dollar changes hands. At present, such exchanges aren’t being made at the required rate. In other words, spending has been reduced. The main question that is likely to arise in one’s mind is, “when will confidence in the economy returns?” To get an answer to this and many other questions about a world post-pandemic, individuals will first have to become members of Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

What is Strategic Intelligence?

Strategic Intelligence is a flagship investment advisory newsletter published by Paradigm Press. Led by the editor, Jim Rickards, the goal for this service is to help members prepare and profit from a possible collapse in the U.S. dollar. Following the latter, he will provide expert advice on stocks to buy and sell, where to invest in turbulent times, and how to ensure a safe position in stocks, bonds, cash, art, land, precious metals, and other hard assets. Above all, his predictions are said to be based on “complexity theory,” a term coined to remove investors from financial turmoil safely.

What does a membership to Strategic Intelligence include?

Once individuals sign up for Strategic Intelligence, several resources will be made available. These include:

The New Greater Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World

This is the latest book that Jim Rickards authored, and it is believed to provide details about the effect that the pandemic has had on America’s debt crisis and how it could potentially disrupt the USD and bonds market. In it, he also makes the case as to why gold could hit $14,000 an ounce within the next four years and how now is the time to escape some stocks that are likely to cause wreckage. At large, he insists that everyone should be investing in gold either before the dollar gets devalued or before the world relies on digital cash. Let’s say that the contents of this book are sure to be eye-opening and may have some people rebutting!

Special Brief #1: 10 Winning Trades For the Post-Pandemic World

In the first report, Jim will walk members through seven shares that could bring gains thanks to their association with gold prices. In addition, he claims to have listed three others that could help hedge portfolios against crashing dollars and hyperinflation, among others.

Special Brief #2: Twenty Stocks to Dump and Five to Own

Jim laid out 20 widely known stocks that individuals may not want to hold over four years in the second report. In place of those 20, he insists that only five stocks are needed for an excellent return. Why these particular five? If they can steadily perform during turbulent times, they are likely to destroy their competitors when the market regains momentum again.

Special Brief #3: The $4 Company Behind the World’s Last Pure Silver Mine

Finally, the third report supposedly reveals a small company sitting on a $4.7 billion property rich in white metal. Every inch of detail has been poured throughout the pages of this report, which everyone should read closely into! Given its current market cap and inflationary pressure, Jim trusts that the returns on this company alone will be six times one’s initial investment by 2023.

The Biden Survival Masterclass

The Biden Survival Masterclass is a three-episode series through which members will come to realize more about the pandemic, how it derailed Trump’s “soaring economy,” the science behind the “China connection,” why lockdowns are economically unfeasible, the multi-trillion-dollar threat to Biden’s most extensive plans, and how the effects of the pandemic may persist even after Biden’s administration.

The above book and unique briefs are extra resources based on current trends. In general, the incentives of becoming a member of Strategic Intelligence are listed as follows:

  • 12 Monthly Issues where Jim will dive deep into markets, politics, and how to grow wealth during times where such a goal is rarely fulfilled
  • Weekly Strategic Intelligence Investment Briefings through which Jim will keep everyone up to date on all matters about model portfolio positions
  • Monthly Phone Calls meant to cover members’ frequently asked questions without giving any personalized advice
  • 24/7 Access to a Member’s Only Website filled with the latest issues, constant updates to the model portfolio, and archives
  • 100% 180-day money-back guarantee

How much does a membership to Strategic Intelligence cost?

The membership price varies according to the plan purchased. Precisely, one out of the following three methods can be selected based on set financial goals and desired level of approachability:

Bronze Level ($49)

For $49, individuals will gain access to digital issues of the newsletter and the regular perks of the Strategic Intelligence newsletter.

Silver Level ($129)

For $129, individuals will be granted an elite upgrade. In other words, both digital and print versions of the newsletter will be provided along with the regular perks of the Strategic Intelligence newsletter, all the listed briefs, and a copy of Jim’s latest book.

Platinum Level ($79)

Originally priced at $99, at the platinum level (now costing $79), individuals can access everything from the Silver Level as well as a free copy of Jim Rickards’ previously recognized book, “The New Case for Gold.”

For people who would prefer to discuss the current promotion with customer service meticulously, the following points of contact are worth jotting down:

  • Email: info@paradigm-press.info or feedback@paradigm.press
  • Phone: +1 (844) 883 2879 or +1 (844) 370 6638
  • Mailing Address: 808 St. Paul St. Baltimore, MD 21202
  • Website: https://paradigm.press/contact-us/

Meet Jim Rickards

James G. Rickards (nicknamed Jim) is the editor of Strategic Intelligence and Project Prophesy, Crash Speculator, and Gold Speculator. What astonishes us about Jim is that he has had quite a career, as he took on roles as an American lawyer, economist, investment banker of 40 years working on the widely recognized Wall Street and was even the principal negotiator of the rescue of Long-Term Capital Management L.P. by the U.S Federal Reserve. How can anyone neglect his role as an advisor on capital markets to the U.S. intelligence community and the Pentagon’s Office of Secretary of Defense?

His knowledge is so versed that he has been featured on several newsletters (Financial Times, Evening Standard, New York Times, The Telegraph, and Washington Post) and was a guest on the likes of BBC, RTE Irish National Radio, CNN, NPR, CSPAN, CNBC, Bloomberg you name it! He also has gone above and beyond to create resources that the general public can get a hold of. As this is being written, he authored six books, including:

  • Book 1: The New Greater Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Book 2: The New Case for Gold
  • Book 3: Currency Wars
  • Book 4: The Death of Money
  • Book 5: The Road to Ruin
  • Book 6: Aftermath

Strategic Intelligence Final Verdict

Ultimately, Jim Rickards remains firm in his stance about gold, and as this is being written, he attests that it could reach $14,000/ounce in four years. Through Strategic Intelligence, members will access all of Jim’s reports and his latest book that extensively covers gold, the pandemic, and the world post-pandemic. With the dollar at possible risk of becoming devalued, individuals uncertain of its implications can now understand how experts react to such situations without losing a lot of their money. Another facet unique to this service is the different price points selected based on one’s financial situation. Finally, a 180-day money-back guarantee is in place, allowing everyone to give Jim Rickards a chance before ignoring any of the claims he made. To fully understand why Jim Rickards’ is convinced by gold and neither the USD nor our current economy, click here>>>.

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