Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light Review – Worth the Money to Buy?

Are you tired of tripping over things at night? Have you been pondering on the possibility of purchasing pathway lights? In recent times, solar-powered pathway lights have garnered a lot of attention, as most of its operations rely on the sun. Undeniably, there are some excellent innovations out there, but others likely fail to reach the mark. That said, the team at Matrix Trendy Goods Limited has since landed their hands-on units that factor in previously reported downfalls. Want in on the details? The purpose of this review is to look closely into the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light.

What is the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light?

As given away in the title, the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light is a solar-powered LED path light intended to light up the significant outdoors irrespective of the darkness. This rendition can go beyond illuminating pathways, as the providers avow that it is equally valuable for a yard, garden, or even a patio. Although they appear small, many customers pledge their brightness, minimalism, and affordability.

How does the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light work?

The Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light has integrated a solar cell rechargeable battery, LED light, and photocell. In the presence of sunlight, the cell allegedly produces energy, which permits the charging processes to persist. However, at night the energy production is halted. This is where the included photocell comes into effect. Upon sensing the shortage of light, it activates the battery to turn the LED light on. Now that we know why the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light is advertised to turn on and off automatically, let’s now direct our attention towards its other features.

What features does the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light have?

So far, individuals might have gathered that the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light is solar-powered, is equipped with a LED light, and has been designed to work on the detection of day or night time, but there must be more worth rejoicing over, right? The following features are just as important to reflect on based on available information.

Function Time

Unlike most solar lamps, the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light can work up to eight hours overnight. This is given that the unit has been fully charged, i.e., a factor determined based on how much sunlight is present.

IP44 Weather Resistant

The official website states that the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light can withstand rain, wind, snow, or hail. Thus, the providers insist that the pathway can stand any outdoor weather stress-free. However, the IP44 rating suggests that it can only withstand solid particles that are over 1mm and sprays of water. In extreme weather, these units must be removed and stored safely for future uses.

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Easy Installation

The installation steps neither require expensive tools nor complicated wirings. It is as simple as turning on the LED light, attaching the morning to the transparent protective housing, the housing to the shaft, and the shaft to the peg. Finally, individuals are asked to stick the assembled Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light straight into the ground.


Time- and Cost-Effective

From above, it should be evident that the installation is both time and cost-efficient. To be more specific, the set-up is quick and doesn’t require the assistance of electricians or professional services. Additionally, it does not affect electricity bills. Finally, each purchase includes six units, which might suffice for specific homes. If these facets aren’t desirable, we genuinely don’t know what else might sway consumers!

Besides those described above, the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light specifications have been summarized as follows:

  • Solar Panel Amorphous: 30 x 30mm 15mA
  • Battery: 2/3AA 100mAh 1.2V
  • Charging Current/Power/Voltage: Max 160mA/0.3W/2V
  • Power: less than 1W
  • LED power/voltage: 0.2W/2.72V
  • Discharge LED current: 34mA
  • Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 385mm
  • Charges anywhere between four and six hours (during the day)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How to get started with the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light?

First, individuals are asked to pick a location that is guaranteed to get direct sunlight for at least six hours during the day. Then, it is as simple as following the easy installation steps listed above. At night, it will turn on automatically; however, bear in mind that if these units are placed near other sources of light (i.e., streetlights or porch lights), the embedded photocell might turn it off. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light away from nighttime lights.

What are the benefits of using the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light?

The obvious benefit that stems from setting up the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light is its ability to light up any outdoor pathway. It takes practically seconds to set up and relies heavily on sunlight and photocell for swift operations. Most importantly, it may reduce the risk of tripping over something, and to some degree, these lights can be used as an extra security measure, as their brightness might reveal any dangers.

How long will it take to receive my Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light order?

For the most part, order processing and delivery can take anywhere between three and seven days from the order’s date. Once shipped, individuals will be provided with the necessary tracking details to stay in the loop.

What are the contents of Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light?

Each Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light has a solar panel, an on/off switch; white light LED bulb, a clear diffuser, a peg, and a shaft.

What happens if the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light stops charging?

If the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light stops charging, it might require a quick wipe down with a cloth or a change of location for direct sunlight.

Does the included LED lightbulb need to be changed?

The LED lightbulb does not need to be changed because it is expected to work for over 10,000 hours.

Is there a limit to how many Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light units must be installed?

No, it depends solely on the area of wishes to cover.

What does the Kane Lono warranty cover?

The Kane Lono warranty has been established to cover any manufacturing defects. The providers are willing to replace defective products, but not a refund. For further clarity on the warranty, individuals are asked to contact customer service by calling 1 (866) 335 1612.

Is the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light protected?

Yes, the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Assuming that individuals reach out to the customer support team within 30 days of receipt, the request will likely be accepted. However, individuals must also ensure the listed conditions hold:

  • The Kane Lono unit must be in brand new condition, unused/unworn
  • The Kane Lono unit must be returned in its original packaging
  • The Kane Lono packing must remain intact
  • The Kane Lono unit must be returned to the provided return facility address

How much does the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light cost?

As mentioned earlier in this piece, each purchase includes six units. That said, the prices have been discounted for those who wish to purchase several units at once (before shipping). Precisely:

  • 1 Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light pack: $69.99
  • 2 Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light packs: $139.99 (or $69.99 each)
  • 3 Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light packs: $156.99 (or $52.33 each)
  • 4 Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light packs: $191.99 (or $47.99 each)

Final Verdict

In accordance with everything, the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light might be a great addition for the outdoors, as it provides extra lighting to limit complete darkness. Our editorial team was swayed by its simplicity, solar and photocell integrations, and working time. Furthermore, this rendition represents a straightforward solution to eliminate darkness, neither requiring too much time nor money. Individuals need to be careful, as the Kane Lono Solar LED Light has been designed to absorb sunlight and can be easily damaged in extreme weather conditions. Hence, moving forward, living conditions (and evidently how often it can be used) need to be reviewed before settling on the number of packs to purchase. In the meantime, more information on the Kane Lono Solar LED Path Light can be amassed by visiting here>>>.

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