Kibo Eclipse by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth [Review]

The sheer number of businesses that have joined the bandwagon of online marketing are proof of the gargantuan potential that this niche possesses. Though the potential and the opportunities are vast in the eCommerce niche, the efforts required to get successful are more too. Innumerable businesses struggle to come to the spotlight and make a name for themselves in the eCommerce industry but a lot of them fail due to lack of guidance, knowledge and resources.

Yes, it is very crucial to have the right guidance and resources to succeed in eCommerce ventures.

This is when eCommerce training courses and services come into play. With seasoned experts and thorough knowledge, these courses and services can be immensely helpful in providing you with the adequate materials and insights you need to succeed.

One such program is Kibo Eclipse created by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton. In the course of this article, we shall scrutinize whether the program is effective at bringing your eCommerce store a profit or if it is just another phony scheme to churn out big bucks from your pocket.

Hint: Kibo Eclipse is one of the very rare and effective programs that gives you a bang for your buck!

Before we begin, here is a detailed product overview of the Kibo Eclipse program provided by our research and editorial team:

Official Name of Program Kibo Eclipse
Program Creators Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton
Program Overview Created for budding potential ecommerce business owners who wish to set up a successful online store. Helps learners through carefully curated modules that collectively drive growth of the online business.
Suitable For New Business OwnersSeasoned Businesspersons exploring online spaceStudents wishing to gather additional income
Program Launch Date 25 January 2022
Pre Launch Dates
  • Part 1: 19 January 2022
  • Part 2: January 21, 2022
  • Part 3: January 23, 2022
  • Masterclass Launch Date 24 January 2022
    Category Make Money Online
  • Single Payment: $3497 (Get $491 discount)
  • Installments: $997 (Four Installments)
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
    Program Modules
  • Kibo Incubator
  • Kibo Jumpstart
  • Kibo HQ
  • Kibo Oracle
  • Kibo Socializer
  • Kibo Converters
  • Kibo Accelerators
  • Kibo Mentorpoint
  • Bonuses
  • Social Selling Secrets
  • Kibo Event Live Recordings
  • The Secret Mastermind
  • Access Kibo Eclipse website
    Top Benefits
  • Updated tools and methods suitable for 2022.
  • Detailed program conducted by industry experts.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Effective bonus tools and programs.
  • Fully automated tools.
  • Easy to use.
  • Detailed Kibo Eclipse Review – Does Kibo Eclipse Program Work?

    We break down multiple aspects of the Kibo Eclipse training course into multiple components, such as, the creators, modules, reviews, etc., to help you analyze if the program is what you are looking for to boost your online store.

    What is the Kibo Eclipse training program?

    Kibo Eclipse claims to be one of the best e-Commerce courses out there. It has been developed by Steve and Aidan Booth, who both will be introduced later. Like many other similar programs available for e-Commerce enthusiasts, it says it can help anyone, beginner or advanced, learn how to make serious profits from their e-Commerce business, as it’s focused on how sales can improve and more money than ever be made. What makes Kibo Eclipse different is the fact that it teaches the industry’s most uncommon strategies and techniques. While some may know about these practices, they’re surely not aware of every little detail that’s being taught with the Kibo Eclipse program, which claims to take a completely new approach and present information that can’t be found anywhere else.

    Behind the Curtains – Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

    The Kibo Eclipse customer reviews often substantiate the contribution of their online business to the creators of the Kibo Eclipse training program – Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. They’ve also been incredibly successful in the industry of e-Commerce for a long time now.

    Together, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have come up with business model and training programs, one after the other, each highly successful on its own, before they launched the Kibo Eclipse program. Always dedicated to helping individuals create a successful online store that could sell and buy profitable products, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton co-founded the Kibo Platform with the vision to provide guidance and help to anyone who wishes to run a successful eCommerce business.

    At the beginning of their career, they were only aware of the business model and methods that could help them make some profits, but after a few years working with the techniques and strategies presented in the Kibo Eclipse program, they have perfected them, and the money they were generating from their online affiliate marketing ventures turned into millions.

    With a full-fledged Kibo Eclipse team, both Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are open to sharing their valuable knowledge with everyone who enrolls in their online training program, not to mention they’re offering many other training materials for absolutely FREE.

    Besides running an immensely successful ecommerce venture, the Kibo platform, Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton have also created multiple other

    And there’s more to know about Steve and Aidan, as they’ve also created other programs to educate their followers about how to create a thriving ecommerce business. These programs each follow a specific business model that can work out the best for online stores looking to expand and build a successful and highly profitable online business. These online training programs include 7 Figure Cycle, Parallel Profits, 100k Factory, and more.

    Below we have discussed the two creators in detail. The aim is to help you understand that the Kibo Eclipse program is not a hoax but a solid online training program, crafted by experts who have both the skills and experience when it comes to building a successful eCommerce business.

    Aidan Booth

    Aidan Booth is an eCommerce business expert and blogger who co-founded the hugely successful Kibo platform that helps ecommerce business ventures to sell and buy highly profitable products through the platform. He is also one of the creators of the effective Kibo Eclipse training program, the highly-said of online training program that has recently become an internet sensation.

    Aidan started working in the digital niche in 2005 and ever since he has furthered his approach and knowledge about how a successful ecommerce business works and how one can create an online store that derives significant profits.

    He moved on to the eCommerce business from the digital venture to build his own online stores that have proven to be highly successful owing to Aidan’s strategic approach of SEO and free traffic.

    He is thoroughly educated in the world of affiliate marketing and online money-making, too. Currently, Aidan shares his most social selling secrets through his blogs and has constantly been crafting effective online training programs, such as the Kibo Eclipse program that educates the participants on how to create and run a successful online store.

    Steven Clayton

    Steven Clayton founded the Kibo Eclipse platform along with Aidan Booth. He also created eCommerce programs such as Kibo Code, Kibo Quantum, and the latest Kibo Eclipse, in association with Aidan to help participants create profitable products using effective strategies and business models.

    Steven Clayton knows what he is doing in the eCommerce industry and is highly experienced since he was once the CFO of one of the most successful Fortune 5o0 companies. He left his high-paying job to share his knowledge and expertise with people who wish to diversify their eCommerce store and make money in the online business.

    The Kibo business model and its success can be attributed to Steven Clayton and Booth who, according to the Kibo Eclipse reviews, have helped myriad online stores make good money through eCommerce.

    What Does the Kibo Eclipse Training Program contain?

    This segment of the Kibo Eclipse review elaborates on the modules bundled up in the Kibo Eclipse program. These modules curated by the Kibo Eclipse team lie at the core of the Kibo Eclipse program.

    When you enroll yourself into the Kibo Eclipse program on the official Kibo Eclipse platform, you get access to the following 8 modules on the official Kibo Eclipse launch date:

    Kibo Incubator

    The Incubator is an eight-week training program developed by Steven Clayton, Booth and the rest of the Kibo Eclipse team. The Kibo Code Eclipse Incubator has been claimed to be one of the best modules in multiple Kibo Eclipse reviews on the Kibo Eclipse platform. In the Kibo Eclipse Incubator module, the Kibo Eclipse team shows you how you can build a successful e-Commerce empire from the ground up. Forming the very core of the Kibo Eclipse platform, this module has been carefully designed to teach the participants about the most effective business model that they can use to build a profitable online business.

    Kibo JumpStart

    The second module by the Kibo Eclipse team in the Kibo JumpStart. Quite literal to its name, the module shows you how you can jumpstart your business and start earning profits at the earliest.

    This Kibo Code Eclipse module is scheduled to be held as live sessions multiple times in a week by the Kibo Eclipse team, including Steven Clayton and Booth. If you want to make timely profits and boost the presence of your online store, this is the module you should watch out for.

    Kibo HQ

    Kibo HQ is an operational tool of the Kibo Code Eclipse training program. Developed by the Kibo Eclipse team to help you build a scalable online store, this Kibo Code Eclipse module is not just a training content but also an operation hub. The hub or the tool offered by Kibo HQ lets you build, manage, as well as scale their online stores to great heights.

    To boost free traffic and help you establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur (maybe even be considered amongst the popular overseas suppliers), the Kibo Eclipse team offers apps in the Kibo HQ that are worth over $10,000.

    Kibo Oracle

    Kibo Oracle is both a module as well as a highly advanced software created by the Kibo Eclipse team in conjunction with the highly-skilled creators of the Kibo Eclipse program. This tool gives the participants access to countless numbers (would not be an exaggeration to say ‘millions’) of products. From millions of products to choose from, you can easily filter which products are the most profitable for you.

    Kibo Converters

    Do you want to convert potential leads to active customers of your online store? The Kibo Converter included in the Kibo Eclipse program teaches you exactly this. Using multiple software tools, you can convert those visitors into potential leads that make you profits at the end of the day.

    Kibo Socializer

    The Kibo Eclipse team developed the Kibo Socializer so that you can take the fullest advantage of both cheap paid and free traffic from social media. This will not only drive more sales but also increase the visibility of your store. This smart analytical tool ultimately brings limitless profits and boosts your online sales.

    Kibo Accelerators

    The Kibo Eclipse training program in its seventh module, Kibo Accelerators teaches how you can improve site traffic using an effective business model and proven strategies.

    It is a pivotal Kibo Eclipse module and an important one since ‘acceleration’ is the key to standing out in the long run of online money-making.

    Kibo MentorPoint

    The seasoned Kibo Eclipse team goes far and beyond to add this module into the Kibo Eclipse program, so that you can have continuous support when running your online store. Kibo MentorPoint is basically a support system that comprises a team of experts as well as enthusiasts and community members that help when you hit a stumbling block.

    How Does the Kibo Eclipse Work?

    Kibo Eclipse is an online training course claiming to teach anyone how to build a highly rewarding e-Commerce business that generates considerable profits through selling products on online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and others. It consists of 7 modules that should all be covered in only 8 weeks of training.

    What Steve and Aidan are trying to teach people with the Kibo Eclipse course is everything on the brand-new techniques of earning money online just by listing products. And these techniques are claimed to have worked before, as they’re said to be based on the program’s creators’ personal experiences. Here are the 5 steps in which Kibo Eclipse system works, as presented online:

    Step 1

    In the first step of the Kibo Eclipse system, you are provided with a tool that helps you buy domain for niche websites for installing a store. Whilst there are numerous niche websites’ domains available, you can find the desired one with this tool from the Kibo Eclipse system.

    Step 2

    Adding products to the website that has just been bought. Kibo Eclipse system will help an online store owner find the right themes for any type of e-Commerce store they own. With the Kibo Eclipse training program and Kibo Eclipse system, buying a theme, be it minimalistic or creative, becomes utterly easy.

    Step 3

    Working to bring traffic to the new website. This module provides information on all the most unique and allegedly efficient traffic generation techniques used by Steve and Aidan themselves. More specifically, the step is about sourcing quality free traffic for advertisement.

    Step 4

    Starting to make sales and generate profits by using professional advice on handling the inventory. If you follow the Kibo Eclipse training program diligently, you will soon begin to make money out of your recently set-up online store in the Kibo Eclipse System.

    Step 5

    Setting up the automated delivery system for the store and enjoying the profits generated. The Kibo Eclipse team allows the students to repeat the procedure for any other online store that they wish to set up in the Kibo Eclipse system.

    All these steps can be repeated for as many stores and businesses as the student desires.

    Why Choose the Kibo Eclipse Program?

    kibo eclipse, kibo code eclipse, free traffic

    For those who are still undecided about whether they should join the Kibo Eclipse program or not, here’s a list of what the course is offering in terms of main features, as it’s being said everywhere online to offer:

    Easy to Follow

    Steve and Aidan admit running an online business is a complex process that can be difficult to follow by those who have a completely different educational background. However, they claim to learn how e-Commerce works and can be done by anyone and that they have made Kibo Eclipse very easy to follow, even by those who have no idea about online money-making.

    Professional Training

    As mentioned, every module of Kibo Eclipse is created by Steve and Aidan, also based on their personal experiences in e-Commerce. As suggested by them, most students can generate significant income right after they’re done with the training, as their efforts will be put only where it matters the most, and this is possible because they have serious expertise and are really proficient at sharing their knowledge.

    Value for Money

    While the price of Kibo Eclipse can be quite high, the program offers premium training, so it’s really worth spending money on it. Therefore, it offers real value for the price.

    Price Point

    Not everyone may afford the Kibo Eclipse program without making a bit of a financial effort, but the money invested is claimed to come back at much, much higher amounts if each module is being followed by the book.

    Only Requires a Device Connected to the Internet

    Enrolling in the Kibo Eclipse course only requires having a device such as a tablet, computer, or smartphone connected to the internet. A computer is suggested to be used because it would make the learning and generating profits processes much easier.

    Who Is Kibo Eclipse For?

    Any person, regardless of their age, gender, or any other condition can sign up for Kibo Code Eclipse without any problem, for as long as they’re interested in making money online and determined to learn all about it.

    If you are someone who wishes to learn about effective business models, methods to extract free traffic or cheap paid sources of traffic for advertisement and visibility, and other essential components of running a profitable online store, then the Kibo Eclipse program is the right eCommerce program for you.

    Kibo Eclipse FREE Bonuses

    The program also includes Kibo Eclipse bonuses which, in our opinion, are the most lucrative deal-makers of the whole Kibo Eclipse program. The Kibo Eclipse bonuses included in the program have been detailed below in this Kibo Eclipse review:

    Social Selling Secrets

    One of the bestselling Kibo Eclipse bonuses, the Social Selling Secrets teaches you the dirtiest and the most ‘confidential’ secrets of online money-making. To make money online, it is important to have a few tips and tricks (not popularly known by everyone else) under your sleeve. The bonus is valued at $4,997, but offered for FREE for those who enroll in the Kibo Eclipse program.

    Kibo Event Live Recordings

    Event Live Recordings are offered as a bonus part of enrolling into the Kibo Eclipse program. These recordings are often attended by seasoned eCommerce experts, representatives of popular overseas suppliers, and guest speakers who share trade secrets with the inner circle.

    The Secret Mastermind

    The Secret Mastermind is valued at $4,997, but offered for FREE for those who enroll in the Kibo Eclipse course. Conducted as seminars and workshops, this FREE bonus helps owners of eCommerce businesses understand popular trends of the year 2022 through graphs and outlines.

    Gathering insights to the eCommerce sector using this free bonus can help you boost your sales because you will finally be understanding what works best and what does not.

    The 5-Step System for Building a Profitable Business in 2022

    And the latest… offered for FREE, without even having to buy access to the course:

    The book is called The 5-Step System for Building a Profitable Business in 2022, with a Little Known Source of Free Instant Traffic.

    How Much Does Access to Kibo Eclipse Cost?

    At the moment, access to Kibo Eclipse can be bought for a total of $3,497, money that can be paid in 4 installments of $997 each. Questions and inquiries about the course, as well as requests for refunds, can be sent to the following email address: support@thekibocode.com.

    If you are ready to take the leap, jump into action now by registering for the webinar.

    Where to Buy Kibo Eclipse?

    To learn the ropes of online marketing and build a profitable business out of it, you can easily enroll into the Kibo Code Eclipse on the official website of Kibo Code Eclipse. Unfortunately, the Kibo Eclipse course for online marketing is not available for access anywhere else other than the official website owned by Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth.

    If you come across any Kibo Eclipse review or some duplicitous website that claims to be selling the Kibo Code Eclipse online marketing course (be it for an unbelievably low rate or the same rate as the original site), beware, since it could be a scam to churn out some bucks from your pocket.

    To get access to the Kibo Eclipse course, all you need to do is go to the official website, tap on the ‘Enroll’ button and then follow the steps accordingly to get yourself enrolled. That’s how easy it is!

    Does Kibo Eclipse Program have a Money-Back Guarantee?

    Yes, to everyone’s surprise, Kibo Eclipse does offer a money-back guarantee. Both the creators believe that their program works wonders for anyone in the online marketing niche, looking to set up their personal e-Commerce store. This strong belief in their program led the makers of the Kibo Eclipse to offer an easy to claim money-back guarantee to all its participants.

    With a 30-day money back guarantee, you can easily get your money back if you find the program difficult to comprehend or if you think that the program is not what you were looking for, when you invested into it.

    Just contact Kibo Eclipse on the following email address: support@thekibocode.com, and your refund claim has easily been escalated to the team who will return your investment into the program without asking any questions about your decision to withdraw.

    Is there a Kibo Code Discount on Kibo Eclipse?

    So far, we are not aware of any Kibo Eclipse discount codes that you can apply when enrolling into the course to get the course at a cheaper rate. This guesstimate can be further solidified by the fact that there were no promo or discount codes offered during the Kibo Code and Kibo Quantum programs.

    However, it is important to note that the program is worth every penny you invest into it.

    The unavailability of a Kibo Eclipse promo code, as of such, should not be a deal-breaker when it comes to opting in or opting out of the program.

    When is the Official Kibo Eclipse launch? 150

    Official Kibo Eclipse launch is set to be held on 25th of January, 2022. There are several pre-launches happening to the program as well. The following are the dates for the Kibo Eclipse pre-launch so you can take a sneak peek into what the program will be offering you.

    • Prelaunch 1, 19 January, 2022: This prelaunch reveals details about ‘The System’, a profitable eCommerce system in 2022.
    • Prelaunch 2, January 21: The second prelaunch, named The Blueprint, is an infographic explaining what makes the Kibo Eclipse system unique.
    • Prelaunch 3, January 23, 2022: This prelaunch, named The Results covers success stories of several students who enrolled in to the Kibo programs.

    Is Kibo Eclipse legit? What do the Kibo Eclipse Reviews say?

    It is obvious that the legitimacy of any product can be intricately understood by looking at what the users of the product are saying about it. The same goes for the Kibo Eclipse course. If you constantly oscillate between two conflicting thoughts about Kibo Eclipse, the Kibo Eclipse reviews might be helpful in putting your mind to ease.

    Most Kibo Eclipse reviews have reflected on the miraculous teaching strategy of the Kibo Eclipse creators, and a number of participants for the previous programs such as Kibo Code and Kibo Quantum have dedicated their successes to the Kibo training program as well as the creators.

    Some Kibo Eclipse reviews claim that the users have made over 100x profit in online marketing using the automated tools, smart software, as well as seasoned services provided by the Kibo Eclipse team. On the other hand, a number of Kibo Eclipse reviews also say that the Kibo Eclipse course may come off as a little pricey, however, when you think of it as an investment, Kibo Eclipse can help in long term money-making.

    Like the numerous users who benefitted from the course, you too can enroll into the program, and start writing your own story, as you delve into the world of online marketing, understanding what makes a profitable business and what not.

    What is the Kibo Code Quantum?

    A prequel to Kibo Eclipse, Kibo Code Quantum is an e-Commerce training program by the creators of the Kibo Eclipse program, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. Launched in 2021, the Kibo Code Quantum focused on helping individuals build a profitable online business using business models and trends popular in 2021.

    The Kibo Code Quantum, in layman terms, is the sequel or spin-off to the original Kibo Code by the creators Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton. With improvements and upgrades to the original Kibo Code training program, this training program contained 7 modules (explained in detail below) that taught individuals how to build a great eCommerce empire. For a thriving ecommerce business, the Kibo business model also included Kibo’s proprietary software page and a shopping cart.

    Kibo Code leverages the following 7 modules for Kibo Code Quantum which helped a number of online stores become successful in their e-Commerce venture:

    Module 1 called Central Intelligence

    This is Kibo Eclipse’s first module that teaches online marketing basics through text and videos. It doesn’t matter if students are beginners or more advanced with e-Commerce. They will all benefit from the secrets this module has to present. This Kibo method is an evidently successful small business marketing strategy with online content that teaches how one can generate traffic and promote profitable products in order to become one of the successful online businesses that there are.

    Module 2 or StoreStorm

    If you do not have a pre-built online store and you wish to learn how you can set up an ecommerce store from scratch, this module will educate you all about it. Using FDA-approved research and e-Commerce methods, this module will teach you the most essential and basic online marketing method – selecting a domain, be it for niche websites or any eCommerce store and building the website from the ground up.

    Module 3, also known as Hand-Picked Products

    In this Kibo Code Quantum module, trainees are learning how to find the best products that could generate the maximum profits. It claims to teach how to make $2,500 a day in very little time.

    Module 4 or Profit Vault

    This module of the Kibo Quantum online marketing training services reveals products that could turn really big profits. It also educates about suppliers, stores, and who can do the best job for them. Buying and selling profitable products is the most crucial facet of any successful online store. However, in order to get your hands on profitable products, there are certain ecommerce methods that one needs to follow. The Profit Vault is the module that teaches online businesses how they can both buy and sell profitable products through online marketing.

    Module 5, called the Traffic Black Box

    The Traffic Black Box module teaches trainees how to get high traffic to their website by using traffic generation strategies unknown to others. These strategies don’t require investing too much effort and may get students the highest sales. For a thriving online business, it is important to know of methods that teach you about both free traffic sources as well paid traffic sources that are cheap and economical. This module of Kibo Code Quantum educates individuals about how they can have their own online store that extracts profits from cheap and sustainable paid traffic sources as well free sources of traffic.

    Module 6, also named Oracle X

    When reaching this module, trainees are supposed to already be running a successful online business. On top of that, Oracle X will teach them all this and how to automate the entire process so that they can spend their time monitoring the marketing and sales of their business. Any ecommerce store owner should have instant access to automation systems for monitoring the growth of their online store. Oracle X teaches

    Module 7 or Kibo Academy

    Enrolling into the Kibo Quantum last module teaches students how to fix common problems that may arise and hinder their performance to not be at a maximum. Apart from the already-learned business methods, the participants get the chance to know about other ecommerce methods that come in handy when running an online store to derive profits.

    Final Verdict – Is Kibo Eclipse Worth the Price?

    If you have read the Kibo Eclipse review this far, you must have gotten a clearance on whether the Kibo Eclipse program is right for you or not. In case you are questioning yourself if the program is worth the money, you may need to factor in several components such as the experience and expertise of the creators of the program, social proofs of success, the features and tools provided, etc.

    When you fit these components into the Kibo Eclipse’s equation, you will realize that the program is a highly rewarding way to generate significant amounts of online profits.

    You, too, can get yourself enrolled into the program at the click of a button through the official website and reap long-term rewards through online-money making as a budding eCommerce entrepreneur.

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