Kratom Vendors Review: Where to Buy the Best Kratom Near Me

If you’re here, chances are you are interested in purchasing or trying kratom for the first time for any number of reasons. Maybe you have pain in your back, or you’re struggling with anxiety and want to see if it could help. You could even be working extra hours and need an energy boost.

Whatever your motivation for trying this herb, you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing the right vendor. Our guide will give you the details on the best kratom vendors and tips for selecting the best one for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kratom Vendor

As with any product or service, some low-quality vendors don’t sell the best goods. Some of these low-quality vendors sell ineffective or even expired products. To keep this from happening to you, you’ll want to make sure whatever vendor you select holds certain qualities.

1. Certification from the AKA

The American Kratom Association works to verify vendors to ensure you’re purchasing quality, safe products. The best kratom vendors have AKA approval and give users peace of mind investing in a quality product.

2. Online Reputation

A vendor should have a positive online reputation. Look to the big names for help when searching for a new vendor. If they’re popular and well-known, it’s because they’ve gained the trust of the community by providing quality products. And of course, always be wary of vendors with no reviews or dozens of negative ones.

3. Product Quality Testing

Online reputation is essential, but it means nothing if the vendor doesn’t test their products. A respectable vendor will provide only the purest, highest-quality products. Product testing is a way to ensure that quality.

A vendor’s website should state whether they test products for quality. If you can’t find the information quickly, it’s probably not a vendor you want to consider.

Top 10 Best Online Kratom Vendors of 2021

Finding the best kratom vendors doesn’t have to be a hassle. Check the list below, and you’ll be sure to find a vendor you’ll love.

1. Kona Kratom

This online vendor works closely with farmers in Borneo, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam to ensure customers receive the highest quality product. With a wide selection, there are many reasons why Kona Kratom is number one.

Kona has been awarded among the top kratom brands in the United States by Herald Net, Seattle Weekly, The Daily World, Kent Reporter and more.

All of their products have received AKA approval, and they have some of the lowest prices you’ll find on the market. Plus, they have one of the most expansive collections of strains that you may encounter. Whatever you’re looking for, Kona will have.

2. VIP Kratom

VIP Kratom is AKA certified and specializes in high-quality products. This vendor stands out because it only sells premium, potent kratom powders and liquids. VIP Kratom takes pride in only selling top-shelf products, which in turn leads to their smaller selection. If they can’t get the best of a specific strain, they simply won’t sell it.

The potency and quality of their products also lead to higher prices. Users will pay a higher cost per gram, but considering they’re paying for the highest caliber of quality, it’s well worth the money.

If you’re new to the scene and shopping with VIP Kratom, start at a lower dose to see how it affects you first.

3. Star Kratom

The next vendor is relatively new to the market, but don’t let that deter you from shopping at Star Kratom. In a short amount of time, this vendor has made a name for itself.

What makes Star Kratom different is its fast delivery times. They are situated near a significant postal hub, making it possible to make several drops per day. On average, users receive their products 2-3 days faster than other vendors.

With AKA-certified products, this vendor remains high on our best kratom vendors list because of their high standards and dedication to their product.

4. Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions (OPMS)

Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions has been in the industry since 2010. They are a top-rated supplier. Indeed, they’re so popular that counterfeit OPMS products sometimes appear on the market.

Be sure to shop here to get the real deal. Visit the website to see the vast array of kratom, including liquid, powder, and capsules.

5. The Golden Monk

This next vendor is one of the oldest suppliers to date. Their reputation for great prices lets them stay competitive in the growing market.

Shoppers can regularly find discounts on the website in addition to their already reasonable prices. If you purchase and enjoy their product, be sure to sign up for their loyalty program and newsletter to get the best deals.

The Golden Monk also offers a wide selection of products, so you can find whatever you need without breaking the bank. This vendor is a great one to check out for quality products at a reasonable price.

6. Kat’s Botanicals

Kat’s Botanicals is a highly-rated, popular vendor that offers quality products. Besides kratom, you can find CBD products as well. Kat’s Botanical products stand out because of their efforts to practice ethical business and harvesting.

There’s also a wide array of capsules. It’s a great way to consume kratom without dealing with the often unpleasant taste of powders and tinctures.

7. Njoy’s Kratom

Njoy’s Kratom is another brand committed to ethical business practices, but this vendor takes it a bit further by adhering to Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. Product testing results are available on their website.

An AKA-certified, Njoy’s has been safely providing services to American consumers since 2013. It has established itself as one of the best kratom vendors in the market.

8. Happy Hippo Herbals

Happy Hippo Herbals focuses all of its energy on ensuring that customers receive the very best product. Their website could use a bit of an update, but website design aside, this lesser-known but still high-quality vendor puts the customer first.

They organize their product based on effect so consumers can know what to expect when using this kind of herb.

9. MitraGaia

MitraGaia is another veteran in the market trusted by many. This vendor features a wide array of raw kratom powder. MitraGaia ranks as one of the best kratom vendors because of its affordable price and wide selection.

They’ve been in business for six years and even offer fantastic discounts on bulk orders. If you’re looking to place a large order, then this is the place for you.

10. Remarkable Herbs

Remarkable Herb is a vast online vendor that has a customer base far and wide. Like the other best kratom vendors on this list, they sell powder, capsules, and liquid. However, Remarkable Herbs also sells niche items like kava and cat’s claw.

This vendor is a great place to branch out and try different powders or liquids. While you can easily shop online, Remarkable Herbs has 15,000 stores nationwide, which means that there’s probably a store in or near your city.

Top 3 Best Online Kratom Vendors of 2020


These three best kratom vendors ranked among the top in 2020. They specialize in a premium product backed by quality-tested and loved by those in the community.

1. PurKratom

The vendor is one of the best online kratom vendors because it is popular and highly trusted. With over 9,000 customer reviews, it’s no wonder why this vendor is on this list. They have a wide range of powders and strains for you to try.

2. Krabot

Known for its range of products, this vendor has taken a much more modern approach to the market using a sleek website design and packaging. Although a bit more expensive than the others, its products assure ethical growth and testing. The price is well worth it.

3. Bulk Kratom Now (BKN)

BKN primarily sells wholesale kratom. Because they deal in large quantities, their prices are a bit higher upfront. But the savings play out when you look at the cost per item. If you’re for a place to stock up on premium kratom, this is the place for you.

Top 3 Best Online Kratom Vendors of 2019

Below are the three highest-rated vendors from 2019.

1. Phytoextractum

Phytoextractum is a popular vendor dedicated to providing authentic, high-quality kratom and CBD products. They make a point never to sell any imitation or synthetic kratom. They’ve been in the business since 2015, so they’ve had years to gain the trust of many consumers.

Whiletheir inventory is vast, Phytoextractum has more to offer than just CBD and kratom. They also have coffee, incense, and even books.

2. Kratom Lounge

Kratom Lounge is another one of the best kratom vendors for many reasons. First, they make sure to price their products reasonably so that more people can purchase them.

If you’re a frequent user, you probably visit online shops and might find yourself spending quite a bit of money. Kratom Lounge can help with that. They offer great discounts on bulk orders that are hard to pass up.

They also value customer service, and it’s apparent how they organize the products by color so customers can find the right strain.

3. EZ Kratom

EZ kratom specializes in wholesale purchases. They firmly believe that other vendors charge too much for bulk sales, and they want to change that. Their website has customer reviews for each strain, so you can read real user’s experiences while you shop.

The retailer even offers samples for those who want to try before they buy. They have a wide range of products, including popular strains like Green Maeng-Da and Red Bali.

5 Top-Rated Reddit Kratom Vendors


Reddit is a popular social media platform that allows people from all over to discuss many different topics like movies, music, and pop culture. There’s a Reddit community for almost anything, including kratom.

Below are some of the best kratom vendors highly rated among Reddit users.

1. Herbal-RVA

Herbal-RVA is a fantastic choice for consumers who love kratom or want to start their journey but don’t have lots of money to spend. This vendor is popular among Reddit users for its affordability. With a wide selection of products to choose from and fast shipping, it’s no wonder why this vendor is #1.

2. Kratom Crazy

At this vendor, they take selling quality products very seriously. It’s so important to them that they ensure each product has a minimum of 1.4% mitragynine. They make buying the herb easy for newcomers by keeping the names of strains basic and straightforward.

3. Your Leaf Your Life (Philly Kratom)

This vendor is famous for its many options. It specializes in string-dried kratom, which is a method different from the conventional tarp-drying approach. Your Leaf Your Life is fantastic for more experienced users who want to try something a little different.

4. Sosaspeciosa

Reddit users rave about this vendor because of their quality product, affordable prices, and dedication to ethical business. Theirproducts go through rounds of testing, making them some of the best.

An interesting note about this vendor is that all orders have to take place through email. Despite their ancient way of taking orders, their products are worth it.

5. SoCal Herbal Remedies

Last on our list of popular vendors amongst Reddit users is SoCal Herbal Remedies. This vendor has a wide selection of products, fantastic reviews, and incredibly potent kratom. However, it’s important to note that SoCal Herbal remedies have closed down and are no longer business.


Kratom is on the rise, with more people wanting to jump on the bandwagon every day. One of the biggest reasons newcomers decide not to try the herb is because they don’t know where to find a trustworthy vendor.

Here, we’ve reviewed the leading kratom vendors, so you can be sure of finding a seller that supplies quality products.

Our top three selections are Kona Kratom, VIP Kratom, and Star Kratom. With Kona, you get consistency in quality and unbeatable prices from a vendor with excellent relationships with its farmers. VIP’s premium quality will make you feel very important and very sophisticated. And with Star, you can support a brand that has shown that a good business runs on excellent customer service.

The other vendors here are excellent choices, too. Remember when searching for a vendor to ensure they have an excellent reputation, AKA certification,and quality testing. If you follow these tips, you can select from the best kratom vendors on this list and be well on your way to getting premium kratom.

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