Millennial Medicine Reviews (Natural Health Response) Dr. Richard Gerhauser Report?

Doctor Exposes Dangers of Millennial Medicine in Natural Health Response

In a recent presentation, Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D. came forward with an important message. In his viewpoint, doctors today are practicing Millennial Medicine, which he describes as “junk science brainwashing that’s been quietly infecting America for decades.” For all the seniors out there, Millennial Medicine can be perceived as one’s worst nightmare. How did Dr. Gerhuaser arrive at this conclusion? He affirmed that almost 10 years ago, the practice almost killed him.

When he was 57 years old, he experienced a sharp pang in his chest at the rim of the Grand Canyon. As frightening as this might have been for him, the doctor managed to drag himself out that day, but wondered from then on, why him. Given that he has access to the best medical care on the planet, not to mention his career and lifestyle choices, Dr. Gerhuaser was surprised by the event. In search for answers, he landed on not one, but three lies that doctors have been telling patients for decades. Fortunately, it isn’t too late to reverse the damages incurred, but first a clear understanding of what the lies are must be disclosed.

What are the 3 Millennial Medicine lies?

The three lies are likely to cause stir within oneself, as they are very commonly shared by health practitioners. Summarized below are as per Dr. Gerhuaser’s words:

Millennial Medicine Lie #1: Give Up Red Meat or Resort to a Low-fat Diet

The expert maintains that red meat and fat will not negatively impact the heart. In all honesty, he is convinced that the duo may help save the brain. While vegetables are an important component for achieving a balanced diet, the general belief “all fat is bad” is nonsensical he says. He also shared the following regarding his recent finding:

“Right around the same time this low-meat, low-fat craze was introduced, I noticed a strange figure in the 1979 Centers for Disease Control (CDC) records. That year, 857 deaths were reported from Alzheimer’s disease, but suddenly […] deaths skyrocketed. By 1991 […] that number had increased by 1,500%.”

In further making his arguments for a high-fat diet, he appears to bring the consequences of a high-carbohydrate diet to light. To be more specific, he noted that eating more fat and fewer carbs may reduce the risk of developing dementia by 44%. Ultimately, “a high-fat, lower-carb diet is associated with faster brain processing speed, better learning, and stronger memory.” It makes some sense seeing how the brain is 60% fat!

Millennial Medicine Lie #2: You Have to Exercise to be Strong

Seniors can still become strong even if it has been over a decade since the last time they participated in a physical activity. Undoubtedly, regular exercise is good for all, but seniors do not have to spend hours at the gym. It turns out that too much exercise could potentially damage the heart, back and joints. Damages ensued in terms of libido levels, the immune system, or the brain shouldn’t be ignored either! Most doctors and physiotherapists are supposedly recommending exercises that are detrimental to seniors’ health (e.g., crunches, running, leg presses, etc.).

So, what does Dr. Gerhauser propose? It starts with a natural amino acid found in the body called beta hydroxy beta methyl butyrate, also referred to as the “Muscle Molecule”. Its role entails protecting and preserving muscles, which in turn might speed up growth. The expert refers to a study where 9 seniors were administered a “Muscle Molecule pill” and the remaining 9 took a placebo. By the end, the placebo group lost muscle mass 10 days later, while the control group’s muscle mass was preserved. A second trial with a similar aim noted that after 24 weeks, the control group improved their muscle quality by 21% and had built stronger muscles.

Millennial Medicine Lie #3: Aspirin Keeps Heart Attacks Away

Although aspirin has demonstrated to save lives from heart attack, Dr. Gerhauser believes too many seniors are on an “aspirin regimen.” This can quickly escalate to unwanted health conditions, and possibly death. He quoted the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) when he warned readers that “Aspirin-takers are 37% more likely to experience brain bleeding, but I’ll bet they’ll never show that on an aspirin commercial.” Besides bleeding, the medication has been associated with increased cancer deaths and any other type for that matter.

In making such strong affirmations, the expert introduced an indigenous tribe called Tsimane, where its people have the healthiest of hearts, yet consume close to 2,700 calories daily. What’s their secret? It might have something to do with their active farming lifestyles! More importantly, Dr. Gerhauser trusts the secret rests in a natural protein called PER2, making them virtually heart attack proof.

What is The Secrets Of Underground Medicine?

Published by Natural Health Response, and authored by Dr. Gerhauser, The Secrets of Underground Medicine is a 382-paged book that debunks three myths shared regarding Millennial Medicine. At large, it has been compiled to educate seniors on actionable steps to reverse any conceivable damage caused by such lies. To get hold of this resource, individuals will need to become members of the Natural Health Response newsletter subscription, but before getting into the specifics, let’s take a closer look at the learning opportunity at hand.

What is there to discover through The Secrets of Underground Medicine?

Dr. Gerhauser provided a sneak peek into his widely acclaimed book, and one thing’s certain, there’s plenty of knowledge transfer happening from his end. Thus, readers can anticipate learning the following from the receiving end:

Starting on page 333:

  • How more of one fatty drink can supercharge the brain and rescue seniors from scary diagnoses
  • Why red meat should be the go-to for fighting and preventing Alzheimer’s and is perfectly fine for the heart
  • Gerhauser-approved grocery list to grow a stronger “Fat Brain”
  • Forbidden foods mainstream media has been instilling in us all, however, is just fine by the expert’s books
  • A “Super Brain” MCT recipe that can power up senior brains

Page 347 – 350:

  • The exercise-free secret to preserving muscles
  • How it’s possible to boost Muscle Molecule production and keep strong, healthy pills
  • 3 other strength-building secrets for seniors who are looking for an extra boost

Page 353 and onward:

  • Gerhauser’s secrets to building a younger, healthier heart
  • The surprising Tsimane “eye trick” that puts an end to heart disease
  • All the research that shows how Tsimane tricks increase PER2 protein
  • The truth about costly knee replacement surgery
  • 1 little-known nutrient that boosts collagen production
  • Why the 120/80 number is a scheme to sell more drugs (science suggests otherwise)
  • Why chemotherapy is nothing but a “cash cow”
  • The powerful “Queen’s flower” extract that takes on diabetes right at the source

Does The Secrets of Underground Medicine come with anything else?

To actually get hold of The Secrets of Underground Medicine, a membership must be purchased to the Natural Health Response Subscription.

About Natural Health Response Subscription

Dr. Gerhauser’s private monthly report, Natural Health Response, contains insider access to natural treatments and solutions that most doctors aren’t aware of. By becoming a member, individuals will have a chance at reading over 77 exclusive and ground-breaking reports for fighting cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, vision loss you name it. Thrilling of them all is the fact that a subscription to Natural Health Response newsletter grants free access to a daily newsletter called Natural Health Today. Through the latter publication, the expert will indulge in life-changing breakthroughs.

AlphaPrime Guidebook for Men

As a subscriber, individuals will also get a free copy of the AlphaPrime Guidebook for Men. Inside this special report, the expert vouches to lay down the fundamentals for men during their golden years, whether it be regarding energy levels, muscle development, or erections! Interesting pointers made so far include:

  • The Japanese “Armor Weed” for healthy testosterone levels
  • The Indian “Stallion Herb” that boosts erection all night
  • The secret used by male celebrities to “give them an edge over 50”
  • 9 other potent, natural secrets that men over 50 should follow

How much does it cost to become a member of Natural Health Response?

A one-year membership to the Natural Health Response subscription costs $74. For seniors over 60 years of age, the first year is offered at a discounted rate of $37. Each subscription has also been protected by a 100% anytime guarantee. Should Dr. Gerhauser fail to keep his subscribers informed, customer service can be contacted for full purchase price refund. For more information on the refund policy, contact:

  • Phone: 1 (844) 802 5375
  • Email: feedback@naturalhealthresponse.com.
  • Submit a ticket: click here
  • Mailing Address: NewMarket, Health Publishing, LLC, 1117 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 USA

Meet Dr. Gerhauser

Dr. Richard Gerhauser is a board-certified medical doctor with two master’s degree. He also serves as a clinical professor at the University of Arizona and has over 10 years of experience and counting as a physician at Canyon Ranch medical facility. Did we forget to mention that he has his own private practice too? Above anything else, he remains a trusted doctor for celebrities, athletes, and seniors all of whom share the common goal of rescuing their health!


To recap, Dr. Gerhauser spent a considerable amount of time making claims likely to irk mainstream media and possibly the entire healthcare sector. In fact, our editorial team was quite shocked by the Millennial Medicine and the toll it has on the senior population. Not only does he go into great detail regarding their consequences, but he also provides solutions via The Secrets of Underground Medicine. Only later do we realize that access to the 382-paged book is guaranteed upon becoming a member of Natural Health Response.

Natural Health Response readers supposedly have the advantage of tapping into the expert’s medical breakthroughs when it comes to natural cures for healing and growth. As the editor, Dr. Gerhauser plans to unveil protocols for chronic pain, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. These are precisely the same protocols he recommends to his own patients in his practice located in Tucson, Arizona.

Moreover, readers will have access to the AlphaPrime Guidebook for Men reckoned to revamp sex life for the elderly. To think that a ticket to such avenues of knowledge will be granted upon joining Natural Health Response reflects value for price. Who would have thought a doctor of his stature would be offering tips that usually require an appointment months in advance? To learn more about Natural Health Response and all the steps to burying Millennial Medicine deep underground, click here>>>.


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