Mushroom Brain Boost Reviews (Scam or Legit) Brain Focus Boost?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to think faster, remember clearer and feel more productive? Feel as though the time has come to put behind lack of focus, concentration and confusion among other symptoms linked to brain fog syndrome? Fortunately, the aforesaid concerns can finally be taken care of thanks to a team of experts who decided to get down and dirty. The purpose of this review is to introduce what we anticipate is a solution for those who experience brain fog, namely, the “Mushroom Brain Boost.”

What is Mushroom Brain Boost?

Mushroom Brain Boost is touted as a 100% water-soluble nootropic supplement that might improve mental functions ranging from cognition, and memory to motivation, attention, and concentration. Consequently, productivity levels are expected to naturally rise followed by happiness and success. Designed to work by targeting different brain pathways, Mushroom Brain Boost is distinct because it refrains from hosting unnatural chemicals into our systems. Prior to navigating through the ingredient’s list, it is crucial that we review the mechanisms of Mushroom Brain Boost.

How does Mushroom Brain Boost work?

The Mushroom Brain Boost is equipped with natural compounds trusted to either directly or indirectly support brain function, which in turn might promote physiological processes such as memory, learning, executive functions, language, reasoning, focus, mood, and motivation. As maintained by the makers, the scientifically backed ingredients of the Brain Focus Boost supplement can go as far as protecting neurons, improving transmission signals, surcharging neurotransmitter synthesis, and developing new neurons and neuronal pathways. Taking everything into consideration, let’s now proceed to the ingredient list.

What ingredients are inside Mushroom Brain Boost?

The name says it all in the case of Mushroom Brain Boost: it encompasses a precise blend of mushrooms. Which types might you ask? Summarized below is the type along with existing evidence on its uses:

Organic Cordyceps Sinensis (225mg)

Cordyceps is a type of fungus that grows on certain larvae. A team of researchers explored the mechanisms by which this fungus might improve learning and memory in a mouse model. By the end, their findings supposedly suggest that Cordyceps may improve learning and memory by eliminating the effects of oxygen free radicals, preventing oxidative damage, and possibly protecting the nervous system [1].

Unfortunately, there are mixed opinions when comparing animal- and human-based models. For instance, one study looked at the effects of treatment with a commercially available supplement of Cordyceps and Reishi on cognitive function in young, healthy participants. The results demonstrated that a “combination of O. sinensis and G. lucidum supplements for 30 days did not enhance cognitive function domains in young healthy participants [2].”

Organic Reishi (225mg)

The next fungus/mushroom to have qualified for the purposes of Mushroom Brain Boost is Reishi. One review that looked at its mechanism highlighted that it regulates the central nervous system (CNS). Furthermore, it was mentioned that its neuropharmacological effects can be further broken down to, “sedative and hypnotic, neuroprotective, antinociceptive and analgesic, antiepileptic, and antidepressant effects [3].”

Interestingly enough, existing studies have demonstrated that Reishi might be more effective in preventing and treating brain injury/conditions and related symptoms [4, 5]. On the topic of cognition, one study looked to investigate the nootropic potential of Reishi on mice at two different doses (150 and 300mg/kg). It turns out that the mushroom, “has physostigmine like effect on brain acetylcholinesterase (AchE) activity [6],” adding that it does in fact possess nootropic potential and can improve memory of learning and ongoing tasks [7].

Organic Lion’s Mane (225mg)

The last of the fungi found inside Mushroom Brain Boost is Lion’s Mane. One source that investigated the effects of Lion’s Mane on the brain pinpointed that preclinical studies were able to show support. Specifically, the mushroom is believed to work by reducing “inflammation and biological markers of Alzheimer’s, improve cognition, and increase the release of nerve growth factor [8].” The latter was confirmed by another source that noted its uses for treating cognitive impairment, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s by promoting “the expression of neurotrophic factors [9].”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Getting to know the Brain Focus Boost supplement rich in mushroom is ideal for every consumer interested in making a purchase today. Here are the top questions about the Mushroom Brain Focus Boost formula:

What is the difference between fruiting body and mycelium extract?

Mycelium extract and fruiting bodies are similar in their nutritional value; however, the former isn’t as concentrated as the latter form. Since fruiting bodies contain higher levels of immune-supporting compounds, they have been selected for the purposes of Mushroom Brain Boost.

Why does nerve growth factor matter?

The nerve growth factor plays a protective role in the development and lifespan of sympathetic, sensory, and cholinergic neurons. It is what permits us to experience pain, temperature differences and touch sensations among others.

Is Mushroom Brain Boost safe?

Mushroom Brain Boost is deemed generally safe to take because each bottle was manufactured with “utmost care in our ultra-modern [NSG GMP certified] facilities with full scientific quality assurance testing at every lab stage,” writes the makers. That said, this supplement is neither for pregnant and nursing mothers nor appropriate for children. For those who are presently under a physician’s care or are taking prescription medication, an opinion should be sought for before adding anything new.

How should Mushroom Brain Boost be taken?

To make the most of Mushroom Brain Boost, individuals are asked to take two capsules daily with an adequate source of water.

What are the purported benefits of taking Mushroom Brain Boost?

The Mushroom Brain Boost formula is reckoned to promote nerve growth, surcharge neurotransmitters, increase blood flow and brain energy, support brain cell walls and brain protection against neurotoxins and free radicals, and lastly, it might stimulate brain plasticity. To put things into a simpler context, each serving may contribute towards the enhancement of mental functions, mental clarity, and brain power.

What is the best way to contact customer service?

For any questions and/or concerns, individuals can contact customer service by email at care@mushroombrainboost.com or by phone at 1 (844) 700 0729.

How much does Mushroom Brain Boost cost?

Each Mushroom Brain Boost contains 60 capsules sufficient for one month. Since the brain requires time to adapt to the included nutrients, individuals may want to consider taking Mushroom Brain Boost for at least three months. To encourage bulk purchases, the following price points have been introduced:

  • Buy 1 Mushroom Brain Boost, Get 1 Free: $59.74 each
  • Buy 2 Mushroom Brain Boost, Get 1 Free: $53.28 each
  • Buy 3 Mushroom Brain Boost, Get 2 Free: $39.75 each

Final Verdict

Based on the analysis above, Mushroom Brain Boost is a nootropic supplement that might surcharge the brain for maximum cognitive function. By combining three varieties of mushrooms, the makers avow that their immune-supporting and oxidative damage-preventing properties are what guarantee stimulation and protection on a neuronal level. Our research suggests that preliminary findings on this matter support the claims made, which is reassuring yet this only suggests promising results. Frankly, some may find comfort, while others may be left unaffected. What surprised us the most is the shortcomings of a potential refund request seeing that most supplements of this nature come with some level of risk-free trials. So, it may be encouraged for everyone to reach out to the welcoming customer support team before placing an order if this peace of mind is needed before ordering today. In the meantime, more on the strategy imposed in creating Mushroom Brain Boost focus supplement can be collected by clicking here>>>.

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