NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit

Aging is a natural stage in life that everyone will undergo. Sadly, society has the tendency to associate the elderly with illnesses, reduced independence, and to some degree, perceive them as a group lacking productivity. Why should they be treated any differently than youths? To answer this question and many others, a team of experts are joining forces via NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit.

This summit aims to provide guidance with regards to means that facility healthy living. That’s right, the experts plan to unravel secrets that ensure longevity and wellness, all while permitting individuals to celebrate their golden years. Considering everything, our goal for this review is to unearth every potential layer of this summit to see how useful it truly is.

What is NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit?

As hinted in the title, NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit is a virtual conference through which 21 prominent doctors and researchers of diverse backgrounds intend to share their viewpoints on the notion of longevity and living fulfilling life. Hosted by Brian Vaszily – an advocate in his own right – attendees can anticipate learning about insider secrets regarding health that are rarely presented to the public. Ultimately, their goal is to demonstrate to everyone that there’s neither shame in reaching the golden years, nor does anyone have to feel like they cannot overcome challenges thrown at them! To put things into a better context, let’s take a closer look at the available schedule.

How has NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit been structured?

Lessons to be learned through NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit will be delivered over the course of seven days. The reason for such a breakdown is so that each day can be devoted to a specific topic regarding aging and wellness. Summarized below are the selected topics along with the speakers that will be present:

Day 1: Immunity, Cancer, Surprise #1 Gut Health Indicator, Alzheimer’s and More

Gut health expert, gastroenterologist, and epidemiologist, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz will kickstart the first day of the summit by holding a discussion on the surprising and proven indicator of gut and immunity health. Additionally, he plans to reveal the “#1 dietary step” that most healthy individuals have unknowingly dismissed. Why is this important? It turns out that the latter step is fundamental for the fight against cancer, heart and kidney diseases, diabetes, and gut issues to say the least.

Up next, we have pioneer in integrative medicine and women’s health, Dr. Bal Pawa. As an autoimmune, medicine, heart, and gut health expert, she believes that abiding by the “5-R Approach” can ease issues pertaining to the gut, immune system, and allergies. Furthermore, she insists that everyone is presently doing one activity wrong, forcing them to face health-related consequences through increased stress and anxiety. Finally, neurologist, Dr. David Perlmutter believes everyone should be keeping track of a “vital sign” that can lead to several health implications. More on this will be revealed on the first day, but one thing is certain; when these levels are found in excess, individuals may be at risk of developing Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, and heart attacks.

Day 2: #1 Cause of Top Diseases, Detoxes, Foods and Reset Strategies

The first day alone dives right into serious matters and may be a lot to take in, but over the course of this summit, individuals will start to make the necessary links for their betterment. On that note, Dr. Joel Fuhrman will pedal into the second day by sharing a powerful evening step that many fail to take. In not doing so, he believes that everyone is depriving their bodies of a natural detox that prevents fat production and enhances DNA repair.

Another step he sees as being fundamental is trusted to improve sleep and restfulness. How can anyone neglect his knowledge of antiviral and anticancer foods, all of which will be laid out on day two! From here, pioneer in natural and integrative health, Dr. Joseph Pizzorno will take over the spotlight to reveal the #1 worst health problem, while stressing the importance of one major cause for diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more. Is there any way to prevent the aforesaid? Preventative measures will be debated during his slot!

Finally, neurologist and neuroscientist, Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary will be giving away her essential, three-herb cocktail and powerful three-seed gut detox teas for healthy bowel movements. That’s not all, the expert stands by the positive effect of sound healing on brain health, and measures that prevent DNA damage, combat mental health issues and ease menopause, perimenopause, and aging skins.

Day 3: Brain and Heart Resiliency, Longevity and Religion

The third day into NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit is when attendees will notice different aspects coming together to tell a story regarding wellness. Starting with pain resolution expert, Dr. Yoni Whitten, his goal is to walk everyone through the “5 ultra-effective steps” to adopt for pain management, frailty and stiffness among other physical limitations connected with aging. In fact, much of his discussion will revolve around his famously known, “Pain Fix Protocol,” which combines the studies of functional neurology, natural movement, and rehabilitation among others.

Following suit, we have Harvard Medical School teacher, biofeedback pioneer, and clinical psychologist, Inna Khazan, PhD. Inna avows that there’s one thing that many people are unlikely to know about their body, and how this piece of the puzzle serves as an indicator of brain and heart resiliency. Individuals can think of it as a “self-scan exercise,” and when coupled with a “specific nourishment” the chances of longevity are likely to increase by 50%!

Wrapping up this day is indigenous and ancient medicine researcher, and film director and producer, Nick Polizzi who believes in the spirituality approach to wellness. Specifically, he intends to reveal one essential step that Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad all taught and how it might translate to a healthy immune function. Along the way, he claims to shed light on an underused “King of Herbs” for autoimmune issues, medicinal mushrooms, and the significance of re-establishing sacred contracts.

Day 4: Nature’s Top Nutrients for Autoimmune, Brain Decline, Stress and More

What would a summit be if we aren’t told anything about natural solutions? TV celebrity, influential herbalist and biologist, Nicole Apelian, PhD will make her case for all-natural nutrients. To tackle this, she will uncover an under-used superfood reckoned to cure everything. Why is she so convinced? This unnamed superfood is said to embody anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-cancer, and antidepressant properties. Additionally, she will disclose four types of superfoods she consumes for her autoimmune disease. To end her segment, the expert will reason for wild nutrition over any others.

The implications of stress throughout the body can become burdensome, that’s why aromatherapist, herbalist and clean beauty expert, Amy Galper wants to bring awareness on three of the best anti-stress essential oils out there. These oils are said to house plants that are healthy for the skin and sleep quality. Besides the good, she also plans to spend time discussing about the implications of pathogens and how clever they are in masking themselves.

MD and cellular biologist, Dr. Sandra Kaufmann is the last of the speakers for this day and is widely acclaimed for her involvement in the field of longevity. With respect to NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit, her goals are to explain how one herb might repair DNA health, and the effects of toxic wastes called AGEs on certain health conditions coupled with appropriate solutions. Aside from the previously mentioned, she will also cover three ways to fix mitochondrial breakdown for maximum energy output.

Day 5: Cancer, Leaky Gut, Overthinking, Food Choices and Doctors Not Keeping It Real

The fifth day has been equipped with a mix of topics that might generally be of interest. Starting with Standard University School of Medicine alumnus, and former Director of Preventative Medicine for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Dr. Milton Mills MD, his intentions appear to revolve around nutrition/fuel. In particular, he will be disclosing the #1 food that must be avoided to reduce the risk of cancer and common health conditions, and three “SCFAs” that nurture the body and prevent leaky gut syndrome among others.

Then, we have veteran healthy food expert, plant-based chef, TV show host, YouTube influencer and best-selling author, Chef AJ. As per Chef AJ, there is one breakfast secret that very few people are aware of, yet it is potent enough to prevent diseases, random hunger cries and cravings. Interestingly enough, this same secret is trusted to promote healthy and youthful skin. Speaking of the skin, she also intends to share some of the biggest myths surrounding fruits and the “three no-no’s if you want young-looking skin.” Lastly, Chef AJ will explain what the notion “STINKIN’ THINKIN’,” means.

Picking up from where Chef AJ left off is best-selling author and well-known cancer survivor, Chris Wark, who will further delve into nutrition and natural therapies. In the context of this summit, he will reveal the “#1 change that literally saved his life,” and “two steps that decrease breast cancer risk by 50%.” To add to the aforesaid, he insists that individuals should stop neglecting stress and will make the case for why doctors’ sensitivity towards patients’ cancer diagnosis can be dangerous for healing.

Day 6: KEY to Immunity, Sleep, Rewiring the Brain and Evidently, Longevity

Up to this point, the majority of the summit will have been devoted to pinpointing the problems along with some possible solutions. As we near the end, the remaining experts appear to focus largely on the next steps. What might these entail? Fitness, nutrition and emotional health leader, Danette May will provide steps to executing the “HOLY H*LL YES!” exercise poised to provide answers to some of the biggest health-related questions. Moreover, she believes that there is an effective way to “rewire the brain” to look and feel younger than ever.

Afterwards, Naturopathic doctor and Doctor of Science in Oriental Medicine, and Clinic Operations Director, Dr. Kye Peven will share his twist on an easy DIY exercise that reduces tension. He also has under his sleeves details to an environmental factor likely to induce sleep. Then comes natural health, aromatherapy and anti-aging pioneer, Dr. Eric Zielinski who will share ways of limiting feelings of hopelessness. Likewise, he will be spending some time on a bathing exercise reckoned to reduce anxiety and depression, while enhancing immunity.

Day 7: The Ultimate Medicine for Youthful Energy and Becoming the Best Version of Oneself

We’ve arrived at the final day of NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit, where the remaining three speakers will further delve into how to get started with positive changes and recovery.

Holistic home design expert, Deborah Rae Cerni insists that 90% of our time is spent indoors, with roughly 66% of it spent within our homes. Hence, this very space can either make-or-break one’s health, leading to her quest of designing and arranging the home. What might this entail? At the time of writing, she noted that most of the changes will be regarding lighting, color, and clutter. At the same time, she will do her part to educate attendees on the impact that noise pollution and more can have.

The next segment includes therapist, speaker, and best-selling author, Marisa Peer who is a strong believer of self-talk, and the effect of positive versus negative self-talk on wellness and longevity. To get the conversation rolling, she will also spend a relative amount of time on orgasms and longevity among the population of 40 years old and plus. Other expected topics include mind-body steps for a youthful brain, and a potent medicine deemed supportive in the endeavor of retaining energy.

The last speaker of our panel of 21 experts is health leader and best-selling author, John Robbins. John plans to share a particular choice he made some 54 years ago that served as a vital component to his mental, physical, and emotional resilience. To think that this single change also left him to live free from chronic diseases is quite impressive! Who can ignore his secret to combating depression and feeling polarized? Sometimes our enemy may exist within us and ensuring that the fight from within is triumphed is what guarantees longevity and wellness!

When will NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit commence?

NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit has been scheduled to take place on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at 8 am Pacific (or 9 am Mountain, 10 am Central and 11 am Eastern). As seen in the above breakdown, three interviews will take place per day, each one running for anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes. To get started with the first steps to securing a seat to this virtual summit, click here.

How much does it cost to attend NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit?

There is no cost to attend the NOW IT’S PERSONAL: Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit. In fact, as a bonus, the team behind the event are also providing free access to “The Medicine Recipes: 24 Best, Easy & Fast Plant-Based Recipes that Health Your Body” eBook. Having said that, for people who want access to the discussions held, a fast action one-time fee of $67 will be charged.

For the $67, attendees are guaranteed the following incentives:

  • Permanent online access and easy-to-download audio recordings and written transcripts of each interview/episode
  • Permanent access to a collection of bonus gifts (valued at $1035.89)
  • Permanent knowledge on acquiring wellness at any age

Regarding the bonus gifts, they comprise content from past summits that delve into unique aspects of health beyond the scope of NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit. Specifically, attendees will have the opportunity to read over the following:

  • Bonus #1. The Complete 2021 Food Revolution Summit
  • Bonus #2. The Complete Immune Resiliency Summit
  • Bonus #3. A Date With Desserts by Chef AJ
  • Bonus #4. Beginner’s Guide to The Nutritarian Diet by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
  • Bonus #5. Essential Oils Starter Kit by Dr. Eric Zielinski
  • Bonus #6. Beating Back Pain by Dr. Yoni Whitten
  • Bonus #7. Get Younger Skin by Marisa Peer
  • Bonus #8. The Mind Body Cure by Bal Pawa, MD
  • Bonus #9. How to Relieve Stress & Anxiety with Aromatherapy by Amy Galper
  • Bonus #10. Cancer Freedom by Chris Wark
  • Bonus #11. 20 Natural Remedies + Recipes for Healing Inflammation by Nick Polizzi
  • Bonus #12. The Cacao Lovers Cookbook by Danette May
  • Bonus #13. The Complete Wholesome Living Course by Nathan Crane
  • Bonus #14. The 10 Most Health- and Life-Changing Special Reports from Brain Vaszily

Finally, each purchase seems to be backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Should the material fail to meet the mark, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. To initiate the refund processes, customer service must be notified by email at customerservice@TheArtofAntiAging.com within the allotted period.

Meet the Host

Earlier we introduced Brian Vaszily as the host of NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit. Well, he also happens to be the founder of The Art of Anti-Aging, a mission-oriented organization that provides support and guidance to those in their middle- and golden-years. Over the course of 20 years, Brian immersed himself in natural healthy and personal development research by working closely with renowned doctors, researchers, and organizations of our time. Why did he take this career path? A lot of his personal experiences from his past have been deep-rooted in his efforts to support others.

From such a young age, Brian was faced with undesirable circumstances that took a mental and physical toll on his existence. To this day, he expresses gratitude for the powerful women in his life who aided with his recovery. Realizing that not everyone might have such go-getters and moral support, he built The Art of Ant-Aging from the ground up, i.e., an organization on a mission to help people overcome toxic situations, and to empower them for maximum healthy and wellness. Here are a couple of words from Brian himself:

“Whatever your age, wherever your personal challenges, profoundly positive change is truly inevitable with what you’ll discover in NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit. And an amazing thing happens when people en masse are empowered with these life-changing answers: profoundly positive change is inevitable in our world. We each and we all need that positive, now more than ever.”

Final Verdict

Based on the evidently at-length review, it should be clear that NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit is for anyone and everyone who wants to debunk the myths of aging. Just because someone is getting older it doesn’t mean that they are less capable. That said, obviously changes need to be reflected upon to facilitate a safer and fulfilling life until the very end. To think that this summit has managed to amass 21 of the most widely spoken experts of our times in an array of fields is exciting. Most of all, this summit has been structured in such a way that offers different angles into aging, and how every conceivable issue can be rectified by making the smallest of tweaks. In accordance with everything, our editorial team sees value in this upcoming summit. In fact, this might be a beneficial way to start off the new year. To find out how you can secure your spot to NOW IT’S PERSONAL: The Ultimate Healthy Aging & Longevity Summit, visit here>>>.

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