PhenQ (May 2022 Update) Only Buy After Seeing Honest Review!

The skyrocketing craze for weight loss supplements is not unknown to anyone. An unhealthy lifestyle and poor dietary habits trigger unwanted weight gain and obesity. Therefore, obese individuals have no other option apart from weight loss supplements. With this escalating popularity and demand for diet pills, new weight loss supplements are launched by different companies every other day.

If body fat is the main reason behind your social embarrassment and you aren’t as fit as you used to be, weight loss pills can be your last choice. Every dietary supplement comes with a specific capability to accelerate fat burning, but not all of them can deliver the expected weight loss results.

So, which dietary supplement should you go for? Which weight loss supplement will turn out to be the ultimate savior for you?

Well, the PhenQ fat burner can be a premium pick for burning fat any day. If you want to support weight loss and increase muscle mass with a standard weight loss supplement, Phenq is the best choice you have.

However, you may remain skeptical while deciding to buy PhenQ weight loss pills to lose weight significantly. Several PhenQ reviews are live on the internet, but most of them lack the necessary information you seek about PhenQ weight loss pills.

This article unfolds everything you need to know about PhenQ diet pills, including how it helps in losing weight and why you should go for this product over other weight loss pills.

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is an elementary diet pill supplement that helps lose weight significantly. For many people, stored fat is equivalent to curses, and the PhenQ weight loss supplement is manufactured to induce the weight loss journey of everyone. The PhenQ dietary supplement attempts to suppress appetite and food cravings to shed excess weight.

The PhenQ weight loss supplement comprises natural ingredients to cut off stored body fat from your entire body. The all-natural ingredients make it possible to attain enormous health benefits apart from burning fat. Laterally, the manufacturers claim that the product is an exceptional choice for uncontrollable weight gain.

Being a compilation of proportionate ingredients, this supplement caters to other health benefits like better mood and energy levels, better cognitive capabilities, and many more. Now, let’s have an insight into how the PhenQ supplement aids in losing weight.

Formulation Capsules
Ingredients Capsimax, Calcium, L-carnitine Fumarate, Chromium Picolinate, a-LACYS Reset, Caffeine Anhydrous, Nopal Cactus Fiber
  • Reduces body fat percentage
  • Increases overall body temperature
  • Controls hunger, suppresses appetite, and gives a feeling of satiety.
  • Boosts energy levels and workout performance.
  • Enhances mental state and cures depression and anxiety.
  • Controls blood sugar levels.
  • Boosts overall metabolism
  • Prevents fat production and unexplained weight accumulation
  • Price
  • 1 PhenQ bottle: $69.95 each
  • 3 PhenQ bottles: $46.63 each
  • 5 PhenQ bottles: $37.99 each
  • Dosage Two capsules daily, one with breakfast and one with lunch
    Side effects No side effects reported so far
    Money-back guarantee 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked
    Bonus products 10 Buyers’ GuidesOne bottle of Adavana Cleanse with the pack of three bottles

    How Does PhenQ Catalyze Your Weight Loss Journey?

    Burns Body Fat massively

    Firstly, PhenQ diet pills assist in the fat-burning process by increasing your body’s heat. Thermogenesis is the natural fat-burning process to lose fat effectively. As your body fat percentage increases, your body’s capability of losing weight naturally decreases. The ingredients of PhenQ make it possible to trigger the state of thermogenesis in your body to cut off stored body fat more rapidly.

    By the side, the supplement also takes up your body’s metabolic rate to maximize your weight loss process. As your metabolism gets boosted naturally, nutrient absorption improves, and you lose weight drastically.

    The powerful ingredients of the product increase the levels of fat-dissolving hormones and chemicals that eliminate fat cells. To sum up, the PhenQ can overlap any other weight loss product available in the market in terms of fat burning. The supplement takes your weight loss journey through the natural and effortless fat-burning process.

    You need to follow a proper diet plan to maintain your body weight. No matter how many pounds you lose, your bodyweight won’t decrease unless the production of new fat cells stops. PhenQ makes that possible with relevant ingredients to help you lose weight efficiently.

    Unlike other weight loss supplements, PhenQ blocks your body’s natural fat accumulation process by enhancing the fat-dissolving hormones. Mainly, you get to maximize your results as you limit your daily calorie intake.

    On one side, the supplement burns fat and pauses unwanted weight gain on the other side. That’s why the results offered of this dietary supplement are way more evident than other nutritional supplements.

    Appetite Suppression

    The official website of PhenQ demonstrates that the fat burner promotes appetite suppression to deliver weight loss results. It can suppress appetite to some extent and makes you feel full. Also, your food cravings are reduced, and your body’s natural fat production rate is minimized. With that, PhenQ can accelerate fat burning to the maximum level within a short span.

    Optimized Energy Levels

    It’s essential to be high on energy to elevate the fat-burning speed of your body with workouts and an active lifestyle. The ingredients in PhenQ don’t let you run out of energy while you’re working out or doing other activities. As already mentioned, inactivity is the root cause behind unrestrainable fat accumulation, and that can be reversed with intense and energetic workouts and exercises only.

    Besides fat-reducing elements, PhenQ contains some energizing ingredients to help your body produce enough energy from fat. The enhanced fat metabolism of your body results in an increment in your body’s energy levels naturally. Therefore, you burn fat and obtain excellent energy levels throughout the day.

    Stabilizes Cognitive State

    Different studies have proved the association between the cognitive state of a person and his body fat percentage. It’s evident that people with poor mental health tend to gain weight faster than ordinary people, and they face challenges while reducing stored fat. Most weight loss supplements overlook this point, but PhenQ doesn’t.

    PhenQ has certain potent elements that are favorable for a better mental state. As you start consuming PhenQ, you’ll see an uplifted mood, and you’ll feel better as well. That’s why you can achieve your weight loss goals quickly with this particular supplement.

    Anyway, we have to look deeper at the list of ingredients present in PhenQ to understand how it works.

    Ingredients in PhenQ



    This ingredient makes PhenQ stand out among thousands of dietary supplements. This component is nothing but capsicum extract, effective in weight loss. The primary function of the powder is to reduce oral and gastric burning, but it participates in increasing free fatty acids and glycerols in your blood immediately. As you consume the powder right after your workout session, the increased levels of fatty acids and glycerols make you burn fat more intensely.

    However, Niacin powder and Peperine powder are mixed with capsicum extract powder to prepare the Capsimax™ powder. Tryptophan is one of the essential amino acids that help convert food into energy, and Niacin powder is generated from this amino acid only. Therefore, the consumption of the Capsimax™ powder helps your body convert meals into fuel by increasing nutrient absorption.

    Alongside, the presence of Peperine powder triggers the feeling of fullness, and you feel less hungry. As a result, your natural food intake decreases automatically, and your gut health remains optimum too.

    Combining these fat burn powders makes the Capsimax™ powder an excellent item for eliminating extra body fat. The presence of this powder as a key ingredient makes PhenQ more potent than other weight loss pills available in the market to help you lose weight.


    Though this is not a conventional fat-reducing ingredient, it’s one of the critical ingredients in PhenQ. The weight loss supplement is rich in calcium, making it a common choice for overall well-being. Clinical studies have confirmed that regular calcium intake in sufficient amounts can make your body temperature higher. With that, your body’s metabolism increases, and you lose weight significantly.

    By the side, calcium is one of the natural ingredients that make you stronger from the inside. Calcium strengthens your bone density, improves the functions of your heart and nerves. Still, it can be considered a supportive ingredient for fat burn.

    L-carnitine Fumarate

    L-carnitine is a natural fat burner that PhenQ contains to block fat production. Also, it helps convert more food into energy, including fatty foods, and that’s how it makes you burn extra body fat as per your expectations. This is one of the natural ingredients found in the most popular diet pills.

    As a naturally-occurring amino acid, this component prevents fluid retention inside your body. Unnecessary fluid retention is the reason behind multiple health complications, and L-carnitine fumarate can stop them.

    a-LACYS Reset

    Alpha-lipoic acid is a crucial ingredient to induce lipolysis in the human body. a-LACYS Reset is a blend of alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. Lipolysis is the natural fat-dissolving mechanism of the human body, and a-LACYS Reset boosts the rate of lipolysis to help you lose weight faster than you assume.

    On top of that, L-cysteine is directly linked to the secretion of the hunger hormone, Ghrelin. The component reduces the secretion of Ghrelin to ensure that your food intake and calorie intake decrease. With a controlled appetite and moderate hunger frequency, your body tends to burn fat pretty fast.

    Being a perfect blend of these ingredients, a-LACYS Reset offers both kinds of benefits mentioned above. 25 g of a-LACYS Reset is present in PhenQ, which does the job of fat reduction very smoothly.

    Chromium Picolinate

    PhenQ contains chromium picolinate in a significant dosage, and that’s what makes the fat burner an exceptional choice. Almost every weight reduction supplement contains chromium picolinate, as this edible formation of chromium boosts metabolism and controls blood sugar levels.

    Chromium picolinate is directly associated with the functions of insulin in the human body. Adequate intake of chromium picolinate reduces sugar cravings and helps retain blood sugar levels. Excess sugar cravings often lead to unintended weight accumulation. Being rich in the ingredient, the PhenQ supplement can prevent fat production.

    Caffeine Anhydrous

    If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time, you don’t need further clarification about the effectiveness of caffeine in triggering weight loss. Caffeine anhydrous can amplify the results offered by caffeine as it is a dehydrated and more concentrated version of caffeine. The compilation of the PhenQ supplement impacts your energy levels positively. You enjoy elevated mood and energy levels as you regularly consume the product.

    Moreover, the ingredient boosts your natural metabolism to reduce fat and manage body weight successfully.

    Nopal Cactus Fiber

    Each diet pill in a bottle of PhenQ is rich in this ingredient. Nopal cactus is a unique cactus species that promotes a wide variety of health benefits. As the fibers extracted from the plant are rich in amino acids, the fibers can reduce high blood sugar levels and ensure decent cardiovascular functions. Also, the necessary amino acids are rich in antioxidants to detoxify your body.

    According to our research and editorial team, these are the critical ingredients in PhenQ diet pills. If you continue taking these pills along with an appropriate diet and exercise plan, you can retain lean muscle mass while going through an effective weight loss procedure.

    What Are the Mentionable Features of PhenQ?

    • PhenQ is manufactured with handpicked all-natural ingredients that reputed scientists back.
    • The diet pill is an established vegetarian-friendly option for vegan individuals.
    • The supplement is manufactured in the US and UK’s FDA-approved labs and research facilities.
    • The manufacturers claim this product to be a trusted option with a 100% weight reduction guarantee.
    • The product is free from additives, preservatives, and other chemicals, and it is consumable for everyone.
    • The supplement is not addictive, and users aren’t supposed to develop any dependency on the product.

    How Much Weight Can You Reduce With PhenQ?

    The official website of PhenQ states that it delivers noticeable results within short spans. According to the PhenQ reviews on the official website, the fat burner pills have helped users shed approximately 2 lbs every week if consumed continuously regularly. However, users are expected to follow an effective exercise routine to get the product’s best benefits.

    The supplement has millions of satisfied users across different cities worldwide, and they claim to reduce up to 8 lbs over a month. Again, a strict diet and exercise routine can help you maximize the results.

    You don’t need to keep consuming the pills after you’ve got to your weight reduction goals. Anyway, you can resume consuming them if you feel that you’ve started accumulating fat again.

    You must have realistic weight loss goals to get the most out of the product. You can’t aim to get lean within a week or two as you start taking the product. Instead, it would help if you were patient and consistent with the process.

    A healthy diet can help you achieve realistic weight loss goals within the mentioned time frame.

    PhenQ Recommended Dosage

    If you want your weight loss goals to be successful with the PhenQ supplement, you’re supposed to take two capsules daily. You can start consuming more pills if your doctor recommends you to do so. Most importantly, it would help if you took every dose of PhenQ before your lunch.

    As PhenQ pills contain high doses of caffeine, they can mess up your sleep pattern if you take them after lunch. We strongly recommend you seek the consultation of your physician to find out the proper dosage for yourself to lose weight.

    Side Effects of PhenQ

    As one of the leading weight reduction supplements, PhenQ comes with almost zero side effects. The supplement is certified by the Food and Drug Administration. However, users aren’t expected to overdose on the pills as that may lead to minor symptoms like- stomach discomfort, nausea, fatigue, etc.

    However, the mild side effects of the product can be overruled as you stop consuming the pills. Once you do so, the symptoms will disappear themselves. Anyway, users prone to developing allergies due to certain ingredients should refrain from consuming the tablets.

    According to the manufacturers, the pills are manufactured for adult users, and patients with existing diseases should not consume them. Also, the tablets aren’t meant to help pregnant women reduce weight. Though the PhenQ tablets don’t interact with birth control pills, pregnant women should strictly avoid these pills to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

    The Price of PhenQ

    Every bottle of PhenQ consists of 60 capsules, and each bottle is considered a one-month supply. The prices of PhenQ packages are as follows:

    • 1 PhenQ bottle: $69.95 each
    • 3 PhenQ bottles: $46.63 each
    • 5 PhenQ bottles: $37.99 each

    Every bottle of PhenQ comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, and that makes the product a safe option to purchase. The tenure 60-day money-back guarantee starts from the day of the delivery of the product.

    The 60-day money-back guarantee means that you can return the product within 60 days after purchase if you’re not satisfied with the product’s performance. By doing so, you’ll get your money refunded, excluding shipping and delivery charges. Most importantly, the manufacturer will hold no authority to ask you why you’re returning the product.

    To get your money refunded, you need to get in touch with the customer support team of PhenQ. If you purchase three bottles at once, you need to return two opened bottles within the first 30 days and the unused one within the remaining tenure to get your money refunded.

    Once you get in touch with the support team to claim a refund, you can expect a response within the next two days. Customer service is available for further information via:

    • Phone: +1 (646) 513 2632
    • Email: support@phenq.com

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    PhenQ FAQs

    Q: Do I need a special diet to reduce fat along with the PhenQ supplement?

    A: Though PhenQ is marketed as a product that supports natural weight reduction without a healthy diet, users are advised to follow effective weight-reducing diet plans customized by their doctors or trainers to get the best benefits.

    Q: Can a person with diabetes take PhenQ?

    A: No specific restrictions have been mentioned by the manufacturers regarding this. Contradictorily, PhenQ contains nopal cactus fiber and chromium picolinate that are practical elements to manage healthy blood sugar levels. So, it can be stated that diabetic patients can improve their conditions by consuming the PhenQ pills.

    Q: What’s the best time to take the dosage of PhenQ daily?

    A: The manufacturers say that a standard serving of PhenQ consists of 2 pills. It would help if you attempted to take one tablet with breakfast and another with lunch to witness beautiful benefits as a user.

    Q: Who are the manufacturers of PhenQ?

    A: PhenQ was launched and marketed by Wolfson Brands, one of the leading pharmacological manufacturers in Europe. Apart from PhenQ, the brand came up with several health supplements to promote users’ overall well-being.

    What Bonuses Can You Expect to Get with a PhenQ Package?

    Buyers’ Guides

    Unlike most renowned supplements, every package of PhenQ comes with ten Buyers’ Guides to educate users about weight reduction programs and effective calorie-burning techniques. The Buyer’s Guides are downloadable, and they contain all the information related to your diet, meals, workout plans, and other aspects of your weight reduction journey.

    Adavana Cleanse

    If you purchase three bottles of PhenQ altogether, you get a bottle of Adavana Cleanse with the package for free. This is a detoxifying supplement that helps you eliminate the excess wastes of your body while boosting your metabolism and keeping your gastrointestinal health sound. If you include the Adavana Cleanse in your daily routine with PhenQ, weight reduction will be a matter of time.

    PhenQ Scams

    Like every other supplement, duplicate and fake packages of PhenQ are sold in the online and offline markets. The fake PhenQ bottles don’t deliver expected weight reduction results, and they tend to trigger harmful side effects.

    The manufacturers of PhenQ instruct their users to purchase their PhenQ packages from the official website only. Even eCommerce stores like Amazon, Walmart aren’t trustworthy in buying supplements like PhenQ. Moreover, they forbid you to buy from the local stores either.

    To avoid the ongoing PhenQ scams, you must purchase your bottles from the official website and scan the authentication barcode of the product.

    PhenQ Final Words

    As you’ve gone through the entire review, you must have understood why PhenQ is counted among the leading fat-reducing supplements across the world.

    The supplement can deliver unbelievable transformational success if taken correctly. Also, the product becomes a safe purchase as it is covered with a dedicated and assured money-back guarantee.

    The PhenQ reviews on the company’s official site will show how much the users loved the product. PhenQ takes your weight reduction journey a step ahead of what you can imagine. So, if you’re in doubt about purchasing the product, we suggest you take the risk and buy the product once.

    None of the information and advice provided above is an alternative to professional medical advice. Get in touch with a certified medical consultation provider before consuming the pill.

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