PrettyLitter Reviews – Is Pretty Litter Smart Cat Box Worth the Money?

Pets are like family, and their well-being will be of utmost importance to many people. In that respect, several pertinent pieces of information are overlooked for pet care, especially cat health. Cats are widely known for their ability to mask their pain until it becomes unbearable. Although cats are communicative in their ways, sure signs are challenging to decipher. The question to ask oneself is, “How might I go about tracking my cat’s wellness?” Well, this is where it is fitting to introduce PrettyLitter.

What is PrettyLitter?

PrettyLitter is a health monitoring cat litter that provides insight into a cat’s health. How? As per the makers, this litter has been developed to change colors, each painting a unique picture and warning signs requiring immediate attention. Our editorial team’s fascinating learning is that the color change may reveal much more about a cat’s health than the furry animal’s reactions. There must be some sort of science behind how this works. It turns out there is, and it must be thoroughly reviewed to master the signs.

How does PrettyLitter work?

PrettyLitter is made using absorbent, lightweight silica gel crystals naturally occurring minerals. The reason for their color-changing capacities rests in the millions of tiny pores within each grain, all of which can absorb as much moisture as possible. So, crystals that are either dark yellow or olive green in hue allow cat owners to be relieved since it depicts alkalinity levels within the average range. Things only become worrisome if the shade is neither of the two.

For instance, a dark blue hue suggests alkalinity outside the average range. It can be perceived as a hint for urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder stones, and other related issues. An orange hue implies increased acidity and is associated with metabolic and kidney tubular acidosis. Finally, a red tint is probably the most obvious one; it indicates blood in the urine. This is typically a cry for help because it might lead to clotting disorders or kidney diseases, and in rare cases, bladder cancer and internal injury.

If these abnormal hues persist or exceed 48 hours, medical assistance must be sought after. It is important to note that cat owners shouldn’t rely solely on their urination to evaluate their wellness. Any unusual behavior exhibited should be factored in as well. PrettyLitter is just one way of understanding cat health and may not suffice on a case-by-case basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How different is PrettyLitter from other cat litters?

A. PrettyLitter is a clump-free, unscented, ultra-lightweight litter containing soft, beach-like crystals. Meant to last one month, it is also low in dust and maintenance and is offered in single- and multi-cat strength. The single aspect setting PrettyLitter apart from other available solutions in the market is its ability to serve as a health indicator.

Q. Why is clumping a problem?

A. Clumping is seen as a problem because a litter that is clumped, scooped, and disposed of needs to be replaced throughout the month. With PrettyLitter, the litter only requires changing once every three to four weeks. This is beneficial for cat owners, as the job can be done using less. Above all, its non-clumping formula promotes cat owners to dispose of the feces swiftly!

Q. How should PrettyLitter be used?

A. Cat owners are asked to pour the entire contents of the PrettyLitter bag into a clean litter box. It is essential to achieve 2 inches of depth to remove the cat feces daily. In so doing, it is recommended to shake off the extra litter granules then the litter must also be mixed daily to avoid saturation in the same spots that cats prefer to urinate for optimal uses and benefits. Lastly, when the time comes to change the contents of the litter, any residue must be cleaned out before pouring in a new supply.

Q. How long will a bag of PrettyLitter last?

A. Each PrettyLitter bag is designed to last up to one month.

Q. Will any risk arise by exposing cats to PrettyLitter?

A. PrettyLitter was designed by a team of veterinarians and scientists specifically for cats. The choice of silica gel and the company’s proprietary formulation of indicators have been approved for studying health. Therefore, there aren’t any inherent risks to exposing cats to this litter system.

Q. Can a single PrettyLitter be used for a multi-cat household?

A. While a single PrettyLitter can be used for a multi-cat household, it is not ideal for those wishing to monitor each cat’s health. Ideally, extra litter boxes and bags of PrettyLitter should be available so that cats’ bathrooms can be isolated to see whether everyone is healthy.

Q. Will PrettyLitter work in a self-cleaning, automated litter box?

A. Yes, PrettyLitter’s sand-like texture is deemed compatible with many automated self-cleaning litter boxes. If said litter boxes work well with other crystals, then similar results can be achieved by incorporating PrettyLitter.

Q. My cat is older and more significant; how many PrettyLitter bags should I buy?

A. For older and larger cats, a depth of at least 3 inches is preferred for optimal absorption. In this case, two PrettyLitter bags will be most appropriate. To start, only one and a half bags should be used. The remaining will serve as lining for the surface of the tray.

Q. What cat urine crystals, and how can they be identified?

A. The team defines cat urine crystals as “microscopic minerals made of ammonium, phosphate, and magnesium.” On their own, each of these minerals is magical. Issues only flourish when the trio joins forces. Specifically, in high concentrations, the trio forms struvite crystals in cats. Fortunately, small concentrations have no dire effect. Some indicators of this phenomenon can be identified from a cat’s behavior:

  • Difficulty or pain when urinating.
  • Urinating outside of the litter box
  • Constant trip to the bathroom
  • Laziness and depression in cats
  • Bloody urine

Q. Is PrettyLitter effective at odor control?

A. Yes, matter-of-factly, it obliterates odor. How? According to the team at PrettyLitter, the use of super-absorbent silica gel implies urine trapping, which then dries out as solid waste. This also means odor is trapped, and moisture is eventually eliminated.

Q. What do the different colors indicate again?

A. Shades between yellow and green are typical signs of healthy acidity and alkalinity levels, whereas red, blue, and orange depict blood, increased acidity, and increased alkalinity. We encourage everyone to read over how PrettyLitter is designed to work.

Q. How long will it take for an order of PrettyLitter to arrive?

A. Orders are typically processed within one business day and will arrive within 3 to 5 business days.

Q. Is it possible to order more than four bags at once?

A. Yes, the PrettyLitter team is open to discussing bulk option rates or a one-year supply at a discounted rate for people interested in placing bulk orders. Does a money-back guarantee protect PrettyLitteres, first-time customers who order? Online customers are automatically eligible for the 30-day risk-free guarantee. If for whatever reason, cat owners are displeased by PrettyLitter, they can contact customer service and request a full purchase price refund or cancel the subscription.

Refunds will only be accepted if PrettyLitter purchases are unused and unaltered and are returned with product tags and the original invoice. For more on the specifics, an email should be sent to

  • meow@prettylitter.com.

Purchase PrettyLitter

From the looks of it, PrettyLitter is offered as a subscription plan. For a household with 1, 2, or 3 cats, the monthly cost of this cat litter system is $22, $40, and $60, respectively. For households with over three cats, cat owners are recommended to purchase four and above. While individuals can get these bags delivered every four weeks, there is also the option to have them scheduled for delivery every three weeks. The one-week difference rests in whether cat owners require extra odor control.

Meet the Makers

Daniel Rotman is the founder and CEO of PrettyLitter; Daniel was always closest to an orange tabby he named Gingi. Gingi was always by his side, whether during his time in high school or when he got his first apartment as a young adult. Undeniably, his appreciation for Gingi is synonymous with caring for a baby.

One day, Daniel noticed unusual behavior, and by the time the tests were conducted, he discovered that she had been harboring a terminal illness for many months. What were thousands of dollars able to do in this case? Keep her alive for another six months. Since then, he sought to create a solution that can help cat owners be more proactive in their lives, and this experience is what brought PrettyLitter to the world. Here are a couple of words from the cat lover before anything:

“PrettyLitter is created to give cat parents a proactive tool into their cat’s health and peace of mind knowing through early detection if your cat is experiencing a potential health issue. Our goal is to get your cat care before urgent medical attention is needed, saving you money, stress, and potentially your fur baby’s life.”

To pay it forward, the PrettyLitter team has been working with several non-profit partners, including:

  • Humane Society of the U.S., Marsha P. Johnson Institute & Operation Blankets of Love
  • Thirst Project, Animals for Armed Forces & The Okra Project
  • Heaven on Earth, Kitten Rescue LA & The Cat’s Meow Animal Rescue
  • The Cattery Cat Shelter & Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation
  • Best Friends Animal Society, Cat Café Lounge & International Fund for Animal Welfare
  • SPCALA & Shanti/PAWS

Lastly, our editorial team was amazed by how much traction PrettyLitter has garnered. There’s at least one piece on this innovative cat litter by outlets such as Nat Geo’s Pet Talk, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Today, Forbes, RollingStone, Buzzfeed, New York, Cosmopolitan, Best, The Oprah Magazine, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to list a fraction.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, PrettyLitter is a cat health indicator designed based on changes to the color of silica gel crystals upon cat urination. Our editorial team sees value in this investment compared to conventional litter boxes because of the health assessment and its ability to go a long way with just one bag. If this were a traditional litter box, cat owners would be left to make frequent trips to the store for a replacement while constantly changing the box’s contents; nothing else is indeed gained.

Another facet that drew us closer to PrettyLitter is the mere fact that it symbolizes the involvement of veterinarians and scientists who understand cat health. If this isn’t adequate, there’s ongoing media coverage suggesting its worth! Who can forget how devoted the founder and CEO is to this cause, which led him and his establishment to partner with pet communities?

Taking everything into account, one thing that cat owners should be mindful of is the fact that PrettyLitter shouldn’t be solely relied upon. If a cat’s behavior is abnormal and is presented well before a color change, a veterinarian’s assistance should be immediately sought. For more information on how to get hold of your respective PrettyLitter, visit official website here >>>.

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