Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychic Readers You Can Trust for Fast, Accurate & Truthful Answers

What do you do when life throws you for a loop? It is human nature to doubt ourselves and our capabilities when our future is unclear, and our present is also nothing to be admired about. The sleepless nights that tag along only make it more challenging to be hopeful about the future. So, it’s no wonder when each day is accompanied by endless struggles where we find ourselves trying to catch up with the rest of the world in the hope that we don’t get left behind.

Will I ever find my soulmate? When will I get that promotion that I kept waiting for? When will I have enough savings to mortgage my own house? These questions (and many more) invade our minds until we are incapable of doing anything but thinking about them in pure vain.

That’s why when the uncertainty of our future threatens our sanity, several people turn to psychic reading services to calm their nerves and bring clarity to their tangled thoughts. While life may not be perfect for anyone, sometimes all we need is a helping hand that allows us to witness the streak of lights amid the darkness.

However, before taking the plunge and reviewing the top psychic reading online services, let’s talk about how the best online psychics can help you heal and move on in your life, giving you a sense of better direction.

Why Should You Give Online Psychic Reading a Try for the First Time?

Simply put, online reader use divine powers to see and comprehend things in a way that most people can’t. They do it by digging up information that’s beyond our understanding thanks to their unbreakable intuition that they use to see the foreseeable future.

However, it’s vital to understand that thinking about psychic reading in terms of “what’s about to happen” is also somewhat wrong. That’s because it’s not just the upcoming events of life that psychics can read for you. In reality, they can give you insights regarding your present as well.

Psychic reading is meant to analyze your life as it is and then prepare you for the future accordingly. It’s like finding light at the end of a dark and scary tunnel that you’re venturing alone by assessing where you are in the present.

As for the online feature, we can’t deny that this has become necessary for people already juggling their responsibilities, especially since the pandemic. COVID-19 has undeniably disrupted the globe’s system, limiting hundreds and thousands of individuals in desperate need by restricting their contact to online connections. In the middle of this chaos, online psychic reading is the only way to regulate one’s life when they’ve already endured the loss of their loved ones while suffering from incredible financial loss. Not to mention, falling victim to our own mental and emotional health has left most of us feeling exhaustingly bare.

Ultimately, to initiate the recovery process, it’s best to look for free psychic reading online platforms. After all, there is no better cure than receiving solid predictions and advice to jump the rough patches of life knowingly.

Top 5 Websites for Reliable Psychic Readings

With a streaming line of online services available on the internet these days, it can get challenging to pick out one that suits our needs the best. Moreover, unfortunately, various platforms provide scam services to clients, looting their money while giving nothing in return. Therefore, to make things easier for our readers, we have selected only the top contenders from the psychic reading industry that offer genuine online services.

Since most free psychic reading online platforms are well-known and truthfully advertised for separate expertise with special offers for its clients, it’s crucial to differentiate between them all. Here are our top five handpicked suggestions for you that provide people with the most reliable psychic reading experience:

#1: Kasamba

  • Ideal platform for psychic advice on “love and relationships”
  • For First-Time Customers: First 3 Minutes FREE + 70% off for the FIRST SESSION
  • Mobile app on App Store and Google Play + Option to connect with psychics on chat, voice call, and email

#2: Psychic Source

  • Best place for psychic advice on “career, job opportunities, and finances”
  • For First-Time Customers: First 3 minutes FREE + $10 for next ten minutes
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Mobile app on App Store and Google Play + Option to connect with psychics on voice calls, video calls, and chat

#3: California Psychics

  • Best for “live psychic readings to navigate life obstructions”
  • $1/minute + Special offers for new customers + free daily horoscope newsletter
  • Mobile app on App Store and Google Play
  • 5-star customer reviews for transparency

#4: Keen

  • Expertise in “spiritual healing and timely guidance”
  • For First-Time Customers: 10-minute trial psychic reading for $1.99 only
  • Option to filter psychics by rating, price, and expertise
  • Mobile app on App Store + Option to connect with voice call, video call, and chat

#5: Purple Garden

  • Best place for inexpensive psychic readings on “finding true love and passion”
  • Per-minute psychic reading price starting at less than $1.00
  • Most pocket-friendly online psychic reading

#1: Kasamba – Pay Attention to the Matters of Heart with Clear Readings


If there’s one thing that leaves us all aimlessly scratching our heads at different points of life, it is love. Or. to be more precise, it is figuring out where our relationship is headed. If that’s the case with you, there’s no need to look any further than Kasamba!

After all, with more than twenty years of experience under their belt, Kasamba remains to be one of the most reliable and astoundingly accurate online psychic reading websites in the industry. Moreover, while the psychics available online at Kasamba have certified skills and expertise in offering different types of readings, the one area that their clients keep boasting about is free tarot and free psychic reader. Moreover, the next best thing that they provide their clients with extreme conciseness is dream interpretation. You can even head on to their reviews sections to see how their readings usually end up being 100% accurate for the most querents.

Furthermore, we can’t help but comment on Kasamba’s strict and timely assessment process. To keep their reputation in check, the experts working for the online platform ensure there aren’t any scammers among the genuine psychics. They run background checks, go through the psychic’s criminal records, and make sure all psychics are categorized for only the skills they provide and nothing more.

Considering the website’s authenticity, it’s no wonder Kasamba has managed to render more than four million love readings until the present day. However, it’s essential to note that the platform also offers experts known for providing career forecasts, new-age spirituality, occult graphology, and financial outlook readings. In short, Kasamba employs certified and gifted psychics to deliver clarity in an individual’s life.

Moreover, Kasamba’s Google and Apple-based mobile applications also leave a favorable effect on clients looking for genuine psychic reading online. For example, several people new to psychic reading are hesitant to give an online service a try. However, by using Kasamba’s application, they can put their mind at ease by reviewing each psychic’s bio until they’re satisfied. These online profiles include the psychic’s expertise, time of experience, customer ratings, reviews, and price structure.

Plus, the well-encrypted signup process is put in place to ensure your personal information stays anonymous. Therefore, if you’re in search of a team of psychics that can help you boost your self-confidence and spiritual energy to the next level by answering all your questions diligently, there could be no better choice than Kasamba.

Types of Readings and Services

  • Tarot readings
  • Astrology readings
  • Love psychic guidance
  • Fortune foretelling
  • Career advice and forecasts
  • Dream analysis and interpretation of dreams
  • Numerology
  • Mediums

Key Features: What Makes Kasamba an Elite Online Platform for Psychic Reading

  • Home to top-rated field experts, offering twenty years’ worth of experience in psychic reading online
  • 24/7 consultation available
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Provides different services, including psychic reading, astrology, numerology, tarot reading, and dream analysis
  • Guarantees anonymous and secure psychic reading sessions
  • The first three minutes are free for new customers
  • Secure payment methods
  • Offers clear insights about personal life via chat psychics and psychic readings by phone
  • Creates opportunity to talk to local and international psychics blessed with divine psychic abilities
  • 100% money-back guarantee for further assurance
  • Convenient Android and iOS applications available for users
  • Offers free daily horoscope through website and application

Take a leap of faith in yourself! Don’t miss out on the chance to get budget-friendly psychic readings at Kasamba, starting with $1/minute!

#2: Psychic Source – The Place Where You Find Answers to All Your Career and Finance-Related Questions


Psychic Source is one of the oldest and most reliable online psychic platforms, providing its services for more than thirty years. Case in point, the online medium is packed with accurate psychic reading reviews from customers worldwide. Whether you want to know if your current career is secure enough or get a spiritual reading through angel card reading, the expert psychics at Psychic Source deliver it all.

Psychic Source is also one of the few platforms to provide individuals with “video psychic reading” during the pandemic. Moreover, anyone not comfortable disclosing their identity can choose to go with voice calls or live chat psychics instead. Not to mention, unlike several other platforms that provide genuine readings but at a hefty price tag, that’s not the case with Psychic Source. An initial 70% discount is offered to new customers, accompanied by three additional free minutes. Moreover, you’ll see that this platform only charges the minimum fees possible for your reading sessions onwards. Typically, the per-minute psychic reading at Psychic Source is as low and affordable as $1.

Furthermore, if you want to find the top-rated psychics based on their expertise, you can also make that happen using the filtration option on their website. The users can research more about each psychic’s experience and expertise before connecting with them by scrolling through their detailed bio. Plus, there’s also a review and rating section to find yourself a compatible match, based on what kind of expertise you require to deal with your life problems.

The best thing about Psychic Source is its 24/7 availability to online psychics so that the clients don’t have to wait until the next day to begin. Plus, this online platform is well-reputed for its accuracy on lifelong visions, especially related to one’s career and finances.

Another thing we can safely appreciate about Psychic Source is its website’s easy-to-use interface. The landing page is equipped with a clean navigation bar, which comprises categories like “Our Psychics, New Customers, Horoscope, and Articles & Media.” Therefore, unlike several other online psychic websites where you have to go back and forth to locate exactly what you need, that wouldn’t be the case here.

If you still don’t understand the psychic selection process using the navigation and filtration system, you can use the 24/7 customer service to help you get past these hurdles effectively.

Types of Readings and Services

  • Tarot readings
  • Angel card readings
  • Cartomancy readings
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Astrology readings
  • Lost object readings
  • Love readings
  • Energy work
  • Numerology
  • Past life readings
  • Spiritual readings
  • Love tarot readings

Key Features: What Makes Psychic Source an Elite Online Platform for Psychic Reading

  • The platform has an astounding three decades’ worth of online presence
  • Offers 24/7 live customer support
  • A huge network of experienced psychics is available and categorized into separate categories for client’s comfort
  • Offers an array of online services, including psychic love reading, tarot readings, dream analysis, and numerology
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Affordable rates, with readings starting at $1
  • Android and iOS applications available for customer’s convenience
  • 100% real-time, accurate, and secure personal readings
  • The introductory package includes three free minutes and $10 for the next ten minutes
  • The online psychics provide their insights through live chat, phone calls, and video calls
  • Offers a secure payment method with hidden personal information, including the client’s name, billing address, credit card details, and email address
  • Each psychic profile is equipped with reviews and ratings to help users find a compatible match
  • Money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers

Click here to figure out the next step in your career, taking it to new heights at $1/minute only.

#3: California Psychics – Feel the Difference Between a Good and a Great Live Reading


Do you need help finding the one true love of your life? Or is it the act of making decisions alone related to your career that’s threatening your mental sanity? Whichever way it might be – California Psychics can be your number one choice to get the best live readings!

Backed by over twenty-five years of experience, experts at California Psychics know how to help individuals in need by unfolding their destiny. Since the online organization welcomed psychics from different fields back in 1995, it has successfully assisted millions of clients in finding peace while positively compelling them to grow spiritually.

The online platform is well-known for offering accurate predictions about people’s financial life. The psychics at California Psychics have a unique way of locating and identifying mysteries that restrict people, stopping them from getting to a stable point in life. While some problems eventually get resolved with time, this platform is specifically made for individuals who can’t find answers to their long-haunting questions.

Furthermore, in trying times, most people often find themselves struggling with the worst anxiety and depression. You can also keep yourself mentally sane and present at the moment by contacting a psychic reading agency like California Psychics that can help you prepare for the future.

You can even experience the diversity promoted at this platform by the various tools, including crystal balls, pendulums, runes, I-Ching, and oracle cards. Moreover, California Psychics understands that not all people requiring spiritual help have the time to connect with psychics in person, especially during the pandemic. Therefore, they offer 24/7 online services so that clients can connect with psychics through live chat and calls from the comfort of their homes.

It’s key to note that while this online medium is specifically known for psychics that provide career forecasting, it has also gained some serious attention in recent years for other reasons. You can see tons of reviews regarding their accurate predictions through tarot readings, past life readings, love readings, and life path readings.

Furthermore, California Psychics ensures to follow an advanced screening test that only accepts trustworthy psychics with reputable experience under their wing. Clients can also evaluate each advisor, even after they have been assessed by the experienced team initially.

The introductory discounts offered to newly-joined users also make this platform an excellent choice for anyone looking for pocket-friendly online psychic reading options. In addition, you are allowed to demand a 100% refund through the website’s customer services portal if you aren’t satisfied with your first reading session.

Type of Psychics Available

1- Popular

“Popular” psychics are private fortune-tellers and tarot card readers that go through a lengthy interview procedure by the experts. This is to ensure they have the talents and qualities they aspire to deliver.

2- Preferred

“Preferred” psychics establish their reputation to be listed in this category when they mark their name among several clients while delivering accurate predictions in specific categories. These psychics offer one-on-one online sessions for giving timely advice on love, relationships, careers, and finances.

3- Premium

California Psychics’ “premium” experts are the top-rated psychics on the website, delivering reassuring and accurate information that one requires to move forward in their life confidently.

Key Features: What Makes California Psychics an Elite Online Platform for Psychic Reading

  • 24/7 spiritual guidance available for clients
  • Psychics have to undergo a strict assessment to prove their worth before getting hired for the job
  • 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers
  • The platform encourages a diverse selection of psychic tools, such as crystal balls, pendulums, and cards
  • 100% real-time and accurate psychic readings
  • The introductory package includes a $1 per minute rate, including five free minutes using the code “ADD5”
  • 100% secure payment methods, using a credit card, debit card, and Paypal
  • Easy-to-use and self-explanatory website
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Includes profiles of all psychics for detailed review, rating, experience, expertise, and pricing

Check out their website to cross all hurdles and jump all obstacles that stand between you and your happiness with accurate predictions!

#4: Keen – Navigate Your Life with Timely Spiritual Guidance


Are you looking for a spiritual guide amid the pandemic, specializing in free psychic reading online? If so, Keen could be your top choice to see the world with a whole new perspective!

Be it your relationship or some other part of your life, sometimes, people misread signs and get themselves stuck in a way that’s beyond their comprehension. Other times, while things start on a good note, the end isn’t the same. In both situations, you end up feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted. In turn, you also can’t escape the feeling of defeat and loneliness until after a long time, making it likelier to go into a state of depression.

Your best bet to avoid such circumstances is getting in touch with an online psychic who can dig into your past and present life, offering you a way out. The expert team working at Keen can make match-matching between you and your psychic significantly easy. Case in point, the online platform is integrated with associated filters that help you explore your options by psychic availability, price, ratings, and mode of communication. This simple process ensures you only get in touch with psychics that have answers to your specific questions.

Apart from the traditional love readings via psychic and tarot sessions, Keen has also made its name in the industry for offering dream interpretations, angel card readings, numerology, Chinese astrology, and so much more. Furthermore, the available psychics at Keen come from an experienced background in helping people with spiritual enlightening.

Like all other genuine sites, Keen has a strict employment procedure that keeps the scammers looking to make a quick buck away from the online portal. Moreover, clients can also do a quick yet detailed bio-analysis since they have their own designated pages on the website. These pages highlight expert’s ratings, reviews, and pricing structure, making it possible for clients to make an informed decision.

Plus, the platform strives to make online psychic reading as affordable as possible for the customers. A three-minute trial session is offered to new clients to ensure they’re getting exactly what they require. If they feel they’ve got in touch with the perfect match, they can continue paying for the psychics’ services at $1.99 for every ten-minute online session.

On the other hand, if clients feel like something is missing or not right, they have the option to get in touch with live customer support instead that can have them connected to the right psychic.

Types of Readings and Services

  • Psychic reading
  • Tarot reading
  • Dream analysis
  • Numerology
  • Chinese astrology
  • Angel reading
  • Pet reading
  • Chakra cleaning
  • Feng Shui readings
  • Mayan and Vedic astrology

Key Features: What Makes Keen an Elite Online Platform for Psychic Reading

  • 1700+ psychics at client’s disposal
  • The first three minutes are free for the new customers with a continuation of $1.99 for the next ten minutes
  • Three communication modes – chat psychics, phone psychics, and video psychics
  • User-friendly website with a clear navigation panel
  • 100% secure and anonymous online psychic readings
  • Secure payment method
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Guarantees anonymity by securing personal information, including name, email address, and credit card details
  • A self-explanatory application available for Android and iOS users
  • Offers various services, including psychic readings, tarot readings, dream analysis, numerology, and astrology reading
  • 24/7 customer support available

Click here to understand the true meaning of life by using spiritual guidance and get on the right track with keen psychics!

#5: Purple Garden – The Key to Finding Your Long Lost Love and Passion


Do you feel like you’re losing your connection with yourself, feeling lonely at all times? It could be that you have lost your long-lost passion or are going through an isolated phase where all you need is a little bit of love to get by. Nevertheless, if you want to wipe out the blandness of life and gain insights into your personality and strengths, could be your go-to psychic reading online site.

This cheap psychic reading platform was established in 2006. Since then, it has continued to help people get in touch with their spiritual selves so that they can carry out their lives with a boosted level of confidence and self-worth. The network is now home to over three thousand psychics, each of them coming with high-starred ratings and customer reviews.

Purple Garden also has an application available to Android and iOS users, so they can conveniently access online psychics without any hassle. The best thing about the application is that it supports several languages, including English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Swedish, and Greek. The online medium primarily focuses on providing accurate live psychic readings to individuals worldwide.

You can even choose your preferred mode of communication when talking to online psychics via this platform. The options may include a live reading via chat, voice call, or video call. Moreover, thanks to the user-friendly filters on the website and applications, users can make the final call about choosing a psychic based on the ratings, the number of readings, the preferred mode of communication, pricing, and even the minimum number of advisor reviews.

Types of Readings and Services

  • Tarot readings
  • Psychic readings
  • Relationship coaching
  • Palm readings
  • Astrology & horoscopes
  • Oracle guidance
  • Angel insights
  • Dream analysis

Key Features: What Makes Purple Garden an Elite Online Platform for Psychic Reading

  • Home to 3000+ psychics
  • Offers different types of readings, including tarot readings, dream analysis, angel insights, and oracle guidance
  • Multilingual platform
  • Mode of communications include live chat, video calls, and voice calls
  • Written bio and introductory video with each psychic’s profile
  • 100% secure payment method
  • 100% anonymous psychic readings
  • Different price structures for chat, voice calls, and video readings
  • Application available for Android and iOS users
  • Strict hiring and assessment procedure for new psychics with worthy track records
  • Easy-to-use website and application interfaces
  • Affordable fee structure, starting with less than $1 per minute
  • Offers email customer support

Click here to seek help from trusted psychics who can lead your way to a better future with accurate predictions and spiritual guidance!

Why Should I Prefer Online Psychics to In-Person Psychics?

Many people believe in-person psychics to be more reliable and accurate than online psychics. However, their assumptions are merely based on guesses and presumptions that online psychics can’t give the same level of attention to their clients. That said, in actuality, there’s no reason why you can’t trust online readings, as long as you are taking your time to research the platforms beforehand.

Furthermore, as for the quality and value online readings provide, people who have been through both physical and online readings usually prefer the latter option for one too many reasons.

For instance, the online option is far more preferable for people who don’t feel comfortable interacting with psychic reader personally, wanting to maintain their anonymity. Plus, online psychic reading is much more affordable than in-person readings, even though online psychics usually have way more experience in comparison. Lastly, you can’t deny the comfort of talking to a psychic directly from your home, especially during the pandemic. After all, it saves you the unwanted hassles of googling “Psychics Near Me!”

How Should I Make the Most Out of Psychic Readings Online?

Whether you opt for free psychic reading online by chat, voice call, or video call, there are a few things you can do to make the most out of your reading sessions.

For example, no matter the mode of communication, you should make sure to ask your psychic questions that matter the most. This helps reflect your issues better while giving you better results in the end.

Here are a few sample questions to begin with:

  • What energy, or aura, am I currently surrounded with? Is it positive or negative?
  • What can I do to bring serenity to my life and peace to my mind?
  • Am I investing my time in the right things?
  • Do I have loyal friends who I can count on at all times?
  • Is my love life headed in the right direction?
  • What actions can I take to inspire my career to new heights?

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the struggles and challenges that you’re fighting against in life, a psychic reading online can be the best solution to start getting some much-needed answers. You can work with approved psychics mercurynews.com who can provide the most valuable insights while uncovering issues that have been unknowingly causing you destruction for a long time. The internet makes it easier for you to deal with all your problems with accurate psychic readings, predictions, and advice. It’s up to you to utilize this convenience and make the best of the available online services, welcoming peace in your life.


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