Ray Blanco BESS “Secret Tesla Project” Review (Technology Profits Confidential)

Buy BESS Before It Explodes 12,100% by Technology Profits Confidential Review

Ray Blanco and the team at Technology Profits Confidential have launched a new marketing campaign featuring a recommendation to buy BESS before it explores 12,100%.

According to Ray and his team, an asset called BESS is about to explode 12,100%. In fact, Ray believes BESS is the #1 asset at the center of a $1.2 trillion opportunity, claiming it will grow 122x over the coming years.

What is BESS? How much money can you make from BESS? Should you subscribe to Technology Profits Confidential today? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about BESS, Ray Blanco, and Technology Profits Confidential today.

What is Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is a financial publishing newsletter from St. Paul Research and Agora Financial.

The newsletter is led by Ray Blanco, who serves as the editor of Technology Profits Confidential, Breakthrough Technology Alert, FDA Profit Alert, and Technology Profit Daily.

Each month, Ray sends a new issue of Technology Profits Confidential to his subscribers. Ray discusses small cap technology and biotechnology stocks, providing stock recommendations, market analysis, and news updates to subscribers.

Topics Covered by Technology Profits Confidential

Technology Profits Confidential covers different topics in each issue. However, most topics are broadly connected to biotechnology and technology stocks, including small cap stocks that may be lesser-known by the larger market.

Some of the topics covered by Technology Profits Confidential include:

  • Semiconductors
  • Software
  • Cloud computing
  • Mobile computing
  • Cancer therapies
  • Anti-aging science
  • Computational biology
  • Genomics
  • Alternative energy
  • And more

Every day, the world gets closer to breakthroughs in multiple areas. Technology and biotech stocks are at the forefront of innovation. By picking the right technology or biotech stocks today before they take off, investors could reap huge rewards.

Why Buy BESS Before It Explodes 12,100%?

As part of a 2021 marketing campaign, Ray Blanco and the Technology Profits Confidential team have launched a new marketing campaign featuring an asset called BESS.

According to Ray and his team, BESS will surge 122x over the coming years, exploding for gains of 12,100%. It’s part of a disruptive technology linked to a $1.2 trillion opportunity.

BESS has nothing to do with electric vehicles, 5G, or cryptocurrency. However, Ray claims BESS is so revolutionary and disruptive that it could soon dominate the world of energy – just like smartphones now dominate wireless communication.

BESS Could Change the Future of Energy

BESS is a big deal because it could change the future of energy production. Here’s how Ray describes it:

“BESS is so revolutionary…and so disruptive…It could soon dominate the world of energy in the same way that smartphones dominate wireless communication. In fact, my research leads me to believe…BESS Could Usher in a New Era of Virtually Unlimited Dirt-Cheap Energy…”

That new era of cheap energy will lead to changes like:

  • A disruption of the global energy regime, kickstarting a $100 trillion collapse
  • A permanent transformation of the financial world by unlocking $140 trillion in new investment capital over the coming decades
  • A path forward for a new digital technology network that will be 100 to 1,000 times larger than the internet

For all of these reasons, Ray believes BESS could be one of the best ground floor opportunities in the history of the internet.

In fact, Ray compares his new investment opportunity to buying Amazon in 1997 (it’s grown 235,330% since then) or eBay in 1998 (it’s grown 8,738%).

By buying into an asset like BESS on the ground floor, investors could earn huge returns, according to Ray. In fact, Ray is predicting 122x returns on BESS, giving investors 12,100% gains on their investment.

Plus, some of the world’s most powerful investors have already joined forces to invest in BESS. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, and Richard Branson, for example, have teamed up to invest in BESS. The Saudi royal family is pouring cash into BESS.

Plus, Ray claims “national adoption of BESS is all but guaranteed by the United States federal government” because BESS is a national security issue.

For all of these reasons and more, Ray believes BESS is “the #1 ground floor opportunity in the world.” Instead of keeping the opportunity to himself, Ray is sharing it with followers, including new and current subscriptions of Technology Profits Confidential.

What is BESS?

After teasing readers about BESS, Ray finally reveals what BESS is:

  • Battery
  • Energy
  • Storage
  • System

Tesla and other big names are creating battery energy storage systems that could disrupt the future of energy.

BESS solves a crucial problem with renewable energy production: storage. Yes, wind turbines and solar panels can create massive amounts of energy. However, it’s difficult to efficiently store that energy (say, for a cloudy day or a day without wind). Thanks to BESS, Tesla and other companies can solve this problem, changing the future of energy production.

How BESS Disrupts Energy

Ray believes BESS will disrupt energy as we know it. By investing in this disruptive technology today, you could reap huge returns as BESS goes mainstream.

Here are some of the ways that Ray believes BESS will disrupt modern energy production and storage:

BESS Disruption #1: The Internet of Energy

You can compare BESS’s energy disruption to the internet’s information disruption.

Before the age of the internet, there were only a few places where you could get information. Now, with the explosion of the internet, you can get information anywhere. It’s decentralized. People can publish their own ideas or share their own content online. Instead of relying on books, newspapers, or magazines for information, people can get their information however they like.

Ray believes BESS will be a similarly disruptive force for energy production. BESS will turn everyone into a producer of energy. Everyone will have personal BESS batteries. Instead of getting energy from centralized energy providers (like utility companies), you’ll be able to get energy from whoever you like – from friends and relatives to local businesses.

In other words, BESS will create “an internet of energy” with millions of smart energy devices. Buildings will become miniature power plants. In fact, experts are already forecasting that this will be 100 to 1,000 times larger than the internet.

BESS Disruption #2: The $100 Trillion Collapse

Ray also believes BESS Will lead to a $100 trillion collapse. We’re transitioning away from being a fossil fuel-based civilization and moving into an era of BESS batteries.

BESS batteries will displace the global oil economy as soon as 2030. They’re already cheap enough to replace a majority of peak power plants across the country. Plus, most fossil fuel plants will reach the end of their working lives by 2035, which will pave the way for mass deployment of BESS batteries.

The entire oil industry is worth about $100 trillion, which includes oil rigs, pipelines, and unpumped oil in the ground. BESS could disrupt all of this within the next decade or two.

BESS Disruption #3: A $140 Trillion Reshaping of the Global Financial System

Ray also believes BESS will lead to a reshaping of the global financial system. Wall Street funds are looking away from the antiquated oil and gas industry and searching for new investment ideas.

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Some experts predict this cash to be worth around $140 trillion. This is cash that hedge funds have removed from oil and gas and are seeking to park in a new home. Ray describes it as an “earth shattering amount of money,” claiming it could flood into BESS and related stocks in the near future, contributing to the surge in BESS value.

2021 Will Be a “Miracle Year” for BESS

To make a long story short, Ray believes 2021 will be the best year in the history of battery energy storage systems (BESS).

Some of the reasons Ray believes 2021 will be a great year for BESS include:

  • Tesla has already deployed their BESS battery projects in 40-plus countries worldwide
  • Ultra-wealthy elites like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson have joined forces to invest in other BESS projects and companies, and they’ve been joined by the Saudi royal family and the world’s largest oil giants
  • A landmark ruling called Federal Order #2222 will pave the way for mainstream adoption of BESS by legally forcing utility companies to move over and make room for BESS
  • BESS’s growth will skyrocket because of rapidly declining technology costs, billions of dollars in financial backing, and political and legal regulations in its favor

Because of all of these factors, Ray believes the BESS industry is set to explode 12,100% in the coming years.

Best Companies to Take Advantage of the BESS Boom

Ray discloses the names of several of his recommended BESS companies upfront. Ray believes these companies are positioned perfectly to take advantage of the BESS boom.

No, Ray doesn’t just recommend buying shares of Tesla. Instead, he has identified smaller, lesser-known companies that could make huge gains in the near future.

#1 Company for the 122X BESS Boom: Fluence

Ray recommends buying a small battery company named Fluence. Ray describes Fluence as “the #1 leader of BESS battery storage in the world,” beating out even Tesla.

Fluence acquired a BESS company that had a master supplier agreement with Tesla, and they’ve been installing and operating BESS for the past 13 years in 24 countries. Today, they’re only 1/600th the market cap of Tesla.

The big drawback of Fluence is that they’re not publicly-traded. However, they are owned by two industry juggernauts, including:

Siemens AG: A German automation company specializing in energy generation and digital technology.

AES Corp: A Fortune 500 company headquartered in Arlington, Virginia and one of the biggest power companies in the world.

That’s why Ray recommends buying AES Corp (NYSE: AES) as “no more than $28 per share.” By buying AES Corp, you’re getting a cut of one of the most dominant power companies on the planet. You also get a ground-floor stake inFluence, which is currently valued at over $1 billion.

According to Ray, Fluence is preparing to have an IPO in 2022 that would make it a publicly-traded company.

For further details about Ray’s recommended investment strategy, you need to subscribe to Technology Profits Confidential today. Ray explains why he likes AES Corp and other BESS investment opportunities – and how you can get a stake of the growing industry today.

What is the Perfect BESS Investment? How Can You Make 10x Returns on Tesla’s Biggest Competitor?

If you subscribe to Technology Profits Confidential today, you get a free report called The Perfect BESS Investment: 10X Your Cash on Tesla’s Biggest competitor.

That report from St. Paul Research has identified a company that is 0.002% the size of Tesla yet is crushing Tesla in the TESS battery boom.

The mysterious company is installing 165% more BESS projects in the United States, has a backlog of 10 to 20-year contracts with Fortune 500 companies, and has received buy ratings from companies around the world.

That company has something else that makes them unique: they don’t even make batteries; instead, they buy batteries from their competitors, including Tesla.

By subscribing to Technology Profits Confidential today, you get access to this bonus report and a handful of other bonus reports.

What’s Included with Technology Profits Confidential?

As part of a 2021 promotion, Ray is bundling several bonus reports with all new subscriptions to Technology Profits Confidential.

If you join Ray Blanco’s Technology Profits Confidential today, you’ll get access to a handful of bonus reports and other membership privileges, including all of the following:

Monthly Issues of Technology Profits Confidential: Each month, Ray and his team send you a new issue of Technology Profits Confidential. Each issue has stock recommendations, market analysis, and other info focused on biotech and technology stocks.

Bonus Report #1: The Perfect BESS Investment: 10X Your Cash on Tesla’s Biggest BESS Competitor: This report explains how battery energy storage systems (BESS) could transform the energy market over the coming years. Tesla isn’t the only one marketing battery energy storage systems. In this report, you can discover Ray’s other investment recommendations for the BESS revolution.

Bonus Report #2: The #1 Stock for the Biggest Infrastructure Bill in U.S. History: Congress is preparing to pass a $2 trillion infrastructure package to upgrade America’s power grid and other critical infrastructure. One company has a proven history of working with the United States government and is prepared to profit massively from the stimulus package.

Bonus Report #3: Lithium’s Replacement: How to Profit from the 122X Battery Storage Disruption: This report explains how lithium ion currently occupies 90% of the market share for energy storage batteries. However, a new company with a proven battery chemistry solution stands to steal market share away from lithium ion batteries, potentially giving massive profits to ground floor investors.

Members-Only Monthly Phone Calls: Each month, Ray hosts a private phone call with subscribers. He shares investing trends and technology ideas that show promising profit potential.

Urgent Market Flash Alerts: Ray sends urgent market flash alerts when there’s a breaking news story or other news that affects investments. If it’s time to suddenly buy or sell a stock, for example, then Ray will send a market flash alert telling you to maximize your profit potential and protect your wealth.

Access to Model Portfolio: Need help keeping track of all of Ray’s recommended investments? All subscribers get access to the Technology Profits Confidential model portfolio. This portfolio, according to Ray, has closed gains as high as 660.3% in four years and 334.14% in 1.5 years. The model portfolio features Ray’s recommended stocks, the entry and exit points, and other information.

Access to Members-Only Website: Technology Profits Confidential subscribers get access to a members website where they can view reports, check the latest issue, and interact with other members.

Customer Service: Ray has a Maryland-based customer service team. You can contact this team from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm for any questions about your membership.

Technology Profits Confidential

Technology Profits Confidential is priced at $49 to $79 per year, depending on your subscription option:

  • Basic Digital-Only Subscription: $49
  • Digital + Print Subscription: $79

If you subscribe to the digital + print subscription, then you get a handful of extra bonuses along with print issues of Technology Profits Confidential.

About Ray Blanco

Ray Blanco is an editor at Agora Financial, which is closely connected to St. Paul Research. Agora Financial is a Baltimore-based financial publishing giant with several subsidiaries and partner organizations, including St. Paul Research.

Ray Blanco previously worked as a network support technician, analyst, and specialist before starting with Agora Financial in 2009. Today, Ray serves as the editor of Breakthrough Technology Alert, Technology Profits Confidential, and other newsletters for St. Paul Research.

About St. Paul Research

St. Paul Research is a financial publishing company that offers a range of free and paid newsletters online, including Breakthrough Technology Alert, Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Trader, Technology Profits Confidential, and Ray Blanco’s FDA Profit Alert, among others.

In addition to Ray Blanco, St. Paul Research employs several financial experts, including Jim Amrhein, Jessica Comitto, and Jonas Elmerraji.

You can contact St. Paul Research via the following:

Final Word

Ray Blanco and the team at Technology Profits Confidential have launched a new marketing campaign for their financial newsletter.

Ray has identified a new investment opportunity linked to battery energy storage systems, or BESS. Ray believes the industry will surge 12,100% in the next decade and is part of a $1.2 trillion energy revolution.

To learn more about BESS and Ray’s new investment opportunity, subscribe to Technology Profits Confidential today at the discount rate of $49 to $79 per year.

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