Sure Sleep Mask Reviews: Does It Work? What They Won’t Tell You!

Today’s society has evolved into one that has people constantly on the move. Whether it be to discover their purpose in life or to reach set goals, the notion of working hard to reach new heights remains a key piece to the puzzle of life. That said, one equally important, if not superior piece that is rarely contemplated about is sleep. Sleep is so powerful that it can either elevate one’s mental and physical health or crush them down to the ground. How so?

Sleep deprivation has been associated with increased risk of developing heart-related diseases, kidney diseases, weight gain, mental distress, diabetes, and many other consequences. So, should we be missing out on sleep or trying to make up for lost time? The research suggests that the latter two should be avoided once and for all, and it starts by forming a healthy sleep routine. As the saying goes, it takes 21 days to form a habit, so why not give Sure Sleep Mask a try? The purpose of this review is to unearth the possibilities known to naturally unfold with Sure Sleep Mask in place.

What is Sure Sleep Mask?

Sure Sleep Mask is a Bluetooth sleeping eye mask poised to trick the brain into falling asleep using three clinically proven and lab-tested relaxation techniques. Why should individuals turn to Sure Sleep Mask? As maintained by the makers, this approach will not only “drown out the unwanted noises keeping you up, but also everyone knows that music can change your mood.” Who would have thought that individuals can now access a dual-purpose eye mask that puts traditional eye masks to shame! To fully grasp the influence of Sure Sleep Mask, we must first explore its role.

How does Sure Sleep Mask work?

Sure Sleep Mask has been developed to calm the nervous system, slow down breathing, lower heart rate and blood pressure levels, ease muscle tension, relieve stress and anxiety and ultimately, ensure an all-embracing mind and body rest. Therefore, individuals are reckoned to fall asleep faster and remain in the deep sleep stage for longer, while boosting sleep efficiency and quality.

Undoubtedly, its ability to block out even a pinprick of light is noteworthy, seeing that any source of light (natural or man-made) is said to slash melatonin levels (i.e., our sleep hormone) by 50%! Then there’s the weighted nature of Sure Sleep Mask that needs to be emphasized. Precisely, its ability to enable touch pressure stimulation may promote an upsurge in serotonin production and may go as far as minimizing “sleep-killer hormones” – a major one being the cortisol stress hormone.

The most fundamental aspect pertaining to Sure Sleep Mask is consistency. By wearing it religiously, the body will have learned to associate Sure Sleep Mask with falling sound asleep. Individuals can view this as a natural mental cue. In accordance with everything shared up to this point, the next course of action is to evaluate Sure Sleep Mask’s integrated features.

What features does Sure Sleep Mask carry?

So far, we know that Sure Sleep Mask celebrates the positive effects of easing the nervous system, promoting touch pressure stimulation, barricading sleep-disrupting hormones, and inducing a healthy mental cue on sleep quality. How have these principles been merged into the Sure Sleep Mask design? Through the following features:

Side Sleepers-Friendly

Integrated within Sure Sleep Mask are ultra-thin Bluetooth headphones. This has been done to ensure that sleepers of all types are provided with utmost comfort and support – whether individuals are prone to sleeping on their backs, stomach or on their sides. Beyond everything, no one ever has to deal with ear sores from wearing headphones.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Bluetooth Connectivity in Sure Sleep Mask is a vital component, given that individuals will need to pair this device with their respective mobile devices to listen to sleep-soothing sounds, music, podcasts, guided meditations, ASMR, and/or audiobooks.

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Premium Material

Sure Sleep Mask was created using premium memory foam (i.e., hypoallergenic fibers). The decision to take this route has to do with the material’s ability to promote healthy oxygen flow, while keeping dry air out. The latter aspect has been well thought out, as it may have a positive effect on people with sensitive skin, dry eyes and/or people who are in dire need of proper bodily temperature regulation.

Complete Blackout Effect

If traditional sleep eye masks are said to elicit a blackout, individuals have yet to experience a “true blackout”. The makers are convinced the cohesive padding that reaches over the nose is more likely to decrease the risk of light leakage than any other sleep eye mask on the market.

Zero Eye Pressure

The eyecups inside Sure Sleep Mask are 3D-designed so that this mask’s weight doesn’t come strongly onto the eyes. In other words, individuals can still open and close their eyes without any trouble. The same applies to extensive blinking, should one feel the need to test its overall eye protection.


The one-size-fits-all feature promotes inclusivity like never seen before. Matter-of-factly, the makers attest that the attached Velcro will not get stuck in one’s hair. Also, the risk of slippage is practically non-existent, permitting individuals to achieve a wholly satisfying night’s rest.

Long Battery Life

With only two hours of charge, Sure Sleep Mask is touted to operate continuously for eight to ten hours of playtime, i.e., a range that is strongly recommended for maximum restfulness.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is Sure Sleep Mask washing machine friendly?

Yes, the electronic components of Sure Sleep Mask can be easily removed before putting it in the washer. Once it is fully dry, individuals will evidently have to reassemble the electronic components. To ensure proper function, the provided instruction manual should be followed to the tee.

Will Sure Sleep Mask prevent me from hearing my alarm in the morning?

If individuals have the tendency to set their respective alarms on their mobile devices, then it will go off through the mask. In this scenario, the chances of missing an alarm are very slim. Nonetheless, if a traditional alarm clock is used, its impact might be reduced, preventing one from hearing it.

Does Sure Sleep Mask need to be charged after every night?

No, the battery technology incorporated in Sure Sleep Mask guarantees up to three full nights of playtime on a single charge. If after four hours no sound or music is delivered to the mask, it will automatically go into the standby mode to save battery.

Is Sure Sleep Mask truly comfortable?

The makers appear to vouch for Sure Sleep Mask’s maximum comfort. Their confidence in this system comes from the material used, which is lightweight, cooling and downright breathable.

Will a sound be emitted when Sure Sleep Mask is running low on battery?

No, once Sure Sleep Mask reaches low battery, it will silently go into standby mode to preserve any battery left. Fortunately, neither a disturbance to one’s sleep nor an alarming sound will be emitted as notification.

What is the Extended Protection Plan and how will it support Sure Sleep Mask?

The Extended Protection Plan is believed to cover any mechanical defects of Sure Sleep Mask. Examples of issues that should be brought to light include failing speakers, defective control panels and even minor rips and/or tears in the mask itself.

How long will it take to receive Sure Sleep Mask?

Sure Sleep Mask orders will be fulfilled within one to three business days of ordering them. A tracking number will be emailed out, listing the shipping carrier (i.e., USPS, FedEx, or DHL), and the progress of the route. If all goes to plan, the product should be received within an additional seven to 15 business days.

Is Sure Sleep Mask protected by a money-back guarantee?

The makers of Sure Sleep Mask are offering a 100%, 101-day money-back guarantee. If after 101 nights since receiving Sure Sleep Mask, sleep quality hasn’t gone up, customer service must be reached to request a full purchase price refund. Bear in mind that this is only applicable for one Sure Sleep Mask, where the mask does not need to be returned. For orders with more than two masks, both must be returned to be compensated. So, prior to placing an order, we encourage everyone to review and confirm the Terms and Conditions. Listed below is the necessary contact information:

  • Phone: +1 (855) 273 0492
  • Email: support@suresleepmask.com.
  • Returns Address: Sure Sleep Mask Returns Dept, 11551 E 45th Ave, Unit C, Denver, CO 80239

How much does Sure Sleep Mask cost?

For a limited time, Sure Sleep Mask can be purchased at a discounted rate of 55%. Factually, the price per unit is said to drop with increasing quantities ordered. Here is a quick prices breakdown worth assessing:

  • 1 Sure Sleep Mask: $49 + $7.95 in S&H
  • 2 Sure Sleep Masks: $44.50 each + free S&H
  • 3 Sure Sleep Masks: $39.67 each + free S&H

For the Extended Protection Plan, individuals must pay an additional $19. Considering the inexpensive rate at which this plan can be purchased along with its 365-day protection, we highly encourage the addition.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all, Sure Sleep Mask is a revolutionary sleep eye mask that combines the power of true blackout and sleep music so that individuals can indulge in a good night’s rest. This one mask alone replaces ear-stabbing headphones and eye masks that tend to either slide off or interrupt sleep. One feature that resonated with our editorial team is the weighted nature of the eye mask, which is trusted to work in the same fashion as weighted blankets.

In the case of eyes health, the gentle pressure introduced is highly predicted to signal the brain to take it easy, while blocking out light altogether. The makers have also included protective eye cushions, which resolves possible issues pertaining to the effect of a tightly fit mask on vision. As a final touch, a 101-night money-back guarantee has practically been set in stone, only making Sure Sleep Mask a risk-free add-on. To find out more on how one’s night rest can be elevated beyond expectations, visit Sure Sleep Mask by clicking here>>>.

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