Synaptic Resonance Reviews – Is It Legit Program Worth Buying?

Millions of folks around the globe live in anxiety, fear, and stress, which later leads to depression. Numerous others are dependent on antidepressants to help them cope with everyday stresses and boost their sleep. However, overuse of antidepressants leads to addiction, and the medications do not address the root cause of stress or anxiety. Untreated depression can cause a feeling of unworthiness and loneliness that may lead to suicide.

Some supplements and programs promise to manage signs of depression and fight stress and anxiety. Still, only a fraction of these solutions work. The Synaptic Resonance program is an anxiety management solution promising to improve physical and mental health. Is it effective? How does it work?

What is Synaptic Resonance?

Synaptic Resonance is a step-by-step program that promises to enhance mental, physical, and social health using specific soundtracks. Jacob Brown is the creator of the program. He claims that severe anxiety attacks affected his performance and relationships. Eventually, Jacob was fired from his position, driving him into depression. He says he was unable to sleep and gained a lot of weight. In addition, he could hardly socialize and only left his house after dark.

However, after several months of wallowing in depression, he accidentally discovered that some sounds could fight depression and anxiety. Consequently, he spent hours in the library trying to find soundtracks that could help him out of depression. Part of the discovery is that there are brain networks that cause fear. Therefore, to fight anxiety permanently, you must REWIRE and BLOCK the fear networks in the brain.

The 3 Primary Sound Frequencies

Classical Music

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates classical sounds. However, multiple studies show that the brain enjoys the structure and style of classical music. In one case study at the University of Illinois Medical Center, the scientists discovered that epileptic patients had a health improvement after listening to Mozart. In addition, listening to Sonata aided epileptic patients to have fewer seizures and a decline in their anxiety levels.

Nature Sounds

In one study, participants listened to frequencies from nature and synthetic environments. Natural sounds like birds chirping, a river flowing, or the hum of the trees are therapeutic. Consequently, folks who take a regular nature walk to a forest or jungle feel relaxed and calm. Those listening to natural sounds experienced a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment. Therefore, scholars have concluded that natural frequencies could fight anxiety stress and manage depression symptoms.

Binaural Beats

WH Dove, a Prussian physicist, discovered these beats in 1839. As per the pioneer, playing two different frequencies in each ear makes your brain create a third beat known as the Binaural Beat. Multiple studies show that the third beat can alleviate stress and anxiety. In a case study, a group of patients recovering from alcohol addiction listened to binaural beats regularly, which helped them fight a relapse.

Sound frequencies break the fear network, fight anxiety, support better sleep, and improve your overall health and life. Listening to these sounds makes you feel like you are in a hypnotic trance, thus taking away all your fears. Equally, the beats can improve your socialization skills and help you muster enough courage to be around people. The sound beats can also enhance your energy levels leading to better performance at work and school.

What Soundtracks are included in Synaptic Resonance?

The mind-calming audios can be listened to on an electronic device the user can typically listen to music with, such as a cell phone, laptop, or desktop computer:

Brain Neutralizer

It is the first soundtrack that contains beats that block negative thoughts. They are designed to reprogram the brain hence flushing out all negative energies.

Guardian Angel Halo

According to Synaptic Resonance creators, the primary cause of anxiety is a lack of belief in oneself. The Guardian Angel Halo works by reducing self-criticism instead of believing in oneself. The primary function of this soundtrack is to create an inner friendly voice that fortifies self-confidence. Listening to this track daily can help you open up to new relationships personally and professionally.

The Presidents Code

Procrastination always leads to failure. The Presidents Code is a soundtrack that helps you boost your motivation levels. You will have the energy and spirit to deal with new issues.

The Monks Secret Bell

Ancient monks have maintained high levels of calmness even in turbulent times. The Monks Secret Bell helps you to stay calm even under stressful situations.

The Shift Workers Pillow

Shift workers can fall asleep quickly despite being tired. The Shift Workers Pillow allows you to enjoy quality sleep, so you wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Frequency of the Magic Droplets

The sound of water flowing is soothing and therapeutic; thus, it can block out stress and fear. Equally, it can trigger the production of happy hormones, thus improving your moods.

Operatic Bird Melody

These sounds are hypnotizing and can help you get better sleep. The frequency beats enhance relaxation and fight tiredness and stress, thus enabling you to fall asleep rapidly.

Benefits and Features of Synaptic Resonance

Synaptic Resonance can purportedly soothe the brain, enhance relaxation, and fight anxiety and stress.

The creator claims it can calm the brain and help you fall asleep quickly. In addition, the Synaptic Resonance aids you to have a peaceful sleep, thus enabling you to wake up fresh and well-rested.

It can improve your socialization skills at home, work, or school. Several days after listening to the Synaptic Resonance soundtracks, you will master the confidence to start relationships with other people.

Synaptic Resonance helps you to stay motivated, thus fighting procrastination. Consequently, it can boost your performance at personal and professional levels.

It can improve your self-confidence and fight low esteem issues. Synaptic Resonance eradicates self-doubt and negative thoughts.

Synaptic Resonance improves your moods, consequently alleviating anxiety and stress.

Synaptic Resonance Pricing

The Synaptic Resonance program is priced at $47.00 and is available on its official website. The program includes six mind-calming soundtracks and comprehensive mind reprogramming programs, among other guides. After completing the payment procedure, customers have immediate access to the entire program.

In addition, Jacob Brown offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on every purchase. Contacting the creator can be accomplished by sending a message through email for support of the program or calling for order support at:

  • Product Support: https://synapticresonance.com/contact-2/
  • Order Support Phone: Toll-Free: 1-800-390-6035 or International: +1 208-345-4245

Final Word

Synaptic Resonance contains six soundtracks that supercharge the happy hormone production and eliminate anxiety. Listening to these soundtracks calms the mind and makes you feel relaxed and confident. Equally, the Synaptic Resonance sounds promote better sleep and keep your energy levels at an all-time high.

To purchase the Synaptic Resonance soundtracks, visit the official website and start using them to improve many aspects of your life.

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