The 22 Best Bladder Control Pills That Work for Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections are bothersome and can be humiliating at times. Some of the symptoms, including the urge to scratch the genitals, can prevent you from socializing. Additionally, the smell of UTIs makes one feel uncomfortable and restless, especially when in public. Untreated urinary tract infections can lead to severe conditions like kidney failure.

UTIs are more prone in people with a compromised immune system. Still, it is easy to acquire the microorganism that causes UTIs from toilet seats, sexual intercourse, and undergarments. UTIs are common, and most people use traditional remedies to manage them. However, it is best to get medical help to ensure you clear the disease-causing microorganisms in your system.

Fortunately, you can use UTI and bladder control formulas to boost your immunity and prevent urinary tract infections. Only a quality supplement comprising the right blend of ingredients in clinical dosages can offer protection against bladder issues and clear UTIs. We are here to help. Therefore, we tested and ranked some of the best urinary tract infections in the market that you can find.

The Top Bladder Control Supplements in 2022

Every urinary tract infections supplement promises to deliver quality results. Still, there are hundreds of shady UTI formulas in the market. Our editorial team has conducted thorough research to rank the best UTI and bladder control formulas. These include:

  • Confitrol24
  • Nuzena D-Mannose Natural Defense+
  • Oweli UT-D
  • Bladder Relief 911
  • VitaPost Urinary Tract Support
  • Flotrol
  • Interceuticals BetterWoman Bladder Control
  • Approve Science Uritrac
  • Ellura Urinary Tract Health
  • LifeSeasons Urinari-X
  • TheraBotanics Better Bladder
  • Eu Natural Harmony
  • PRVNT UTI Support
  • UriVarx Bladder Support
  • Now D-Mannose Powder
  • UT-Fem Urinary Tract Solution
  • AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less
  • PlantVital D-Mannose Cranberry
  • Pelvic Floor Strong
  • MOR Logic Bladder Control
  • Innovo
  • Cora Period + Bladder Products



Confitrol24 is a famous multi-action formula comprising natural ingredients that boost bladder health, manage premature aging, and fortify your immune response. The supplement has a proprietary Urox mixture to increase collagen production and strengthen the sphincter muscles.

Confitrol24 is ideal for men and women desiring to diminish the constant urge to visit the bathroom, prevent embarrassing leaks, and combat the dribble. A daily dose of two Confitrol24 pills also fights infections and inflammations that put you at risk of developing UTIs. The maker also states that it can improve your skin health by keeping the epidermis smooth, radiant, and moisturized. Other benefits include supporting the health of the nails and hair.

Key ingredients in Confitrol24 include lindera and horsetail extract, among other unique fixings. The creator claims that users will find the UTI supplement effective in weeks. We also loved Confitrol24 since it offers a 60-days money-back guarantee on each bottle you purchase.

Nuzena D-Mannose Natural Defense+


A daily dose of two Nuzena D-Mannose Natural Defense+ can offer natural protection against UTIs and improve the health of the bladder and liver. It is among the popular options that disclose the complete list of ingredients and their dosages upfront. Thus, customers can compare the UTI formula with similar products.

The Nuzena ingredients include cranberry juice powder, which is scientifically proven to improve immune response and reduce unhealthy inflammations. Similarly, the supplement comprises D-mannose that supports a healthy urinary tract. Also, Nuzena has dandelion and hibiscus leaf extracts to fortify your immunity.

Nuzena is a power-packed formula with each providing the users with total amounts of the active ingredients. Both the FDA and GMP certify the manufacturer. Additionally, Nuzena is reputable for creating quality formulas.

Oweli UT-D


Oweli is respected for creating quality health supplements. The US-based company manufactures formulas that enjoy thousands of positive reviews. Oweli UT-D comprises science-backed ingredients in potent dosages to fight bladder infections and fortify your overall immune response.

Oweli UT-D makers claim that unstable pH ranges are the primary cause of chronic urinary tract infections. Therefore, their UTI formula incorporates high-quality ingredients that can maintain bladder health. The daily supplement also flushes and cleanses the urinary tract. Oweli UT-D can also restore the vaginal microbiome hence preventing chronic bladder infections.

Key Oweli UT-D ingredients contain D-mannose, hibiscus flower extract, cranberry juice, and dandelion herb extract. We liked Oweli as it is cost-effective compared to other products on this list. Also, each purchase comes with a money-back guarantee to safeguard your investment.

Bladder Relief 911


Bladder Relief 911 is a bladder support dietary formula from the popular PhytAge Labs. The formulator states that it can reduce unnecessary bathroom breaks and embarrassing leaks. Similarly, the formula is critical in balancing the urinary tract microbiome, thus forming a natural defense response against UTIs.

Bladder Relief 911 has similar ingredients as most UTI supplements on this list. These include cranberry powder to ward off infectious disease, D-mannose to fortify immune response, and dandelion to cleanse toxins off the system. A daily dose of Bladder Relief 911 can strengthen the urinary tract sphincter muscles, thus allowing you to pass urine as recommended.

PhytAge Labs states that they create each Bladder Relief 911 capsule in a lab that is FDA approved and complies with GMP manufacturing principles. Still, you have to use the UTI formula consistently for over 90 days to fortify your bladder health.

VitaPost Urinary Tract Support


VitaPost is a dietary formula promising to enhance your urinary, kidney, and liver health. Its quality ingredients are scientifically proven to clear toxins and fight pathogens that cause infections. Similarly, VitaPost Urinary Tract Support can strengthen the sphincter muscles, preventing leaks and chronic urge to visit the washroom.

VitaPost Urinary Tract is designed to stabilize the pH and hormone levels in the women’s body, thus reducing the risk of developing UTIs. Additionally, the science-backed ingredients can purportedly aid in maintaining long-term bladder health, improve the levels of beneficial bacteria, and fortify your overall immune system.

VitaPost UTI formula has a unique blend of full-spectrum cranberries extract (Pacran) to offer relief from bladder infections. It can also reduce symptoms of UTIs, including itching and lack of bladder control. Complimentary VitaPost constituents include probiotics and prebiotics to maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome.



Flotrol is a daily dietary supplement from BuyHealth. It supposedly comprises some of nature’s best ingredients to improve bladder control and health. The developer claims they have formulated Flotrol based on Japanese research to prevent embarrassing leaks, incontinence, leakage, and other bladder issues.

Flotrol is designed to stabilize hormones in men and women, reducing the risk of getting UTIs. Additionally, BuyHealth claims the formula can improve gut and vaginal bacteria, thus fortifying your immunity. The key ingredients in Flotrol include soy extract, pumpkin seeds, and other complementary ingredients. The formula also reduces unhealthy inflammations and swellings that may trigger pelvic floor issues.

We considered Flotrol in our ranking as it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, BuyHealth claims they use natural constituents in each Flotrol capsule. Therefore, there is minimal risk of developing any nasty symptoms after using the bladder support supplement.

Interceuticals BetterWoman Bladder Control


Interceuticals BetterWoman Bladder Control is designed to improve women’s bladder health with zero side effects. A daily dose of two capsules provides your body with a proprietary mixture of scientifically proven ingredients to reduce unwanted leakages and bathroom trips and support better sleep quality.

BetterWoman comprises ingredients common in Chinese medicine, including eleuthero root, ginseng, peony extract, Astragalus root, and deer antler velvet. These ingredients strengthen the pelvic floor and urinary tract muscles. In addition, Interceuticals claims the formula can balance the vaginal bacteria and improve your overall immunity.

Like other top-rated bladder supplements, Better Woman offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on each purchase. Also, Interceuticals is rich in orthodox ingredients that have a proven record of boosting the balder health of women for hundreds of years. It floods your system with prebiotics and probiotics that improve the gut and vaginal microbiome, thus providing you with long-term protection against bladder issues.

Approve Science Uritrac


Approve Science Uritrac is rich in ingredients backed by science to improve bladder health. Key Uritrac constituents include lingo berry, D-mannose, and cranberry blended in clinical dosages to enhance your immunity.

A month’s supply of Uritrac formula has 60 pills. Approve Science recommends consuming two pills daily for over 90 days to strengthen your bladder muscles, support quality sleep, and combat embarrassing leakages. Similarly, Uritrac can cleanse your system, thus amplifying the liver and kidney functions.

Approve Science is transparent about the list of the ingredients and their precise dosages to allow customers to compare with similar products in the market. Each serving delivers 500 mg of cranberry, lingo berry, and D-Mannose compounds, ranking it between the best UTI and bladder formulas available on the internet today.

Ellura Urinary Tract Health


If you are looking for a stylish yet practical bladder support formula, Ellura Urinary Tract Health is your best option. The dietary formula enjoys massive positive reviews on Amazon, with 4.6 out of 5 stars. The best-rated Urinary Tract System pills do not comprise multiple ingredients to make them effective., Instead, each serving of Ellura includes a high dose of PACs to improve your bladder health and overall immunity.

We loved the Ellura Bladder support formula because it has a money-back guarantee. Other benefits of the urinary tract system include preventing regular bathroom breaks, improving sleep quality, and amplifying your immune system.

LifeSeasons Urinari-X


LifeSeasons Urinari-X is a potent bladder support formula that amplifies your natural defense system within the vagina and urinary tract. Urinari-X boldly states that it can fight UTI symptoms such as itching, constant bathroom breaks, and a smelly vagina. Also, the formula can aid in preventing bladder infections by providing your system with beneficial bacteria to ward off infections.

LifeSeasons claims they use natural and clean constituents, including cranberry fruit, D-mannose, oregano leaf, grapefruit seeds, and Uva Ursi, among other elements. The Urinari-X supplement, like different top-rated formulas, comes with a money-back guarantee. The formulator claims you can use the formula in combination with prescribed yeast infections drugs to fight UTIs or as a preventive formula.

TheraBotanics Better Bladder


TheraBotanics Better Bladder is designed to improve men’s and women’s prostate and vaginal health. It comprises the precise fixings to prevent embarrassing urinary leaks, urgency, and frequency.

TheraBotanics discloses that they use a proprietary mixture of nature’s minerals, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to protect the urinary tract against infections., A daily serving of two Better Bladder pills has an 840 mg mix of horsetail extract, lindera root, and caper stem bark extract. You can find the three key ingredients in other formulas on this list though TheraBotanics offer a modest price for a one-month supply bottle.

TheraBotanics Better Bladder supplement benefits include fortifying your immune response, managing UTI symptoms, supporting better sleep, and reducing the frequency of urination. TheraBotanics recommends using the formula over three months to balance your potential hydrogen levels and hormones that may trigger yeast infections.

Eu Natural Harmony


Every serving of Eu Natural Harmony formula delivers a strong dose of high-quality D-mannose and hibiscus flower extract. If you are looking for a UTI formula with minimal yet potent ingredients, Harmony from Eu Naturals is your best option.

Harmony bladder support supplement works by balancing the pH levels and sex hormones. Consequently, the formula improves the production of healthy bacteria in the genitals and gut system, making it easy to ward off infections. A daily dose of Eu Natural Harmony can fortify your immune response, support a good night’s sleep, reduce the urge to visit the bathroom, and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

We also loved Eu Natural Harmony as it is among the best-value options on our list without compromising the quality in each dose. Eu Natural supposedly prepares Harmony supplements in a laboratory that is FDA registered. Additionally, each batch is third-party verified to ensure customers consume a safe and effective UTI formula.



PRVNT UTI Support formula is advertised as a combination of multivitamins and nature’s best minerals and herbs to improve your bladder health. Each serving has probiotics, cranberry extracts, D-mannose, minerals, and vitamins in portent doses to defend your system against yeast infections.

PRVNT has a potent dose of 40 mg ORACRAN PAC to improve your urinary tract health in multiple ways. Additionally, the bladder support supplement delivers to your system more than 2.1 billion CFUs hence amplifying the population of beneficial bacteria in your genitals and gut.

PRVNT is ideal for men and women looking for a potent formula to support quality sleep, reduce bladder infections, prevent regular bathroom visits, and combat embarrassing leakages. You can use PRVNT during an active yeast infection breakout or as a preventive formula.

UriVarx Bladder Support


UriVarx Bladder Support is a daily formula promising long-term protection against yeast and bladder infections. It is available via the official website at $36 and comprises high-quality ingredients to strengthen the bladder walls and muscles for long-term benefits.

If you are looking for a modest yet permanent solution to amplify your urinary tract health, UriVarx is your best choice. UriVarx constituents include three-leaf caper, lindera, and horsetail extracts. The blend of herbs reduces bathroom break frequency and leakages and can improve your bladder control with time. Like other selected formulas on our list, UriVarx offers a money-back guarantee on each bottle you purchase.

NOW D-Mannose Powder


NOW is a well-known supplement maker with a reputation for creating high-quality products. Their bladder support formula D-Mannose Powder contains a high dosage of the active ingredient (D-mannose), with each serving offering users 2000 mg. Priced at $20, NOW offers a strong dosage than competing products.

We also loved NOW D-mannose Powder, as each container has 85 servings. Similarly, the potent urinary tract powder is easy to mix with water and other beverages and has a unique sweet taste.

Benefits of NOW D-Mannose powder include cleansing the urinary tract system, improving kidney and liver functions, and amplifying skin health. The USDA Organic certified supplement is easy to consume and can improve your overall health in multiple ways.

UT-Fem Urinary Tract Solution


UT-Fem Urinary Tract Solution cleans your entire body, thus boosting your natural immune response. An increase in unhealthy bacteria can result in a UTI. Therefore, cleansing your system can increase the population of the beneficial microbiome and prevent bladder infections.

UT-Fem is part of a one-week cleanse and comprises a blend of hibiscus, D-mannose, cranberry extract, and hibiscus to support your vaginal and total wellbeing. Before a yeast outbreak or after an episode, you can use the formula to balance the vaginal bacteria, pH levels, and hormones for long-term benefits.

UT-Fem is ideal for women looking for a powerful yet price-friendly solution to raise their immunity and fortify their bladder health. Each serving can also stabilize the estrogen and progesterone hormones, thus preventing the risk of developing bladder issues.

AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less


AZO is a famous manufacturer of UTI and bladder formulas. AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less is available without a prescription to enhance prostate and vaginal health without any hassles. AZO Bladder is your best option if you suffer from chronic leakages, uncontrolled bathroom urges, or poor sleep quality due to regular bathroom visits.

AZO Bladder Control is advertised for men and women looking for a formula that protects their urinary tract and restores their bladder muscles without any hassles.

Over 12,800 AZO Bladder Control users have given the product positive reviews on Amazon. Similarly, the supplement enjoys a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on the internet bestseller space, Amazon. AZO claims that a daily dose of the formula can help you sneeze, laugh, and exercise peacefully without losing control of your bladder. In addition, the daily supplement can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and reduce occasional bathroom urgency.

PlantVital D-Mannose Cranberry


As the name suggests, it comprises a potent dose of Cranberry extract and D-mannose to improve your urinary tract system.

PlantVital D-Mannose Cranberry is backed by 4.6 stars rating out of 5, ranking it as a top-rated bladder support formula on the internet. Similarly, it enjoys over 1400 positive reviews on Amazon.

PlantVital claims that D-Mannose Cranberry can cleanse the kidneys, enhance bladder control, and accelerate recovery after a UTI breakout. Additionally, all ingredients are 100% natural and scientifically proven to support detoxification with zero side effects.

Each D-Mannose Cranberry capsule is easy to swallow and prepared in a Canadian facility that complies with FDA and GMP manufacturing principles. We also loved the PlantVital bladder support formula as it is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and has zero GMOs.

Pelvic Floor Strong


Specific exercises can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and improve your bladder health. Pelvic Floor Strong is a systematic guide in hard and soft copies to improve your bladder control through specific movements. You can use the Pelvic Floor Strong supplement with oral dietary supplements. Similarly, you can use the simple home-based exercise without the need to take oral formulas and still augment your bladder health.

Pelvic Floor Strong movements are easy and ideal for people of all ages dealing with multiple bladder issues. You can perform the exercises in the comfort of your home without investing in sophisticated gym equipment. The Pelvic Floor Strong is backed by a 60-days money-back guarantee and is ideal for people uncomfortable with swallowing oral supplements.

MOR Logic Bladder Control


MOR Logic Bladder Control is a urinary tract daily supplement that offers bowel relief, reduces bladder incontinence, and can alleviate constipation. The formulator claims that a daily dose of the formula can prevent frequent urination and overactive bladder and stop urine leakages.

MOR Logic comprises unique ingredients we do not find in other supplements on this list, including iodine, copper, zinc, Brazilian extract, myristic acid, and Silymarin. The creator insists that the formula works by improving the genital microbiome and detoxifying your system.

MOR Logic Bladder Control is for individuals looking for a unique yet effective supplement. A daily dose of a single pill promises to amplify your immunity and protect your genitals against chronic UTIs.



Kegel exercises can strengthen your pelvic floor and bladder muscles. Innovo is among the doctor-formulated urinary tract devices on our list. The sophisticated shorts aims at helping you perform Kegel workouts without “breaking a sweat.”

Innovo is an innovative device approved by FDA and promises to eliminate leaks in less than three months. Additionally, the formulator boldly states that over 87 percent of users have successfully improved their urinary tract system by wearing shorts daily.

Innovo works using a “multipath” technology to strengthen each part of your pelvic floor. The maker recommends wearing the Innovo shorts for half an hour daily.

Cora Period + Bladder Products


Cora offers a lineup of quality products to protect the vaginal against infections. According to the creator, organic products, including tampons, cotton top sheet pads, overnight maxi pads, and period underwear, aim at improving the urinary tract health of a woman before, during, and after their menstruation.

Menstruation is a natural biological process in all healthy women. However, women in marginalized and poor communities are negatively impacted by the menstrual flow due to poor socio-economic status. Lack of quality sanitation and pads puts impoverished women at risk of developing UTIs during and after their menses.

Cora Period + Bladder Products are affordable and can help women prevent urinary tract infections after and during their menses. Additionally, Urinary Tract products can improve the quality of life of women in poor communities by allowing them to carry on their daily activities with zero worries of leakages or embarrassing UTIs.

How We Ranked The Top Bladder Control Supplements

Every UTI and Bladder control formulas promise to deliver quality results. Unfortunately, some products contain unnecessary ingredients. Additionally, some supplements may have the wrong clinical dosages, thus rendering the product ineffective. Still, some UTI supplements are not palatable, making them difficult to consume. We sorted the best from the worst UTI and bladder control supplements based on the metrics below:

Clinically-Proven Dosages

An effective bladder control formula has the right ingredients in the clinical dosages. Some supplement makers hide the dosages of each component in proprietary blends. Others openly use smaller dosages, thus rendering the urinary tract formula ineffective. We considered bladder control supplements makers that use clinical dosages in their formulation.

Science-backed Ingredients

A quality bladder health formula has science-backed ingredients with a proven record of enhancing the urinary tract system. Some formulas include scientifically proven ingredients to detoxify the bladder, while others aim to improve the beneficial bacteria population. Similarly, some bladder control formulas support immunity hence fighting against infections in the vagina and prostate. We preferred dietary procedures comprising science-backed ingredients to augment bladder health in our ranking.

Manufacturer’s Reputation and Transparency

We considered companies with an outstanding record of creating quality ingredients. Some makers have decades of experience producing supplements to improve urinary tract health. Other makers are new in creating urinary tract improving formulas. Additionally, we opted for manufacturers that disclose the complete list of ingredients and individual dosages up front for customers to make comparisons with competing formulas.

Advertised Benefits

FDA warns that dietary supplements cannot be used to diagnose, cure, or prevent UTI infections. Still, most UTI and Bladder control manufacturers advertise that their supplements can prevent or accelerate recovery after a UTI infection. We were wary of makers who exaggerated their formulas’ benefits or used dishonest marketing gimmicks to hoodwink unsuspecting customers.

Price and Value

Some individuals are willing to purchase a $100+ worth UTI formula. Other people look for bladder control formulas on budget. Still, it is unnecessary to spend a fortune to fight UTIs and bladder issues. A premium-priced UTI control formula should guarantee superior results. However, budget formulas should not compromise on the quality and effectiveness of their ingredients. We considered UTI and bladder formulas to offer good value regardless of the price tag.

Doctor Formulated

We prefer UTI and bladder control supplements and solutions formulated and approved by professionals, including doctors. A doctor-formulated product holds a certain level of legitimacy over competing products. Thus, we ranked UTI and bladder control solutions from companies with a medical advisory board or certified doctors.

Ease of Use, Texture, and Taste

We deliberated UTI and bladder support formulas that are easy to consume and use. Supplements that have a foul taste or flavor are a total turnoff. Similarly, some users have difficulty swallowing sizable oral bladder control formulas. We chose supplements that are easy to use and consume with zero hassles.

Money-Back Guarantee

Most people are skeptical about UTI and Bladder control formulas. There are zero guarantees that a particular formula will offer advertised benefits in the specified time. Some urinary tract formulas work for some people and not others. We chose supplements that offered a lengthy money-back policy to allow the user to make better judgments after using the formula. Companies with an extended refund policy are confident that you will improve your bladder and urinary tract system within the stipulated time.

Natural Solutions for Bladder Control Issues

UTIs and bladder issues affect a significant part of the population. The best way to fortify your urinary tract and bladder system is by combining supplements and specific natural strategies. Some of the top strategies that can improve your bladder health include:

Regular Exercises

Some exercise routines like Kegel can strengthen the pelvic floor and bladder muscles, thus preventing leakages. Similarly, routine activities can improve your bladder control, and combat bathroom urges. Clinical trials indicate that performing pelvic floor muscles for 90 days can significantly develop your urinary tract system.

Reduce Weight

Obesity puts pressure on the pelvic floor muscles and increases the possibility of developing bladder control issues. Additionally, excess pounds can alter the pH and hormonal balance, thus increasing the risk of getting UTIs. Excess weight also lowers the immune response making it challenging to recover after a yeast infection. Therefore, losing weight can significantly support your bladder health and fortify your immunity.

Correct Lifting of Heavy Weights

Lifting weights incorrectly can weaken the pelvic floor muscles leading to incontinence. Therefore, you can avoid heavy lifting to prevent the risk of harming your urinary tract system. Similarly, a professional trainer can educate you on the correct ways of weight lifting to avoid compromising your bladder health.

Avoid Smoking

Smoke from cigarettes causes upper respiratory infections that stimulate chronic coughing. According to research, coughing puts pressure on the pelvic floor muscles, causing poor bladder control. If you have urinary tract issues, smoking accelerates the loss of bladder control. Therefore, quitting smoking habits can maintain a healthy urinary tract system.

Performing Exercises in the Correct Way

Some exercises, such as high-impact aerobics, can strain the pelvic floor muscles, thus causing bladder control issues. It is crucial to perform the pelvic floor core workouts and sit-ups correctly to prevent injury to the urinary tract system. If you have problems completing the pelvic floor routines, you can alternatively jog to strengthen the bladder muscles.

Drink Adequate Water

Some people avoid consuming enough water to reduce the urge to visit the bathrooms; consuming enough fluids aids in proper bowel movement, reducing strain on the sphincter muscles. However, dehydration causes an increase in toxicity levels, thus compromising your immunity and putting you at risk of developing UTIs.

Avoid Certain Foods

Acidic and spicy foods may irritate the urinary tract, leading to bladder control issues. Certain foods also destabilize the vaginal and prostate pH levels, thus triggering UTI infections. Therefore, it is best to avoid certain foods when recovering from a UTI outbreak to accelerate recovery.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

Alcoholic beverages are antidiuretics that increase the frequency of bathroom visits. Cutting alcohol intake supports proper bladder control and can eliminate embarrassing leaks and dribbles.

Increase Fiber Intake

Fiber is a food group clinically proven to fight constipation and improve bowel movement. Constipation makes you strain while passing stool, weakening the strength of bladder muscles.

Reduce Stimulants Intake

Stimulants such as caffeine irritate the urinary tract system and worsen incontinence. Similarly, amphetamines disrupt the potential hydrogen levels around the genitals, thus increasing the risk of developing bladder issues. Some people augment their bladder health by cutting down on stimulants, including energy drinks, coffee, certain teas, and chocolate.

Scientific Evidence for Bladder Control and UTI Supplements

UTI and Bladder Control formulas should comprise science-backed ingredients in approved dosages to offer beneficial results. The correct elements provide your system with adequate nutrients to support the urinary tract system in multiple ways. Below is scientific evidence of some of the most popular UTI and bladder control formulas ingredients.


Most popular UTI and bladder control supplements have cranberry extract as the key ingredient for a good reason. The cranberries have the right UTI combating compounds, such as proanthocyanidins (PACs). However, it would be best to consume large cranberry juice to deliver effective dosages for fighting bladder issues. Thus, most people prefer taking PAC or cranberry supplements.

In a 2016 study, researchers discovered that cranberry juice aided women in fighting UTIs. However, the same cranberry juice was ineffective in managing UTI problems due to physiological differences. Thus, there are zero guarantees that cranberry juice will offer protection against UTIs. It works on some people and not others.

How does cranberry juice augment bladder health? According to scholarly reports, cranberries consist of A-type PACs that hinder the production of an unhealthy microbiome in the urinary tract system. Additionally, cranberry extract can improve the population of healthy bacteria to fight off infections and speed up recovery after UTI breakout.

In another study in 2013, scholars reviewed multiple clinical trials on cranberry and UTIs. In conclusion, the researchers discovered that cranberry could reduce the risk of getting UTIs by 26 percent in healthy women. Still, there is a need to conduct more scientific studies to verify the effectiveness of cranberry juice in protecting your system against UTI outbreaks.


D-mannose is another popular ingredient in most UTI formulas. It is not a rare ingredient but a simple form of glucose that hinders the development of unhealthy bacteria in the urethra and bladder. D-mannose can clear existing infections and defend the urothelium against diseases. According to a 2016 study, scholars identified D-mannose as an essential ingredient in preventing acute bladder infections in women.

A group of women took D-mannose supplements or a placebo for six months. At the end of the trial, scholars verified that D-mannose could prevent recurrent UTI infections in women. The researchers also claimed that D-mannose has similar effects as “antibiotics” and can aid in getting rid of UTIs and bladder issues in women of all ages. Also, D-mannose is a well-tolerated supplement and unlikely to cause nasty side effects when taken in the suggested clinical dosages.

Lindera Root

Most top-rated UTI and bladder control formulas comprise lindera root extract. It is a common ingredient in Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese medicine. Today, clinical trials are in progress to certify the effectiveness of lindera root in protecting the urinary tract system. Still, some scholars claim that the constituent comprises antioxidants that detoxify the system, reducing the risk of getting bladder issues.

Horsetail Extract

Kaiser Permanente claims that horsetail extract is traditionally used to augment vaginal health and reduce UTI infections recurrence. The formula works by increasing the frequency of urination, thus helping in flushing out bacteria that cause UTIs. Additionally, it can relieve itching and swell around the vagina, speeding recovery after yeast infection.


Lingonberry is not as popular a supplement as cranberry. Still, some formulators claim that combining the two berries can reduce the possibility of getting UTIs by 20 percent. There is a need to conduct more clinical trials to ascertain the effectiveness of Lingonberry in fighting bladder control issues and incontinence.


It is a proprietary mixture from the crataeva nurvala stem. According to scholars, it can manage overactive bladder and urinary incontinence, particularly in the lower urinary tract regions. Still, evidence shows it is not ideal for managing UTIs.

In conclusion, certain plant extracts, herbs, and minerals can amplify your bladder control system and flush out UTIs. Most UTI and bladder control supplements ingredients are science-backed and can improve your overall wellbeing.

Dosage and Side Effects of UTI and Bladder Control Formulas

Every bladder control and UTI supplement comprises various ingredients in different dosages. Thus, the manufacturer provides clear usage instructions on the supplement’s package. However, most UTI and bladder control formulas are safe when taken in precise dosages. Likewise, you must ensure you are not allergic to any ingredient in a formula before using it to minimize side effects.

According to FDA blueprints, UTI and bladder control supplements must use only generally recognized as safe ingredients and in acceptable dosages. Still, high doses of some UTI and bladder control ingredients such as D-mannose may cause unpleasant side effects such as diarrhea when taken in high dosages. Most supplement makers recommend strict adherence to the suggested dosages to inhibit the development of nasty side effects. If a bladder control and UTI supplement cause discomfort, you should stop the dosage and get medical guidance. Similarly, if you are under any medication, it is best to consult a doctor before using a dietary formula. Lastly, some UTI and bladder control formulas are not ideal for pregnant or lactating mothers.

FAQs About UTIs and Bladder Control

We get many questions about UTIs and bladder control. A certified physician can answer questions concerning UTI and bladder issues. Below are some of the questions our experts get and their answers.

Q: What causes a Urinary Tract Infection?

A: Numerous microbes can cause UTIs, including the colon-based E-coli bacteria, mycoplasma, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Similarly, the herpes virus affects the urethra and leads to urethritis.

Q: How can you get a UTI?

A: Sexual intercourse with an infected person is the most common to get a urinary tract infection. Poor sanitation also increases the chances of bacterial transmission in the genitals.

Q: Which is the leading cause of UTI in men and women?

A: Most individuals develop UTIs from E.coli bacteria found in the stomach.

Q: How much urine should a healthy person pass per day?

A: A typical person may pass up to 6 cups of urine daily. Still, people who consume large amounts of fluids may pass more than six cups of urine daily.

Q: Who is at risk of developing UTI and bladder control issues?

A: People living with specific medical issues such as diabetes and an enlarged prostate are more likely to develop UTIs. Similarly, practicing unsafe sex, catheters, spinal injuries, and kidney issues amplify the risk of getting a UTI.

Q: What are the common symptoms of a UTI?

A: Some of the early signs of a UTI include a burning sensation when passing urine, itching on the genitals, blood spots in urine, a sudden urge to pass urine, and a feeling of not urinating the whole amount in the bladder.

Q: How can I prevent UTIs?

A: You can prevent UTIs by consuming antioxidant-rich foods and drinks like cranberry juice. Additionally, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, and drinking adequate water can prevent urinary tract infections.

Q: Are women more likely to get UTIs?

A: Research shows that women’s genitals and hormones increase the risk of getting a UTI.

Q: How can women avoid contracting UTIs?

A: Women can prevent UTIs by maintaining high hygienic standards, wiping from front to back to prevent the spread of infections, peeing after sex, avoiding the use of certain beauty products, avoiding sitting in a bath and instead of taking showers, stopping the use of spermicides, and use of tampons instead of pads during menses.

Q: What causes urinary tract issues in men?

A: An enlarged prostate strains the bladder making it difficult to urinate normally. Similarly, prostate stones block the urethra making it difficult to pass urine completely. Also, certain sexual infections such as herpes can cause UTI problems in men.

Q: Does adequate drinking water reduce UTI discomforts?

A: Consuming enough water volumes helps flush out microbes that cause UTIs. Similarly, proper hydration aids in relieving UTI-associated pain.

Q: How can I prevent chronic UTIs?

A: Doctors recommend consuming antibiotics to clear the microbes causing urinary tract infections.

Q: What causes poor bladder control in men and women?

A: Men with prostate issues such as BPH and enlarged prostate can lose control of their bladders. In women, vaginal delivery and pregnancy pressure the urethra, leading to poor bladder control.

Q: Which home remedies can manage urinary incontinence?

A: Losing weight, pelvic floor exercises, and protective pads and underwear can combat urinary incontinence. Furthermore, reducing caffeine and alcohol consumption can prevent overactive bladder symptoms.

Q: Are pelvic floor aerobics effective in improving bladder control?

A: Kegel routines can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, thus augmenting bladder control.

Q: Which are the best UTI and bladder control formulas in 2022?

A: The best UTI supplements include our top-rated formulas in the ranking above have Confitrol24, Nuzena D-Mannose Natural Defense+, PlantVital D-Mannose, and Oweli UT-D.

The Top Bladder Control Supplements in 2022 Conclusion

Bladder control issues are more common in adults above the age of 65. However, numerous people across different cultures and ages experience UTIs and bladder issues. Some individuals augment their urinary tract system and bladder control by changing their dietary and lifestyle habits. Still, a good UTI and bladder control formula comprising the right ingredients can help. The right supplements fortify the immunity and flood your system with nutrients that ward off UTIs. Try a top bladder control supplement above today!

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