The Lost Ways 2 Reviews – What to Know FIRST Before Buying?

In recent times, there are grocery stores right outside your house and home food delivery services with everything you need. We have freezers and refrigerators to store the food and microwave ovens to warm it any time of the day. But what would you do if there was a prolonged crisis that cut off electricity, transportation and left you with no source of food?

This is the exact problem The Lost Ways 2 book is trying to solve. As we delve deeper into this PDF book review by Claude Davis, keep in mind that many people who were affected by hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, and wars did not think that was going to happen either.

What is The Lost Ways 2?

The Lost Ways 2 is a 300-page guidebook authored by Claude Davis. It is a continuation of the Lost Ways handbook, which outlined many survival skills used by our forefathers to overcome wars, social unrest, and lack of technology. In this second version, Claude Davis gets more specific with detailed tips and skills that could save your entire family from starving to death in case of a natural disaster.

What to Expect

The Lost Ways 2 is really a breakdown of what the author discovered in his trip to the Andes Mountains. As he tells you the amazing details of his trip, you will discover six essential nuggets that will have you prepared for whatever life throws at you.

Survival Foods

The Lost Ways 2 outlines three superfoods the author discovered during his time in North America. One ancient superfood that’s been lost to history for over 480 years makes a big part of this book. According to Davis, this food will bulletproof you against any food shortage as it did the great Incan civilization through a 4-year drought. The Incas used to store it in pit holes, and it can stay fresh for ten years without any refrigeration.

NASA has recently discovered this mysterious dish and has been giving it to their brave soldiers in space missions for a while now. The best part about this is, you probably already have the ingredients to make this dish in your home, and it’s super easy to prepare.

The second superfood Davis talks about in this survival book was invented by the Samurai warriors out of necessity. While it’s not as decadent as the others, this dish is nutrient-packed and loaded with probiotics to keep your family healthy.

You will also learn about the Great Depression superfood, which is a miracle plant that can also be used to preserve meat for up to 2 years. With these three foods at your disposal, you never have to worry about having enough food for your family in case disaster strikes.

Medicinal Plants

As you may already know, there were no hospitals in ancient times. Native Americans used wild plants to treat all manner of ailments with great success. In the Lost Ways 2, you will learn to identify plants that you can use as painkillers, antibiotics, and even disinfectants. The writer has even put pictures of all those plants so it will be easy to identify them.

There is a section on how to select the plants and prepare each category of medicine. Spoiler alert- most of those plants are probably in your backyard, and you see them every day. In one of those sections, you will see a common tree that can stop bleeding in seconds.

Log Houses

In the book, you will also learn the art of building log houses with your own hands. Ancient people build solid log houses that can withstand the strongest tornado. You can build one to prepare for any eventuality or simply to enjoy the tranquillity that comes with wooden cabins. The best part about this method of building is that it’s ridiculously cheap. One of the readers has already built her own log cabin for only $500, and it’s a beauty.

Water Survival Skills

Water is the most critical resource in life. Before we had tapped water and drills to dig boreholes, our forefathers used a simple method to dig wells using minimal resources. Davis shows you how to use these methods to get water without spending a fortune. Moreover, you will learn how to purify the water, so it’s safe for consumption without any chemicals.

Activated Charcoal

A century ago, almost every town had a charcoal kiln to make activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is the highest purity charcoal used to purify water, among other uses. In this survival book, Davis will show you how he made activated charcoal pills you can use for indigestion, high cholesterol levels, and gas. These pills are also powerful remedies against acute food and chemical poisoning.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also shows you how to make gas masks using activated charcoal. With one pound of pure charcoal, you can make six gas masks using a really simple method.


Have you ever wondered where you would get food if you were lost in the wilderness? Maybe wild fruits and greens are not your cup of tea. This book has a comprehensive guide on hunting for deer, butchering them, and preserving the meat for a later date because you can’t finish it in one day. You’ll also learn how to use every part of the deer to make stuff like bowstrings, glue, needles, tallow, and knife handles.

Who Is It For?

The Lost Way 2 is an enjoyable read that takes you back to pre-civilization days. It introduces you to the skills our forefathers used to survive before all that we have today and how you can benefit from those skills in the modern day. This book is suitable for adventure seekers, history lovers, and survivalists. It can also benefit missionaries and government workers sent to remote areas around the world.

That said, The Lost Ways 2 can also be a good resource for anyone who wants to start living a simple, sustainable, and healthy life. Get knowledge about the herbs and plants to eat so you can live a long healthy life like our ancestors and learn how to use activated charcoal to cleanse water instead of spending a small fortune buying bottled water.

Why Should You Get the Book?

The Lost Way 2 provides simple and specific strategies you can apply in emergencies. It’s a comprehensive guide to every aspect of life from food, security, health, and even luxuries. What’s more, you can use these skills in your day-to-day life and don’t have to wait for an emergency. Other benefits include;

  • Risk-free purchase with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Impeccable customer service where Claude Davis will answer all your questions
  • The book comes as a digital and a physical book
  • All the techniques outlined in the book are practical and easy to apply

Book Format and Where to Get It

The Lost Ways 2 is a limited edition that’s only found on the website, and you can’t find it anywhere else in stores or the internet. You can get the book as a PDF version for only $37 or order the paperback type for an additional $8.99 in shipping fees. Whichever format you get, the author gives a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked to prove he values you. You can get your money back within 60 days if the book does not provide its promised results.


For a limited time, buying your copy of The Lost Ways 2 comes with two exclusive bonuses;

· “How To Become Self-Sufficient On 4 Acres Of Land”- this report authored by Aaron Michaels shows you exactly how to divide and use land into small sections so you can make the most of it. In the report, you will learn how to build, plant, and preserve food, live without electricity, filter rainwater, and have a small medicinal garden.

· “What Do You Need to Have Ready Before An EMP”- if an EMP hits your area tomorrow, this report by Claude Davis has 43 things you should have. It’s basically a preparation guide taken straight from people who live off the grid.

About the Author

Claude Davis is a writer, an old-west expert, and a survivalist. He is passionate about the better, self-sufficient, and secure way of life our forefathers lived, and he wants to teach these skills to the new generation.

Besides 30 plus years of research about ancient Americans’ survival skills and instincts, Claude also lives a simple self-sufficient life and applies the skills he teaches. He is a husband to one wife and a father of two children who live with him in their beautiful log cabin. When he is not writing excellent survival books, he runs a successful survival website and explores the world.


There are many reasons to boost your survival skills, whether you’re an outdoors person or not. The Lost Ways 2 doesn’t just help you with that; it also prepares you to be self-sufficient and ready in case of any eventuality. So if you admire the simple life our forefathers used to live, this is the book for you. It’s available at a fantastic price with two bonuses and a money-back guarantee.

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