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Are you struggling to cope with random hunger cries? Feel as though your current diet plan is enforcing an excessive calorie deficit that negatively impacts your mental and physical health? The idea that low-calorie and bland foods are the way to weight loss has long been rejected, yet we still do it. Individuals cannot be blamed for relying on scales and counting calories, as society has instilled this in everyone.

Fortunately, these myths have and continue to be broken, as experts encourage people to have a positive experience with food, rather than distinguishing them as good or bad. One such expert is Kallie Kitas (from KK Nutrition), a nutritionist who can relate to the health implications of binge eating, negatively viewing food and starvation. That said, the purpose of this review is to introduce KK Nutrition’s The Neuro Switch Method.

What is The Neuro Switch Method?

The Neuro Switch Method is a program that combines nutrition and brain-based strategies to reprogram how we perceive and consume food, all while building healthy eating habits. In between all this, women will learn to ease emotional eating temptations and overcome insatiable cravings and urges. Based on the claims made by the KK Nutrition team, the first and fundamental step to eliciting such sought-for benefits is by activating the supposed “Neuro Switch” in our brains. Why? Its deactivation forces people to eat subconsciously without realizing what’s going on in front of them. One question that individuals might want to ask themselves is why target the brain. Well, the answer to the latter is what permits everyone to understand the entirety of The Neuro Switch Method, so let’s get right to it.

How does The Neuro Switch Method work?

The KK Nutrition team explained that a meal is often consumed so quickly that individuals are amazed that it’s already gone. The culprit responsible for such feelings is none other than stress. When one feels stressed, a part of the brain called the amygdala becomes activated. Consequently, the rational decision-making part of the brain is said to shut down, resulting in out-of-control feelings toward food consumption.

The whole point for The Neuro Switch Method is to educate women on how to prevent stress from eliciting a twisted turn in food consumption, thanks to its ability to reprogram how we eat. Ultimately, women will learn to build balanced eating habits, work with cravings and urges, turn off the fight-flight response to food and feel calm and in control around food. Taking everything into consideration, it’s time to investigate how The Neuro Switch Method has been structured.

How has The Neuro Switch Method been structured?

The Neuro Switch Method has been structured in such a way that permits women to familiarize themselves with some of the following:

  • How to stop late-night snacking and weekend food binges by deactivating the “Emotional Hijack response.”
  • How the BSF Nutrition framework helps to cut cravings and impulsive urges to binge by 50 to 75%
  • How it is as straightforward as following simple principles that are easy and satisfying
  • How to train the brain to shift into a parasympathetic state that rewires reactions to food triggers
  • How one principle suffices to cut 25% of cravings and control appetite permanently.
  • How to distinguish between maladaptive and adaptive thoughts so that individuals can say no to unhealthy food without giving in
  • How a “Pain & Pleasure” exercise can help differentiate between physical and emotional pangs of hunger
  • How to shift scales on autopilot through reprogramming processes
  • How to reset the body from fight-flight mode to its natural rest and digest state – preventing bloating, gas, and cramping
  • How to enjoy brunch without worrying about calories, macros, or scales using the “Pause & Reflect” strategy

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

Who should consider The Neuro Switch Method?

The Neuro Switch Method has been designed with women in mind: women who experience emotional eating, insatiable cravings, and urges to take the negative eating path. Through this program, women are believed to attain a positive outlook on food consumption.

What is the primal brain? What does parasympathetic response mean?

The primal brain is made up of the hindbrain and the medulla. It is responsible for our survival and drive. When the brain is actively working, we refer to this as a parasympathetic response, whereas a deactivated brain is a sympathetic response.

What makes The Neuro Switch Method different compared to other diet plans?

According to the KK Nutrition team, most programs have been structured to work against the brain by promoting restrictive plans. Their approaches will only further trigger the fight-flight response, rather than freezing it like in the case of The Neuro Switch Method. With KK Nutrition’s strategy, women are provided with a resource that works with the primal brain by combining nutritional science and brain-based programming.

What are the purported benefits of following The Neuro Switch Method?

The primary outcome that stems into existence is one’s ability to transform their relationship with food permanently, and most importantly, naturally, shut off binge guilt and random cravings. Other subsequent results include:

  • Enhanced self-control using willpower or working harder
  • Zero instances of labeling food as either good or bad
  • Minor to no cases of exhaustion, moodiness, and bloating
  • Ability to work around a food plan
  • Consistent and noticeable weight loss results

Is there further support once purchasing The Neuro Switch Method?

Yes, there is the option to upgrade to one-on-one support after purchase. This would be far more personalized than the current offering, with guidance directly from the founder of KK Nutrition, Kallie Kitas.

Has A money-back guarantee protected the Neuro Switch Method?

Yes, as stated on the official website, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee. If women aren’t satisfied with the program or their results, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. Steps to getting refunded start with communication, which can be done in the following way(s):

  • Email: info@kknutrition.com.au
  • Submit a form: click https://kknutrition.com.au/contactus

What does each The Neuro Switch Method purchase include?

The Neuro Switch Method comes with the following resources:

  • The Neuro Switch Blueprint eBook: a 70-page guide that expounds on the entire Neuro Switch System
  • The BSF Nutrition System eBook: a 64-page guide that reveals the Nutrition as a whole System
  • A 5-Part Video Series: The steps to implementing The Neuro Switch Method
  • The Neuro Switch Community Access: Getting together with like-minded women who are on similar journeys
  • Food & Feelings Journal: A journal to document progress with food and encourage everyone to celebrate improvements
  • Nutrition & Neuro Switch Templates: Templates specifically designed to overcome cravings and learn to work with the primal brain

How much does The Neuro Switch Method cost?

The value of The Neuro Switch Method is approximately $472, but as a limited-time offer, KK Nutrition has reduced the price to $27. The drastic cut in prices stems from the confidence that this team has in their system, along with their goal of making such services and knowledge accessible by women of all walks of life.

Meet Kallie Kitas from KK Nutrition

Nutritionist, B.HSc, Kallie Kitas, is the founder of KK Nutrition. As someone who experienced cycles of eating nothing to overeating over ten years, she eventually felt exhausted and fed up with the changes she was making. Specifically, she said that she used to eat so much one day that, “to make up for it, I’d skip breakfast and have a salad for lunch. Then try to curb my cravings at 3 pm by sipping on peppermint tea and chewing gum.” It supposedly wasn’t until years of testing and researching that Kallie stumbled upon what we refer to today as The Neuro Switch Method. After testing it on herself, she made it her mission to “help people permanently overcome emotional-binge eating, transform their relationship with food and not be slaves to diets, weight and the scales.”

Final Verdict

From our analysis, women should be able to gather that The Neuro Switch Method has been designed to address stress’s impact on emotional eating. With the latter as the program’s foundation, women will discover healthy approaches to appreciating food while successfully ignoring and controlling random hunger cravings. Our editorial team was content with the strategies introduced through this program, as it does not promote calorie-counting, restricting favorite foods, or rigorous exercise routines.

This is not to say that women shouldn’t exercise; instead, we appreciate the realistic nature of this program, which ensures that women do not label food as good or bad. How can anyone neglect the fact that emotional binging is so relatable and is only likely to go away when it is directly addressed? Finally, in discussing value for the price, we are convinced that the knowledge acquired through The Neuro Switch Method is fundamental, making $27 a very little investment. For these reasons, this system may potentially support women of varying weight loss goals and the yearn to establish healthy relationships with food. To find out more about The Neuro Switch Method, click here>>>.

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