The War Room Open House Review – What to Know About First!

Monument Traders Alliance has announced a new War Room Open House.

During the War Room Open House, professional traders Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla will share their market analysis, recommend trades in real-time, and perform a live trading session.

Should you attend the War Room Open House? What will you learn in Monument Traders Alliance’s War Room Open House? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the online event.

What is the War Room Open House?

The War Room Open House is an online event taking place from October 4 to 8 from 9am to 4pm ET.

During the online event, two traders from Monument Traders Alliance will perform an online trading session each day of the week.

You get a peek inside the Monument Traders Alliance War Room, a professional trading service where you can watch options traders in action. To highlight the service, Monument Traders Alliance is opening the platform to a free open house.

This is the third open house launched by Monument Traders Alliance. In previous open house events, the company has recommended 10 to 14 winning trades to viewers, with some traders generating profits of 100% to 200% from single overnight trades.

Throughout the week of October 4 through 8, you can watch Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla make trades in real-time. You can hear their market analysis. You can get trading recommendations based on their professional opinion.

Here’s how Monument Traders Alliance explains the War Room Open House:

“Two Pro Traders invite you to ONE FULL WEEK of LIVE trading recommendations…ALL FOR FREE. No catch… no delayed billing… no b.s. Just Live Trade Recommendations Coming to You All Week.”

If you’ve ever wanted to stand behind two expert traders as they analyze markets and make trades in real time, then the War Room Open House may be your chance.

Anyone can attend the event for free by visiting the official website. Just enter your contact information into the online form, and you’ll receive a link to the event on the day it takes place.


War Room Open House Features & Benefits

Monument Traders Alliance is advertising all of the following features and benefits for the War Room Open House:

Get pre-market commentary from Head Trade Tactician Bryan Bottarelli and Head Fundamental Tactician Karim Rahemtulla, including all of the setups they’ll be watching that day

Get up-to-the-minute commentary when markets are open, as Bryan and Karim explain exactly what they’re seeing in the market as it happens

Watch the techniques Bryan and Karim are using to deliver more than 1,000 winning trades since they launched their trading service in May 2019 (the pair claim to have a 77% win rate for picking trades)

Discover how the two traders’ real-time recommendations have delivered gains 715% larger than the S&P 500’s returns over the same period

Participate in free training every day to make you a better trader

Get live trade recommendations in real time based on what Bryan and Karim are seeing in today’s markets

In short, the War Room Open House gives you a sneak peek into what you can expect when signing up for the full War Room experience. You can see how traders are using the service, then decide whether or not it’s worth buying.


Who’s Behind the War Room Open House?

The War Room Open House features expert commentary and trading recommendations from the two leading members of the Monument Traders Alliance team, including:

  • Head Trade Tactician Bryan Bottarelli
  • Head Fundamental Tactician Karim Rahemtulla

You’ll be able to view the expert trading setups the two traders use for their daily trades. You’ll also be able to hear their up-to-the-minute market commentary.

The War Room Open House Schedule

The War Room Open House has the following “training schedule” from October 4 to October 8:

Monday, October 4 at 1pm: Options 101: How We Trade for Daily Gains: During this trading session, Bryan and Karim will introduce viewers to options trading, including how calls and puts work. Bryan and Karim are big believers in options trading, and they believe anyone can trade options successfully to become a better trader.

Tuesday, October 5 at 1pm: Overnight Trades: Setting Up a Live Trade in Real Time: During this session, Bryan and Karim explain how to set up a live trade in real time. Bryan and Karim claim to have a 77% success rate for picking trades, and they also claim to have outperformed the S&P by 715% since launching in May 2019. During this session, you can see what makes Bryan and Karim’s trading strategy special.

Wednesday, October 6 at 1pm: LEAPS: Play Your Favorite Stocks with Less Money Down: Leveraging stocks can allow you to make oversized gains (and oversized losses). If you want to trade with more money than you actually have, then leveraged trading can help you do that. In this session, Bryan and Karim tell traders how to use less money down to play their favorite stocks.

Thursday, October 7 at 1om: Cluster Buying: Following Insiders for Profits: Insider trading is illegal. It’s also extremely commonplace. By following insiders, you can replicate the gains of insider traders without actually engaging in insider trading. Some people have inside sources or special knowledge about market events. Take advantage of these people to generate huge gains for your portfolio.

Friday, October 8 at 11am: Covered Calls: Extra Income From Your Favorite Stocks (Even If They Don’t Go Up): In this trading session, Bryan and Karim explain how to use covered calls to lock in profits whether your favorite stocks go up or down.

The War Room Open House Pricing

The War Room Open House is a genuine open house: you can access the full week’s worth of trading services for free. There’s no cost to the event.

You do not need to enter your credit card, nor do you need to worry about cancelling your subscription before the free week is over. It’s a genuinely free open house.

Just enter your name and contact information into the online form to get started. You’ll receive a link to the War Room Open House on the days it’s scheduled to take place.


How Much Money Can You Make?

Traders could make huge returns by attending the War Room Open House.

Although Bryan and Karim are careful to explain that not every trade is a winner, they also claim to have a 77% win rate, which means 77% of all previous trades they have made have earned profit.

The sales page for the War Room Open House is filled with stories of viewers earning huge returns through previous open house events.

At the last War Room Open House, viewers made the following gains by following trade recommendations and market analysis from Bryan and Karim:

One trader, Steven K., earned 93% returns overnight through Marathon Digital Holdings; another trader earned over 100% from that same trade, while a third trader earned $1,200 and was up 44%

Another War Room Open House visitor nearly doubled his money with a single overnight trade, buying MARA at $2.07 and cashing out at $4

Another War Room Open House trader made his very first trade as a guest in the War Room, buying MARA at $1.89 and cashing out for a 117% profit at $4.10

Other traders earned 132% to 137% on a Goldman Sachs overnight trade, buying GS at $5.65 and cashing out at $13.40; that trader claims he was “still learning” but looking forward to more success in the future

Another trader bought DELL at $2.40 and cashed out at $6.05 for 242% returns overnight

One trader made $2,200 overnight on a single trade

In the first War Room Open House, Bryan and Karim shared 10 winning traders with attendees. In the second open house, they shared 14 winners. In this third open house, they could find even more winners.

What’s Included with the War Room Open House?

By entering your name and contact information into the online form, you get all of the following:

  • Five Day Options Trading Series (Free)
  • Live War Room Trade Recommendations in Real Time (Free)
  • A Front Row Seat to Pro Traders Navigating a Huge Earnings Week (Free)

You get all of this for free with no credit card and no commitment required. Just enter your name and contact information into the online form to get started.

What is The War Room?

The War Room is a trading service from Monument Traders Alliance. During the War Room Open House, you get a sneak peek of how the War Room works, what’s included with your subscription, and how professional traders execute traders in real time.


Key features and benefits of The War Room include:

  • The War Room is a unique, game-changing, collaborative platform where an elite group of like-minded traders gather each trading day to offer insight, ideas, and community – all with the same goal: to make winning trades
  • You get live, real-time, actionable recommendations on which trades to market, how to analyze markets, and how to make moves in real-time to position yourself for maximum gains
  • With The War Room, trading is a collaborative experience; trading doesn’t have to be lonely any more, and you get access to a community of War Room members who can analyze each others’ ideas, share trading opinions, and make winning trades together
  • The War Room aims to promote “the lost art of smart speculation;” traders share their intelligent analysis to promote maximum returns across the group
  • Traders who sign up for The War Room are guaranteed to receive 300 winning traders per year, according to Monument Traders Alliance

What’s Included with The War Room?

If you decide to sign up for The War Room after attending the War Room Open House, then you get access to all of the following:

Access to The War Room: The War Room subscribers get access to The War Room, where they can view live trading sessions, discover daily trade recommendations, and hear professional market analysis from the Monument Traders Alliance team.

Weekly Video Trade Updates: You can view weekly video trading updates for Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPS), large cap stocks, small cap stocks, plays of the week, and more. Bryan and Karim share specific recommendations in videos, including the ticker symbol and action to take on the trade, every Wednesday afternoon.

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Library of Investor Reports: Monument Traders Alliance creates a library of investor reports featuring thoroughly-researched insight into markets and trades. You can browse these investor reports to get a better idea of how Bryan, Karim, and the Monument Traders Alliance team work.

Training and Strategy Videos: Traders also get access to video tutorials and strategy guides, including an eight-part video series called Wall Street’s Most Treasured Secrets…UNCOVERED! The videos cover everything from basic options trading to complicated trading strategies – all in an entertaining video format.

The War Room also claims to give you “300 winning trades this year…guaranteed.” By consistently spotting winning trades, The War Room team may deliver huge profits to traders.

About Bryan Bottarelli

Bryan Bottarelli is the Head Trade Tactician for Monument Traders Alliance. He’s a former expert trader on the Chicago Board Options Exchange described as “a brilliant technical options trader.” Bryan describes his trading style as a “play tactician,” using his hands-on knowledge of floor trading to spot opportunities in the market. Bryan founded Monument Traders Alliance in 2019.

In one promotional video for The War Room, Bryan described himself as “the world’s greatest trader.”

About Karim Rahemtulla

Karim Rahemtulla is the Head Fundamental Tactician for Monument Traders Alliance. He’s a multilingual author and derivatives expert with more than 30 years of investment industry experience. Prior to working for Monument Traders Alliance, Karim was the head of a venture capital publication that gave him unique insight into low market cap companies. Today, he uses that insight to inform his market analysis for Monument Traders Alliance.

About Monument Traders Alliance

Monument Traders Alliance is a financial publishing company based in Baltimore, Maryland. The company was founded in 2019 by Bryan Bottarelli.

Monument Traders Alliance’s flagship product is The War Room. By signing up for The War Room, you can see expert traders making trades in real-time, analyzing markets, and giving actionable trade recommendations.

Monument Traders Alliance also offers Trade Of the Day Plus, Trade of the Day, and other financial publishing subscription services.

You can contact Monument Traders Alliance via the following:

Final Word

Monument Traders Alliance has announced a new open house for The War Room. This is the third open house to date.

In previous open houses, Monument Traders Alliance has delivered 10 to 14 winning trades to customers, with some traders reporting overnight gains as high as 100% to 200%.

To learn more about the War Room Open House or to sign up today, visit the official website.

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