ThePhotoStick Omni Review & Black Friday Discount Deal

The easy availability of cameras has created a new problem, storage. Not only does limited storage restrict our ability to store photos and videos, but taking photos across devices makes it increasingly difficult to sort them. Sifting through these files is painstakingly time-intensive and a headache in itself. ThePhotoStick Omni makes its mark here. A one-stop solution to all your media-related worries. ThePhotoStick Omni a backup for your favorite memories. Plus, it will also find, sort, and store all your pictures and videos for you. Your choice of device is hardly a concern. Whether it’s iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows, all you need to do is plug it in.

What Is ThePhotoStick Omni?

ThePhotoStick Omni

ThePhotoStick Omni, much like its predecessor, is more than just a backup for all your photos and videos. It’s a device that removes the hassle of searching for your favorite pictures in long forgotten folders or rummaging through every drive of your computer in search of that one picture. This device is as simple as they come, plug, and play.

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How many times have you had to go through a hard drive failure? Maybe you spilled coffee on your laptop, or your cat knocked it over the desk. Ever experienced the inability to copy your pictures from your iPhone to your PC just because of their incompatibility? ThePhotoStick Omni can solve all those problems for you with its simple operation. This device might look like an ordinary USB stick, but it’s so much more. It will not only store your pictures and videos, but its inbuilt software will actively search for specific file types on your phone or computer.

With ThePhotoStick Omni, you don’t need nifty software or extensive computer knowledge to make a backup of nearly every picture and video, even the ones you thought you’d lost. With storage space of up to 256 GB, this little device can hold nearly 120,000 photos! The best part is that ThePhotoStick Omni has been upgraded with USB 3.0. This makes it ten times faster than the already pretty quick Photo Stick of the last generation. Making copies and backups of your favorite memories has never been easier.

How Does ThePhotoStick Omni Work?

ThePhotoStick Omni is arguably the easiest way in existence to make a backup. The device has a simple three-step procedure when using a mobile device and an even simpler two-step procedure for PCs. All you need to do is plug it in for it to work. If you want to back up photos and videos from your mobile device, you need to download the app from Google Play Store or the Apple Store. This app is meant only to streamline your experience. All you need to do is click on the “Open Program” button and run the “Go” command.

There’s a special adapter present in the box that lets you connect ThePhotoStick Omni to any device. It has a USB Type-C, a Micro USB, and a Lightning port connector catering to all mobile devices. Once connected, ThePhotoStick will automatically start looking for your files. This includes previously undiscovered photos and videos from every nook and cranny of your device.

Once all files have been copied to ThePhotoStick Omni, you can remove the special adapter from the device. Using the more conventional USB Type-A connector, you can attach your Omni to your desktop or laptop computer. This allows the hassle-free transfer of Photos to your PC almost immediately, thanks to the onboard USB 3.0 specifications.

Photos and videos already present on your computer can also be backed up to ThePhotoStick Omni. Not only that, but you can transfer files from your computer to your mobile devices in much the same way. The mobile app comes in handy here. There’s not much to it since ThePhotoStick Omni has been designed to be used by people who aren’t conventionally tech-savvy.

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Should You Buy ThePhotoStick Omni?

ThePhotoStick Omni

This question is best answered by keeping your needs in mind. ThePhotoStick Omni is great for anyone wanting a hassle-free, smart storage device. Something they don’t have to give much thought to, and that gets the job done. Not only will it save effort, but it will also save plenty of time. Imagine how productive you can be with all the time saved not rummaging through your data. If you’re anyone described in the following paragraphs, ThePhotoStick Omni is a must-buy for you.

For the Tech-Savvy Junta

The device is also great for people who find it a chore to dig through their old files. It will save you time and effort, and help in seamlessly integrating all your files within a single storage space. Whether you’re a YouTuber or a video editor who needs to sort out different video clips in one place, ThePhotoStick Omni is there for you. Photographers looking to make a portfolio of all their pictures can use ThePhotoStick Omni to quickly collect all their pictures in one place.

Do you need a backup for when your hard drive finally burns itself out? Or are you on the move and can’t access your cloud storage? The onboard data storage of up to 256 GB is your solution for storing large amounts of data and will be very useful for anyone looking to gather all their files quickly and efficiently.

For the Technologically Challenged

In today’s world, technology is progressing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up. Everything has a camera, and all those cameras record and capture videos in different formats, storing them in varying locations. It can be hard syncing all your files to an online server that you might not even have access to when you need most. You may forget passwords and find it overwhelming to sort all your files in one place for easy access.

ThePhotoStick Omni is even more useful for you. It’s like a small, portable, and intelligent, hard drive that will move all your pictures and videos from all your devices to one place. The file format becomes irrelevant with ThePhotoStick Omni’s catalog of supported formats. It’s a pocketable hard drive containing all the important data you need accessing; physically available and hassle-free. You don’t need to remember any passwords or actively search for an internet connection on your trips. ThePhotoStick Omni has you covered.

Pros and Cons

ThePhotoStick Omni is a backup hard drive for your pictures on steroids. We had to try pretty hard to figure out something wrong with it. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t much. It’s a great device with rich features and is tailored to the needs of the masses. Here’s what we love most and some of the things we don’t like about ThePhotoStick Omni.

The Things We Loved

  • Ease of Use

    : As we have said severally, ThePhotoStick Omni is extremely easy to set up and use. This device prides itself on being the simplest solution to your photo and video backup problems. It smokes the competition out of the water and is simply ingenious in its utility for all types of people.

  • Storage Options

    : ThePhotoStick Omni comes in storage options of 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB depending on your needs. This allows for greater flexibility when choosing the right device for yourself. Not only that, the smaller storage options are particularly viable if you don’t have massive storage needs and are looking to save some money.

  • Versatile File Storage:

    Although marketed as a storage device specifically for photos and videos, ThePhotoStick can also store other types of documents if you want. This means that you’re not restricted while using this device and can continue using it as a pocketable hard drive.

  • Compatibility:

    The no-nonsense nature of this device is what makes it so useful and relevant. In a time where Apple, Microsoft, and Google integration is on the decline, ThePhotoStick Omni works flawlessly on all three operating systems.

  • No Hidden Costs:

    ThePhotoStick Omni is a one-time purchase. There are no hidden costs in the form of monthly subscription charges or in-app purchases. So you’re good to go with just a one-time payment.

  • Works On Its Own

    : Possibly the best thing about this device is that it needs no outside aid for it to work. The device requires no internet connection or battery charging. Just plug in where you want with its adapter, and you’re good to go. Very few devices can boast such independence.

  • Extremely Fast File Transfer Speed

    : The USB 3.0 of ThePhotoStick Omni offers transfer rates of up to 4800 megabits per second. That means you can transfer approximately two and a half photos in a second. Such unprecedented speed means you can move large files, such as videos, in a jiffy. So you don’t just save the effort. You save time as well.

What Could Be Better

  • Limited Warranty:

    The device will ship with 60 days of cash-back guarantee, a great offering in itself. However, the company does not offer an extended warranty. So if you break your device after the 60 days are up, you’re at a total loss.

  • Occasional Storage Hiccups:

    Most of the time, the device functions with all ease and speed. However, ThePhotoStick Omni does experience occasional, albeit rare, difficulties in storing your files. The device will sometimes give incorrect storage availability. This requires some troubleshooting to fix and may be a hassle, especially for people not conversant with tech.

What Users Are Saying About ThePhotoStick Omni

ThePhotoStick Omni

ThePhotostick Omni has received mixed reviews from most people who have bought the device. While a lot of them praised the Omni for its easy operation, several complained of bugs in the software that need ironing out. The Omni’s large storage capacity has been admired by many, including its ability to quickly transfer files to itself from phones and computers.

Users reported that the device was excellent in helping them round up pictures from old computers and sorting them by name, size, date, or even location. ThePhotoStick Omni also helped many users in removing duplicate files and even finding files they had deleted but were still restorable. The device aided a lot of people in not only viewing but saving and printing images.

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The Omni was also excellent at organizing pictures collected from different computers by placing them in different folders, as reported by some users. Users claimed that the device was an excellent security tool and a backup to their photos stored across multiple devices. The device seemed to work well with older computers, with most users praising the ease with which they copied data from their old Macs and PCs. The versatility of the device and its ability to connect to multiple platforms remained the standout feature most users applauded.

However, despite the positives, several users complained about poor customer support. Devices with glitches were found hard to replace or repair. Computers with viruses corrupted the device’s inbuilt software, which required formatting, rendering the device as useful as any ordinary memory stick. The lack of proper details in the quick start guide was also a cause for concern for some buyers who found it difficult to figure out how to use the device.

Top 10 Features of ThePhotoStick Omni

Build Quality

ThePhotoStick Omni is built like any other USB Drive. It has a plastic outer shell with a cap to keep the USB connector safe. Since the company designed this device as a backup storage, some focus has been given to the device’s longevity. The build is made of sturdy hard plastic that won’t flex or crack in your pocket. There’s a small hook on the rear end that may be used to attach a keychain. The device seems well built enough to withstand a few knocks, maybe even a few falls.

Despite being light in weight, the device does not feel cheap. The plastic finish feels nice to the touch and inspires confidence. It’s important to keep the cap on while placing the Omni in your pocket, though. Otherwise, the connector may bend and break off. Being lightweight and kind of small, you may easily lose your Omni if it isn’t kept safe.

In contrast to the sturdy Omni, the provided adaptor seems a little flimsy, though, and may easily break under stress. You’re better off keeping it in a bag or some sort of zipped pocket where it’s safe from flexing too much. Although you can find a replacement adapter easily, it’s still better to keep the one you have safe.

Backup Methods

ThePhotoStick Omni is a unique device capable of making backups easy, user-friendly, and accessible. The device itself is simple to use with a no-nonsense mobile phone app that is easy to understand. It’s also available across platforms to both iOS and Android. The simplicity of the process makes this device relevant to a large audience.

There aren’t many third-party apps or software available that can scan and identify duplicate files in your existing storage. The availability of such a device working across platforms has previously been unheard of. Just the simple fact that this small memory stick can extract, sort, and save your data all on its own while you sit and watch it sounds a little unbelievable.

The entire process has a very clean interface, with simple and easy-to-use instructions once you plug the device in your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. It automatically sucks data and allows you to choose what you want to do with duplicate files and how you want to sort them. Data from multiple devices is stored in different folders, so you never have to mix up your pictures if you don’t want to. You also have the option of deciding what to backup and what to disregard at the beginning of the program, making the entire backup process more flexible.

Designed for The Elderly

ThePhotoStick Omni is tailor-made to be used by senior citizens. Have you ever faced the conundrum of remembering multiple passwords for multiple online storage accounts? Has your internet ever broken down just when you wanted to download your pictures of the cloud? Are you having trouble finding where the WhatsApp pictures someone shared with you have gone? Is your computer storage such a mess that you just can’t make sense of? If you said yes to any of these questions, ThePhotoStick Omni is meant for you.

The whole process of finding your photos and videos and storing them in one place has been made ridiculously easy by this device. You don’t have to navigate to complicated pages or wait for the internet to finish uploading or downloading data you want to save in the cloud or move to a different device. The Omni is so convenient that you can keep all your favorite memories with you on the go. With massive storage options, you don’t have to limit yourself to what data you can carry around.

All you have to do is plug your Omni into any computer, phone, or tablet and have instant access to everything you need, organized and readily available. Do you want all your pictures and videos in one place? Connect the Omni to your phone and simply copy all your moments.

Across the Board Compatibility

ThePhotoStick Omni is one of the very few devices to seamlessly integrate and work on so many operating systems. The device connects, without the need for installation of any software or application, to both Mac and Windows PC. Unlike a regular memory stick, though, it performs the same function of automatically backing up your data on both software environments.

Its connectivity on mobile devices is just as seamless. Whether you’re using an iPhone, an iPad, or an android mobile phone or tablet, all you need to do is download the Omni companion app from Google Play or Apple Store. The app works the same way on mobile devices as it does on desktop and laptop computers.

This seamless application of ThePhotoStick Omni also becomes relevant in transferring pictures and media across different platforms. You can view, copy and share your media files in high definition from Apple to Google devices and vice versa. The inbuilt programming of the Omni allows a similar user-friendly interface, so there isn’t a steep learning curve.

ThePhotoStick Omni solves the limitations of Apple’s AirDrop and the inherent difficulties in file sharing between Google, Microsoft, and Apple devices. It’s a memory stick and so much more.

Modern Cloud Replacement

The Omni is such a convenient device to use that we think it’s a modern replacement for cloud storage and then some. It has the ability and the storage space to back up all the data you store on the cloud, all the while being easier and more convenient to use. Its accessibility far exceeds that of the cloud by eliminating the need for an internet connection to work. The smart software is capable of organizing your data effortlessly and allows for comfortable viewing across a plethora of devices.

The Omni is more secure than the cloud, too, with its access limited to the physical storage device itself. Despite not having to remember finicky passwords, you can still have the peace of mind of knowing your data will not get into the wrong hands. Moreover, the smooth software experience allows you to share photos stored in the device directly from your phone or tablet. Effectively, you have cloud storage in your pocket that you can take to trips and excursions without having to worry about accessing it.

Similar to cloud storage, you have the option of not worrying about your phone or laptop breaking down. All you need is a device capable of viewing media to see all your data, not just your pictures and videos, but all types of files that you would otherwise save online.

One Time Investment

Despite, among other things, having all the features of cloud storage, ThePhotoStick Omni will only make you spend your money once when you buy it. There are no hidden charges and no monthly subscription fee. It’s a one-time investment for a lifetime of storage. There are no contracts you have to renew, and you even save on internet bandwidth while using the device.

The Omni isn’t very expensive to begin with. It’s price is similar to other memory sticks with the same storage capacity but offers a lot more in return. With cloud storage, despite paying extra, you don’t get the utility of finding and organizing your data in one place. The Omni is a great device that doesn’t break the bank when you purchase it and continues to serve you endlessly without any further payments.

What most people don’t realize is that aside from the monthly subscription fee, there is an added strain when you use copious amounts of internet bandwidth to upload files on the cloud. Even if you’re using Wi-Fi, large files will still cost you money every time you move them. The Omni avoids all of that with its simple flash storage and handy availability. Not only does it make the device cheap to own, but it also makes the accessibility of your files easier.

ThePhotoStick Omni

Customizable File Extension Storage

ThePhotoStick Omni supports all types of files in its storage that any other memory stick or photo stick might. It has the added advantage of locating file extensions of your choice from your computer and mobile storage and copying them to itself. This feature is not only restricted to photos and video formats but can be extended to documents and other file types.

Out of the box, ThePhotoStick Omni will already discover and sort most photos and video extension formats that most novices use. But to personalize the type of files that you want, you can change the desired file extension that the Omni will fish out of your hard drive.

You can add and delete the type of files you want, allowing for a more specific search. For example, you can change the software’s priority to finding only JPG files instead of PNG or BMP files. This will only copy JPGs to the Omni device from your storage media. You can do the same for documents or other types of supported files.

Although this may seem like a mundane feature for people not conversant with tech, it’s great for anyone looking to separate only a particular type of file from their storage. Photographers can move all their RAW files from their hard drives to wherever they want. Videographers can sort and filter their data by file extension type and so much more.

Blazing Fast

ThePhotoStick Omni takes only a few seconds to set up on your computer. The mobile app is small and lightweight, allowing quick access and time to set it up. The device has been optimized in such a way that it takes literal moments for it to discover all the files available on your computer or mobile device that can be copied. The process is so easy and streamlined that you can have a cup of tea while ThePhotoStick Omni makes a quick backup for you, all on its own.

USB 3.0 speeds have made this product faster than the competition, with transfer speeds of up to 4800 megabits per second, five times faster than USB 2.0. This means that it’s quicker than online cloud storage almost every time since they rely on your internet speeds to upload photos. The Omni is also faster than most memory sticks and external hard drives, relying on USB 2.0, making sure you get blazing speeds every time.

We’re not even accounting for the time you save, not digging through folders and drives looking for the data that you need to back up. This is something you would have to do in every other case using online cloud storage or a separate memory storage device. The Omni will be done with its job even before you know it.

Storage Space Tailored for You

The Omni comes in four storage options tailored to your needs. These will not only help you choose the most suitable device for you but will allow you to make a smaller dent in your pocket. While the 32 GB option may sound small to some, ThePhotoStick Omni is great at removing duplicate files and maximizing your storage space. The 32 GB Omni can store up to 15,000 photos and videos, with the 64, 128, and 256 GB versions having the capacity to store 30,000, 60,000, and 120,000 photos and videos, respectively. Coupled with fast transfer rates, you can fill the largest Omni device in under a minute.

It must be kept in mind that these figures are for single files free of duplication. You can always upgrade to a larger Omni if you need it. While owning multiple Omni devices is also inexpensive, the 256 GB version is likely to suffice for a vast majority of users. Several storage options give you the flexibility of having multiple devices ready as backups for different computers or mobile devices. You can even have separate Omni devices for videos and photos for easy sorting.

Money-Back Guarantee

ThePhotoStick has great confidence in its Omni device. Despite not offering an extended warranty, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee that inspires trust, which means that if your Omni device so much as glitches after the first sixty days of purchase, you have the option to return it for your money back. This holds if you’re even slightly dissatisfied with the performance of the device. The return procedure is simple and hassle-free.

This, coupled with the availability of 24/7 customer support, is a great incentive for anyone who may not be sure about buying the device. The live chat option on their website not only helps in assisting you if you’re returning your product but also provides you with updates to your device. Technical support is also available 24/7 and assists people in updating their operating systems.

The technical support also responds to any queries about using the device. This includes anything that might not be clear in the user manual and any important step that you think you might have missed while setting up the device. Great customer service is a hallmark for any brand, and ThePhotoStick’s offering is not only mouth-watering but speaks very highly of their device’s longevity.

Uses of ThePhotoStick Omni

ThePhotoStick Omni

Your Data Moves With You

ThePhotoStick Omni is a perfect device for outdoorsy, adventurous individuals. You can use ThePhotoStick Omni, where nothing else will work to access your precious moments. Not only that, it will act as constant backup storage for the photos you take from your phone on your excursions, even in the absence of mobile data. Running out of space on your cellphone to take more pictures of the trip? No problem! Just dump all your photos in the Omni, which will sort them out for you.

ThePhotoStick is also great for accessing old memories that you want to share with your friends when you’re out and about. Simply plug it in your phone and press the share button on your app to send your favorite pictures to whoever you want.

The Always Available Backup

Has your old computer started breathing its last? Do you think your computer’s hard drive won’t be able to handle any more use? Is your phone dying? Are you having trouble accessing online cloud services, or are they unaffordable? You need ThePhotoStick Omni to overcome all of these problems. It’s pocketable and so small you can take it anywhere. It’s a backup that can always be at hand and help you salvage data from the worst of situations.

ThePhotoStick Omni is backward compatible with older devices and works with older computers still running Windows XP or Mac 10.13. The Omni will even work with old phones running Android 6 or iOS 13, thus making sure you never lose a photo ever again.

Share Between Ecosystems

You ever had a problem where you have an iPhone, and your friend has an Android phone, and you can’t figure out how to share data? ThePhotoStick Omni tackles that problem easily with its powerful inbuilt programming allowing it to work in both ecosystems.

You can now share up to 256 GB of data with your friends on completely different devices just by plugging in the Omni, provided you have the storage space available on your phone. If your friend’s device isn’t available to you for sharing photos, ThePhotoStick Omni’s companion app allows you to share images online too.

An Organizational Marvel

If you’re used to just dumping your photos in your computer from your cameras and mobile phones and have been doing this for a while, chances are you’ve already lost half your data. We sometimes put files in folders that get buried under other data. Some files become hidden due to the presence of malware, while others are in folders so old, you simply forget about their existence.

With ThePhotoStick Omni, you can choose your backup preferences and find all files present in your device that you need to back up. It is an organizational marvel as the Omni will automatically sift and dig out all your old data. It will give you the option of choosing what you want to back up, what you want to delete permanently, and what action it should take against the existing duplicate files.

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1. Where can you buy ThePhotoStick Omni?

ThePhotoStick Omni can be bought online at thephotostick.com and amazon.com. Sadly, you can’t buy the device physically, and you have to order it online. The customer support at ThePhotoStick’s website is generally responsive and will ship your order sooner rather than later. Generally, the company dispatches all orders within 24 hours of receipt.

You can also contact customer support at ThePhotoStick’s website for any technical support or if you want to return the device within sixty days of your purchase. You can also contact ThePhotoStick via their email, returns@thephotostick.com, to process your return.

2. Does ThePhotoStick Omni ship internationally?

For users outside of the United States, ThePhotoStick does ship its Omni device on order. However, depending on where your country is located, the delivery time can vary anywhere from 10 to 20 days. You may also be required to pay extra value-added taxes, custom duties, or other taxes, depending on your country. This has to do with the import policies your country has in place.

It is important to remember, though, that the sixty-day return policy starts from the day of shipping. So, if you receive your device twenty days after it ships, you have forty more days to claim your money back. International return shipping is also time-consuming, so that is something you need to consider.

3. How is the 256 GB Omni calculated to hold 120,000 photos and videos?

We have calculated the average size of a picture to be 2 MB. This is the size of a JPEG image shot from a camera with a resolution of 8-megapixels. Since most modern phone cameras, including those with higher resolution cameras, scale down their images to 8-megapixel resolution, we have set it as a benchmark.

However, other file types, especially videos including MP4, MOV, and MPEG files, are much larger and will take up more space. Similarly, all RAW formats of images are considerably large files as they use the full resolution of the camera they were shot with. The number of images that you are therefore able to store on your Omni will vary depending on the type of file extension being saved.

4. On what devices can I use ThePhotoStick Omni?

You can use ThePhotoStick Omni on a plethora of devices. Not only does it work on computers but it works on all modern phones and tablets too. It supports the majority of operating systems in use today and is backward compatible with several systems that have long been obsolete. That means that you can easily back up photos, videos, and other data from older computers into your new Omni device.

ThePhotoStick Omni works with all Microsoft, Google, and Apple devices, including desktop and laptop computers still using Windows XP and macOS 10.13. The Omni connects to mobile devices running Android 6 and iOS 13 or later. For iPhones, you can use the Omni with devices that have a lightning connector.

5. How easy is ThePhotoStick Omni to use?

ThePhotoStick Omni is as easy as they come. It’s a plug-and-play device that you simply need to connect to your desktop or Laptop computer. Once ThePhotoStick’s logo appears, you simply need to open the program and click “GO.” You can also change the file extensions you want your Omni device to look for in the settings menu.

For mobile devices, use the provided adapter extension to connect ThePhotoSTick Omni to your phone. Before connecting through, download and install ThePhotoStick Omni’s app from the Google Play or Apple store. Open the app after connecting the Omni wand to your phone and carry on the same way as you did for your computer.

6. Can I use ThePhotoStick Omni as a continuous backup solution?

Of course, you can! ThePhotoStick Omni is great at sifting and copying files into itself by organizing them neatly into folders. You can sort the files by name, date, type, and location. You can even use ThePhotoStick Omni on your computer or mobile device daily. In fact, we recommend that you do. This way, you will have a continuous backup of all your data available to you whenever you need it. The process will also ensure the safety of your data in case of accidental damage or loss of your device.

You can also use ThePhotoStick Omni as a backup across multiple devices. Don’t worry; it won’t jumble up your pictures if you connect them to different devices. The Omni’s program is intelligent enough to separate these files and organize them into folders of their own.

7. Do I need to carry a charger or have an internet connection for ThePhotoStick Omni to work?

ThePhotoStick Omni is a completely independent device that does not need any external power or media to work. You need not carry any sort of charger or an internet dongle with you on your trips for the Omni to work. It’s the same as carrying a USB memory stick. You just need to plug in the Omni to your computer in the USB port for it to start working. If you’re using a mobile device, use the provided attachment to allow easy connectivity. You must have ThePhotoStick Omni’s app installed on your phone before using the Omni wand.

8. Will ThePhotoStick Omni also make a backup of Photos I have on the Cloud?

ThePhotoStick Omni only extracts data that is present in your computer or phone’s physical hard drive. If the data you have uploaded on the cloud is already present in your device, then ThePhotoStick Omni will immediately make a backup of it. However, if your cloud data is not available then the Omni will not be able to save it.

To make a backup of the data on your cloud, you must download it to your physical hard drive. The Omni will then copy this data into itself as a backup.

9. Can I make a backup of files other than photos and videos in ThePhotoStick Omni?

You can make a backup of whatever file you want to on ThePhotoStick Omni. The device works like any other portable storage with added advantages. It can make backups of documents and all other files that you might need. You can even specify the file extension you would prefer the Omni to discover.

Out of the box, ThePhotoStick Omni will search for and copy documents alongside media files as a backup. You can choose to turn this particular extension off or keep it on to make a useable backup of your entire hard drive. The Omni wand will work the same way for mobile devices, including phones and tablets. It will discover various file extension types including some that may not be media files. You can use the app to turn off this setting.

Final Thoughts

ThePhotoStick Omni is a novel invention of our time. There isn’t anything in the market quite like it. It is a small, pocketable USB storage device that hints at what the future might bring. It frees you for other tasks while it employs itself in the mundane chore of sifting through data. The smart onboard software helps in scanning every directory of your computer so you don’t miss a single file.

At a fraction of the cost, it provides more utility than cloud storage. ThePhotoStick Omni is a must-have device if you’re looking to save your precious data and pictures that you care about. This task is made even simpler if you just hook ThePhotoStick Omni to your computer every week and let it do all the hard work for you.

Many storage options are available on ThePhotoStick Omni. You are bound to find one that fits your needs. It is a very affordable product that can save you a lot of trouble and give you immense peace of mind. Not only is it convenient, but it is also highly secure and keeps your data safe from all sorts of hackers and pirates.

We would recommend ThePhotoStick Omni to anyone looking for a quick but long-term fix. This device will store your data with zero costs for generations to come. Avoid scams by always buying from authentic sources and saving your hard-earned money.

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