Totally Bangin’ Tan Reviews – Turbo Babe Deep Bronze Self Tan Mousse?

Isn’t it fun at times to spot someone with patchy, orange skin texture and tone? These are clear indications of a poor self-tanning product resulting in an embarrassing situation. For women (and men) out there who are looking to add onto their complexion without coming off as being fake, one company avows that their formula will not have heads turning, but also necks breaking. What a strong claim to make, right? At least that’s what we thought since fake tans are at times a hit and mostly a miss. To see where the Turbo Babe Lifestyle team’s confidence comes from, we decided to thoroughly analyze its one and only Totally Bangin’ mousse. Here’s everything we were able to gather:

What is Totally Bangin’?

Totally Bangin’ is a Mediterranean bronze self-tan mousse designed to overcome probable issues such as streaks, blotches, patches and/or short-term glows. Unlike conventional self-tanners, Turbo Babe Lifestyle’s approach completely omits the use of denatured alcohol, which has been linked to build up of dead, flaky skin cells, and perfume. In fact, the latter is the main reason why blotches and uneven results occur in the first place. With Totally Bangin’, individuals can anticipate quick drying, have control over hue ranges, achieve a natural appeal and enjoy results for up to 11 days.

In what way is Totally Bangin’ unique?

Totally Bangin’ encompasses emollients, solvents and 100% natural botanicals. As explained by the team, skin-loving alternatives, or glycols, were of interest because they allegedly possess the same antimicrobial and preservative benefits of alcohol. However, the difference between the two sources is that the former also attracts and locks in moisture, while alcohol and perfumes rarely do.

Also, their self-tanner embodies ingredients typically found in baby lotions and medical grade moisturizers, along with 11 botanicals that plump, smooth, and prepare the skin instantly. For those of you who have pondered on the faux, orangish-product, this is a risk people no longer have to face! In accordance with everything, let’s proceed to the ingredient’s list.

What are the main ingredients inside Totally Bangin’?

The main ingredients inside Totally Bangin’ include:

Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower seed oil is deemed a suitable alternative to tanning oils because it not only facilitates prompt tanning, but it also adds moisture to the skin. This respective oil contains a rich source of vitamin E, i.e., an antioxidant responsible for protecting skin cells from exposure to the sun’s UV rays. This potent source of antioxidants is what, to a large extent, promotes an even skin tone, offering skin-brightening qualities in the process [1, 2].

Beet Root Extract

Beets are rich in minerals and vitamins, but for skin health, vitamin C is deemed superior. Matter-of-factly, one source expounded that beet root’s positive influence on aging signs, acne, brightening needs, and inflammation are likely attributed to its vitamin C content [3]. Oregon State University was referenced in this piece to argue that the use of topical and dietary vitamin C can protect skin cells found on the epidermis, and dermis layers. Existing studies have demonstrated its value in healing acne and skin pigmentation as well.

Cranberry Antioxidants, Vitamin E & L-ascorbic Acid

The former two ingredients are either known for their vitamin C or vitamin E contents, but in the case of cranberries, individuals are provided with both polyphenols, which help to eliminate the daunting effects of free radical inside out. One review suggests both as “highly effective depigmenting agents,” also stressing that, “Topical vitamin C also increases collagen synthesis.” Most of all, vitamin C is trusted to regenerate oxidized vitamin E, which as put by the authors, can produce a synergistic formula, particularly in UV protection [4].

Cocoa Seed Butter

We now have an ingredient recognized for its rich source of fatty acids, while also possessing a decent amount of vitamin E. In the context of skin health, cocoa seed butter is reckoned to hydrate the skin, has been demonstrated to create protective barriers that hold in moisture, and is likely to prevent any form of drying. Other noteworthy benefits include treatment for eczema and dermatitis, and protection against sun damage [5].

Rose Hip Oil

Rose hip oil is made from the fruit and seeds of the rose or rosa canina plant. Like the above ingredients, this oil also captures a decent concentration of vitamins C and E, while also factoring in some vitamin A. Right off the bat, individuals should have gathered that rose hip oil is yet another antioxidant- and fatty acids-rich solution. Regarding benefits, they range from increased hydration, moisture-locking, and skin exfoliation qualities to collagen production, protection against UV rays, and a reduction in hyperpigmentation, scars, fine lines, and inflammation [6].


The final antioxidants-fuelled ingredient to have been included is cucumber. Rich in beta carotene, topical application has been associated with suppressed free radicals, and healing of swellings, damaged skin, and sunburn pain among others [7]. Another source placed heavy emphasis on its ability to nourish and hydrate the skin by way of cooling [8].

What features does Totally Bangin Tanning have?

There are plenty of features we could walk everyone through. The ones that got our editorial team’s heads turning are outlined below:

Deep, Natural Mediterranean Bronze Color

Individuals can achieve one of three bronze effects. When this formula is left for one to four hours before rinsing, the resulting effect is a sunkissed tan. When left for four to eight hours, the resulting effect is a bronzed tan. Finally, leaving Totally Bangin’ overnight will result in an extra dark tan.

100% Streak-Free & Blotch-Proof!

Conventional tanners are flawed because they fail to account for cellulite, stretch marks, lumps, and bumps. So, during the drying process, individuals are left with streaks and blotches. These consequences can be avoided thanks to Totally Bangin’s ultra-absorbent, moisture preserving and full coverage properties.

Easy, Non-Sticky Mousse Formula

Totally Bangin’ is an ultra-lightweight mousse meaning that it is easy to apply, and ensures swift coverage of the knees, elbows, feet, and hands. Additionally, it is non-sticky, which is a must for people who are prone to rubbing against their tans during the process.

Up to 11 Days of Wear

By infusing soybean, cocoa, sunflower, and vitamin E, the Turbo Babe Lifestyle team managed to create a mousse that reaps deep past the top layer of the skin. As a result, this formula will not only stick to the outer layer but remain intact for as long as 11 days.

Under 3 Minutes Drying Time & Zero Transfer

In contrast to the inconveniences caused by conventional tanners, the decision to enhance one’s complex can be made just before going out or right before heading to bed depending on the hue to be reached. The zero-transfer nature of this formula should also be celebrated, as it permits individuals to sleep freely without fear of dirtying the sheets.

Natural Scent

Given the clear use of botanicals, there will be no fake tan smells. Fortunately, this also means complete protection against headaches, and nausea.

Color Correcting & Complete Masking

For skin types with redness and unevenness, Totally Bangin’ is highly adaptive, hence, it can handle any combination of undertones for proper color correcting. Beet root has been attributed to the aforesaid because it may balance melanin build up behind hyperpigmentation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Will I turn too orange or too dark using Totally Bangin’?

No, Totally Bangin’ will not produce an orange appearance, nor will it get too dark. These results are usually attributed to the inclusion of alcohol and perfumes, neither of which have been considered for this formula.

How long will Totally Bangin’ last?

As stated above, Totally Bangin’ may last up to 11 days with every application.

Will Totally Bangin’ stain my clothes and other belongings?

No, once Totally Bangin’ is completely dry and set, it is highly unlikely to promote staining. To prevent this issue, individuals are recommended to wait about 30 minutes before changing. This would also imply wearing darker and loose clothes.

What scent does it have?

It has a subtle, earthy scent that is hardly noticeable.

Is Totally Bangin’ safe for the face?

Yes, Totally Bangin’ is safe for the face, but before applying it all over, it is best to conduct a patch test. Once in the clear, individuals can apply it over their face as required.

How do I use Totally Bangin’?

The first step is to add 2 to 4 pumps into the application tanning mitt. Then, the mitt must be swept from head-to-toe in under 10 minutes. After an extra 3 minutes, the mousse should have set in. The rest entails waiting for the listed duration linked to either sunkissed, bronzed or dark outcomes. Once the wait period has been reached, the contents must be washed off in a room-temperature, soap-free shower.

Is applying Totally Bangin’ a tedious process?

Application only takes 10 minutes, and another 3 minutes must be given for drying purposes.

How many applications will each Totally Bangin’ bottle support?

Each bottle includes 260 pumps enough to last 10 to 20 full body tanning sessions.

Is Totally Bangin’ appropriate for dry, acne prone, or eczema skin types?

Yes, Totally Bangin’ is appropriate on dry, acne prone or eczema skin. As a general rule, it is best practice to avoid applying the mousse onto broken or aggravated skin. If safety is still a concern, consulting a dermatologist is highly recommended.

Is it safe to wear Totally Bangin’ during pregnancy?

Yes, according to the Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA), pregnant/expecting mothers can use self-tanning products. As in any case, a patch test must first be conducted. This is most important during pregnancy because of increased skin sensitivity. To be safe, speaking to a healthcare professional is ideal.

Is Totally Bangin’ sweat proof?

Yes, Totally Bangin’ is sweat proof, but this doesn’t mean that individuals should workout right after application. A minimum of three hours must pass for the formula to fully develop before partaking in intense movements.

What does the complete Totally Bangin’ ingredient’s list contain?

The complete Totally Bangin’ ingredient’s list can be found here.

Are there any side effects to wearing Totally Bangin’?

The Turbo Babe Lifestyle team avows that their formula is 100% safe on the skin and is highly unlikely to elicit any side effects.

What else should I know about Totally Bangin’?

Totally Bangin’ contains 100% natural DHA, is paraben-free, 100% vegan and has never been tested on animals.

How long will it take to receive my order of Totally Bangin’?

For homes located within North America, the average shipping times are between 5 and 7 business days, while international locations will require up to 14 business days. It is important to mention that COVID-19 and service disruptions have not been accounted for in arriving at these estimates.

Is Totally Bangin’ protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Totally Bangin’ has been protected by a 180-day money-back guarantee. If this tanner fails to uphold the promise of simple, orange-free results, a request for refund must be voiced within 180 days from the purchase date. This policy can be applied on empty, partially full, or full bottles. For more information, contact the team in one of the following ways:

Email: support@turbobabelifestyle.com

Return Address: Turbo Babe Inc., c/o ShipOffers, 19655 E 35th Dr #100, Aurora, CO, 80011, USA

What does each Totally Bangin’ purchase include?

Coupled with each Totally Bangin’ purchase are:

Bonus #1. Easy-Application Tanning Mitt

The easy-application tanning mitt is reckoned to smoothen the application process. It is as quick as wearing the mitts, pumping Totally Bangin’ into them and sweeping the mitts right over the knees, elbows and hard to reach places. This is a great bonus to have as it promotes stain-free hands!

Bonus #2. Tan Polishing Brush

The Tan Polishing Brush is best for tricky areas such as our face, hands, feet, and ankles. For perfectionists out there, this is indispensable seeing how it can cover toes, fingers, and elbows as well.

Be aware that these bonus tools are only offered to those who place bulk orders (i.e., three or six bottles of Totally Bangin’).

How much does Totally Bangin’ cost?

Totally Bangin’ can be purchased at three different prices, each one defined by the quantities to be ordered. Specifically:

  • 1 Totally Bangin’ bottle starter: $47.77 each
  • 3 Totally Bangin’ bottles kit: $40.77 each
  • 6 Totally Bangin’ bottles kit: $35.77 each

Meet the Turbo Babe Lifestyle Team

Turbo Babe Lifestyle is a company devoted to creating tanning products that not only leave women feeling their ultimate best, but also ensure a lot of attention on reaching a natural appearance. Here’s what they have to say regarding Totally Bangin’:

“Totally Bangin’ has changed the tanning game. It might be a fake tan, but the results are real […] Listen babe, we care about what you are putting on that banging body of yours. That is why Totally Banging’ uses natural DHA and contains zero harmful chemicals and of course it’s vegan! Our tanner is tested on babes not bunnies.”

Final Verdict

From the above analysis, it should be clear why Turbo Babe Lifestyle is so confident in the Totally Bangin’ formula. It carries natural ingredients, namely a rich source of antioxidants and fatty acids that increase the odds of protection against oxidative stress, free radicals, and other environmental damages, while promoting optimal hydration, and locking in moisture. Furthermore, users have control over the hue they want to produce, rather than a hue ranging anywhere between disgusting orange and extra dark.

Other reasons that give this formula a competitive edge over others include its mild scent, easy application, stain-free uses, and intact finishes. At the end of the day, Totally Bangin’ is still a fake tan, however, the Turbo Babe Lifestyle formula removes the associated artificiality. Considering everything (and the risk-free nature of the money-back guarantee), investing in Totally Bangin’ might be worthwhile. For a glimpse into the skin brightening, protecting and possibly elevating effects of Totally Bangin’, visit here>>>.

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