Weekend Wiretap Project Review (Rob Booker and Lance Ippolito)

Weekend Wiretap Project is an online trading system created by Lance Ippolito.

By following Lance’s trading advice every Friday, you can purportedly make big returns by Monday. According to the official website, Weekend Wiretap traders have earned returns of 29% to 289% over a single weekend with Lance’s recommendations.

What is the Weekend Wiretap Project? Should you sign up for the Weekend Wiretap Project today? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about this project and how could help you get rich quick, according to the official website.

What is Weekend Wiretap Project?

Weekend Wiretap Project is a trading system that involves buying a stock on Friday and selling that stock for a profit by the next Monday.

You can learn more about Weekend Wiretap Project at an upcoming webinar scheduled for January 6. During that webinar, Lance explains how his trading strategy works and how much money you could make. After the webinar, you decide whether to subscribe to Weekend Wiretap Project.

When you subscribe to Weekend Wiretap Project, you get trading alerts from Lance Ippolito and his team at Wealthpress. By following these trade alert recommendations in the past, traders have purportedly earned returns of 29% to 289% over just a single weekend.

Here’s how Wealthpress explains the trading system:

“The weekend secret that has handed hundreds of new traders tens, hundreds…even thousands in dollars in “weekend payouts.” Wall Street “wired” hundreds of thousands of dollars into each one of these stocks on a Friday afternoon…the very next Monday morning, this happened…”

According to the official website, stocks made huge gains over the weekend, including 139% on RCL, 289% on MT, 35% on UAL, and 37% on AAPL, among other big rises.

In fact, the official website mentions gains as high as 610% on CRSR and 486% on BIIB, among other impressive gains.

By signing up for Weekend Wiretap Project today, investors could earn similar returns by following Lance’s trading alerts.

How Does Weekend Wiretap Project Work?

Weekend Wiretap involves trading over the weekend to earn profit every Monday.

By picking winning stocks on Friday and then selling those stocks by Monday, you can earn high returns on investment.

Of course, all traders want to buy stocks low and sell them high. So what makes the Weekend Wiretap Project different? How can Lance consistently pick winning stocks? Why is he sharing these investment tips with followers instead of keeping them to himself?

Lance doesn’t explain how he consistently picks winning stocks. However, he’s confident that his Friday investment advice is a “60 second secret to potentially transforming your weekend to the most profitable trading days of the week.”

Here’s how the official Weekend Wiretap website describes the unique trading system:

“Discover the simple rinse and repeat Friday afternoon strategy that transformed simple $500 trades into $22,546 in just 4 weekends.”

The website also claims that Weekend Wiretap Project is a side hustle that could help followers earn returns on their investments:

“…it’s the best weekend side hustle of all time. I just place a trade when the text comes and boom out on Monday.”

Then, when the next Friday comes around, you follow Lance’s investment advice again, buy the stocks he has picked, and potentially cash out on Monday. Weekend Wiretap Project is that simple.

What is Wall Street’s 3pm Friday Afternoon Secret?

Weekend Wiretap Project is based on the idea that Wall Street has a “dirty 3pm secret.”

On Friday afternoons, traders take advantage of a lull in markets to implement a secret trading strategy:

  • Regulators are gone
  • Most trading desks have closed up weekend positions
  • Mainstream traders have checked out

During this time, Wall Street “uses a secret trading transaction to ‘wire’ millions of dollars into unsuspecting stocks,” according to the official Weekend Wiretap website.

If you know how to catch these Wall Street traders in the act, then “you can easily claim your share of Monday’s biggest returns.”

In other words, Lance Ippolito claims that Wall Street insiders secretly pump and dump a handful of select stocks every Friday afternoon. Lance reveals the names of these stocks to his followers. Although Lance does not describe how he knows the names of these secret stocks, the name of his newsletter is Weekend Wiretap, suggesting he may have a hidden communication device in a Wall Street trading room (in reality, Lance appears to have a proprietary stock picking system he uses to identify stocks that have the highest potential for growth).

About the Weekend Wiretap Project Seminar

To promote the Weekend Wiretap Project subscription service, Lance has launched a seminar online. That seminar is scheduled for January 6, 2022.

During the seminar, Lance will explain how his trading strategy works, how much money investors could make, and why he believes investors of all levels of experience could earn “tens, hundreds…even thousands in dollars in ‘weekend payouts’” by following his investment advice.

The seminar is free for anyone to attend. Just enter your email address into the online form.

You’ll receive a link to the webinar on the day of the event. Just follow that link, listen to Lance’s information, and decide whether to subscribe to the full Weekend Wiretap Project service.

What Will You Learn with Weekend Wiretap Project?

If you attend the Weekend Wiretap Project seminar online, you’ll learn Lance’s weekend trading strategy. By investing in Lance’s recommended stocks on Friday afternoon and selling them on Monday, you can purportedly make huge returns on investment.

Some of the topics covered in Weekend Wiretap Project and the Weekend Wiretap Project subscription service include:

  • How to use a “rinse and repeat” strategy to earn profits of 50% to 610% every weekend without looking at stock charts or candlestick patterns or having any trading experience
  • How to buy stocks on Friday and flip them for huge profits by Monday
  • Why trading over the weekend is the smartest way to make trades in 2022
  • Why anyone with a cell phone can quickly replicate a Friday afternoon trading strategy each week
  • Why you shouldn’t even consider making a trade during the week (unless it’s 3pm on Friday afternoon)
  • The real-time Wall Street signal you can use to spot Monday’s biggest movers on Friday afternoon

How Options Trading Works

Obviously, stocks like AAPL don’t rise 40% in a single weekend. So how does Weekend Wiretap Project create such huge gains for subscribers?

As you may have guessed, Weekend Wiretap Project involves options trading. With options trading, you’re trading a derivative of a stock. That derivative – the option – gives buyers the right to buy or sell a specific asset at a specific price.

Some see options trading as gambling. Others see it as a way to get rich quick. Others see it as a way to leverage your money to its maximum potential and earn huge gains on investment.

By subscribing to Weekend Wiretap Project today, you get access to a steady stream of options trading recommendations.

Weekend Wiretap Project Features

Weekend Wiretap Project and the Weekend Wiretap Alerts come with the following features:

  • Holding Period: Less than 2 weeks
  • Portfolio Size: $5,000 to $10,000
  • Alerts Per Month: 4
  • Number of Positions: 4-10
  • Trading: Options

Weekend Wiretap Reviews

Weekend Wiretap is backed by positive reviews online at Wealthpress.com. Here are some of the things that happy customers have had to say about Weekend Wiretap:

One woman claims Weekend Wiretap Project “could not have been easier.” She invested when Lance told her to invest, and she sold the stock when Lance told her to sell the stock, claiming “I got in when Lance said and got out when I got the text and email.” Overall, that trader was very impressed with the service.

One man claims he increased his trading account from $500 to $1,600 by following Weekend Wiretap Project’s investment recommendations. His goal was just to double his account, but he ended up earning more.

One man claims he earned $1,097.12 in a single trading day by following Weekend Wiretap Project’s trading recommendations. His account started with $2,000 and now sits at $3,881.72.

Another man claims he has “doubled [his] account again in the last 15 days,” earning huge returns on investment after subscribing to Weekend Wiretap Project.

Lance himself claims he “doesn’t look at trades that can’t at least double his money”

Overall, the Weekend Wiretap Project website is filled with stories of investors making substantial returns on investment by following the stocks recommended each week in Weekend Wiretap Project.

How to Attend the Weekend Wiretap Project Seminar

Anyone can attend the Weekend Wiretap Project seminar for free online today by visiting Wealthpress.com.

Simply enter your name and email address into the online form to get started. Then, you’ll receive a link to the webinar on the date it’s scheduled to take place (January 6, 2022).

Weekend Wiretap Project Refund Policy

If you subscribe to Weekend Wiretap Project, then you have 14 days from the date of purchase to cancel and receive a full refund (if the product you purchased is priced at over $249).

For all products and services below $249, you can request a complete refund at any time after your purchase.

About Lance Ippolito

Lance Ippolito is a former hedge fund trader who, according to his Wealthpress bio, “specializes in making large amounts of money in short periods of time.”

Lance created his own software to spot big market moves. He uses that software to make aggressive moves. Lance ignores trades where he “can’t at least double his money.”

Lance left the hedge fund world to make a living through day trading. Today, he helps his followers earn huge potential returns on investments by providing day trading advice, investment recommendations, and more through financial newsletters like Weekend Wiretap Project.

About Wealthpress

Wealthpress is a financial publishing company based in Jacksonville, Florida. Wealthpress offers a series of financial publishing services and email newsletters, including First Strike Portfolio (a weekly trading service for large cap stocks), Weekly Blitz Alerts (loophole trades recommended by a proprietary scanner), Monthly Money Flows (monthly stock picking newsletter), and Alpha Trade Alerts (a analytics-driven financial newsletter).

You can contact the company via the following:

  • Email: support@wealthpress.com
  • Email Form: https://wealthpress.com/connect
  • Mailing Address: 7751 Belfort Parkway, Suite 120, Jacksonville, FL 32256
  • Phone: (904) 404-8870

In addition to Lance Ippolito, other members of the Wealthpress team include Roger Scott, Tom Busby, Jeff Zananiri, Adam Sarhan, Chuck Hughes, and Matt Warder.

Final Word

Weekend Wiretap Project is a subscription service where you receive stock tips every Friday afternoon based on secretive Wall Street investment information. By buying those stocks when you see the alert, and then selling those stocks on Monday, investors could make huge returns on investment.

The subscription service is based on the idea that major Wall Street players make huge investments late on Friday afternoon when most traders have already left. Lance Ippolito claims to know which stocks these players are buying this week, and he shares this information with his followers.

To learn more about Weekend Wiretap Project, Weekend Wiretap Alerts, and the Weekend Wiretap Project seminar, visit the official website today.

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