What is Brown Fat? Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) & Weight Loss News

What is brown fat?

Body fat remains the point of concern for every obese individual. Over the last few years, weight gain and obesity-related diseases have increasingly become an issue. Burning calories sounds really cool, but the process is quite hectic and time-consuming.

From young adults to middle-aged individuals everybody is aiming for weight loss programs to get rid of excess body fat. The visible fat we see mostly consists of white fat cells that do nothing positive to your body. Carrying too much white fat puts you at a higher risk of developing heart disease, metabolic disease, and other diseases.

Eventually, the extra fat percentage in your body puts more pressure on your spinal cord, making it harder for you to maintain a good posture.

However, you may wonder why not all fat cells are bad for your body. The fat cells of your body can be divided into two categories- good fat and bad fat. White fat cells are referred to as bad fat while brown fat cells are considered good fat.

Are you hearing the term ‘brown fat’ for the first time? Well, you’re not alone in that case. ‘What is brown fat?’ is one of the most googled questions about fat cells and fat burning. The majority of people aren’t aware of the existence of brown fat cells. The limited number of people who know about brown fat, don’t know their functions. Even though new weight loss supplements like Exipure have emerged based on this information, there is still a lot of ground to cover.

This article is going to point out all the factors related to brown fat to inform you about how brown fat can help you live a healthier life.

Introduction to brown fat

Brown fat differs from regular body fat. Most of the fat cells of the human body are white fat cells, but brown fat cells are also present to maintain the body temperature. As the name suggests, brown fat appears in brown color and consists of brown adipocytes.

The main differences between brown fat and white fat

Anyway, brown fat and white fat have major structural differences. Unlike white fat, brown fat includes a greater number of mitochondria to generate heat adequately.

Usually, white adipocytes contain big lipid droplets. Apart from the lipid droplet, white fat contains a nucleus. On the other hand, brown fat contains small lipid droplets and more mitochondria. Due to the structural difference, white adipose tissue is unable to burn calories as much as brown fat does.

Coming to functionality, brown fat stores the generated energy within a smaller space inside every fat cell.

Contradictorily, white fat functions differently and that makes white adipocytes appear as large fat droplets.

When is brown fat generated?

Interestingly, the human body starts producing brown fat to maintain body temperature in cold temperatures. Brown fat regulates body temperature by generating heat through a biological process called thermogenesis.

Naturally, cold exposure is necessary to activate brown fat in your body. You won’t be able to activate more brown fat in your body unless you expose yourself to cold temperatures.

How does brown fat produce heat?

As the main function of brown fat is to maintain body heat, it aims to burn calories so that heat gets generated. Biologically, white fat is dissolved to produce enough energy. Whenever you’re somewhere with a cold environment or cold weather.

Now, as brown fat burns calories, you get the chance to lose weight generating more brown fat inside your body. Scientifically, brown fat is often called brown adipose tissue. In some cases, brown fat is referred to as beige fat as well. Brown and beige fat serve similar purposes, maintaining body temperature and burning extra calories.

Apart from the primary functions of brown adipose tissue, it also offers other health benefits. Brown fat, which is mentioned as thermogenic brown adipocytes in scientific research, participates in glucose homeostasis and energy actively.

Where is brown fat stored in your body?

White fat gets stored all over your body, but mostly in your abdominal area and hips. On the other side, brown fat tissue can be found in the upper half of your body.

To be specific, this kind of fat gets accumulated around your shoulder blades, spine, and thoracic region.

What are the benefits of brown fat in humans?

While white fat makes your body obese, brown fat and beige fat offer you a chunk of physical benefits. Check out the following portion to discover brown fat’s beneficial features.

Outstanding weight loss benefits

The first and foremost thing to mention about brown fat is that you can shed a few pounds effortlessly as you activate more brown fat in your body. Both brown and beige fat promote deliver noticeable weight loss results. Studies have clearly shown that lean people have higher levels of brown fat in their bodies.

Brown fat induces the secretion of Secretin, a gastrointestinal hormone to control your food intake and energy expenditure.

Body temperature regulation

Consisting of an impressive number of iron-containing mitochondria, brown fat makes you burn more calories and stay warm. This is the key function of brown adipose tissue that makes it stand out among other body fat cells.

Blood sugar control

Lower body heat triggers insulin resistance in your body. As a result, your blood sugar level spikes and becomes hard to control. Brown adipose tissue boosts the levels of a hormone called Irisin that makes fat cells burn more and more calories.

Even if your energy expenditure increases, your body never runs out of energy as the Irisin hormone, researchers discovered.

Prevents hypothermia in newborn infants

Higher levels of brown fat help premature newborns survive easily. Most premature babies tend to have lower temperatures than normal, which is called hypothermia. Adequate brown fat levels help such premature newborns sustain themselves.

These are the beneficial sides of brown fat. Increasing brown fat levels can help you attain the benefits mentioned above to make your lifestyle way healthier.

How to increase brown adipocytes?

According to several famous academic research institutions, cold exposure increases brown fat in the human body. People residing in cold areas are already ahead of other people in terms of producing brown fat.

If you start spending just two hours daily in a cold temperature, you will increase your brown fat levels drastically.

Apart from spending time in a cold condition, you are supposed to ensure nutritious food intake and regular exercise to boost the brown adipose tissue level in your body.

Brown Adipose tissue – Final word

Brown fat’s magical benefits are hard to believe. When it comes to body fat, everyone assumes it to be bad. But not all fats are bad. Brown fat is truly amazing due to its uncommon benefits.

From losing weight to maintaining a healthy body, brown fat helps you do it all. This article has revealed all the facts related to brown fat for your enlightenment. Most importantly, you have a clear insight into what brown fat does inside your body to promote your wellbeing.

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