What Is Tyrosine? Everything You Should Know Before Using!

Your health is one of the critical things in life you should never take for granted. That is why it becomes critical to ensure you understand everything about your body, to ensure you can know when it is not functioning appropriately. Nonetheless, there comes a time when you need supplements to ensure your body produces the chemicals and hormones it requires to keep you active during such sessions. Tyrosine is a supplement that can play a pivotal role in ensuring you are fit, especially for your brain. In this article, you shall learn about this product, its advantages, and the dosage you should stick to when consuming it.

The Definition Of Tyrosine

The human body can sometimes be complicated, especially when describing different parts, organs, hormones, and tissues. Therefore, you need to know what some terms mean, such as tyrosine, to ensure you clearly understand what they all entail. Tyrosine can be defined as an amino acid from another amino acid known as phenylalanine. The name for this chemical comes from cheese, which was the first item discovered that contains tyrosine. As a matter of fact, ‘tyros’ is a Greek name for cheese. Besides cheese, you can find tyrosine in other foods, including fish, chicken, dairy products, and turkey.

Fortunately, you do not have to focus on such meals to get this essential chemical. Chemists, hospitals, and other medical facilities have tyrosine as a dietary supplement. It constitutes so much to your general well-being, especially if you need a pre-workout supplement. This supplement has several benefits, especially when it comes to enhancing your brain, mind, and other parts of your body.

What Contribution Does Tyrosine Have To Your Body?

You cannot overlook the essence of this substance in your body. Tyrosine is a chemical that significantly contributes to making different substances in your body. This is why you will realize the demand for tyrosine supplements has skyrocketed over the last few years. Such substances include;

  • Thyroid Hormones – The thyroid glands in your body play a critical role in ensuring that your body produces these hormones. Thyroid hormones then play a crucial responsibility in ensuring that your metabolism works as it should. Metabolism is a serious process in your body, and if it is not working well, you may experience some severe health issues.
  • Dopamine – this chemical is one of the most essential in your body. Dopamine is responsible for regulating your reward and pleasure centers. It also plays a critical role in motor skills and memory. You need a sober mind to ensure that you make informed life decisions.
  • Noradrenaline and adrenaline – there comes a time when you come face to face with danger, and you need to act fast. You can decide to face the fight or run away. Whatever decision you make comes from the noradrenaline and adrenaline levels in your body. These hormones give your body a fight-or-flight response when facing a stressful situation.
  • Melanin – there is a specific reason why your skin looks the way it does. Albinism is when the skin does not produce enough melanin, a color pigment hormone. Besides the skin, melanin ensures you get color in your eyes and hair. You should know that dark-skinned people have more melanin than bright-skinned individuals.

Today, it is possible to get tyrosine from different chemists and drug stores as a dietary supplement. Fortunately, you have two options for such a purchase – you can get this supplement alone or buy one mixed with other ingredients. The mixed one is an excellent choice if you want a pre-workout supplement. Using this supplement to increase the above-explained neurotransmitters gives you a great chance to enhance your memory and performance during challenging times.

Possible Benefits Of Tyrosine

As explained in this section, buying tyrosine as a supplement has several advantages. Therefore, you need to read it keenly to gather all the information about this product. It may be a naturally-occurring amino acid in the human body, but you need to ensure you have the correct levels to enjoy its benefits. The advantages of tyrosine are explained below:

It Can Help If You Have Phenylketonuria

When you have a defect in the gene that produces an enzyme known as phenylalanine hydroxylase, you will develop a condition called phenylketonuria. It is a rare genetic condition, but it can be pretty stressful. Using tyrosine supplements increases your chances of fighting this illness. Tyrosine is made from this enzyme, and if that does not happen in your body, you will suffer from PKU because you will have a tyrosine deficiency. One of the best ways to alleviate phenylketonuria symptoms is by getting a tyrosine supplement to ensure its levels in your body are where they are supposed to be. Treating phenylketonuria can be as simple as sticking to a diet with less or no phenylalanine content. Your medical advisor is better positioned to explain what such a diet should include.

Nonetheless, research has shown that scientists and medical experts cannot be 100% sure of the effectiveness of tyrosine supplements in treating PKU. If you suffer from this condition, you need to consult an expert who can better explain how you can use tyrosine supplements to treat phenylketonuria, considering that different people have varying bodies and reactions to different products. This supplement may work on someone else, but you can never be sure of how effective it will be for your body. Most researchers have been busy on this subject. Still, a significant percentage of them admit that the results from supplementing using tyrosine or placebo are not substantial when managing or treating PKU. Nonetheless, it would not break a bone to try this supplement to ensure everything in your body functions as it should.

Enhanced Mental Performance In Situations That May Be Stressful And Challenging

Human beings go through a lot as they live one day at a time, and most likely, you are not an exception. Stress and depression have been ranked among the conditions that have risen in rank when it comes to being fatal. Besides suicides, being mentally unstable due to difficult situations in life can bring more health complications to your body. That is why you need to have a clear mind and avoid stress, leading to depression, diseases, and even death. Fortunately, using tyrosine has been proven as one of the ways you can enhance your mind’s performance and endurance when facing a hard time in your life.

The reduction of neurotransmitters is the primary reason why stress and depression can affect your thinking, memory, knowledge, attention, and reasoning. The research was done using rodents exposed to extreme cold, which is an environmental suppressor. When these animals were given a tyrosine supplement, it also restored the neurotransmitters and their memory. That shows this product can also work in human beings to help them fight stress, depression, and any other difficult periods they may be going through in life. Nonetheless, this is not a guarantee that you can get the same results as the rodents when you use this supplement, but it can be an excellent place to start if you are going through a rough patch in life.

Research conducted on women undertaking mentally challenging tasks revealed that they enhanced their cognitive ability once they consumed tyrosine supplements. Unlike a placebo, tyrosine can significantly boost concentration and help you follow instructions better. Cognitive flexibility means that you can multitask, whether it is in terms of your tasks or thoughts. Besides that, reports indicate that tyrosine can also play a critical role in helping you stay active even after you did not get a good night’s sleep. People with insomnia can use this product to ensure they handle their responsibilities without falling asleep. Research shows that a dose of this supplement can help you stay active for three extra hours, even if you did not sleep well the previous night.

Moreover, this supplement can help you recover from mental decline and enhance your cognition in challenging situations. The last thing to remember here is that although tyrosine can improve your cognition, there are no reports that show it can boost human physical performance. That means this supplement mainly works on your mental well-being and not physical. Therefore, do not consume it expecting to get more energized or physically fit for whatever task ahead of you. Additionally, even if this supplement affects your mind and brain, no research proves that it can give you higher brainpower.

It May Help With Depression, But Research Is Still Underway

Stress is one thing, but depression is a totally different phenomenon. Many people globally today undergo depression without knowing what it is. This condition has become pretty severe, such that it has led to the demise of many people. Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid and even treat depression. The fact that tyrosine supplements can activate and boost the neurotransmitter’s functioning is enough to conclude that they can be used as an antidepressant. However, research on these claims is still underway, and recently, these allegations became void after some people with depression were treated using tyrosine, a placebo, and a common antidepressant. The researchers realized that tyrosine had little to no effect on the subject’s depression state from the sampling.

People may be experiencing depression, but each of the cases is unique. Some may be stressed due to family wrangles, work-related issues, marriage breakups, and financial constraints, among others. This is the main reason some products, such as a tyrosine supplement, may not be effective in helping you fight depression. Nonetheless, it has become a critical product for people with low dopamine, noradrenaline, or adrenaline levels. The best way to identify someone with low levels of dopamine and dopamine-related depression is that they are always weak and do not have the necessary motivation to handle different tasks. If that feels like you, it is high time to consider getting help by purchasing a tyrosine supplement. You can find most of these products in different outlets, including chemists, shops, and supermarkets. Just ensure you talk to your doctor to ensure you get the right product for your needs. Note that complete reports about tyrosine treating depression symptoms are not yet available. Therefore, you do not have to put your hopes too high when it comes to that subject.

What Are Some Of The Possible Tyrosine Side Effects?

As mentioned before, different people have varying bodies, meaning they get varying reactions to different products. Tyrosine may be a beneficial supplement, but it can also bring some side effects for some consumers. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified this product as a GRAS – generally recognized as safe.

Nonetheless, if you want to minimize the chances of facing harsh consequences, you must ensure you follow the right prescription. The FDA says that the best tyrosine daily prescription is 150mg per kilogram of body weight. It would be best to consume such a dosage for a maximum of three months. The main side-effects you can anticipate when using this supplement include;

Influence Thyroid Hormones

There are two thyroid hormones known as triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxin (T4). These are the hormones responsible for regulating metabolism and growth in the human body. This is why their levels should be neither too low nor too high. The use of tyrosine may mess with these hormones and either lower or increase their levels beyond the minimum and maximum limits. However, for most people who experience this effect, the levels of the thyroid hormones go too high. As such, if you are on any thyroid medication or have a sensitive thyroid, you should be cautious when using this supplement. It is advisable to talk to your doctor to get a clear glimpse of whether tyrosine is safe for you or not.

Interaction With Antidepressants

Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs) are antidepressants, meaning they help you handle stress and depression. You need to sober up as much as possible, but sometimes it can be challenging to go through a painful period. That is why drugs, such as MAOIs, are there to help you with that. Nonetheless, you should know that there are chances of a tyrosine supplement messing you up when it interacts with this medication. When tyrosine is broken down, it produces tyramine, an amino acid that plays a critical role in regulating blood pressure. This amino acid can be found in different food items, including smoked meat, cured meat, blue cheese, beer, and cheddar.

The primary role of MAOIs is to block the functioning of the enzyme monoamine oxidase, responsible for breaking down any excess tyramine in your body. One of the significant dangers of combining such antidepressants with tyrosine is that the tyramine in your body can increase to dangerous levels. Nonetheless, research on that fact is still underway to confirm that tyrosine can lead to a tyramine build-up in the human body. Altogether, it is advisable to be cautious to ensure you do not harm your health while thinking that you are making it better.

Interaction With L-dopa

Parkinson’s disease has been bothering many people for quite a while. Fortunately, scientists have developed different treatments for this condition thanks to modern technology. Levodopa, also known as L-dopa, is one of these treatments, and it has been a pretty effective remedy for Parkinson’s disease. There are reasons why doctors advise against supplementing with tyrosine while under medication with Levodopa. One of these reasons is that both the drug and the supplement will have severe competition to get absorbed into the small intestines.

Such competition can lead to the drug’s effectiveness being affected. Fortunately, there is an ideal way to combine this medication and tyrosine. Experts in the health sector advise that you should separate the consumption of the two products by several hours. On the other hand, research is underway to identify how tyrosine and alleviated symptoms of cognitive decline in seniors are related.

The Best Way To Supplement With Tyrosine

Purchasing this product from the shops and chemists is not enough – you need to understand how to consume it for the best results. This supplement has two forms: free-form amino acid and NALT (N-acetyl L-tyrosine). The free-form amino acid is most people’s preference, although NALT is more water-soluble. NALT’s conversion rate to your body’s tyrosine is lower than free-form’s, meaning you will need higher amounts to get the same effects. It is not clear the role of tyrosine in workouts. Still, manufacturers, scientists, and other health professionals recommend consuming between 500 and 2000mg of the supplement half an hour or one hour before your exercise sessions.

When you follow a different prescription, tyrosine can be pretty effective in helping you face stressful situations, such as when you have not had a good night’s sleep. The prescription here consumes between 45 and 68mg per kilogram of body weight. Gastrointestinal upset is one of the immediate reactions you can expect when consuming high amounts of tyrosine. That is why it is recommendable to have two separate doses, where you consume the supplements at different times, preferably 30 and 60 minutes before a stressful event.

Being healthy takes effort, sweat, and dedication. Sometimes, the human body may fail to produce what it should, such as hormones and amino acids, to keep you healthy. You will need to look for the best supplement to ensure you are safe in such a case. Tyrosine is one of the products that play a critical role, especially when facing challenging situations. Nonetheless, you need to follow the information explained above, considering that such products are not effective for everybody. Talking to a qualified doctor will help you understand what products are safe for you and how best to consume them.

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