Where to Buy Weed Near Me — Best Local Vendors & Online Stores

As the laws surrounding recreational and medical marijuana continue to change, it’s essential to know how to purchase weed legally in your state and where to find the best product.

In this guide, we’ll discuss all of your options for purchasing weed and THC products in your area and whether you can legally buy weed online without ever leaving your home.

We’ll also dive into an exciting new weed alternative — delta 8 THC — which is legal in most states, even where marijuana remains in prohibition.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries Near Me: What Are the Options?

There are several places you can turn to purchase weed, depending on the specific laws in your state. We’ll discuss each of your options below and include some information about which is your best option for top-shelf weed and THC products in your area.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical marijuana is almost fully legalized across America, but each state has laws about its use that may prevent you from obtaining a medical marijuana card (MMJ card).

If medical marijuana is fully legal in your state and the local laws are lax enough for you to get an MMJ card, then a medical dispensary will likely be your best option for purchasing weed.

Medical dispensaries hold their products to the highest standards and offer several benefits you won’t find in recreational dispensaries or other retailers. They usually have medical-grade products, including marijuana flower, vape cartridges, edibles, and concentrates.

If, however, your state’s laws prevent you from obtaining a medical marijuana card, you’ll have to turn elsewhere to purchase your THC products.

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries

If you cannot obtain an MMJ card, but recreational marijuana is legalized in your state, a recreational or “adult-use” dispensary is your next best option. These retailers are highly regulated as well, so you’re guaranteed to get safe products that are dosed accurately.

Most adult-use dispensaries offer a wide range of products, including hemp flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and more, so you’re likely to find a product that suits you.

If recreational marijuana isn’t legalized in your state and you can’t obtain an MMJ card, you’ll have even fewer options for purchasing weed.

Weed Dealer

Buying from a weed dealer is an option some individuals choose if the laws in their states prohibit them from obtaining products from recreational or medical dispensaries.

This is illegal in all states, and although possession is decriminalized in many areas, you could face legal penalties for purchasing weed on the black market.

Some marijuana users turn to black-market dealers even if recreational marijuana is legalized in their area because prices can sometimes be lower. While you may pay less for similar products, buying illegal weed is generally not recommended.

Illegal weed isn’t regulated, so you’ll never know for sure what you’re purchasing or whether the plant contains chemicals, pesticides, or other potentially harmful substances.

In addition to the many potential health risks associated with buying weed on the black market, you may also get penalized for purchasing an illegal substance.

Is Buying Weed Online Legal?


In states where medical and recreational marijuana is legalized, purchasing online for delivery or pickup is often an option.

Some retailers opt not to sell online because shipping can be a grey area and because exporting over state lines is a federal offense.

However, if you live within state lines and your area has fully legalized medical and recreational marijuana, you’ll likely find a vendor who will sell online and ship directly to your doorstep.

Buying Delta 8 THC Legally

Many THC users have another option that is entirely legal in most states: delta 8 THC.

Traditional marijuana contains delta 9 THC, which is the primary psychoactive substance in marijuana. Delta 8 THC can be extracted from marijuana and hemp plants, and because it is said to have less of an effect on the user, it can be sold in many areas even where weed has yet to be legalized.

Legally purchasing delta 8 THC products online is an option for you unless you live in one of the following states.

These states have prohibited the THC alternative or have made it very challenging to sell and purchase:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah
  • Vermont

Delta 9 THC vs. Delta 8 THC

Delta 9 THC is the psychoactive substance that gets you high when you smoke weed, take an edible, or use other THC products. It binds to CB1 receptors in your “endocannabinoid” system.

Delta 9 THC interacts readily with this system and creates a powerful psychoactive experience for the user.

On the other hand, delta 8 THC is derived from marijuana and hemp plants and instead binds with CB2 receptors in our bodies. The effects are said to be significantly less powerful than those experienced when using delta 9 THC, with many users reporting approximately a third to a half of the potency for the same quantity.

Many delta 8 THC users also note that the THC alternative leads to less anxiety-inducing highs and a more relaxing, calming experience.

The primary difference between delta 9 THC and delta 8 THC is the location of a double bond between carbon atoms. In delta 8, the bond is shifted from the ninth carbon atom to the eighth in the carbon chain, leading to different absorption rates and receptor bonding in our bodies.

In addition to the differences users report in the high and the molecular variances, delta 8 THC is also legal in many areas where products containing delta 9 THC are still illegal.

Top Online Delta 8 THC Vendors

If you’re looking for the best places to buy delta 8 THC online, we’ve compiled a list of the top vendors offering the highest quality delta 8 THC products.

1. Area 52


Area 52 provides some of the best delta 8 THC products on the market. They use numerous third-party testing companies to ensure every single one of their products is top-shelf quality and contains exactly what the label indicates. Their attention to consistent and quality delta 8 products is impressive and unrivaled.

Area 52 has been awarded among the top cannabis brands in the United States by LA Weekly, Seattle Weekly, and Bellevue Reporter.

They offer edible gummies, tinctures, and vape cartridges, so you’ll have your choice of vaping your delta 8 THC, eating it, or taking it sublingually.

Area 52 offers free priority shipping when you purchase over $110.

2. Finest Labs


Finest Labs is another company that goes above and beyond in its product testing to ensure quality and consistency. They use third-party testing to produce lab-grade delta 8 THC products, and we have never been disappointed with their offerings.

Just like Area 52, they sell gummies, tinctures, and vape carts containing top-shelf delta 8 THC. What sets them apart is that they also add unique and flavorful terpene profiles to their products, so you’ll always get a delicious product no matter how you choose to take your THC.

Order over $150, and you’ll get free priority shipping to help you save.

3. Hempire


They still use third-party testing for their products, but it’s less intensive than Area 52 or Finest Labs.

If you’re looking for more ways to take your delta 8 THC, they may be best for you. They sell hemp plower, vape cartridges, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and more.

4. Skyhio


They have the most impressive range of products, including vape cartridges, tinctures, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and oils. You can get these products with delta 8 THC or opt for a variety of other cannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, CBC, THCV, and CBG.

All of their products go through less third-party testing than our other favorite vendors, but the quality and consistency are still pretty good.

To help you save even more money getting your THC fix, 3 Chi also ships all orders over $99 for free.

5. 8Delta8


8Delta8 products are safe and of good quality and consistency, but their testing is less extensive than most other vendors.

Their selection is vast, including many flavors of tinctures, gummies, vape carts, dabs, concentrates, and capsules, so they’ve got something for everyone.

They offer free shipping on all orders over $100, so stocking up is easy and affordable.

Where to Buy Weed Online & Why Delta 8 is a Good Alternative

Choosing an online vendor to purchase your delta 8 THC from is often the most convenient option for getting THC products. It’s super convenient to shop online, you’ll have more options than in most brick and mortar retailers, and having your product delivered to your doorstep couldn’t be easier.

Plus, buying delta 8 THC online is legal in many areas where delta 9 THC is prohibited.

Buying online is not only more straightforward, but you’ll be cutting out the middleman and will end up paying less for your products in most cases. You’ll get clearly labeled, lab-tested, consistent, and safe products for less, and you won’t even have to leave your house.

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