Yotta Reviews – Legit Banking App and Debit Card Rewards?

Did you know that 40% of Americans struggle to fork up $400 in an emergency? This comes of no surprise seeing how saving money seems nearly impossible with minimum wage jobs, and rising costs of living. Unfortunately, people in such despair often resort to the lottery only to find themselves investing in thin air. There must be another way, right? Although it isn’t as exciting an activity as say playing Blackjack, one duo believes their banking solution can elicit the same hope, excitement, and fun. This is where it is fitting to introduce Yotta.

What is Yotta?

Yotta is a banking and rewards app intended to fix discrepancies within conventional savings accounts and to help Americans become more financially secure. There are two reasons why people seem to find solace in Yotta. First, the developers introduced a solution that makes saving money instantly fun and 2) they offer better economic value than most savings accounts.

For those of you wondering what’s so fun about saving (besides a growing bank account), the team insists that through Yotta, users will get a chance to win big. Specifically, they take pride in partnering with high value banks. In so doing, a portion of the interest is pooled together, which are offered as prizes through weekly number draws. The foundation for such a system was allegedly inspired by Premium Bonds in the UK, where 23 million people participated in savings product to win prizes.

To put things into perspective, for every $25 deposited into the Yotta account, one ticket is earned. With this ticket, individuals can pick 7 balls and each day a new number is drawn. This is the exciting part because people come back wanting for more daily, consequently, pushing them closer and closer towards their goals. If this seems like a win-win situation wait until we review its noteworthy features!

What features does Yotta have?

There is plenty in store with Yotta. Here’s what our editorial team amassed on its features:

Prize-Linked Savings Accounts

Prize-Lined Savings Accounts have been introduced to encourage saving. The team insists they pay more than double the national average rate on savings as a baseline. Moreover, the aforesaid pooling of interest permits them to offer weekly sweepstakes ranging from $0.10 to $10 million (Teslas are also handed out as prizes).

FDIC Insured

All funds with Yotta are securely held at Evolve Bank & Trust. They are a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), an organization that examines and supervises financial instituitions for safety, reliability, and consumer protection [1]. In fact, Evolve Bank & Trust has been approved for protection of up to $250,000.

Access to Debit & Credit Cards

The Yotta debit card increases the odds of winning to 1 in 100 for 30 days with every referral. An alternate way to increase the odds is by using this respective debit card on dining. Above anything else, using this card at one of Yotta’s partner Lucky Deal merchants guarantees odds of up to 1 in 5. Other incentives include receiving 10% of tickets back, instant notifications, and no foreign transaction fees.

Regarding the Yotta credit card, individuals will get up to a 2% chance to get any purchase for free plus 20% tickets back. The former chance is included on dining, whereas the latter chance requires using the credit card at one of their partnered Lucky Deal merchants. How can anyone forget the credit-building opportunity presented with every swipe?

For new members who spend $2,000 in the first four months, the team pledges to give 2,000 bonus tickets in time for the next contest. Finally, we have the MasterCard Zero Liability Protection, which barricades unauthorized purchases in case the physical card is lost!


Yotta Buckets are designed to encourage everyone to set goals, track spending, lock savings and to setup recurring transfers among others. These buckets are completely customizable to reflect unique goals, whether it be in the hopes of buying a car, going on vacation, or creating a college fund. Locking buckets is like locking a credit card; it prevents unnecessary withdrawals or spending.

Crypto Yield Bucket

The Crypto Yield Bucket is different compared to the above-listed buckets. Here, individuals can earn an average of 4% plus APY. Yotta currently only supports the USDC stablecoin, and so, it’s as simple as moving money into the Crypto Yield Bucket and the conversion is automatically taken care of. This bucket also ensures 2.5 times more tickets into weekly drawings. In other words, instead of getting a ticket for every $25, individuals will now get one for every $10.

Why USDC? Because 1) it is pegged with the USD, 2) it is backed by fully reserved assets and 3) its reserves are regularly attested by Grant Thornton LLP, a renowned accounting and advisory firm in the U.S.

Paycheque Perks

By connecting through the Direct Deposit feature, individuals will have at least 1 in 150 odds on getting a free purchase. The team initiates that early access to paycheques is also guaranteed this way, but it is unclear how that would work. On the first Direct Deposit paycheque, everyone will earn 20% bonus tickets, every paycheque after that will result in 5% bonus tickets.

Pool Play (Public & Private)

In public pools, individuals can join forces with friends, strangers and just about anyone by sharing the invite code. For those who prefer to keep their circle tight, the private pool is an invitation-only pool meant to keep individuals connected to their friends and/or family. To get started, a pool must first be created.

Then, the creator must decide how many weekly tickets they would like to allocate to the pool (the more the better), and this should be decided and set up by 3:30pm EST on Mondays. Lastly, it is a matter of sharing the pool’s invite and checking Sunday night to see whether the pool houses any winning tickets. The benefit here is that Yotta takes care of calculating each pool member’s share of the winnings.

Credit Builder

The Credit Builder Bucket is exactly how it has been described: a way to build credit and to earn bonus tickets. No hard credit checks will be performed, however, there is a process. Once approved, $1000 will be deposited to this respective bucket. It is important to spend money wisely and to make payments on a timely fashion.

The latter guarantees continued reporting to all three credit bureaus monthly. This strategy helped many of their users improve credit scores by over 42 points within 60 days. Besides credit improvements, 40 tickets are earned weekly. The best part is if the loan is paid off, the Credit Builder Bucket will be unlocked. Put differently, individuals will now get access to the entire loan amount of $1000.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to sign up to Yotta?

To sign up for a Yotta account, all that’s required is a name and email address. To earn tickets, a bank account must be connected through the app, and deposits made. For the latter, information on address, date of birth and social security number will be requested. Rest assured, all information will be securely transmitted using SSL and nothing will be saved onto the Yotta servers.

Do I have to switch banks to use Yotta?

No, Yotta doesn’t replace an existing bank. Instead, Yotta partnered with Plaid, permitting users to connect their existing banks in the Yotta app. This is one way to transfer funds into the Yotta Savings Account.

Is there a minimum balance on the Yotta account?

Balances below $5 will incur a monthly charge of $0.50 debited directly from the Yotta account balance on the first of the month. In general, the team does not impose minimum balance requirements. So, it’s entirely up to the user as to whether they would prefer to avoid $0.50 monthly or not.

What is the difference between “Won” and “Match Yotta” on my tickets?

Tickets with “Won” and a dollar amount on them indicate how much money was won so far. “Match Yotta” indicates how much that ticket would win if it matched no more numbers the rest of the week. It at least matches the YottaBall, which is a special number drawn on Sundays.

What if I forget to pick my numbers?

If individuals forgot to pick their numbers, they will be selected automatically at random. Tickets are autopicked every night at 9pm EST, but on Mondays, they are autopicked just before 1:30pm EST and again just before 9pm EST.

Can a minor sign up for Yotta?

Yes, with the help of an adult sponsor, they can connect an external back account to their Yotta account, however neither deposits nor withdrawals will be permitted. This restriction will be lifted once the minor becomes an adult. To be a sponsor the following pieces of information are required:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Address
  • Email and phone number (both of which must be different from that of the minor)

How can I access statements on Yotta?

On the 15th of every month, statements for the previous month will be available. These can be found under Settings > Account > Statements on the app.

How do micro payments work on Yotta?

Micro payments require individuals to verify their status as the account owner. To do this, Yotta will send two test deposits to a connected bank account in 1 to 2 business days. Once received, the amounts must be submitted in the app, confirming ownership.

When are prizes paid out?

Prizes are paid out on Sunday nights after 9pm EST.

If I withdraw money from Yotta, do I lose tickets?

Yes, for every $25 withdrawn, individuals will lose a ticket. In short, it’s the same ratio as depositing money.

What if I want to close my Yotta account?

Closing/deleting the Yotta account is just as simple as opening one. Individuals are asked to press onto the Settings icon and to choose Account > Account Information > Close Account.

What if I have problems with Yotta?

For any questions and/or concerns, the Yotta customer support team can be reached at:

  • Email: support@withyotta.com.
  • Phone: 1 (844) 945 3449

How much does it cost to access Yotta?

Yotta is free to use. The service neither includes monthly fees nor processing fees. The only time any charges will be incurred is if one’s account has less than $5 in funds. As for the Crypto Yield Bucket, individuals will not incur gas fees or any others.

Meet the Founders of Yotta

Yotta was founded by CEO, Adam Moelis and CTO, Ben Doyle. Adam previously worked at Goldman Sachs and YipiData. He graduated summa cum laude from Wharton with a degree in Finance and Accounting and has bragging rights for being Forbes 30 Under 30. Ben, who also happens to be a Forbes 30 Under 30, previously founded Entrypoint VR and worked at Bridgewater Associates. As for his education, he graduated magna cum laude from the University of Michigan with a degree in Computer Science.

The concept behind Yotta is truly spectacular. In fact, it has been backed by world-class investors such as Base 10, Core Innovation Capital, Y Combinator, Slow Ventures, Twenty-Two, and FundersClub®. Even individual investors are on board. More on the background information can be accessed by clicking here.

Final Verdicts

Overall, Yotta is a banking app through which an existing bank account can be connected to save money. The fun part is the draws in place, which guarantee prizes ranging from $0.10 to $10 million in value weekly. In short, for every $25 deposited into the Yotta account, 1 ticket is earned. This can be used towards choosing 7 numbers for the draw.

Our editorial team was beyond impressed by this team’s thought process. For starters, they limit withdrawals by imposing the same deposit ratio. If individuals decide to pull out $25, they lose a ticket. Why would anyone want to reduce their chances at winning big? Genius! Second, tickets are not only earned through deposits, but by also resorting to different buckets, spending money on dining or spending at one of Yotta’s partner merchants. Next, fees are practically non-existent. The only time individuals might incur fees is if their account houses under $5.

From there we have the team’s efforts in providing educational resources and a comprehensive FAQ section. Every conceivable doubt has been clarified on their official website. Finally, the concept for Yotta has been accepted by big name investors and many individual investors as well. Together, these reasons prove Adam and Ben brought Yotta to life to help Americans on the path to financial security. To get started, go to either the App Store or Google Play to download Yotta. For a smooth-sailing experience, we encourage everyone to visit the official website by clicking here! >>>

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