Zleep Patches Review – Does This Sleep Therapy Patch Work or Not?

Are you stressed and worn out from the day’s work and retiring to bed but can’t fall asleep? Sleep is the most important thing to end the day and refreshes the body for another day’s activities. Unfortunately, despite being this exhausted, you find it strange or unusual that sleep is elusive. You lie there and minutes turn into hours and still can’t drift off to sleep. Or you were able to sleep but didn’t get that quality of sleep needed for your body to be refreshed. Lack of sleep is one of the public health challenges facing about 33% of Americans. Struggling with insomnia and sleep deprivation makes the body’s health and mind suffer.

Read on for a new transdermal body patch that can help you retire to bed and get a restful night of sleep.

What are Zleep Patches?

The new Zleep Patch uses natural ingredients designed to enhance sleep and help users feel refreshed after a sound sleep with a release of ingredients that are time-released. Zleep Patches were designed to combat the challenges that are related to those who suffer from sleep apnea, insomnia, or a general lack of sleep from stress. It is manufactured to ensure users get a restful and deep night of sleep to have an energetic morning.

Zleep Patches are produced by a US-based company known as Zleep LLC.

Features of Zleep Patches

The formula used in the time-released sleep Zeep Patches helps its users to fall asleep within three to five minutes of placing it on their body and contains three layers of non-habit-forming ingredients designed to help individuals fall asleep and stay asleep. These are:

Contact Layer

This layer protects the ingredients in the patch to be effective and safe until use. This layer enables the patch to stay in place and be worn throughout the night.

Formula Layer

This layer holds the ingredient matrix. It is designed to release the nutrients of the ingredients throughout the night, lasting up to eight hours.

Backing Layer

This layer is made of soft foam, and it provides the structural support for the transdermal patch to stay in place all night.

How does Zleep Patches Work?

Zleep Patches actions are delivered through the transdermal patch that is attached to the body. It is designed to be a time-released patch that its benefits flow steadily to the body throughout the night. This is to ensure that the morning does not start groggy.

Zleep Patches work to help users sleep, remain asleep and wake up in the morning refreshed. It supports sound relaxation, makes users refresh after waking, and restores healthy sleep cycles.

Benefits of Zleep Patches

The following are the benefits of Zleep Patches that users may derive from using the product:

  • It eliminates insomnia
  • It increases the duration of sleep
  • Improvement in sleep cycle patterns
  • It makes user refreshed after waking, thereby boosting energy levels for the morning
  • It is a 100% natural ingredient product
  • Provides a relaxing deep sleep
  • It works overnight and releases benefits slowly to the body
  • The technology annuls the consumption of pills
  • Nationwide free shipping

Zleep Patches Ingredients

Zleep Patches is made from natural ingredients that have been clinically and scientifically proven. The Patch release technology is beneficial in that it eliminates the consumption of pills. The ingredients used in the formulation of the patch are as follows;


This hormone occurs naturally in the body and is secreted by the brain in a gland called the pineal gland once it is time to sleep. Sleep is induced faster by this hormone and makes one drowsy. It is responsible for resetting the circadian rhythm for the cycle of sleep and wake.


The plant known as Withania Somnifera has been an essential part of Ayurveda medicine for a very long time. This ingredient is an analgesic that can soothe the pain. It can also reduce the level of anxiety by increasing the level of neurotransmitters.


This ingredient is very common in health products that have been widely studied and found to be effective in reducing the level of stress and improving the quality and quantity of sleep. It is an amino acid, and it delivers the action of quality sleep by reducing chemicals of the brain connected to GABA, boosting excitement, and other brain-calming chemicals.

Chamomile Extract

This ingredient is a flower that belongs to the Asteraceae family. It looks like a daisy. This ingredient has tranquilizing effects produced by an antioxidant called apigenin present in the ingredient. This effect is enough evidence that it is capable of increasing the level of serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline, and neurotransmitters gamma-Aminobutyric acid.

Valerian Root

This root is a traditional ingredient that has long been used for treating insomnia and anxiety. Some studies revealed that its root contains compounds that can stabilize moods for enhanced calm and better stress response.

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How to Use Zleep Patches

The method of usage of these patches is in three steps. These are Peel off, Stick on and Sleep

Step I – Peel

Here, the protective film which is used to maintain the maximum freshness and efficiency of the patch is removed. This step is done by just peeling it off, and it is ready for use.

Step II – Stick

After being peeled off, the patches are to be placed on the portion of the body where there is no hair, such as the stomach, shoulders, upper thighs, or forearms, to prevent pains when it is being pulled off.

Step III – Sleep

The layer of the Zleep Patches is allowed to release the formula in it overnight into the body. This layer helps the body fall asleep faster, remain asleep for a long time, and feel refreshed when waking from sleep.


Zleep Patches Side Effects

The formula contained in Zleep Patches was formulated from natural ingredients; therefore, it is safe for usage. There have been no known side effects associated with this product, and none has been reported.

Zleep Patches Pricing

Zleep Patches is sold in four categories. Each of the offers is backed by free shipping and a money-back guarantee. The Zeep Patch product is available on the manufacturer’s official website and can be bought online only. The manufacturer assures buyers safe and secure purchase of the formula.

The categories are:

  • 1 Box sold for $33 and 40% off, making each patch $1.10
  • 2 Boxes and 1 free sold for $21.60 per box at 60% off and $0.72 per patch
  • 3 Boxes and 2 boxes free sold for $19.20 per box at 64% off and $0.64 per patch
  • 4 Boxes and 3 boxes free sold for $18 per box at 67% off and $060 per patch


Zleep Patches is a product that uses time-release technology for the delivery of benefits such as helping to sleep, stay asleep, and be refreshed when rising from sleep in the morning when worn on the body. It helps to regulate sleep cycles.

Zleep Patches has been gaining increasing positive reviews from users worldwide and has been recommended and loved by everyone. The patches have won awards and accolades for being an outstanding innovation by eliminating pills’ consumption.

The manufacturer assures anyone who wears the Zeep Patch will have a sound sleep and refreshed health after waking and with reduced anxiety.

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