100-plus kids attend Vacation Bible School

It may be summer vacation, but a large number of Homer area youngsters just completed one more week of school last Friday. Vacation Bible School at Faith Lutheran Church, that is.

“We’ve had 101 kids, ages 3-12,” said Gretchen McCullough, the church’s director of Christian education.

With half the enrollees of preschool age, it’s easy to imagine the level of energy that permeated Faith Lutheran throughout the week, especially given the theme — “Weird Animals Vacation Bible School: where kids learn that Jesus’ love is one-of-a-kind.” Toss in large pictures of weird animals, bigger-than-life cutouts of flowers, make-believe vines strung overhead; add scripture readings, music and games and it’s a formula for a memorable time.

Twenty-six area young people donated their time, volunteers from the community helped provide food and a nine-member team from Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fort Collins, Colo., helped present the activity. While in Homer, the Colorado group also did maintenance work at the Pregnancy Care Center of Homer.

Group Publishing, the company through which the Bible school receives its curriculum, does a mission project each year called “Operation Kid to Kid.” This year, partnering with World Vision, Group Cares and area churches, OK2K has a goal of providing clean water to school children in India. Youngster’s at Faith Lutheran’s Vacation Bible School participated through donations.

“This year we raised at total of $407.10. This is enough to provide water for a year for 162 children while at school,” said McCullough.

With this year done and next year on the drawing board, it isn’t too early to begin planning. 

“The topic is possibly ‘Everest: Conquering Challenges with God’s Mighty Power,’” said McCullough. “And the dates are possibly June 22-26.”