25th Kenai Peninsula Writers’ Contest winners announced

The Kenai Peninsula Writers’ Contest returned for its 25th year, with winners in all categories announced on March 6.

Coordinated by the Homer Council on the Arts, the contest was open to literary artists of all ages on the Kenai Peninsula.

The judges were Lia Calhoun, Billeen Carlson, Kathryn Carssow, Melissa Cloud, Anne Coray, Wendy Erd, Kim Fine, Carol Ford, Jessica Golden, Justin Herrmann, Nancy Lord, Linda Martin, Lyn Maslow, John Messick, De Patch, Debi Poore and Shellie Worsfold.

“Homer Council on the Arts is grateful to all our sponsors for making this happen,” Kiki Abrahamson with HCOA said in an email. “Homer News, Peninsula Clarion, Tom Bodett and Company, Denice and Roger Clyne, Homer Bookstore, River City Books. And grateful as well to all the participants who shared their creative writing with our community.”

Submissions represent communities throughout the borough, including Anchor Point, Homer, Ninilchik, Nikiski, Kasilof, Kenai, Soldotna and Tyonek.

According to HCOA, two to three judges per category and division take time to carefully consider all entries and come to a consensus on the winning entries. Judges are free to make decisions using criteria they have found most helpful in their professional capacity, as long as contest rules are followed.

Find out more at the Homer Council on the Arts website at homerart.org/25th-kenai-peninsula-writers-contest-winners/ or read online at homernews.com.

Adult/Open Flash Fiction

First place: “How to Knit a Warm Warm Sweater” by Janna Wagner

Second place: “Nest Lake Monsters” by Cynthia Atcheson

Third place: “The Moonlings Jump Up and Down When Passes the One I Love” by Janna Wagner

Adult/Open Fiction

First place: “The Lost Years” by Tara Caribou

Second place: “The Monster on My Arm” by Amy Murrell-Haunold

Third place: “Amphibian Acquitted” by Charlie Menke

Adult/Open Nonfiction

First place: “No Dumb Grandchildren” by Cynthia Atcheson

Second place: “The Set” by Paula Kulhanek

Third place: “Hot buttered rum” by Gordy Vernon

Adult/Open Poetry

First place: “One Good Horse” by Megan Corazza

Second place: “We are flies” by Janna Wagner

Third place: “Talk Amongst Crows” by Steve Delehanty

10-12 Fiction

First place: “Deep Waters” by Mason Watson

Second place: “A Book’s Cover” by Caitlyn Rogers

10-12 Poetry

First place: “the day my body becomes mine once more” by Anonymous (wishes to remain anonymous due to sensitive content)

Second place: “Courage” by Ainsley Boss-Harmon

Third place: “Kingdom of Snow” by Jody Goodrich

7-9 Nonfiction

First place: “Hot Dogs Are Cooking and I Want Them to Finish Already” by Alex Eberle

Second place: “My Poem” by Josie Dubbe

Third place: “What I Love About My Community” by Bryce Hagge

7-9 Poetry

First place: “The Garden” by Apphia Bowser

Second place: “Alaska” by Alex Eberle

4-6 Fiction

First place: “Hendrick’s Halloween” by Harrison Mayasich

Second place: “The Nikiski Pool” by Sadie Gibson

Third place: “Gnomes” by Harper Bross

4-6 Nonfiction

First place: “Sunshine” by Ilsa Gutschow

Second place: “Have You Ever Been to California…?” by Ingrid Pederson

4-6 Poetry

First place: “Waves” by Miranda Green

Second place: “Family Metaphor” by Xander Roth

Third place: “The Ocean” by Ilsa Gutschow

K-3 Fiction

First place: “Silver Feather’s Journey” by Taiga Reader

Second place: “The Ladybug Bomb” by Polly Fraley

Third place: “Silly Hen by Amilia Botkin and The Yes Day” by Timothy Christman

K-3 Nonfiction

First place: “If You Aren’t Falling” by Sidney Jones

Second place: “The Day the Waves were Bumpy” by Grayson Martinez

Third place: “The Nerf Fight” by Gunnar Woolard

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