35.10-pound king salmon wins tournament

For a day that started with clouds, Saturday ended up with bright sunshine. It was even brighter for Anchorage angler Leszek Kuligowski, winner of the 2013 Homer Winter King Salmon Tournament. For reeling in the largest fish in the tournament, a 35.10-pound king salmon, the smiling Kuligowski’s winnings totaled $15,393.
Held Saturday, this was the 20th year for the tournament, sponsored by the Homer Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center. More than 700 anglers fishing from 216 vessels — of those vessels six were kayak — entered in the vent, catching 162 salmon. The top 10 anglers included:
• First place, $15,393: Leszek Kuligowski, Anchorage, 35.10-pound king salmon;
• Second place, $10,262: Christopher Hollwedel, Wasilla, 27.35-pound king salmon;
• Third place, $8,063: Jim Morgan, Anchorage, 25.45-pound king salmon;
• Fourth place, $5,864: Rudolph Schoepke, Homer, 24.25-pound king salmon;
• Fifth place, $4,398: Russell Walls, Homer, 23.65-pound king salmon;
• Sixth place, $3,665: Edward Heath, Anchorage, 23.50-pound king salmon;
• Seventh place, $2,932: Toras Fisk, Homer, 23.25-pound king salmon;
• Eighth place, $2,199: Shannon Bevegui, Anchorage, 22.00-pound king salmon;
• Ninth place, $1,466: Terry French, Anchorage, 20.80-pound king salmon;
• 10th place, $733: Wylie Donich, Homer, 20.65-pound king salmon.
Third-place winner Morgan took home another $250 for winning the largest white king salmon. This was the first year for that award, sponsored by Café Cups. Donich added to his winnings with the $300 Bill Thompson Youth Award, sponsored by Bay Roamers Water Taxi, for catching the largest king salmon by anglers younger than 18 years.
McKibben Jackinsky can be reached at mckibben.jackinsky@homernews.com.