A day in the life of a homeschooler

When I wake up, I get dressed and then I eat breakfast. After that I do my chores: feeding my pets, making my bed and cleaning my dishes. 

When I start my schoolwork, I have lots of ways to make it more fun. I teach my little sister preschool and other things. I like doing school with my friends and family. My cousin Mila helps me with my schoolwork.

I can do my school without being asked and I have lots of hobbies.

One of my favorites is art. I love art because it’s creative.

After I’ve played a bit I will do more schoolwork after dinner. I have a lot of support from my loving parents and adorable little sister, Antaram.

I write a lot of books. I have already finished one called “The Sunset.” I have not published it yet.

Zion Jackinsky is an 11-year-old fifth-grade Connections student.