A girl can dream

I had the pleasure of navigating Homer’s non-functioning traffic light intersection last Friday during the unusually long Kenai
Peninsula-wide power outage. I smiled as each motorist slowed, looked to their left (an occasional right glance for a Lake Street/Bypass turn), then simply carried on to their destination, effortlessly and efficiently keeping the traffic flowing smoothly and more expeditiously than had the traffic light been working.  What a great example of humanity cooperating in the face of a momentarily new situation. Hmm, I thought, take away any element of guesswork or hesitation and this would also be known as a roundabout. 

Imagine a society grateful for change, newness and differences that not only enhance our lives each day, but just might prevent myself and others from idling needlessly at an antiquated traffic light in solitary confinement during the cold of winter. Sometimes in life, the best way to keep your  balance, is to keep moving. 

With grateful intention, 

Suzanne Greenwood