A little respect would go a long way

I must say that I find Patrick Brown’s vehemence and “burn them at the stake” mentality disturbing. At their last meeting the Homer City Council members listened to the community testimony and voted down the ordinance he is referring to. If you don’t like an elected official’s politics, vote against them in the next election if they choose to run again, but to bully, threaten and personally attack them is not acceptable.

All three council members targeted by Mr. Brown are good, hard-working people who dedicate their personal time to support our community. None of them has a mean spirited or malicious bone in their bodies. They do not deserve this type of vicious treatment.

No, I don’t always agree with them and will express my opinion, as all of us including Mr. Brown, have the right to do but a witch hunt does nothing positive and only causes more conflict within the community.

Let’s put this aside and move on, Homer, work together, listen to each other and respect each others’ opinions.