Adam Bauer leaving Homer News better newspaper than it was

Since coming to work at the Homer News more than seven years ago, Adam Bauer has held the official titles of “webmaster” and “new media director.” Unofficially, Bauer endeared himself to his News colleagues as the paper’s jack of all trades.

If there was something that needed to get done that didn’t fall into someone else’s area of expertise, Bauer took it on. While his primary duties had a lot to do with new technology — including keeping our websites running and serving as translator for those of us who don’t speak the language so well — Bauer didn’t hesitate to jump in when he saw a need. Answering phones? No problem. Entering subscriptions? Piece of cake. Counting the coins from our vending machines? A break from his other job duties. Building pages and placing ads in their proper spots? It was a chance to learn more about the newspaper. Delivering the papers? A great drive. (Oh, did we mention, fixing a toilet, changing out light bulbs, doing postal reports, making deposits, painting our offices and planting a garden were all part of a day’s work for him?) 

Because he learned so much about the paper, Bauer saw where some jobs could be streamlined with a little technical help. For a long time, a cartoon showing a man sitting at a computer and commanding it to “Do my work” hung in his office. Bauer is a big believer that technology can truly simplify our lives, and he showed us how by writing scripts for all kinds of tasks (including one that makes it really hard to put the wrong date on a newspaper page). Unfortunately, to date, he has not written one that will keep the editor’s desk clean.

Bauer’s work at the Homer News also has included helping the community with things like online registration for the Spit Run and the annual writers’ conference and providing the workings for the MAPP group’s online resource directory. His work has connected people in a myriad of fun ways. For example, if you’ve been to more than one Homer Fourth of July parade in the past seven years, you probably remember seeing Bauer in the parade, riding his three-wheel recumbent, taking photographs of you to post in our Spotted gallery. 

When he came to the Homer News, Bauer had a vision for a one-stop calendar to serve the community and he’s been tireless in his efforts to make sure the Homer News online calendar does just that. Anyone can submit an event to the calendar, and it’s become a great place to go to plan your week — or your year.

Why all this about one Homer News employee?

Because after seven years — the longest he’s stayed at any job, he tells us — Bauer is moving on. For much of the time Bauer has worked at the Homer News, he’s also gone to school earning degrees in business management and computer information and office systems. Later this month, he’ll head to Seward for 10 months to get his IT degree. 

Before he leaves, we just wanted to say thanks for a job well done. 

So, thanks, Adam, for all your good work for the Homer News. You’re leaving it a better paper — for which we are all grateful. You’ll be missed, but we wish you well in your new adventures.