Against Trump appointment

I just left messages at the offices of Senator Murkowski (202-224-6665), Senator Sullivan (202-224-3004), and Representative Young (202-225-5765), urging them to speak out against President Elect Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as his top advisor. Steve Bannon made his news site Breitbart a platform for white supremacists. He has made antisemitic statements and has supported sexual predators, and been accused of domestic violence.

White supremacy, antisemitism and promotion of sexual assault are not values that most Americans support. Our country became strong based on freedom of opportunity and respect for human dignity and choices.

I am concerned that the fear of non-European-Americans and women that we are seeing expressed in the president-elect’s choices for his leadership team will increase violence and at all levels of society, even in Homer.

Please join me in urging our congressional representatives to speak out against Bannon and any of Trump’s other appointments who have records of promoting fear and criminal acts against those who are not white males.

PeggyEllen Kleinleder