Alaska needs Seaton’s experience

Homer Mayor Beth Wythe, your concern is inspiring. You do a great job at what you are doing at 55 years old, and Rep Paul Seaton is doing a great job at what he is doing at 70 years old.

Why in this world, being in the Super Bowl of financial crises for the state of Alaska, would we put a rookie apprentice at our helm?

In all respects, Mayor Wythe, you are great at your job working for all of us in the Homer area. We would be in a panic to lose you. But, no worry, we won’t vote you into the House. We don’t want you to leave, and we want Rep. Seaton to stay. He has your enthusiasm and his experience in this time of crisis.

We need someone to do the job, not someone learning how everything works. He knows what to support and when. More importantly, he knows when to put a stick in the spokes of the wrongs pressuring our state.

How Alaska goes, so goes Homer.

John Fouts